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Senate | May 6, 2015 | Committee Room | Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources

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Please take your seats. Thank you very much, today we have with us, I think three pages and maybe four pages. Can I get the pages to stay forward in this side? Come to mic up here, just give you and sponsoring you. We want to meet you a little bit and maybe we don't have a lot on the agenda. A little something about yourself and maybe something you learnt when you are here this week. I'm Mathew Jones and I'm sponsored by Senator Tom McInnis and I live on the Happy Farm and I learnt that there is a lot of interesting things going here by working in the offices I also not respond so that's what I've learned. My name is Wayne Jones source berry in North Carolina. Senator McKinney is also my sponsor. I'm 16 and I have big education experience surprise. I'm Steven and I'm from North Carolina and I'm sponsored by senator Angel Bright and I have learnt that this one is like stick think like this like very hard moment. My name is Shown Ridicker, I'm sponsored by industrial stand I go to Pechiatrist high school in Virginia and Kerry. It has been pretty fine so far good experience I went to learn about business and the way things operate and hope it will benefit me in the future. We thank all of you for being here will give you little arm for coming up. Also our sergeant of arms Diana Blake Marcus Keiths[sp?] and [xx] thank you for all you do for us. And now we'll move right into the agenda. We're going to take a little out of order today, we're going to start with House bill 706. Representative McGrady. I think I've got Senator Apodaca here with me too, I'm your wing man. Thank you Madam Chair. This is a bill that relates to summer camp cabins. You may remember last year we passed the law that allows for rustic cabins to be use at summer camp but it really didn't affect anybody else. The problem is basically that building code doesn't know how to deal with summer camp cabins and so they sort of defaulted to creating holiday-inn rooms which isn't a summer camp cabin at all we had lights and sprinkling system and all sorts of other things being required in summer camps and so this creates a new category the cover of the summer camp cabin you think its shouldn't cost $50, 000 they don't need light and sprinkling system I would appreciate, Madam Chair, Representative M'crady do you want to continue. Would you like to go ahead with. I real don't. I just pass anonymously in the house. Don't have one sided there. And there. You didn't let me get arms senator Apodaca who represents more summer camps in North Carolina and probably the nation is full support of the bill So I'm in other words building county council support it. Some of kind people support the damping, I'm not aware of no opposition. Madame Chair I think I may want to take it bad. Are there any questions? Senator Alexander. Well since senator Apodaca said imput up like I need have a little but I'll question again with this could be right relative? Will they be able to take some of those guardily exit signs rather than the ones that are already there? Yes. If they're any other questions? Senator Writer. Thank you. I've done a little bit of camping in my life and this is a great idea except, there's no provisions in there that I see for sanitation truly. Thank you. Other questions? Senator Mckinney. Now this is a state wide deal not just exclusive to the mountains on North Carolina reason I [xx] reason I an't say rival for edge camping area that has rustic cabins and want to certainly make sure that we're able to use this sack, forth right good legislation to keep it, I rest it can. It's a to stay word bill and specifically the working scheme we've had input in

the bill and I full support over it. Any other questions? Seeing none, we have a motion for Favorable Re-forward from senator Forward. All in favor say Aye, "Aye" I. Oppose no. Motion carries. Thank you. We made in the next bill house bill 65 and I think we have representative Elmore and Senator Randleman. Is, I can email. We have an amendment for this Bill, would you like to go ahead and send forth the amendment and we'll take care of that? You have the amendment before you would you all like to explain the amendment please?   The amendment is being pass down.   Does everyone has the amendment now? Senator Randleman. Thank you Madam Chair, the original bill allowed to establish a season propose trapping in most counties the amendment as on Cherokee County and New Hanover County as they made their request to do so, so I'll appreciate your support at the amendment. Any questions? on the amendments? Seeing none, is there a motion to accept the amendment? Okay. Senator Alexander moves to accept the amendment. All those in favor say aye, Aye Opposed nay, the motion carries. Alright, go ahead and representative Billmore[sp?] Thank you Sander. This bill was at the request of our locals and it puts us more in line with neighboring counties and I would appreciate your support on the bill. Any questions?  Senator McGuiness.  I'm I reading it correctly, it says that there's no bag limit, you can take as many as you can catch. Senator That is what the bill says, we did check with the Wildlife Resource Commission and they said that the species is plentiful so we do not need a big limit. Follow up I just need to say I'm one that an old wine hunter and sports outdoors man always arrested for protecting the resource for future generations. It's the reason I posed that question. Thank you. Yes sir and you know historically we had a lot of fox hunters in Wills county and I think that a lot of those people are not with us any longer and I've not heard any objections to the bill. Chairman Bronk Just a quick comment, Senator Mcguiness, are you speaking on behalf of the foxes, have you heard from that group?   No, have not again just from a standpoint I just want to make sure we protect the resources for future generations. Thank you Any other questions from the committee? Seeing none, the chair will entertain a motion. Senator Alexander moves for favorable report with the amendment rolled into a new PCS. All in favor say aye. Aye. oppose nay, motion carries. Thank you. Okay representative Elmor I know you're still up here, so let's just go for house bill 601. Thank you madam Chair. What this bill will allow is for a lawfully taken deer by a hunter, but a hunter can't sell the deer skin. Right now the price that the deer skin is getting is anyway from $3-6 for the parle to hide itself, and this will allow wildlife to develop rules to allow for this sale and I appreciate your support. Questions from the committee. Seeing none senator Raven to a favorable report. All in favor say aye, favorable report, all in favor say aye. Aye.  Opposed nay, seeing none, motion carries. Thank you all for coming the meeting is adjourned. If I'm going to drink water.