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Joint | May 5, 2015 | Press Room | Press Conference: Rep. Insko

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Okay, we're going to get started. I'm [xx] Insko[sp?] House District 56 Orange County, and we're here today to discuss the house bill 562 the bill that actually stripped a lof of common [xx] critical for citizen protections from our state gang laws. We are joined by a group of people [xx] for gun safety it's an umbrella organisation patient in fact the largest can virus prevention organisation in the country with more than 2.5 million supporters and 40, 000 donors including including mums virus every day american and many people who have concerns about organ safety laws, so the evidence its very clear the background check make a difference as they block criminals and dangerous people for buying guns and that applies to state laws as well as in this county last year more than 800 would be gun buyers hand gun buyers who were denied permits for licenses including domestic violence abuse felony a serious memory illness if we pass house bill 562 with the provisions that are currently in it this people they all have background check that would identify them and this are people who right now who have uncontrolled violence ill who do not make their own may commit a major crime and we are joined today by the speaker are going to be whose is from he will identify himself it failed you and me and my client here with me against gun violence and is part of the every town for gun safety this part of organisation he will he will join us today along with a christine so along with fair green whose is with mum demand action for gun in america that is also aggressive movement of American Mothers and that's the North Carolina chapter here that that this is their organization that got a study up to Sandy Hook and establish a chapter for every single state of the country, we trying to while I do this, but and we're also joined by Christy Salters Martin who was a professional boxing champion, gun-owner shot by her strange husband, and they are gonna speak in this order representative Gracius, Mark Mill Clunchmate, falters[sp?] and Serah Green, so Representative Glazer. Thank you Representative Isko, and good afternoon everybody. this bill in many provisions raise claim to the state protections against dangerous and violent people legally gaining access to fire arms, and the first sign I suspect mischief is offered is the in the vasline[sp?] misname this is not the Second Amendment Affirmation Act as it claimed to be, this is Second Amendment insanity. The bottom line is that House Bill 562 in about five of its critical provisions would among other things repeal the critical requirement that all handgun buyers pass a criminal background check, which as the handout you've received indicates correctly has been the backbone of public safety in North Carolina. I think it is important to know that neither of the sponsors of the bill, nor the special interests that lie behind it have identified the slightest evidence that repealing the provision for those checks will substantially improve public safety, and in fact to the contrary, the evidence nationwide indicates when provisions like these have been passed, the result has been the opposite. After Missouri repealed it's checks in 2007, gun homicides spiked by 25%. An overwhelming number of North Carolinians support background check guns sales and with this provision to pass, which essentially takes away the Sheriffs' discretion. We would see potentially up to 40% of our sales having no background check, at least. It is provisioned that in the end would cause serious and serious concerns for this state. I can find no justifiable reason for showing this bill solicitude for dangerous and potentially violent citizens possessing guns while giving our Sheriffs to back up our legislative hand. There are many provisions that others will talk about, but I'm going to add one to my list that I was supposed to talk about besides the bill or the provisions that we just discussed,

which the Sheriffs of North Carolina oppose and we have all received calls from the Sheriffs' Association opposing that provision. But if you look at another provision of the bill it allows for the crime of misdemeanor stalking and for the crime of disorderly conduct which is the plea down, in domestic violence cases would allow gun ownership to occur after three years' time. Why we have chosen again to restrict and limit the time frame on those folks was very clear when the bill passed initially that put restrictions on people who were put down from domestic violence cases or were stalking, which if they did repeatedly I would know it is a felony in North Carolina, why we would think it is okay to allow them to have guns after several years, escapes me as a public the passing of the safety issue, there is others we gonna talk about including the medical provision, we will talk about provision regarding school safety, but we start to the shares position and up to the stocking position, this bill makes no sense. thank you for having me here today. I'm a long-standing member of the Mayors Against Gun Violence, long before gun violence touched the tunnel charpo hill in the way that he did just the couple of months ago there is nothing that compares to the feeling of seeing your community splattered across the pages of CNN and MSNBC focusing in on a violent crime, the kind that occurred in Chapel Hill there's nothing more horrifying, there's nothing more compelling to a mayor, to inspire a mayor to find ways to enhance the safety of his community. and in the wake of that, I joined mayors who after experiencing those kinds of tragedies come together to see ways to improve the safety of their citizens, yet here I am in the legislative building in North Carolina fighting a bill that would only take us backwards. Backwards. Allowing us, as Rep. Glazier articulated, allowing felons to acquire weapons, to amass arsenals, allowing the mentally ill to acquire weapons and commit crimes of the kind that we have faced in Chapel Hill is no fate that I wish on any community. We need to learn the lessons of the Chapel Hill shootings and move towards protecting the safety of our citizens, not making it more more difficult for them to live safe, comfortable lives in raising their children. Enough, enough. Now standing here thinking about the fact that they would reverse the gains on background checks would itself seem to be enough, but the fact that they would enter into the private relationship between patients and doctors is just unspeakable. Doctors everyday talk to parents when they're treating children about the importance of seat belts. They talk to them about the importance of making sure that prescription drugs and other drugs are kept safely out of the hands of young children, that household cleansers are stored behind doors that little ones can't get their fingers through, yet this bill would prohibit doctors from speaking to parents about keeping guns out of the hands of their children. Enough! It's hard to imagine a more insane approach or a more insane response to the violence that takes the lives of children across this country in the ways that we have read about now for years. Enough! We need to not have another splash headline on CNN about gun violence tearing at the heart at the sense of safety of communities like Chapel Hill, or Newtown, or Aurora, or any other community in this country. We need to move forward in pursuit of gun safety, forward in keeping weapons out of the hands of felons and

