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House | April 29, 2015 | Committee Room | House: Judiciary IV

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if Good afternoon I appreciate all [xx] strong seems a great idea just wanted to take a little bit further [xx] [xx] [xx] [xx]

any duty that the Director would need them to do. So if they were injured say in a crime scene, or chasing a suspect then they would be deemed state employees for Workers Comp purposes only and their injuries would be covered in that aspect. [xx] Correct. Do you have a question for honorable member {xx] Representative McNeill. I just got to have a follow up we ran in that same situation at the sheriffs office. [BLANK duties, he was not engaged in any type of enforcement action, but that was covered by Workers Comp only because we had this legislation. So what would happen is will be analysed under traditional workers compensation law. Was he performing a duty on behalf of the state of North Carolina, and whether it was enforcement contact or not performance of duties as a result of agents he should be covered under Workers Comp. There's no salary, there's no salary consideration. However, the benefit of the volunteer agent is of course that the state will be responsible for paying any medical bills that may be incurred as a result of that injury going from home to work, that really occurred in the line of duty if is going from his home to work because we have some coming in I think we should may be question was in my opinion under traditional law workers compensation law that would not be covered that would be like any other state employee that really occurred in the line of duty if is going from his home to work because we have some coming in during the 12 months, prior to my injury, I had worked a couple of holidays, and I had also done some special projects as over time.

So, rather than earning $43, 000, in my last year of employment before I got hurt, I actually earned 50, 000 and so I want my calculations to be based on that $50, 000. And we had problems with our case and the Industrial Commissioner, so we're trying to clarify that the highway patrol and the department of public safety has been interpreting the statute correctly all of these years. What an employee gets while they're staying home on salary continuation, is 100% of their basic salary. And that's reflected on their [xx]. It doesn't include any extra pay that they may have earned in the 12 months preceding your injury.   Any further questions? If not [xx] by placing a protective consumer freeze on their credit, this would make it difficult or impossible for someone to steal their identity use their credit to run up bad credit under their name and when he got there, he wasn't able to before it was known, nobody stopped to check his identity until they got [xx] numerous stories in the news recently about literally millions of children being to exposed identity threat [XX] [XX] [XX] [xx]