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Joint | April 26, 2015 | Chamber | Press Conference - Representative Hall

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Good morning, thank you for coming this morning to our press conference, and this morning I'm joined by Representative Carney here from Mecklenburg County. I'm state representative Larry Hall Democratic leader in house, representative from Durham County. We called this press conference this morning to talk about House Bill 785 which is our attempt to make sure that the citizens of North Carolina know who is paying for and who is paying their elected officials especially those in full time positions. There have been travelling revelations earlier this year regarding Governor McCrory's statements of economic interest and his potential lack of disclosure regarding his business dealings and related conflicts of interest. The Ethics Commission needs to investigate fairly and impartially the serious questions raised concerning Governor McCrory statement of economic interest, and we know this issue continue to come up, and once again this is one of those situations where the Ethics Commission has to do their job seriously fairly impersonate, this revelation about the governors had exposed significant gaps in our ethics laws they failed to meet basic standards of accountability and disclosure and they are not conforming with other level of government particularly the federal government if we don't improve our ethics laws we only add to the voters distrust and frustration the government is not working for them as a matter of fact they have a question, who is government working for, or who are the elected officials working for that are in government I know I wish after with governor Macoli had accepted more than 170, 000 for stop from lending tree after he was enogulated as governor and outraged situation for the citizens of North Carolina. Now we implemented a give burn few years ago to stop on do influence by private interest trying the unfairest way the public policy process. Apparently corporations don't need to give gifts now, they can just hire our public officials and pay them anything they want. This is a loophole that is so big at 40 could drive through it. That's why I filed this legislation, House Bill 785, to close the gift band loophole by banning outside income from full time employees exempt from the state personnel act, and is the same fair standard held by federal officials in the executive branch. And so we shouldn't have to guess which head are you working under? Are you working under your government head, or are you working under some other private undisclosed responsibility? Whose interests are you looking out for, and that's the question we want to have answer so the citizen can have confidence. The change that I've recommended would require the governor, for example, to resign from corporate board before they take while also bending differed compensation so you couldn't find a way the will around the regulations, when you started working for the people you stop working for whoever these other undisclosed interests are. There is no reason or excuse for us to continue to have be a problem and once again people of North Carolina need to know, which head are you working under? What income stream on you responding to? Are you to put the people interest first? This all we headed out some copies of the bill it's pretty self explanatory that it create a situation where there is more full disclosure of the exact income to what you have and a range of how much you're receiving. Again we would hope the bill says that will not have any other income source, what you take of us, so again statement of economic interest will do April 15 and we hope going forward this bill will get heard and make crossover it will be able to have the confidence of the people going bold thank you. Any questions? I'm sorry to begin with conference fund with the state any seem please provide us a certain count? Full time state employees. Okay. But I'm talking about a lot of full time State employees they don't make very much money Yes! They also have other jobs they do to try and pay the rent. Right f you were in the executive branch and I will give you an example if you are the governor for example if you are lieutenant governor. If you are the immediate staff, you will have appointment in the

state employee and you will not be able to have income from outside source now if you had income assets if you had assets in brochure or assets that already invested in the market also will be allowed to remain, but you will not be able to for instance be a consultant and I think we saw that with the client control in public safety secretary at one time where he wanted to be the client control on public safety secretary and then at the same time keep doing work for his law firm. You will not be allowed to do that, you will be working for the people of North Carolina. If you are appointed at that level or if you are the governor or lieutenant governor, secretary of state, you are  voted for the people of North Carolina. Only five people in high positions? Yes. Yes sir. How is income defined here and it include you from let say buying, selling real estate? Well it will preclude you from buying and selling real state if we are doing it under a license, if you are individual order or you are working as real states broker or real states salesman which We only have brokers now, but if you're acting as a real state broker that was your profession and you were engaging in that profession, while you were, let's say Lieutenant Governor then that would be inappropriate. If you were selling your own personal real estate only then of course as an individual you would have a right to do that, but to engage or working