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House | April 28, 2015 | Chamber | Regulatory Reform

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Ladies and gentlemen, let's begin, I want to welcome everybody to the House Committee on Regulatory Reform, introducing our co-chairs, Representative Dennis Riddell, who is to the left of me, and also Representative John Bale, We'll also introduce staff, we have Karen [xx] Brown as well as Jeff Hudson here, and with our Sergeant of Arms we have, Mr Reji Sales, Mr. Terry Mclaur, Mr. Chris Mcrakin. With our pages, and please forgive me Philip if I mispronounce your name. We have Philip, Armin Trout with Craven County, Katelin Ivory with Pitt and Mario Neese with Mecklenburg just want to go ahead and get started on the agenda. It is our intent to go through the bills here very prudently today and to take votes on all bills as they are presented. So first up is House Bill 763, the task force on regulatory reform, Representative Riddel will come and present the bill to the members. Thank you Mr. Chairman, committee members what you before House Bill 763 will create a task force on regulatory reform, look at the bill or the bill summary you will see that what this is going to do is kind of extend on to the success we've had as a body doing regulatory reform, but we are going to put together a task force and take it on the road kind of like Charles [xx] used to do and we want to be able to take this task force into the various corners of the state to be able to find people who have issues or concerns or good suggestion about matters of regulatory reform and could never quit may be make it to Riley just design to build. Upon which we've done in last several years on regulatory reform and put in place to get a task force so will stand enter room collecting data and come back with the report of any proposed legislation you can see by December 31st 2016, of the 12 members task force six supported by the Speaker, and six supported by the President  Pro Tempore[sp?] and you can see in legislation need to be members of the Business Services Community and Environmental Services, Educational Work Force Development, Public Members, Information Technology health care and construction source, pretty good cross section of our state and we hope to get some logo feedback from Nema about proposed legislation and Mr. Chairman I will try to answer the questions out there Representative Harrison is recognized for a question. Thank you Mr Chair, thank you Representative [xx] I can't believe there is anything else left out, perform[sp?] considering what we've gone through in the past after 5 years my only comment on this is that it's not apparent to me, I think environmental services is different from environmental art because you can actually find someone is in the business of mitigation or cleaning up and then they would have a different perspective, someone maybe advocating for cleaning or public health advocate, I mean health care, yes but that is not necessarily, so am just wondering if you being minimal to considering adding somebody in there who just maybe represents public editors, is that possible? How might stick the balance, I mean, you got 12, I don't know how to do that but did you consider that? Thank you Representative Harrison, good question, you'll see that the appointees from the speakers side and the house side that there're two public members at large for each one, so I think there would be members who could be considered to entertain the public interests in a broader way. If you're looking for something more specific, under either environmental services or say health care. I would entertain a conversation with you, certainly about maybe, drilling down a little deeper but right now if kind of got that abroad so we can reach in to a variety of areas within each of those designations. Up Representative Jones. Thank you Mr. Chairman, I just like to comment the bill sponsors, I do think that it's a good idea. I know that my first term here we had a commission that went around the state and got a lot of good ideas as far as regulatory reform and I have to disagree a bit with my good friend here, representative Harrison, there are an awful lot of regulations out there that have been compiled over the decade and I think, they do deserve a review and sometimes update and perhaps sometimes appeal and, but I think it is good to have a task force to do this and Mr. Chair, I would be prepared to make a motion at the appropriate time. Understood, Representative Stephens. Thank you Mr. Chair and I think representative Jones said

a lot of what I said I think there's a lot of things out there we've passed laws and resolution about that we thought were good ideas that really impede indeed business, and I think they are travelling toward the speaker just barely began to touch the surface of what's out there, and people need to know that we're listening to them, and we want to help, and we want to know what stand's in their way of progress, that certainly would join in that motion to give favorable report. Representative Mitchel you're recognized for a question. Actually just a comment I think it's an excellent bill, from my own experience I've gone around and I've talked to different businesses, and tried to find out what kind of things that they needed us to focus on, that's the challenge that's the hard part is getting even the businesses to kind of put together what it is that they need us to look at as far regulatory reform so I think this is something that's solely needed in order for us to continue down the road I think it's a great bill. Representative Cunningham you're recognized for a question or a comment? Thank you Mr Chair, my concern about this piece of legislation is that public representation is not present on their committee and possibly could we look at taking one of those playing one of the two positions and make one of those a public representation position. Representative Riddel would you like respond. Can I ask for representative Cunningham thank you for the question, can you elaborate just a little bit what you mean by public Thank you, just an average individual that is not strictly representing one of the industries that's not going