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Senate | May 6, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Session

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l BLANK] Senator Robinson what time is it?

Time to get started. That is what I say. Camera time. Its just about hummer time Senator Wade drove all the way from South Pittsburgh to get here this morning, and colonels I think you ran laps before you came here this morning? I did. Wait a minute, Senator Bright is here? Well, you know what soon we going to get started. I like that, [xx] How soon? We going to start on the 12th. Of never. You got it. I did tell you just Chairman [xx] [xx] Would you put town[sp?] Van Zandt in the category of a Chris Christopherson or not as a song writer? Chairman I might bring Kim ahead of Chris Christopherson Known as the best, he wrote Sunday morning coming down Why Me Lord and a 100 others. Who is Van Zandt Mr. Chair? Me and [xx] McGee[sp?] Loving You was the Easiest Thing I've Ever Done Mr. Chair, Mr. Chair Mr. Chair, may I be recognized? No madam Who is Van Zandt? Is it that how you pronounce it? Who is Townes Van Zandt? Who is who? Mr. Chairman we got some educating to do in the education I can't hear towns vanzend Towns vanzend how do you spell Oh! VANZAND Van Zandt, if I needed you [xx] [xx] Sergeant at arms close the doors [xx] their seats She took the name of Carolina Members and guests in the gallery we ask you please silence all electronic devices. Meeting in the senate in prayer as The Reverend Peter Milner Senate Chaplain all members and guests in the gallery will please stand pray, Lord do you Mr. Chairman Or the gulf peace Mr. Chairman [xx] in this very energetic atmosphere, Senator [xx] No do so I can do bills and I without session cover them of all branches of government with your peace Lord, the righteous [xx] out, the Lord hears them, he delivers them for all their troubles the Lord is close to the senate [xx] and those who are [xx] we lift our heads o Lord and give up [xx] senator Bryan that you are working here even if we don't in a way One of our items was not in the budget, you were with us, without a doubt you're doing a larger work [xx] Larry Hanngock[sp?] and Cliden[sp?] Lewis thanking them always for a good job. Senator Burger is recognized for a motion Thank you Mr President, the journal of Tuesday May the 5th, 2015 has been examined and is found to be correct, I move that we dispense with the reading of the journal and that it stands and approved as written. That objection general for May 5th stands approved as written, soon as we have leave of absence is granted today for Senators Alexander and Meredith. We also have the nurse of the day with us today, Cathy Ray[sp?] from Angers[sp?] here with us. Nurse Ray[sp?] please stand and be recognized, thanks for serving the Senate the bill, looking for a, enough to make a motion. We'll take that motion we'll hold that motion for a minute then we'll take questions for the committee. Senator Brown. Eliminating four appointments for the local board and given the county eight, I'm just trying to see who's getting kicked off. I do we're getting kicked off? No members are getting kicked off, just realigning who makes the appointment follow-up Mr. Chair.  Senators upon the motion of Senators Davis, Brock, [xx] Raven Randon and there are many others, the chair is happy to extend courtesies to the gallery, to the county commissioners that are with us today, the North Carolina association county commissioners and their president Ronney Deal if you're here with the county commission association please stand and be recognized. Thank you for joining us in the Senate today Then we'll follow up one more follow up. OK I'll stay up I

thought is it if seems all in my county is the governor the commissioners the state local board of education has gothered standard things and may how does it go. Do you have any report to the stunning committee? senator Reuben propose yours. Send forth committee report. Any concern for all senator Bryan the general statutory law is full from from the governors this creates a local exception. Senator Brian from the first staging committee, submit he passage. That is what they wanted we want Reverend Bolt, house bill 350 on favor has to bill while favor has to send the committee substitute say you bill. Thank you Mr. Chairman. Yeah to support house bill 182 committee substitute number 1 on favour has to make substitute bill number 1 on favour has to committee substitute bill hello. That a motion. You told the vehicles move over changes.  Mr President  is that 102 or 182 as the bill you just read in? It's 102 house bill 91 and 102 calender, house bill 352 J1 senator Telman for what purpose of your rise? Send fourth the committee report. Senator you can send forward your report. And I see representative Almore here to carry this next bill which is.education committee. Thank you house bill 358 in performance grace scale favorable. House bill 393 five county CC trustee are kinda favourable. House bill 358 and 393 Senator Ray can you arise? Send forward the committee report. Senator you can send forward your report. Clerk will read. Senator Wade for Agriculture/Environment and Natural Resources Committee semester palsy, House Bill 601, Sale of Deer Skins, favorable, House Bill 706, Building law for cabin favorable. House bill 65  in favorable as the bill in favor of the committee substitute Bill titled. Seeing Senator Bingham . That's correct.  House bill 601, 706 and 65 calender senators upon the motion of senator Joyce Waddell of Mecklenburg County The Chair is happy to extend courtesies of the gallery to the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., 300 ladies from various cities across North Carolina if you are with us from Alpha Cap Alpha please stand and be recognized thanks for joining us in the senate today. You all look great and you're picking green up there Senator Apodaca for what purpose you rise? Motions Mr. President.  Senator Apodaca has the floor for the motions. Thank you Mr. President, we had committee report.  Yes sir, we do.  Okay, house bill 601 sell of deer skins, and house bill 706 had been reported in I move the bill to  be suspended to the end of the bill be placed today's calender for immediate consideration? Objections awarded.  Thank you Mr. President house bill 91 study issues on pedicare[sp?] packing [xx] and the transportation this morning move the suspended law to the end of the bill be placed on today's calender for consideration.  Objections awarded. Thank you Mr. President. Well thank you, I think what we're going to do is look closely at, for the next year to where we actually are. Well senator that would take us there right in to our calender then with this three bills that were added on Public Bill, Second reading, House Bill 91 clerk will  read house bill 91, misuse of handicap plucking pluckers.  Senator Cook is recognized to speak to the bill. This Bill would require the division of motor vehicles to study ways to decrease the misuse of handicapped pluckers the original