for a real state brokerage firm and selling listings that they have and getting commission as credit for doing all that? No, you won't be allowed to do that. The follow up I guess there are some that would say the key to improving ethics and improving the public's knowledge of  what's going on is to provide full disclosure. Yes. What they're are doing, you seem to say that the solution is to just ban the ability to make make hard income outside of the job. Well in the legislation, if both increases this air sufficity. the disclosures of what income and revenue that you do get as well as prohibit you from taking these outside employment opportunities again if you are in one of these high level executive position, if you are a full time sworn constitutional officers in North Carolina who are immediate staff. You knew when you took the job that the people of North Carolina expected you to look out for their best interest virtually to the inclusion of whatever else might be happening you got more than to dosh your interest but you'll have that but you have a sworn constitutional duty to the people of North Carolina. So we are just asking that you disclose with specificities we know what your current status and they are going forward after you elected you no longer take payment, income differed compensation whatever fro this unknown undisclosed sources that we have problem with both disclosure, period and I we have later come to find out that there instances where those income they should not have been disclosed and the income they got disclosed that we find out it was the third supposingly labelled as the third compensation, and so again we want to get away from those situations, everyone is clear if you work for the state of North Carolina at this level your sworn constitutional officer and you're the immediate staff et cetera, you work for the citizens of North Carolina. We don't have to ask you when this happened this week, that happened next week are you a consultant, do you work for the people, who's interests are you serving? How will this apply to, for example, transportation [xx] is writing books and going around talking about books. I'm also showing up on Fox News with this Again if he was employed by someone, if someone was paying him to write the books or paying him to be a consultant he would affect. But as long as he's not he's somebody's employee. If he's not someone employee it would not affect. but what if he was under like Personal Services Contract? If he's under Personal Services Contract he's working for someone That's it. Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for being here.

My name is Terry Van Duyn, I am the minority whip in the Senate and I represent District 49, Buncombe County and we're here today to talk about the legislature's failure to address economic development. Good morning? This has been a remarkable week, remarkable, because we've truly seen the real priorities of the Republican majority and there are consequences for the middle class.governor McCrory and his legislative allies here in Lowry like to talk a big game about creating jobs that all this business has seen this session is an agenda parked with divissive social registration that were for middle class families and actually cost North Carolina jobs. The top priorities of this legislative have allowing magistrates to refuse same sex couples, legalising religious discrimination a private businesses and implementing such extreme new instructions on women's healthcare that many experts want their UNC medical schools could lose their accreditations. None of this sound business friendly to me. The fact that governor McCoy and legislative republicans have taken their eye off the ball. This week it was reported that Bove had decided not to locate their headquarters here in North Carolina despite our state being the reported front runner four months clearly Brovo made a business decision they look at our state and decided we couldn't be counted on. They looked at out state and didn't see leaders committed to long term economic growth, the jarlaths[sp?] consumed by divisive issues, and interfering with family decisions. On Tuesday the message should have been clear, start focusing on job creation for the middle class. Jobs first jobs last, but instead, Republicans have doubled down on their social agenda, and now, we're even hearing that they may pass aversion of Indiana's job killing religious freedoms act well enough is enough it's time to get our priority straight or at least let middle class families see theit elected representatives are up to. Thank you Senine good morning, my name is Mike Woodward. I represent District 22: Durham, Person & Caswell Counties, and I serve as Deputy Minority Whip This week has been especially troubling for the signal it sends to the business community. For CEOs who consider moving jobs to North Carolina, they're seeing an obsession with social issues and no leader in the majority willing to stand up and write the ship. So where's the Governor in all of this? Governor Cory McCrory has repeatedly refused to pledge to veto this harmful social legislation and instead has tried to hide his bets by expressing concern, but not taking a firm stand. We've all heard the conversations this week, that House Republicans are likely to pass The Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This is the bill that led to global business community distancing itself from the State of Indiana. Boycotts have been announced, companies abandoned plans to expand and business leaders across the State of Indiana, called for a fix. Willow is a well group of families and will cost us not just jobs. Already major companies have expressed our position to the North Carolina version of this law. Could be the US airways, Redhat, and most recently