to be in the committee Representative Riddel you can respond. I think your concerns might be allied by the six appointees speaker and the president po-teem, each of those six have two task force members that would be excuse me, four would be public out large public members 2 from each body, so the speaker and the president porteem of the senate will each be able to appoint two out large public members, not that is addition to the additional members from the specific sectors that were mentioned on the bill. Follow up. You're recognized so they would have no involvement with industry at all those public members. Respond representative Riddel I'm going to ask you to clarify then what you mean by public member because of there are people that have a job than they have some contact with industry in some form may be you can see the rise divided up to this house force members to be legislators for at large public members and six to be representative from the specified industries and the economic sectors mentioned below, so you got an opportunity of four appointees to be I think what you are looking for Representative of somebody without say a keen interest, a specific interest. I hope that answer your question, thank you Members a privilege of the chair just wanted tune you in to the actual context of the bill, knowing the Section 2 of the bill actually saves the purpose of the task force is actually to solicit all this individuals including citizen from cross the state, and section 2 of the bill, well it actually explicitly deem some of stakeholder basically technical background that we will like to have on the actual task force it does not preclude any type of aspect or public involvement as well as public get large members. So I definitely backup Representative Riddel on the fact that this bill has a tremendous matter of public input and is actually what is doing is soliciting input from the public. Thank you for that privilege. At this time it seems as is there is no question or comment so I want to recognize Representative Jones for a motion. Thank you, Mr. Chair I move for a favorable report to House Bill 763 Please gentlemen you have the motion before you. With all those in favor signify by saying, aye Aye All those opposed signify by saying no, the ayes have it. Thank you. Next on the agenda, House Bill 706, Building Code, Rusty Cabins. Representative McGrady is here and you're recognized to present the bill. It's my understanding there's no PCS, correct me if I'm wrong. You're right Mr. Chairman. Mr. Chairman, members of the committee, last session I teamed up with Representative Jordan to pass a modification building code to allow primitive summer camps to operate, that's House Bill 774, the idea here is to exempt similar rustic cabins from requirements such as, sprinkler systems, multiple lighting exits and any requirements

that don't actually enhance in a meaningful way, the safety. What's happened over a period of time, since the building code really doesn't anticipate what a summer camp cabin is, they've increasingly going to be mandating things that look more like Holiday Inn rooms, because it did't fit anywhere else and so we created this new area last year, and now I'm really cleaning it up and respecting what is happening in the field when some long time ago I was a summer camp director but I could put up a cabin rather cheaply and the kids knew when they were at summer camp. Increasingly these cabins looking like Holiday Inn rooms, and it just takes the whole thing away from it. SO that's it in a nutshell, Representative Jordan. Representative Whitmire probably has more summer camps in his district than anybody else in the house, and Representative Harrison, and they are all co-sponsors. I've worked with building code folks I've worked with, everybody I'm aware of, no opposition on this bill. Even if there are further comments going forward, I'm certainly willing to to incorporate those changes if necessary. Thank you Mr. Chairman. At the appropriate time it would please mean greatly to make a motion for a favorable report for a bill in this committee, this bill specifically. I will recognize you at the proper time but thank you for the interruption If you're Representative [xx] I'm on the floor for question and it appears Representative Jones raises his hand first. Representative Jones do you recognize for a comment. Thank you Mr. Chair, I will defer to Representative Harrison for the motion I would be pleased to make it, but I see she's is one of the primary sponsors, I do want to say that I' sure that there is no one in the General Assembly that has more camping experience than the primary bill sponsor before it is being presented by Represetative [xx] but prior to my tenure here I spent many a summer as a camp counselor staying in one of these cabins and so I have some first hand experience with them and I think this is a good bill, this summer camps do [xx] work they do tremendous work and I think we need to support them and thank them for the work that they do and I think this is a deal that will be helpful to them and just want to comment the bill sponsors for bringing it forward. Representative [xx] you're recognized for a question or a comment. I too would like to recommend the bill sponsors, I was an average camper as kid even as an adult with my own kids and I'm familiar with it and ratic[sp?] should be just that rastic[sp?] and I can't believe that we even have to do something like this but I think it's a good bill and my original intent was to offer a motion, but I too will defer to Representative Harrison. Representative Harrison you're recognized for a question and comment or if you like good job straight to the motion the members could be appreciative. Thank you Mr. Chair, I apologize for interruption I would like to make a motion for a favor of report. You heard the motion before us, all the members supportive of the motion to house bill signify by saying aye all opposed signify by saying no, they ayes have it. Alright moving to the last bill in the calendar the house bill 812 grant recipients posted on grant tour website. Representative Radel you're recognized to discuss the bill. Thank you Mr. Chairman, committee members on behalf of Representative