the mentally ill if we're going to make any progress in securing the safety of the people in our communities. The other thing, I want to thank you for having me here today and allowing me to take part in cracking[sp?] this nut[sp?] Good afternoon. My name is Christie [xx] Martin. I have several titles. Daughter, sister, aunt, the BBC World Boxing Champion, but the one I am most proud of is domestic violence survivor. I was [xx] back in the early 1990, for what at the time I though was a very important fight it was a boxing match at the risk, but I'm here today for what I know is an important fight. Our legislature is attending the passing dangerous bill. Repealing the background checks, most of us say, this is his common sense that they want to put the public safety a risk. The law simple just requires the five-minute background check, on all hand gun sales. This would mean criminals as well as domestic violence abusers, will all be able to have guns. I was probably the last person that people though needed protection from gun violence or domestic violence, but by the grace of God I'm a survivor of both. I learned first hand of the dangers when an unfit person gets their hands on a gun. I'm an example of both domestic violence and gun violence. In 2010 I decided to leave my ex husband, with a lot of argument he attacked me, stabbing me several times, puncturing my lung, pistol-whipping me, cutting me, then after about 45 minutes he decided I wasn't dying fast enough so he shot me with my own pink 9 mm hand gun that I had a concealed weapon from here forth. By the grace of God again, the bullet missed my heart by only 18 inches. When he felt like I was dead and that he had given me enough time, he decided to take a shower and had the water turn on, I was able to escape the house. I flagged down a passerby, he took me to the hospital and here I am today before you talking about how important it is that we keep guns out of the hands of these type of people. After surviving this trauma that I have gone through, just six months later I had a stroke. The doctors couldn't tell me why I had a stroke, was it because of the trauma I had just faced or some other reason? So in my mind he not only short stabbed me, cut me all those things, a stroke is added to that list. My story proves that anyone can be at risk for gun violence, domestic violence. When Missouri repealed the requirement that everyone get a background check before buying a handgun, gun homicides spiked 25%. That's 68 additional people killed with guns each year. Research shows that in states that require background check, women are less likely to be shot to death by their intimate partner. So and were there elected officials want to put all of us at greater risk by repeating Missouri's terrible, terrible mistake. I'm a strong supporter of our second commandment right, but I also know that that right comes with tremendous, tremendous responsibility. I would like so that, at least our elected leaders keep making us, must keep us all safer, safer from gun violence they must protect their state's most vulnerable, from their users. That includes keeping background checks in place. Countless lives in North Carolina will depend on it. Thank you all for coming here today, and for standing with me as I stand for public safety. I would like to add one thing when you brought up the stocking that really get home for me because my ex-husband went before the judge to get a bond, he was denied because he he had admired that he had stocked me, so that's another very very important thing that we have to consider the stocking charge and the way that is been awarded into this bill thank you and keep your voices strong and loud, Thank very much I want to add that proponents of this bill are

