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Senate | April 28, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Session

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Senate will come to order, sergent-at-arms will close the doors, members will go to their seats, members and guests to the gallery and will please silence all electronic devices leading the senate in prayers is the Reverend Peter [xxx] Senate Chaplin, all members and guests in the gallery will please stand. Please pray with me, Lord we come before you and we plead for you to open our ears, you are the [xxx] seed, you open hearts and you have done so much for us already today. May this party not be choked down by the cares, riches and pleasures of this life. Keep your eyes firmly fixed on your salvation, that's in Jesus name we pray. Amen. Senator [xx] is recognized for a motion. Thank you Mr. President before we get started would you hold of that hammer one more time? Ladies and gentlemen of the senate I want you to be very mindful of our president today. Mr. President the journal of Monday April 27th 2015 has been examined, and has found to be correct, a move that the senate despence[sp?] with the reading of the journal and that is stand approved as written. With that objection the journal for April 27 stands approved as written. Members we have a nurse of the day who is in the back of the gallery, al for Mr. President Senator Apodaka for what purpose do you rise? Motion please. State your motion, Mr. President senate bill 182 was on the calendar for yesterday, we've removed it and placed it on the calendar tomorrow, on second thought let's bring it today senate bill 182 I move that we place on the end today's calendar. That objection so ordered Members who are ready to go into the calendar unless there's further business before we do that Senate bill 423, the clerk will read. Senate bill 423, foster care family act. Senator Barringer is recognised now as to explain the bill. Thank you Mr President this is a great day for North Carolina I stand before you today to talk to you about the foster care family act there are 10, 000 children in North Carolina, waiting on us to vote for this. And it begins here today and hopefully we'll send a signal to them that we are behind them. These children often begin their lives in horrendous circumstances and I know that first hand because I had those children in my home. I had children in my home that have been extracting car seats locked in closets in the dark without food without water without changing for hours at the time. I had children in my home who had been life lighted to Chapel there were so many broken bones, and a cracked skull. And I need my hands. A green stick fractured because some grownup decided they didn't like what the child was doing probably crying. We've all heard Jamie Wayne talk about being left in a dark parking lot middle of the night with a pile of dirty clothes while his mother drove off into oblivion, leaving him there to fend for himself when he was 10 years old. They come into foster care and most if you don't know, I guess now you do, that these children sit on the sidelines of life. Most of it because the government red tape in the concerns of liability lawsuit, don't get to participate in sports. They don't even get to learn to cook in the kitchens of their foster families they don't learn to drive, they can't spend the night with their friends. They're literally sitting on the sidelines of life. They don't get to go to the proms the normal things that people do, we all have done that allowed us to be ready to take our place as adults in society and be productive citizens. It has been a whole lot of people working on this Bill, and this Bill does a lot of things. That's only one of the things that it does. It also sets up insurance for the first time foster children can begin, some of them for them to be able to learn to drive. It also allows foster families the opportunity to purchase some liability insurance so that

the families won't be afraid to take on this responsibility. It's a good bill, and many of you, over half of you are co-sponsors in not share with you, the joy and the excitement of theirs. Jimmy Wayne said the other day, that children are one third of our population. That they are 100% of our future, and that future begins with family, and this bill will strengthen those families. I ask you to join with me to show these children and those families that we're behind them. Thank you. Members, before we get further with that objection, Senator Dan Blue is granted the leave of absence. Is there further discussion or the debate? Senator Robinson, for what purpose is your rise? Stands to debate the bill.   You have the floor. Ladies and gentlemen, I concur with Senator Barron and I stand to strongly support the bill. I first got to know Senator Barron Duplatt to know her I worked on the board governors with their husbands and we met her husband and as we, we didn't even know who apparently is in better wars it didn't matter to us but we share our history and he share the children the foster children. And about the issues those children were enduring but I too know a lot of foster children having care Senator Tucker and she experience of a foster young lady we had here that I sponsored as a and even with her she does have drivers licence now turning 18 doesn't have the opportunity, didn't have the option to go to the farm, trying to go to college right now, and not sure she can get in and hasn't had the opportunities of the other children who are really biological children in that family It is so important that we support the opportunity for this children through no fault their own have been denied the opportunities of normal children to grow and to drive, and to go to proms and to participate in activities. Statistically say that because there is not an education plan or plan for these children to transition from an adolescent to adulthood many of them will end up in the criminal justice system. We should not allow that to happen this bill is the beginning of preventing that, of making sure this children progress to the next level go on to have education, higher education people, doctor, citizens as they widely deserve I know that all of you would support this and I thank Senator Byrant here for your support of this bill the further discussion or debate? Hearing none question for the senate is the passage of the committee substitute Senate Bill 423 on its second reading, all in favor will vote aye, all those oppose no, five second will be allowed for the voting, clerk will record the vote Clerk will record the vote. Look around. Members without objection I've just been handed a request for absence form senator Alexander. Without objection that leave of absence will be granted. Parks a lot 48 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative. Senate bill 423 is passed its second reading and will without objection be rea a third time. North Carolina bill main act. Is there further discussion debate? Hearing none question for the senate is a passage of committee substitute to senate bill four 23 on it's 3rd reading all in favor would say aye  "Aye", All oppose no, the ayes have it, and senate bill 423 is passed 3rd reading, and would be sent to the house. Senate bill 676 the clerk will read. Senate bill 676 [xx] health [xx] Senate Apodaka is recognized Thank you Mr. President, members, I guest this will be a historic day in senate in North Carolina for what we are doing. The next as we know autism affects one in 58 people in North Carolina. It's a very complex condition, great hardships on families, and we're doing what we can to help find a solutions for some families this bill has been recommended and checked