Sain[sp?], Bradford and Bishop, I'm bringing house bill 812 before you, representative Harrison, I would be delighted if you would offer a motion on this at appropriate time if you so move, to do so folks, this is a issue that deals with transparency. One of the things that I've found frustrating from time to time at various points in my legislative activity everybody is getting information, and making connections to find, especially, information about funding, where the money goes for a state, different things like that so as I've been studying looking for answers, one of things that I would had questions about to different agencies that came before our General Government Committee, was, who pose the money flow from your committee. If you give grants or contracts, things like that. How do you keep track of it, how do you get public access to that? And to my delight, I found out that there was a site started by former Governor Pardew[sp?] called McOpen[sp?] books, that is supposed to list all of the grant money, all of the contracts let out by every state agency. You go there, and it's a nice site, and useful. It's going to get a little bit more work done to it to make it a little bit user friendly. But to get to the site you really have to know the MCopen books was there and folks [xx] I was years two years before I found out about MCopen books. So what this bill is going

to do it's going to we're one step up, I hope we'll be several steps towards increasing our constituents access to information about how their money is spent here in Rowley, and where it goes and how they can get online to find it. What the bill basically does, is, it will require every state agency, that's Council's state, that's Governor's cabinet any state to host the website to put a link on the website to the NC open book site, so that no matter where you are in the website of State Government there will be a common link hopefully standardized by our friends at the digital comments project, and by the way if we haven't had a chance to visit with the people at the and we are working on these at the dinner building, great group of people working very hard to try get more information technology in to State Government in a way that makes information more accessible. So I have been working with them on this, it was my idea to make this issue of putting open books access by link from websites they were working on projects just within the Governors preview Government agencies was my idea solely, to extend it throughout all state agencies so that's the purpose of the bill, that's what it does simply gives our citizens access to the information that we proudly possess that which they probably are not likely knowledgeable about, so Mr Chairman I would be happy to take any questions and I believe there might be some public comments from different members of the Governors Cabinet Agencies. Representative Bradford do you have anything to say? The only thing I want to add is that I went to my local town officials and asked for their input and they welcomed the transparency and didn't think there should be anything really difficult to administer on their end Thank you Representatives. Representative Dickson is recognized for a question, comment or a motion. Motion at the appropriate time Mr. Chairman   Is there any question or comments from the members take some more comments from public, Representative Bill Jones? Thank you Mr. Chairman, I do have a brief question for this sponsor. I understand from the bill that the you're required to put on the website the link to the  NCA open book website. Is there any additional requirement that there would be anything on the website would explain what that was? In other words, is it simply a link or would there have to be something to actually explain? the person looking that, this is what this link it's for. Representative Riley, you're recognized to respond. Thank you representative Jonnes, a good question. I'm working with this your comments, I've got an idea of how to make it a uniform tab, but not in the computer, maybe a nice bright yellow sign with open government tab and you can click under that, it will take you into the open book site. We're trying to standardize it and they're going to do that within executive agencies and I'm encouraging Council State Agencies to kind of adopt that same template, so that we get something kind of a brand for [xx] books [xx] seal on the government, seal on it, on click or take books and eventually I'd like to expand that to open book you can go to real detail of burgling information on individual innovations, financial and things like that. This is just the simple first step, just trying to get things brought together so that people sitting at home can get on their computer and find out where the money is going [xx] follow up Yeah, follow up Representative James Yes sir. And I think it's a great deal, it's a great idea. That was my only concern is that since they entered this transparency, obviously most citizens would not necessarily know what NCA open book  is simply nothing on there but a link, I do think there should be something included to explain it, what is all about but that you for the bill, thank you Spence Seems like we've had all the questions from the members. Representative Randell you alluded to the fact that maybe some members here from the public that would like to come up and speak if that's the case, I would ask for them to come to the microphone, state their name, who they're with, and you have two minutes to make it happen. Looks like you have a cold shoulder Representative Randell.  Perhaps I was mistaken.    All ready.   Maybe I did a really good job. Representative Jackson you're recognized fro a motion. Thank you Mr. Chair. I move to give House Bill 812 a favorable report and are there any  referrals? No sir. You have the motion before you, all those in favor signify by saying aye.  Aye!  All opposed the aye's have it. Thank you ladies and gentlemen fro your attention this meeting here, I just want to thank again the staff members, Sergeant at arms, but also to specifically thank, which I forgot on the front end of our comment, is to thank our committee clerk, Suzanne Horn, and the infamous Vivian Sherrell. Meeting is adjourned.