IBM. The legislature for public show a little interest. In the business committee. There are really are about social issues all the time. Once again, where is the governor? I like his legislative allies governor has claimed to be against refla, he said so to the press, but he's refused to play Jovito refused to take a hard stand. Now job creators and middle class families are looking to the governor and to our state and saying can we trust North Carolina's. Was governor McCoy serious? Or once again just playing politics and hopping the issue would go away. Today we call governor Mccloy, we urge now to be teeleflar. Senate bill 2 and all other extreme social registration out of step with everyday North Carolinians send a strong message North Carolina is open for business and let's get our eye back on the ball. Let's seem the divisiveness and work together to get North Carolina back to work. Good morning my name

is Suzy Hamilton I'm Representative from house district 18 and I serve as already with for the house democratic corker as well as the Vice Chair of the economic development group within our house corkers. We have already seen a large laundry list of job creators and we understand that our position to end any religion freedom act, and we must ensure that North Carolina is to be open for business. It does not follow Indiana footsteps in excluding the new business opportunities, because of this divisive and discriminatory social legislation.companies that are opposed to [xx] include the following and the list is growing every day. Aprow, walmart, sales force, angie's list, nike Wells Fargo, American Airlines, Orbitz, Levi Strauss and Company, GAP, Eli Lilly, PayPal, Twitter, Yelp, Subaru of America, Square, Accenture, Anthem, Cummins, Dow Agrosciences Emmis Communications, Affirm, Zynga, Lyft, eBay, YCombinator, Zillow Group, Cisco Systems, Tumblr, Dropbox and Intel Corporation. Yesterday, Volvo announced that they would not come to North Carolina although that we had been their number one choice. In the five years that I've been in the North Carolina General Assembly, this is one of five that have done the same because of lack of cooperation from the GOP leadership, in terms of economic incentives that have made this State competitive among other States for the last 40 years. I might also add that economic development programs over the last several decades in North Carolina, have always been a bi-partisan effort. currently in the House of Representatives there's a bipartisan bill for economic development initiatives, House Bill 920, that serves to benefit all one hundred counties of North Carolina, not just a few. We urge the House and the Senate leadership to get together to reach across the isle to make sure that these job creation programs are put back in place, those that had been successful and it proven to make North Carolina one of the best places in the country to do business for the last 40 years. Right now North North Carolina is only saying as a discriminatory, excessive, over the top social program agenda, and we think that is the wrong direction for North Carolina, and we believe that most North Carolinians agree with us. Are there any questions? What about the group that came from Sholyn earlier this week they say they were representing small businesses who were in favor of [xx] Clearly there're a lot of people in North Carolina who were in favor of [xx] I think our point is that it's bad for North Carolina businesses as a whole. American Airlines, for example, I don't think they are taking a position because it's a moral position, although I think it's a moral position, I think they're taking a position because they're second biggest have this in Charlotte, and this threatens their bottom line. And that's what we're talking about today is economic development, and how do we get the state legislature refocused on jobs and economic development here? Yes sir. Has there been any effort to in a context bridging across the isle, craft some sort of a compromised bill that might take out in some way, nor apply the criticism or concern that there would be some discrimination coming out of that bill, I know other states had different version so they will be awake, is there any way that you see or you could propose I think our point here is that we just need to turn that page and move on and focus on the economic development initials they are so critical to all of our communities, we have been working without the department of commerce has been working without any tools in their toolbox for too long this is a critical issue that impact us now. I believe SB2 and REFRA are solution looking for problem and we just don't need to go there we need to focus on white on North Carolina and with the people of North Carolina need and that's jobs. Point of certain. Thank you Senator Van Dum just really on point, but to add to that, on the Public-Product Partnership that was created, last year with some legitimate controversy, I think you've raise a very good point. There's 20 million dollars of tax