off by UN to teach North Carolina paediatrics psychological associations, the autism society, blue cross blue shield, center for autism and brain damage development North Carolina counselling and children and adolescence psychiatry and ARC of North Carolina. In essence Bill gives more options to parents. It allows the full range of treatments for autism to be prescribed by a doctor or a psychologist. It also allows what is known as the adaptation behavioral treatment which is one of the areas used to deal with this condition. Before now, these treatments were not covered in North Carolina health insurance policies. The bill no longer allows this types of treatments to be denied on the basis of it's educational nature The treatment must be ordered by a licensed physician or psychologist and supervised by licensed professional the annual cap for treatment is $40, 000 and will cover a child through age 18. Again this is the first step and I recommend this to you, it has rogue support from across the state. I'll be happy to answer any questions. Further discussion of debate, Senate Crovic what purpose you rise? Thank you Mr President. You have the floor to speak to the bill. Thank you, I want to give a shoutout to Senator Apadaka patience is a virtue and I know that probably many of you don't know that that is one of Senator Apadaka best virtues. But in this Senator Apadaka, you have exhibited tremendous patience. by keeping everybody at the table, finally coming to today where we can get this bill passed. I have a large Autism Treatment Centre in my district and I've visited there, and talked with the parents. Some of their stories are heartbreaking, I met with one mother, who has three children and they are using the college funds for the other two for this one son to attend the autism treatment center. She said early interjection is key and we know that and so we're taking one day at a time, treating the child that need's it today and we'll worry about the other two tomorrow. One mother who travells to my district, she lives in the Eastern part of the State. She spends the week in the district with her parents because her son has autism and he attends the treatment center. Her father came out of retirement and went back to work to pay for the son to attend the center. though indeed this is a great day, and thank you all for your support of this autism health insurance bill that has been needed for a long time. Further discussion or debate. Mr President [xx], for what purpose do you rise? To speak a second time, if I may. I believe this will be considered your first time under the rules. Okay whatever, that's good. I'm a patient man. You are? Senator Kay[sp?] has always been one of my favorites and still is, but with all seriousness, we need to thank all the stakeholders and staff who really worked on this for the last year and a half, and had numerous meetings and we love to kick insurance companies but, this time I think we need to give a shout out to our insurance companies because they came and they sat down and they tried to find solutions and work through this and I think this is the best possible solution we can come out of those meetings with and so I want to thank all the insurance carriers who participated and all the staff and folks that worked on this. Further discussion or debate? Senator Paige, for what purpose do you rise? Thank you Mr. President, to speak the bill just briefly You have the floor Last year when the short session ended it seemed like all was lost because the autism movement had been up here numerous times to plead for some relief for their children, and it didn't seem like anything was possible and we went away from here last year quite frankly disappointed because we were unable to do anything. But a patient rules

