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Senate | April 28, 2015 | Chamber | Press Conference - Representative Pierce

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I am state representative [xx], house district 48 Scotland county, Hope County, [xx] County, Richmond County, and we had a meeting this morning with some of our superintendents and officials from across the state, to come and talk about the importance of teaching fellows and what is meant to our state of North Carolina. There are some proposals on the table to come up with other types scholarships at the present time, so we want to look at that. We want to just have some input from the people who in the field everyday that understand the importance of well trained educators in the school system, so we're going to have some of them to come and speak and share with us, but I know that there's a lot of bills that's being proposed this time. I know one house bill 661 Representative Horn going to be in committee today and I hope he have a favorable outcome with that bill today probably it would go to appropriation, but we hope we can fund those bills make a difference I think Mr. Speaker talked  about talked about young people in this state going somewhere and I didn't know were he was going that state [xx], but they're going to other state, Georgia, Texas and other places were they understand and they value education and they value the teachers so we want to show once again in that we are education freely state we've got our ways to go with a lot of the proposed legislation, and we're not here to discuss that we just want to talk about what we need to do as a state going forward. So this time we're going to ask Dr. Craig [xx] who is the superintendent of [xx] and share some comments at this time. I think the critical question we have to ask ourselves and am reaching this to the in earlier is who do we want teaching our students? Do we want the best and the brightest that North Carolina has to offer to teach the best and the brightest? we need to have our most high achieving students fighting to get into our public schools to be our teachers because that's who we want to teach our children, that's who we want to teach our grandchildren. And we can accept nothing less if we talk about economic development and economic recovery. The key to that will be to the quality of teacher that we are recruiting and bringing in to the classroom each and every day because they will be the ones who have the future of our state in their hands and that is such a huge responsibility. So who do we want to have that responsibility? We want people who are ready to inspire and motivate our students to reach and exceed their full potential, so that's the key question I think that we have and when we think about the North Carolina teaching fellows program, that did that. And if we are not going to have the teaching fellows program, we need to think about how we are going to get those best and brightest in to our classrooms and have them so they can have the incredible impact or teach our students that are teaching fellows are currently having in North Carolina, thank you very much. Good morning I'm Kelly Glooney I'm a chief school performance officer for Shirley and Mecklenburg schools and I had opportunity to be a teaching fellow in 1988 at Colossians State University sold in the second career hold of teaching fellows, and what I would like to talk about today is the importance of the influence the teachers have in our student's lab, and the influence that teaching fellows had on being a great teacher. And so I was teacher for seven years at our high school Math, I've been an assistant principle teaching human resources officer now over school performance and starlet, and what I would learn I learned when I was 18 from J Jekingson Colossians State University. He told he how important it was to be a members of a [xx], to need my peers, to help me be a better teacher, and to grow it was a professional and that's what different with the Teaching Fellow Program. It was so much more than scholarship dollars, it was a time to come together with other people who wanted to make a difference but to learn how to be a professional and learn how to survive in teaching. Teaching is hard, teaching takes all that you have and then you get up the next day and like all the kids come back, right. And it's a challenge everyday and so the teaching fellows taught us how to survive that and then how to thrive. It's important that we are here to help our students and adults thrive did at high levels and that's what teaching fellows did for me. I would also state to you about my peers first that we were also teaching fellows. We cared about each other, we still care about each other. I've been in this longer than my for you commitment. I know that my dad did not frame my diploma, he framed my little you've completed your commitment paper and I thought that was very important the money did make a difference but I think what it did more was making me a part of the family. And so when I've met Greg, when I met these other teaching that we even have a young man

