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Senate | May 6, 2015 | Committee Room | Education and Higher Education

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Senator Robinson what time is it? Time to get started. That's what I said  it's it's about Hammer time. Senator Way drove all the way from South Pittsburgh to get here this morning and I think you run laps before you came in this morning. Wait a minute! Senator Bright is here? Well you know what soon we're getting started. We are going to start on the 12. Of never. Your got it. Mr. Chairman. Use that line would you put terms van's land in a the category of a staffand not as a song writter Mr. Chairman I'm like I want to bring. No one has the best he wrote Sunday morning coming down and 100 other. Who is Vianziandt Mr Chair?   Revenue was easy saying I have ever done. Mr. Chair may I be recognized? No mum. Who is Vianziandt? is that how you pronounce it? Who is Town's Van Zan? Who's who? Mr chairman we've got some educating to do in the Education Committee Hi rose town vianziandt town If I needed you Patullo and Lefty to come see Vale she took the name Mckyn a lines, she was a daughter of a manner, her ways were free in the same domain the sunshine was [xx] Mr. Chairman, Mr. Chairman. Senator Brian I'm unique to be recognized. No I just want to get started so that I can [xx] this bill and I'm going for a hot dog and go to visit some school students. Alright, we quickly get started I think I see it enough for a quorum. Senate Pages today, Marika[sp?] Samuelson  from Semars[sp?], senator Newton Senator Brian from Harrington senator Brian, Livingston Lolly, senator Wayne Jones source berry, senator Mclnnis, we call sergeant at arms today and they Rally Hamhung and Clinton Luis. Thank you and then always for a good job and pages thank you. We gonna call Rodger West Representative west has a bill that he wants us to here first well. Thank you Mr. Chairman and members of the committee. What this bill would do it will take four appointments from the Charity County Board of Education given to the Charity County Board of Commissioners and I will be making eight appointments to the Tricon Community College. Alright, you had the Bill and I'm looking for. I would like to make a Mr and Mrs. Jerome. We'll take that motion as we'll hold that motion for a minute then, and we'll take questions from the committee. Senator Brian. Eliminating four appointments of the local board and giving the count to eight, I'm just trying to see who's going to be kicked off. Are people get kicked off? No, no members are getting kicked off just realigning who makes the appointments. Just follow up Mr. Chair? Follow up. How do you know nobody is, are the terms always expiring or something? No the terms will be the same is just as they come for appointments the chair kick and the board of education will make eight instead of four. OK. Not the board of education, the commissioners. Yes. And the board of education makes none. They will make none. Okay how does the board of education feel about it? Well they're a little upset about it but they don't have any skin in the game, so I didn't figure it would make any difference. Okay, just one more follow up.

One more follow up. Staff I thought is seems like all in my county is the governor, the commissioners, the state local board of education is that standard thing? How does it go? And how standard ans Staff answer. Staff. Senator Brian the the general statutory ;aw is four from the local boards education, fore from the county commissioners, fore from the governors. This creates a local exception for Tri county community college. Thank You! That's what they want a version to waste you up, the representative waste you up to represent those people it's a local implication for  only and any other questions? Seeing none, I have a motion, excuse me, senator Robinson I see your hand. Thank you Mr. Chair, I just want to know if the if there were any audience here to support or against this bill. Anyone form the audience in favor of or against, seeing none, apparently they don't care that much. I've got a motion I got a motion from favorable report from senator Cook and senator Bingham, all in favor aye. Aye. Any opposed. No. Alright the ayes have it who do you wnat on the floor for you. Who? Senator Davies. Okay he lives up there in that [xx]. Senator Davies will carry the bill. Thank you alright, thank you very much. We have one other bill and I see representative Elmore here. to carry this next bill which is? School performance grade in house bill 358 floor is yours Rep. Thank you Mr. Chairman. What this bill will do is continue the 15 point scale for this academic year and the next academic year, and for the school performance grades. I would appreciate your support on the bill. Thank you Representative that's the bill simple as that Senator Stan. Hey Mr. Chairman still smart it sounds like you solid idea. What is your view of changing the waiting of the formula from 8024 performance versus growth to 50/50 of even 46/60 to the other way? You want to answer that? That is addressed in another house bill. Which may is over or didn't? OK, so it may or may not be before us at a later day seeing Senator Bengham boast for favorable report? That's correct Mr. Chairman. OK, hold that for a moment any other? OK. There will be a move to go to 10% rather than 15 point or 10 point scale at other some time, but I believe this contain as this will have three years of study that as we are go along. Just a comment for what it's worth is they floss what you paid for, but when you saw the breakdown of the ice through the elves demographics played a huge role in that and you may have high performing schools that get As that are making no progress. You may have a to faculty and principals that are working very hard and they maybe their first year or second year with a new organization, new principal and who are making great growth with their students but not enough to get out of the category. That's an issue that's in another bill in the house this issue is not dead, it's one that we will discuss for a while, I'm sure, but right now, that's all this bill does. Senator Kurk for what little it's worth, I believe that we need to consider the growth as a bigger factor in this determination for whatever it's worth, I hope to see it in another bill. thank you. I think what we are going to do is look closely at it for the next year or two. Where we actually are, what these grades fall on, do they fall on the same patterns that they've been falling? If they do do and I think that would give us some more information to work on and that's where I'm at this point. Any other questions, seeing none, [xxx] for a favorable report to have from several locations sent [xxx] All In favor aye, Aye  Any oppose? Bill passes you want Makeneths[sp?]

to carry that on the floor. OK, that's what I was told that he he wants to do. Senator Makenes[sp?], Makenes is going to handle this bill on the floor. I thought that Senator Lowe might want to handle this bill. Senator Makenes is going to handle the bill on the floor. Folks I hear, that's all we've got today we will have some more bills, some more good house bills are lying out over there that we will be taking up. Thank you. We've got some good democrats' bills too. Attorney Randy has a place for those, and I think we've found it.