payers money sitting over on the P3 right now, and they they have not chosen the two boxes with which recruit business, my concern is that we have got important allies that have been paid as based on tax payers dollars and there's really very little for them to do. My concern is what we're doing is we're using a lot of the extremist social agenda as bargaining chips to negotiate our economic future. That's the problem I think we have and that's why we're calling for the governors step up today say I'm not going to support this things, I will be told him that I think is where the cooperation starts as long as this barony chips along the table. We'll take care of this bill. We'll give you that incentive, if you give us that social agenda that we want. That's what we just keep going around and around in this circle. Its time for leadership to step up and say we are not going to do this, we will focus on jobs, strengthening the economy bringing this companies in North Carolina show the are out of business. I think senator we will make some point, there is well these they are using and but point is at the end of the day, if they get these social agenda and in turn those that will really care about going on North Carolina economy the best two thing happens together and they cancel one another out. What we are saying is that the businesses doing work this social agenda. So if we bring social, if we bring the religious freedom activity, if we do these thing and in the internal learning past economic development programs, I don't think it would matter. These companies has set primary, they don't want to see these social agenda enacted. We had addressed these 3 years ago complain and we say that if you pass the knowledge to members, the same thing will happen. What is the evidence to show that they didn't come here because of that who is to believe that? What do you think that on this issue they were actually act, maybe they did 3 years ago and we didn't here much about that. I'm, I think I kent speak about that, but my colleagues can Indiana, and what happens is that conventions were put, it had a significant impact. I think the biggest difference there is that you using the Federal Courts step in and blunt the impact of amendment one in North Carolina and similar amendment across the country. Yes sir. If three are the bill that reference out there now it's changed to more, closely reflect the Federal Law which passed with overwhelming Democratic and Republican support in Washington. If it's changed to a more closely reflects, that's something that would have the same effect that you all are talking about? Or is that something that you could even support? Frankly, I think that the average citizen, the media, the coverage that this issue has gotten, and the average citizen, is he's poised to this. What I don't understand there's intricacies necessarily? I think it's just a bad program and a bad discussion for North Carolina enter into altogether. We're missing out on the recovery that the rest of the country is experiencing. And any discussion along these lines, with what we've seen happen in Indiana. I think it's a waste of our time, it's a waste of taxpayer Dollars, and it's not what we were sent here today. And I wouldn't support it. Yes sir. You were as express conference presuming we'll get the word, have you made any formal appeal to the governor in form of a letter or any. If I'm not mistaken, the leadership in the Democratic House Caucus made a presentation last week, to leadership, asking them to stop this. I believe it was governor's office. You'd have to check with representative Hall, with leader Hall, but at the end of last week I believe he did get us some measures to reach out to the executive branch and say stop the nonsense. Anything on the Senate side? Not that I know of. Yes sir.   You obviously been talking about too much of a focus on social build, I think Senator [xx] you've mentioned the word obsession I believe, when we speak with the people who've sponsored the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, SB2, or the Abortion Bill they've all said, well we can be focused on more than one, we can multitask here. We can be focused on social issues, we can also be focused on job creation bills and the economy, how would you respond to that. Well clearly we're not, I mean we don't have JDIG legislation yet, we just lost Volvo. I know there're deals that were in jeopardy when the short session ended because we authorized JDIG, and here it is several months

later and we're still talking about it. I think that's sending a really bad message to the business community that we are are not dependable. And it's not just economic development dollars, education dollars as well. The fact that we're not funding our schools properly is also sending a message to businesses that we are not business friendly. And when I talked to manufactures in particular, that's their number one issue is we are not addressing the job gap because we're not investing significantly enough in education. So on, clearly we are not taking care of business because we are letting ourselves be distracted, SB2 is the first bill taken and I saw haven't seen a JJ so. You mean its only remarks, Speaker Moores said to us on opening day. That jobs and the economy were going to be his focus and his priority and we have not seen that. Senator Bernadette Bernadine said the first bill introduced to the senate bill was one of these exterme social bills. So, it's easy to talk about that, where's the action? Where are we some of you want help here the other day when senator Apodaca said we would stay here as long as it take to get medicaid reform and So in reform, so forget your liberty plans folks, we are going to be here in September and may be October we are going to take on medicate and we are going to take on see and reform as senator Apodaca committed to in healthcare the other day. Why are we doing this things now? Why are we? We should be working on those now, we're already four months into session. And where's the significant legislation? The Senate's passed what? A dozen bills maybe 15? None of them serious job creating bills. None of them serious economic bills but we've seen a whole raft of extreme social agenda bills like Senate Bill 2, like proposed RFRA, like abortion registration what is going to be your lead story for night? Would you all be writing about small, it is going to be house debate on abortion not serious economic issue the state will be taking And to that end I would just like to remind everybody that North Carolina effectively has been out of business for seven months now. Based on on the nobility of getting 1224 pass last year, 1224 had economics development in it but it also had very very bad tax policy in it, that had devastating impacts on certain counties in the state. But since that time we've not just lost Volvo. We're zero for three on automobile manufacturing. we've lost 3 automobile manufacturing possibility since we shut session down last year with dec money. And when I see Representative Harrison reminds me films are so important to hurt district, we run through the grant program like that it was gone we keep looking more and more and more this films, we look at a film like Fast and Furious 7, Top Box office for the last three weeks. It brought over 35 million dollars positive economic impact to Georgia. 