bill is to report its findings and recommendations to the Joint Legislator Transportation Oversight Committee on or before January 15th, 2016. I ask for your support. Do we have any discussion or debate? Hearing none the question for the senate is the passage of committee substitute house bill 91 on the second reading all in favor will vote aye, oposers will vote no, five seconds to be allowed for the voting, the clerk will record the vote. Apodaca aye. Folks I hate it, but that's all we've got today, we will have some more good house bills are laying over there and we will be taking up. 43 having voted in the affirmative and 0 in the negative, committee substitute through house 9, passes its second reading for a third time hearing none, the question for the senate is the passage of the committee substitute, the house bill 91on its third reading, all in favor will say I those No, the I's have it, the committee substitute house bill 91, passes it's third reading it will be enrolled and sent to the governor. House Bill 601 the clerk will read. House Bill 601 sale of deer skins. Senator Randall[sp?] is recognized to speak to the bill. Thank you Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen I absolutely know nothing about this subject, but apparently, in North Carolina you cannot sell deer skins. There must be a market, so what this bill does it will allow those who have deer skins to be able to sell them. So it is a bill from the house and they would appreciate your support thank you. Do we have any discussion or debate? Senator [xx] for what purpose do you rise? I reluctantly ask the bill sponsor a question. Senator Randall[sp?] do you yield? I will yield but I am not the bill sponsor. OK the bill manager, do we know where the wildlife commissions position on this bill is? They do support the bill, they were involved in the drafting, and my understanding the fee for the skin is far too dollars for scam. Thank you very much. Do we have any discussion or debate? Hearing none, the question for the senate is the house bill 601 on the second reading all in favor will vote aye, oppose will vote no, five seconds to be allowed for the voting the clerk will record the vote voting aye, Chairman aye 43 having voted for the affirmative and zero on the negative house bill 601 passes its third reading without objection for the third time North Carolina doing this of colonial x Hearing none the qustion before thhe senate is the house bill 601 pass its third reading all those in favor say aye oppose no house 601 passes its Its third reading ever been rolled or sent to the governor house bill 706 the court will read house bill 706 building hold the rest of the cabin Senator Apodaka is recognized to speak to the bill. Sorry Mr. President senior Tucker is saying someone says you look like oral sanders I said it was a young one sir. Thank you Mr. President members this is a common sense bill I don't know why we had it enforced but what it does is it says an open air cab does not have to have a sprinkler system in or fire assigned at the two exits. Two of the walls when you have three walls  you don't have to fire exercise . This is called summer camp votes and I ask for your support I don't think there's any opposition to these . Do we have any discussion or debate? Hearing none the quest before the senate is the passage of house bill 706 on its second reading. On favor will vote oppose no five seconds will be allowed for the voting the clerk will record the vote 43 having voted the affirmative zero and the negative House Bill 706 passes its second reading without objection be read the third time. North Carolina general assembly act. Any discussion debate? Hearing none the question for the senate is the passage of senate bill 706 on its third reading, all in favor will say aye, aye opposers no. The ayes have it, house bill 706 passes its third reading it will be enrolled and sent to the governor, that wraps up our calender for the day. Do we have any notices or announcements? Senator Waddell for what purpose of your rise? For senatorial statement. Statement Senator, and you have the floor for moment of personal privilege. Thank you Mr. President.

You can read from that Senator. Okay. This senatorial statement ladies and gentlemen of the senate recognizes Ofa Capa Ofa soveroyalty incorporated which was found in January the 15th, 1908 by a group of 16 women from the Campus of Howard University in Washington DC and now it has grown to more than 280, 000 colligent  members and alumni. Representing more than 980 chapters in 42 states and of this United States. AFA CAFA AFA Sorority is celebrating 117 years of service and they continue to carry out missions of long life personal and professional development advocating social change, that results in equality and equity for all citizens of the world. AFA CAFA AFA Sorority Incorporated, demonstrates it's motto of service to all mankind and exhibits an and wavering commitment to service and social activism and its respective communities and the global and at large, and [xx] incorporated as a national program that focuses on on launching new dimensions of service such as education enrichment, health promotions, family strengthening, environmental ownership and global empire sitting on here, in this general assembly as we enact laws and legislation, [xx] awards scholarships to further education goals, and today made us see [xx] in incorporated should be commended by the long standing commitment to making a difference in the United States, North Carolina and the international community. Probably in our  great sisterhood and service to others. Therefore the alumni of this great who are joining us today, at the General Assembly should be recognized and this statement will be recorded in the journal, thank you very much. Thank you senator, thank you again ladies for joining us today. Do we have any other notices or announcements? Senator Cartus[sp?], for what purpose do you rise? To send forth a senatorial or statement. You can send forth your statement senator, and you have the floor for a moment personal privilege. Mr. President, fellow senators I rise to offer a senatorial statement honoring Dr Jerry Wallace upon his retirement from Campbell University, after a distinguished 45 year career, the last 12 years as president, you can read about his various positions within university in the senatorial statement on your desk. I want to talk about the growth of Campbell during his 45 year career. In 1976 Campbell Law School was open, in 1985 a pharmacy school was opened in 2013 the state of the art medical school was opened and recently there were programs added in physical therapy positioned the system program in a public health training. Next year a nursing school, an engineering program will be added. Campbell has more North Carolina residents in a student body than any other private college or university in North Carolina. The current freshman class has 887 North Carolina residents and the total student body has more than 6, 000 students. In his 12 year, 10 years president than 10, 000 North Carolina residents have enrolled in Campbell. If those 10, 000 had enrolled in the UNC system and stayed an average of four years, this legislature would have appropriated about $480 million to subsidize their education. I think we owe Dr. Wallace and the entire Campbell family a debt of gratitude. A few weeks ago Dr. Campbell received the Order of the Long Live Pan at the governor's mansion. I would like to ask Dr. Wallace to stand up and be recognized by this body Mr. President, I'd like to honor everybody despite just a few minutes after session is over, Dr. Wallace is going to come down to the floor and receive a presentation. Thank you Senator Curtis, thank you Dr. Wallace for joining us in the long way Dr. Wallace PresidentofCambridge University, we also

have Ben Thomson Chairman of the board Campbell White man Campbell trustee Raymond Brightman, Britt Davis, Vice-President of Campbell, Hope Williams, President of the North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities, Cherry Crayton, Campbell University Suh and fourth President of Campbell University student body, and Thomas West, Vice President of the North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities if you're with us in the gallery please stand, and be recognized, thank you for joining us today. senator Mclnnis for what purpose of your rise? Point it out personal privilege Senator Mclnnis has the floor for point of personal privilege. Thank you Mr. President, I also rise to salute Dr. J. Wallace ladies and gentlemen and make you aware as well as everyone in the gallery is that he is a native son of Richmond County, North Carolina. He grew up of humble beginning, he is my great strides in his life, he didn't sit still, he didn't wait for something to happen, he made things happen, and our state and our nation is a better place for the lives that he is real and blessed us with his opinions till to date, thank you Me. President. Thank you senator do we have any other notice notices and announcements. Senator Anderson for what purpose do you rise? Thank you Mr. President. Moment of personal privilege. Senator Anderson has the floor for a moment of personal privilege. Thank you Mr. President ladies and gentlemen of the senate as many of you know tomorrow is our proclaimed national day of prayer in our nation It is something that we have, a tradition we have carried on since 1775 is one that is just important today as it was then on your desk you have a copy of pacromation issued by our governor this year calling North Carolina into a day of prayer to more also I would like to commend him publicly for doing that every year since he's been elected to office is calling our state to prayer and the way of an announcement tomorrow, 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after our session, there will be people in the Chapel praying if anyone would like to join them to pray for our State and I think that tomorrow from 12:00-1:00, there will be a prayer march around Halifax Mall for anyone who would like to participate in that. Thank you Mr. Thank you senator. Any other notice or announcement? Senator Davis your purpose arise? A moment of personal privilege sir. Senator Davis have the floor. Thank you Mr. President ladies and gentlemen of the Senate, they call themselves Survivors. They belong to a group to which no one wants to belong. They are the sons and daughters of fallen cops. 10 year old Michael is one of them. His wounds are still fresh and when it comes to his dad and dealing with his loss, he is looking for relief. I'm never happy said Michael. There were five bad guys behind my dad, beside my dad and in front of my dad, then they shot him nine times. Michael is spending a few days with dozens of other children in various stages of their grief at C. O. P. S Kids Camp, a place that helps heal hearts, and rebuild lives. Where children receive counselling in a safe and familiar setting. Where play and fun can soften the hard edges of their loss. A place entirely funded and partly staffed by an organization whose mission is to honor the surface, and sacrifice of our law enforcement officers  who have died, in the line of duty and to ensure their surviving families are supported and never forgotten. at 8:00 o'clock this morning, 30 police officers from North Carolina began a 500 mile bicycle ride sponsored by this organization and the Law Enforcement United, the ride that began this morning will raise money to support their camp, and one of our own Brian Leen, one of a President's [xx] force security staff is among those Law Enforcement United Membership which stretches across United States includes federal, state, and local law enforcement officers and survivors, as well as civilian support members. Riders who left early this morning, include officers from Lolly, North Carolina State, Wilson, Gringle, Winston, Elizabeth City, and North Carolina Highway Patrol they started peddling down town in Senator Blue's District, and will continue through districts of Senators Barefoot, Newton, Brian Done Davis, Smith Ingram, and Senator Cruck and day three all these officers form United States we will join them in Pacific Virginia, through mode we will take them to Washington DC. Two years ago I has the privileged of writing the first day in some of these officers, their passion for the mission