chairman over here and a very hardworking staff and members of the senate worked together and have seen the fruits of their labor and I think we can all be celebratory for that and thank them for the hard work they've done and I believe that the parents of autistic children around the State will be grateful for what's going on here today. Thank you very much Further discussion or debate? Senator Davis, for what purpose do you rise? To speak on the bill. You have the floor. Thank you Mr. President, ladies this coming weekend, I'll be attending a college graduation of a family friend who did not speak until he was over three years old but he had appropriate autism therapy when he was young at the Cobb County, Georgia schools and has thrived and this weekend he graduates with honors from a university. This is an example of an young man, who with proper treatment, will become a productive citizen in our society. And so I applaud the bill sponsors for giving other individuals a chance at the proper treatment. Thank you. Further discussion or debate? hearing on the question for the Senate is a passage of the committee substitute Senate bill 676 on it's second reading. All in favour will vote aye, all opposed the vote no, five seconds is to be allowed for the voting, clerk will record the voteaye 47 having voted in the affirmative and one in the negative. Senate bill 676 passes second reading and will without objection third time. North Carolina General Assembly enacts Is there further discussion or debate? Hearing none, question for the passage on the third reading senate bill 676 all in favor will say aye, all opposed will say no, the aye's have it and senate bill 67 passed it's third reading and will be sent to the house. Third reading senate bill 336 clerk will read senate bill 336 a state planning uniform trust code. Senator Hartsell anything think further to say on this bill this time. Is there a further discussion or debate? Hearing none, question for the senate is to pass it on third reading, Senate Bill 336, all in favor vote aye, oppose vote no. Five seconds to be allowed for the voting, clerk to record the vote. [xx] [xx] 48 having voted in the affirmative, and none in the negative, Senate Bill 336 passes it's third reading and will be sent to the house. The Bill that was added to the calender, Senate Bill 182, second reading clerk will read Senate Bill 182 automatic license plate readers Senator McKissick is recognized This is a pretty straight forward bill basically regulates the use of data collected by on plated license plate readers. Basically law enforcement agencies have these readers in operation already well enforcement supports the bill and basically allows we change the data for 90 days. We split it longer then we need to identify specific instances where investigations as a way with the data could be kept for longer periods of time. I want to thank Senator Barefoot and Senator Daniel for their assistance with this bill as we all support. Further discussion or debate, hearing none the question for the senate is a passage on second reading with committee substitute center bill 182. All in favor will vote Aye all those who oppose no, five seconds to be allowed for the voting, the clerk will record the vote. [xx] Senator [xx] aye. 47 having voted in the affirmative and 1 in negative, senate bill 182 has passed it's 2nd reading, and will without objection be read the third time.   North Carolina general assembly enact. Is there further discussion or debate? Hearing none question for the Senate surpasses on third reading of Senate Bill 182 all in favor say aye, all opposed no the ayes have it and Senate Bill 182 has passed its third reading and will be sent to the house. Members that completes the bills we have on the calender for this morning are there any notices or announcement to discuss?

Senator Dolce[sp?]. I'll let Senator Hartsell get it. Senator Hartsell, for what purpose do you rise? To make an announcement Mr President. You have the floor. As is noted on the calendar J1 is meeting at ten o'clock. We're adding three bills to that calender probably to be heard this afternoon as opposed to this morning we're going to have a sacramental meeting at three o'clock or so this afternoon. The bills that senator [xx] and I have chosen to add our senate bill one 192 citation sheriffs, except faxes, senate bill 522 lupus[sp?] awareness just came to the committee and bill 207 aggravating factor of violent felony before a minor. Senator Suchak[sp?] for what purpose do you rise? To make an announcement. You have the floor. Thank you Mr president, I just want to invite all all of you right now over lieutenant governor's house he's having an event in support of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. He's clarifying a lot of misconception that are going on including that this is a bouncing act that just ensures religious freedom, free hearing in court, limits government intrusion and just protects freedom which is essential to the welfare of our state. So and if you're interested I'd be walking over there right after this and join me from now until 10 if you're interested. Thank you. Further notices and announcements? Senator Meredith what purpose. Mr president for appropriate time I'd like to have a moment of personal privilege. You have the floor go ahead. Thank you Mr president, members of the senate the two bills dealing with children's Care today, I just wanted to make a comment if I could instead of speaking individually to each Bill. When I was elected I had a lot of vision of what I was going to do and what I was going to focus on up here and have a lot of obvious which we all do on a regular basis to come and talk to us. I just want to thank Senator Benja[sp?] and Senator Apodaka for what they have done to help the children of this state. I didn't have a lobbyist come talk to me about this bills, I had individuals in the state come talk to me about this bills, I had family members, I had children, they came to my office every day when they had they legislative day, I did not have [xx] that will me. I had these people with this effects coming to talk to me, and it touched. And I want to thank both of you for [xx] all of them for this state, we come up here with a lot of ideas of how we're going to do and how we're going to affect, the laws we're going to pass and this will going to make huge huge difference to children and the future of our state, so thank you so much for what you do, thank you for what you've done and I appreciate all the members of the senate today and their support. Thank you so much. Senator [xx], for what purpose do you rise? Mr. President, thank you, a moment of personal privilege. You have the floor. We have a spout and capable and able, [xx] Chairman, I've heard new virtues, that are discussed about him, patience not being one of them, I am just thrilled to see, that Lisa Apodaca, I know she's not allowed to speak, but could she speak, I feel she could straighten out these things about patience. Senator Apodaca, your head is big enough, but do not believe that patience stuff, I don't for a moment. Think he's turned over a new leaf. Further notices and announcements. Senator Apodaca, what purpose do you rise? A moment of personal privilege and motion. You have the floor. Okay. Number one you can't believe anything she says. Secondly and most important thing on the list we have a new member of the senate family. Last night about 3.15 AM Andrew Tripp our chief council, his wife had a beautiful healthy baby girl so that is good news on a bright day. I hope everyone pays attention to the scheduled committee meetings that are getting ready to happen today, Mr President with that being said, I move the senate to now recess subject to the standard stipulation set forth and senate rule 24.1 the ratification of bills, the receipt and re-refer of committee reports and messages from the house to reconvene at 3 O'clock PM. The motion needs that senate stand and recess until 3 O'clock PM today. All in favor will say aye. Aye. Opposed no. The ayes have it, the senate stands in recess until 3 PM.