100 jobs created many of them are going to stay permanent because Georgia had stepped up its film program, South Carolina has stepped up its film program. We're A-Wall on having a solid filming center program here. A little bit of grants, they're not going to cut it in that competitive market. What bills or legislation and you all proposed then. I mean I realize the make up of these two chambers, but where have you come down on solution? I've mentioned earlier a bipartisan bill. I've filed a House Bill 89 toward the beginning of the session which was a comprehensive economic development bill that had multiple programs in it, and the restoration of programs that we've have had in the past that have proven to be extremely successful. We roll that bill into a bipartisan bill that our senior Finance Chair, Jason Saine, Representative Saien, is now the lead on with me and Rodney Moore and Representative Charles Jeter, I run a new market tax credit bill that is basically based on the new markets tax credits bill that Senator Gunn has been fighting for in the Senate for the last several months, a qualified business incentive, my list is pretty long in terms of economic development programs and trying to reinstate some, and modify others, and create new ones. So we've been working very hard in the house, Democratic side, to get our bills passed.

I'm walking across the isle trying to get these bills passed. And that is hopefully, we're not finished yet but the Democratic Party has worked aggressively to try to reinstate the economic development estate. And I'd just like to add to that that we're anxious to start questions under their bill as soon as they bring them forward, and with that I think we'll wrap it up for today. David thank you so much for being here. Hello Melisa? Just to gain way into. It's good, it's good so. Thank you very much for being here, it's always good to see you. See you Senator, nice to meet you answer your questions! Yeah! Oh! you! I'd just like to think it through Oh yeah! You got to think it through. Yesterday I was talking with. See you again. Tell me if it's due Okay! get over it Fine! and she started going on about whether it was a restricted bill, she was questioning the terms as [xx] saying it really helps take that time it was really a favor that I was doing to other women to take that time, and then I said how You can date in that amount of time. They would otherwise be able to take time anybody can wait there's no required window. anybody could wait because you're legislating and she said, Well, we're really offering it to the them. I said, No, you're mandating. And she said, Now are you interrogating me? Is this an interview? And its me that people would think when the critical approach. Why? That's your job. My job definately. And when went into a staff room that I met[sp?] that turned into a hour waiting period it's in an environment where we caused a lot of [xx] [xx] you know Its interesting what I didn't know about the bill that's coming out of the house, coming your way on this, but they'll talk about today I guess, Is at least according to the sponsors, because we've talked to all four of them right after the committee debate yesterday morning [xx], apparently the first approach can be a phone call. From what the sponsors told me and a few other reporters afterwards, I don't [xx] see that in [xx] . You can imagine a woman, right, this sometimes can [xx] [xx]. Having made their decision, having made an appointment, gone in and then maybe even travelling a couple hundred miles to do that. For that right. And being told sure maybe she could have made a phone call and talked to to someone? Right. If she didn't know that?  You're right if she didn't know that, no you're right that's a well thought. That's well thought out. This is informative decision for a woman will have to make, and to humiliate her in that process I may just call, and that's what this this is about humiliating her so that you can influence her decision, and you have no right to do that. This is a decision she makes with her family, with her doctor, with her minister, but not the legislation. You'll admit that we've got some young constituents who'll want some help.  Before you take her I'll walk with you so I need to, would you mind just giving me some contact information. I'd love to be able to get with you later 3287771672. Is that a cell? textable cell?  Yes.  Can I text you on that?  Yes. So I'll remind you who I am when I do anything [xx] Please, thank you.  I know if I started chatting [xx] channel they can't watch. Well, they're watching the right one then. Exactly. OK sorry about that. Can I [xx] so I don't [xx] Yes, absolutely we're in no rush take your time. Very good, sorry about the [xx] it's always nice to know these folks, I don't know their name very well. [xx] [xx] I

was going to get [xx] and so I was close anyway [xx] is not working. Hey, good to see you Mike, thanks for everything. Good to see you, thanks sure. