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Joint | May 6, 2015 | Press Room | Press Conference: Rep. Goodman

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Good morning the mainstream Democrat legislative call course have called this news conference this morning to discuss our concern about the a comprehensive economic development policies we're calling on the Speaker and President pro-team to provide our citizens with a clear got vision for economic development North Carolina it's very clear that the republicans are having a spirited internal debate policy debate about incentives while our neighboring states are actively recruiting new industries and companies right out from under us we say that we're open for business but are we competing right now, the economic developers that are on the ground and our true professionals are telling may we lack a clear cut vision and have limited tools when it comes to enticing new industries and new jobs for our state to all conservatives don't like incentives but conserve these legislatures in South Carolina, Georgia Tennessee and Virginia are continue to fund Senate plans to lure new business to their state while we have limited the core most department and in its product partnership in its ability to compete with other states two years ago a legislator promised that a new tax cost will solve all the problems some said that a lower tax cost will be the equalizer we've seen with the recent powered eforts that hasn't be the case we think it's very important for the Republican legislative leadership to offer a clear concise vision on who will going to recruit what incentives were going to offer and who can expect what is look to bring new jobs and help existing businesses here in the state what tools will be provide the commerce department when recruiting major manufacturing facilities well, the opposition on new jobs created by small businesses with fewer than 15 employees and what incentives will be abide it to traditional industry such as furniture and textile will still remain in our state and employing our workers. These are not project specific issue, these are broad general policy questions that deserve answers and a public debate. Currently we've a whole lot of and not a lot of results we bring job creation and economic recovery and prosperity is our number one priority and we want to see more leadership and more vision so that every North Carolinian has an idea of what we're doing and they can expect from their state government. The main street democrats stand ready to work on critical bills and provide support of the leadership that will create direction and clarity on job growth and issues we asked that republicans to put aside their internal differences and start working for the benefit and welfare of the entire state when we say we are open for business it shouldn't be a slogan we should mean it. I'm Senator Jane Smith District 13 Colombison[sp?] Robinson county. Last week prominent North Carolina state economist Dr. Michael Weldon Issued a report showing that our state's economy was slowing down again. In this report Doctor Walden said that the North Carolina State University economic index was not flushing but did indicate a less update year than what was found four months ago. WRIL reported that the North Carolina state economic index has dropped four of the last six months. We know that there are always be a constant ethane flow in our states economy. It's the long economic strategies that deserve our time and attention. Over the course of the past seven years our state has been through the economic ringer and there's continuing hangover in rural North North Carolina. While our state total unemployment number has dropped significantly there are still major pockets of double digit unemployment especially in the rural regions of the state. Two weeks ago news reports indicated that Volvo has eliminated North Carolina from their perspective list for a new billion dollar manufacturing facility. Choosing South Carolina and Georgia as their top options. This news coupled with a similar decision by Mercedes Benz is stinging. While our governors work to reshape the states economic development model with a dual public private agency. There's a sense of floundering in our legislative efforts to provide a clear cut policy on recruiting new industry and commerce to North Carolina. There's very little clarity in our economic development efforts. Over the past three years we