was probable and the drainage was spread for many miles to all kinds of weather, it will not begin match the grown journey of the survival of our nations for all the law enforcement officers today officers I say got speed, very wrong with the width of the extraordinary current dedication at your back. Thank you Mr. Presindent Thank you Senator. Senator Robbin for what purpose do you rise? moment of personal privilege? You have the floor Senator. I'd like to add to Senator Davis' remarks and remind all of us we're all after all elected officials which makes us leaders whether we want to or not, and in order to lead we have to take the hard message is home. In our country right now we're having a lot of problems, all of us are aware of them. I think it's incumbent on each of us sitting here in this chamber, to take the message home that the police are there to protect us. God help us if we didn't have any police think about what your neighborhood would look like without them. We owe it to the police, we owe it to ourselves, and we owe it to our communities to be constantly reminding them that the police are really good people helping us in ensuring our quality of life. Thank you Thank you Senator, any other notices or announcements? Any further business coming from the senator, now the chair recognizes Senator Burger for a motion Thanks Mr. President if I could before the motion short moment of personal privilege. You have the floor senator. Members of the senate I think over the past several weeks you have noticed Amy [xx] was expecting a child, and you notice that she's not here today. I'm here to tell you that last night she gave birth to a a baby boy, and mama and child are doing fine. and with that Mr. President, I move that the Senate do now adjourn subject to the standards and stipulations set forth in Senate Rule 24.1, the receipt of House messages and the receipt of committee reports to reconvene on Thursday May 7th, 2015 at 11 A. M. The motion is that the Senate do now adjourned subject to the stipulations stated by Senator Berger, to reconvene Thursday, May 7th at 11 A. M, seconded by Senator Ford. All in favor say Aye. Aye. Opposed No. The Ayes have it the Senate stands adjourned. general statement, congratulation Doctor

Jeremy Wallace on his retirement Dr. Jeremy Wallace his service part of Campbell University since 2003 and where the needy for Rockingham County, Dr. Wallace Senate, earned the Bachelor of Arts Degree of English and Grammer form East Carolina University, received Bachelor of Divinity and Master of theology degrees from Southeastern Baptist Theological Cemetery, and then earned Master of Science and Doctor of Education degrees from North Carolina State University, and where Dr. Wallace joined the faculty at the Campbell University in 1970 as an Adjunct Professor of Sociology and by 75 was chaired with Department of Religion and Philosophy and tiner Professor of Religion and. Dr. Wallace was appointed dean of the College the art societies and Director of Graduate Studies, 1981, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and from 1994 to 2001 and as assistant to the president of the university in 2001 and whereas on the 2002-2003 school year. Dr. Wallace served as adjunct Professor of Religion and Sociology, teaching under grad and graduate courses in Religion, Education and Sociology where on Dr. Wallace his leadership, Cambridge University [xx] increased to over 6000 graduates and under graduates soon, and additionally launched new in Physical Therapy Nursing, Public Health, Physician Assistance studies and Medicine. And therefore Dr. Jerry M. Wallace deserves and recognition, for his many years of services at Campbell University should be congratulated on his retirement and witness thereof NSIN certify that the foregone statement was read in the Senate, and placed upon the journal on this 6th day of May, 2015, submitted by Senator David L. Curtis. Sarah Lane, Principal Clerk