saying that this bill does not repeal background checks and it does keep of course the national criminal background checks, but as I stated before 40% of the gun sales, the peaceful guns sales in North Carolina are done on private sales they are not done through deal so 40% of the handguns that we've sold in North Carolina would not go through any background check if this bill is repealed and let me just add that I understand and some of the proponents of this bill are saying that the repeal of the permit no longer, it appears that bill was stripped out of the bill well that specific preservision[sp?] was stripped out and was replaced with a one sentence provision that repealed all of the statutes that have to do with state permit background checks, so that is the main goal of this bill and I think it's really important for us to be clear about that. Sarah Green. Thank you. I want to thank Christie tremendously for being here and sharing her story that she is incredibly  and incredibly inspiring. I'm Sarah Green and mother of two young sons, I'm here today on behalf of 101, 000 North Carolina members of Mums Demand Action for gun sense in America and I want to thank you for joining us to speak out on this dangerous bill. House bill 562 would endanger North Carolina repealing the requirement that all handgun buyers pass a criminal background check. This is the cornerstone of our public safety laws. please do not allow this misguided bill to pass as North Carolinians it has been nearly impossible to follow the legistrative process on this bill, the language has changed committee meetings has been cancelled or changed and their has not been any time for a public comment or expert testimony as this bill is being moved though the legislature. For several decades this law has been the important backbone of public safety here in North Carolina keeping guns out of the hands of felons, domestic abusers and a servilely and mentally ill and indeed and April 2015 poll indicates that nearly 87% of North North Carolina likely voters support requiring criminal background check on all gun sales under federal law which only requires gun buyers to pass the background checks when shopping with a licensed dealer but North Carolina law, requires background checks for all hand gun sale that including those among strangers who meet online, and as been noted approximately 40% of guns sales or this types of private transactions, so it is very important that we have this provision in North Carolina that provides a background check on those transactions, so HB 562 would eliminate this requirement, it would seriously endanger North Carolina, it would enable people who are legally prohibited from having gun wants to evade the the federal background check process that currently were able to require a background check on here in North Carolina . So we are feeling background checks would be definitely be disastrous for our public safety as also been noted after mazuri rebill the similar requirement in 2007, guns homicide in that state rose by 25% that's an additional 68 deaths per year, and we really cannot repeat that dangerous error here in North Carolina. We're fortunate here in North Carolina to be among the 18 states that require background checks on all gun sales and research shows that this background check in these states that require this background check 40 women or 46% and less likely to be shot to death by an intimate partner. So in those 18 states that require those background checks, women are 46% less likely to be shot by their intimate the partner, and that't really important, also an important thing to note is that law enforcement in this states that require these background checks on all gun sales. Laws enforcement are 48% less likely to be killed with hand guns. And so we need to keep law enforcement safe at the bottom, so what North Carolina goes in the other direction. Registration in flat to the safety here in the world being North Carolinian and we hope that you will stand with us by not allowing HB562 to pass, thank you. thank you for the question. First statistics in the screen is where is this company? also we have done analysis of domestic violence and found that is this day actually

loosely so increase from 36-46%, for it is likely to be short further, and it is owner of website. And we can get tomorrow data. yes Sir. With respect to the announcement the actions of membership of North Carolina, I understand the chapel health care meeting profest that billionaire Michael Bloomberg has lived with seven page in North Carolina we have and how much for every town for gun sake in the city area as funded by Michael Womberg. There are zero paid staffers in the state of North Carolina. So you are saying that she told us the truth when she said that it din't count I believe that last year there was an agible princess indeed that mrs well did somebody indicate that there are paid staffers we've asked them for a correction there's a zero paid staffers? Actually that was from people we had at that meeting. Thank you. any other question? Yeah I talked to one of the sponsors of the bill and she insisted that even if the pistol permits are, will heal that the system will depart to the federal next system of background check so in other words she said that everybody would still have a background check under federal Zack, but the federal Nick system doesn't include all the information that we have at the state level. Excuse me the illness background checks are good examples those going periodically by the clerks of cord they often are delayed and for entry for a year so the local shares have much more access to immediate information that, The federal background check progress only requires a background check when you're purchasing a weapon from a federally licensed dealer so 40% of this transactions are occuring privately not at a federal license dealer and so the state provision requires a background check on those private, exchanges, well the federal background checks only requires a background check for federal licence fire arm dealers. Is that 40% 10 guns sounds private handlers or prior arm sales? I think its 10 hand gun sales I will double check the information I have has to do with hand gun sales also in the permit suite, the 10 guns will be sold. Okay. Representative so outside of this 20% of hand guns or firearms sales that are federal licence dealers what are the reasons why you want the state to be able to continue to do background check  in addition to the background check that one of bill sponsors that. One the thing I think you have heard the problem as the current nature of what under federal statement the other thing is to remember that the sheriffs have digressions on the state law and digressions goes beyond simple number see you may have people that the sheriff knows have serious issues, and perhaps let's just take a domestic violence case. When the sheriffs knows there have been several domestic violence incidence the only reason that they haven't been prosecuted to conviction is because the spouse has chosen not to continue the prosecution. Well that may not show in a statistics. But the sheriff has anecdotal evidence and knows and has some subjective capacity within reason to make determinations of safety and dangerousness, and I think to give that up, particularly in light of the circumstances we see throughout the country is a mistake. There are certainly times that the sheriff may exercise that discretion wrongly, but there are far more times that sheriff exercises that discretion correctly and I think that that's one of the provisions that Sheriffs want to keep. If you want to deal with carpeting that discretion, that's one thing. This simply eliminates that capacity. This is a question for Mayor [xx]. Again, I'm very sorry about what happened health but clearly this person is able to, as you have said I mentioned [xx] under the [xx], what is your in violation? My understanding is that that they're selling at this crime I actually had to acquire those guns legally, what this bill would do would allow the next person who was able to overweight us, background check and one of this 40%, we didn't declare that, that killer illegally a legal owner of a gun what we want to make sure we don't create more legal owners of the guns by opening the door to more fellons and more people with mental illness to be able to acquire those guns without a background check. And so if we eliminate a background check requirement, then all

those that's why almost 90% of North Carolinians support background checks. They want to make sure the people who the law recently would restrict gun ownership too, could be prevented from doing so. You could make it 60 miles an hour to drive right here on [xx] Streets, run over somebody, that's, you were driving illegal speed on on it, its not safe to allow this purchases are covered in the back [xx]. Thank you very, we appreciate your attention. Thank you.