haven't been successful in developing a recruitment strategy because of an ongoing internal fight in the Republican party. That means we haven't defined our goals and objectives. There's a lack of vision in the state legislature when it comes to economic growth and development policies. The republican leadership has been more focused on a conservative social agenda than working with the governor to develop a comprehensive plan for our state's future economic success. I am very concerned that the state legislature has not yet it passed a comprehensive economic development incentive plan. In rural South-Eastern North Carolina economic incentives have been a very successful tool and recruiting new industry and jobs to our region. Incentives are critical when recruiting business and industry to our state. I understand the conservatives argument that the state shouldn't be in the business of picking winners and losers, but the fact of the matter is that South Carolina and Georgia both of whom are run by conservatory republican governors and legislatures are eating our lunch right now. We need to have an economic development policy that includes incentives allowing North Carolina to compete on a regional and national basis. There's no way to tell how many economic projects have been lost because of uncertainty about incentives site selectors are hesitant to mention North Carolina plants now because of it and we're losing businesses to other states that might have otherwise considered locating here. Throughout history our state has led the South-Eastern US on a regional basis because we've made investments in our roads, our schools, our community colleges and in our university system, we offer an appealing quality of lives with a profitable business mindset. We need to compete with our neighboring state. That starts with a comprehensive economic development policy that clarifies who we want to recruit and clearly identifies the tools we intend to use to help recruit major employers and big business to our state. I agree with Representative Goodman when we say North Carolina is open for business and just be a slogan. We should really mean it Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Thank you again for joining us at this press conference and seeing and both hearing our vision for the future of business in North Carolina. We've crossed over behind us and as we wait on the revenue numbers, there's time available for various committees to rally focus on developing comprehensive economic development plans for our state. There are several bills run and sponsored by mainstream democrats, many of whom you see in this room today that deserve hearings on the economic development front. We stand ready to work with the majority party to provide our developers the tools and resources they need to be successful with a few of these bills that I'll detail right now, HB790, Adapt New York compete study that was bill was we run the sponsored at the least sponsored by representative Rodney Mow. H320 small business job created in Sidney's plan. That business was led That bill was led by a Representative Goodman. H846, Small Business Tax Relief, that's the bill that I ran. S51, UNC Energy Savings Act, Senator Joel Ford led on that bill. S526, Job Creation Tax Relief Act, of 2015 that's something we're trying to look at on the senate side to see if we can work with our colleagues there, H338 Economic Development Tax Modification Bill, same issue S326 increased jaded program funding, that's the bill that was co-sponsored by the main street Democrat Ben Clark, and H920 Economic Development Improvements. That's the bill that's led and sponsored by Representatives Susi Hamilton and Robby Moore and some of our colleagues on the republican side. Dr. Walden's report last week clearly showed us that we're not out of the economic woods yet, and many secrets of our states economy are still fighting off the impacts of recession. As state leaders our focus should be on stabilizing the economy for all sectors and all communities, that begins with having a clear cut vision and what our economic development plan is going to look like. Three years ago, we were promised to re-branding campaign for our state economic development efforts. We're still waiting to see that plan. We can not loose focus on the job all our public colleague have failed to hatch out from physical fights regarding senate, do we really want to engage in that debate right now?

We're loosing major products like Volvo, we're loosing major products like Mercedes Benz, do we really have the time to engage in in insensitive debates that continue to result in the same outcomes over and over again. Failure to the people, failure to our state and failure to create jobs. We as ministry democratic, we want to compete, we want to recruit new jobs without pay and weigh to sustain. The question is are we going to just do it or are we going just talk about it? If we're going to compete then that's what our policies will be and we have to have to decide how we measure those policies and the process to get there towards success. The time for talk is over, it's time to get moving, job creation should be our top priority and will continue to be a top priority as mainstream Democrats. Thank you. Questions, we'll be glad to take any questions that you may have at this point. I will play devil's advocate [xxx] Republicans today will probably say, look at our revenue numbers, 100 million above projections doesn't that show the economy is working, if the economy is working why do we need to pick winners and loser's to spend money. What would your response to that be?  Well I would say if you go out, and the public domain, go out on the streets and talk to people, the economy is not working for most of the North Caroliners we are very happy about the revenue numbers but it's not enough, it does not translate into their everyday lives of people. I just want to add, I think it's important for us to celebrate the revenue numbers but look a little bit deeper, the revenue numbers came from working families and seniors, they paid more, this is their surplus, they deserve it. Anything further? Any other comments or questions? Thank you very much for being here, I just want to say that we will continue to work for the benefit of all the citizens in North Carolina, we believe that jobs are the best way to improve the allowances for our citizens and we're going to continue to work to that end. Thank you very much.