who is in [xx] from 2005, we all could have been his teacher but what's important is to know that that quality stand means something when they enter the class room and the 23 years later it still means something. So I appreciate what teaching fellows did, I appreciate the full side of our House Representatives trying to make these newest Teaching Fellows Program more than just dollars for to truly help grow and develop out teachers Thank you. I'm Betty Marshall and Iam representing the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International to know which is an organization that includes, not only many former teaching fellows, but also fall back scholars, state boards of educations members, state legislatures, and distinguished key women educators, about 4500, in the State of North Carolina and I've come to deliver 222 statements from some of our members to representative peers which indicates the dedication of teaching fellows, and the commitment of some of our members to reinstate The Teaching Fellows program. So thank you very much Good morning, My name is Nicole Pigget and I'm director of Secondary Instruction in Lexington City School as a teaching fellow, not former, but I'm still a teaching fellow. It was an absolutely great opportunity. I mentioned earlier we had a panel, and it not only enabled me to go to school to major in education and become a teacher but it taught me about life. It taught about having a community of proffessionals around me that were able to push me and navigate through anything that would happen through out college. It taught me how to interview, it taught me how to create a resume. It showed me all around the state and even outside the state. Our teaching fellow directors just made sure that, we had every opportunity to become and develop the great educators that we are today. As I go to different colleges and universities to recruit teachers, and they are not very many to recruit I see that is a missing aspect in what our students are receiving now, not that they are not receiving quality education in the classrooms, but becoming a powerful and dedicated educator just goes beyond what you can learn in any classroom, in any college or university, and that is what the teaching fellow did it prepared you for life. And I really think that reinstating the North Carolina teaching fellows would be a great investment for North Carolina, We have other states around the country that have tried to develop similar programs off of our model, and we have in the past be a leader in education and I hope that we're able to continue doing that by reinstating the North Carolina teaching fellows, thank you. Hi, I'm Tanya [xx], and I'm a North Carolina teaching fellow. I'm so thankful for the investment that the state made in me, and I'm very thankful for the opportunity that I have to continue investing in our state, and this is my 17th year in the classroom. And I love what I do, but if I had not been a teaching fellow, I don't think I would have been as well prepared to do what I do. Teaching fellows is so much more than a scholarship, they create leaders, they create teachers who are ready to go into the school on their first year, and make an impact on those schools, and so I'm just so thankful for the opportunity, and this year as a teacher, I was able to work with two student teachers who are teaching fellows, and our school has had many, many, many student teachers over the years, but it was so exciting this year to work with teaching fellows and just see the that they have, the passion that they have, and the way that they've stepped in even as students teachers, and made an impact in our school. So I really feel like the teaching fellows program trained that teacher leaders and that that has an early sense of fruition in schools. I also want to meet [xx] and say if it not been for teaching fellows, I probably won't have been able to get a college for a four year teaching degree. But if more than that, I probably wouldn't have continued teaching because teaching is such a hard profession and it takes so long to see a return on the investment that you make everyday of your heart and your time, and your resources, and your just mineral capacities. It takes so long for you to see those come back to you as decisions grow. It's not a quick thing. So, I think probably would given up had I not the commitment that I made as an 18 year old to continue teaching, and I'm so thankful that I did, that I persevered, and that I continued because teaching is a great a profession, and it has so many rewards, and you get to touch the future,

and so I'm thankful to this state of North Carolina, and I very much see it as an investment, that I get to give back to the state as I teach the students. Good morning, I'm Representative Hall from Devon county, and wanted to first of all thank Representative Pearse for his leadership on this issue and all of the speakers regarding teachers fellows program. I want to make just two points, and we heard about the leadership of these teachers throughout the profession after they graduate and, go into the class room, and that's important. The other thing is to understand that they helped set the bar. They helped provide the infrastructure of excellence that we have an education, and that's one of the reasons why other states are trying to duplicate the program as well as recruit our teachers from this state. So we get immeasurable benefits from having these best embroiders go in to teaching, elevate the performance, provide the new ideas, provide the inspiration for other teachers at their schools, and give us an opportunity to have better educated children in North Carolina. We must find a way to fund this initiative. There's never a question of resources actually. This is a question of will, and I hope that by them being here and talking to legislators they'll make sure they make the point if how valuable they're. Finally to those states out  there who are getting our greatest and our best educators on the team. They're not investing in our educators, they're recruiting our educators away. We need to start the process of investing again, and keep our educators home by paying them and making sure we support them as they pursue this as a profession. So, Representative Peters again, I appreciate your efforts and I appreciate all of you teaching fellows who have decided to stay in North Carolina and resisted temptation to take it somewhere else, and pay back the investment North Carolina made in you. Thank you. Again I want to thank all those who joined us today and I want to thank you for these 222 folks who supported [xx] Is there anybody from the press have any questions about what is going on in here from any of our presenters? Again we want to thank you all of you that have come today we hope that you would take time to visit your legislators and let them now the importance of what we're doing today. But you have a comment can you if you can. [xx] And introduce yourself please. Hi, I'm Elizabeth Foster, President of Guilford County Association of Educators and we have made a huge investment in teaching fellows and I certainly hope that we can bring that back too North Carolina, I can speak. We've been bleeding educaters to other states, and in order to invest in a vibrant economy we have to invest in our children and in order to do that we educators in front of them. Who are competent, who are dedicated and who are committed to stay in North Carolina. So thrilled that we`re considering bringing back teaching the fellows. And thank you for letting me speak. Thank you. We say we`ll make statements about bringing back and thank you for this. We hope we hope whatever program we can bring back that could be a key into the program that we seem to be loosing, and there is some movement in general assembly trying to do just that it's going to take a while but we're going to work at it. I thank this committee today from folks who many of them had to leave I think the committee is there for us to look keep moving forward to have some type program. I think most of them made the point. You just don't need a program that gives people money, but you need a program that's going to develop these ladies and gentlemen talking about being developed they would have called and so that's we have got to deal with, what are we preparing as you see it? Who are we preparing to put in front of our children going want to make sure that we are trained and have the real desire to be in education. So we want to that you all of you for being here today, take time to visit your legislates and let them know what we've talked about today, there's nothing as we thank you all for taking your time, even if you traveled from your state to be us we thank you and do have a good day thank you.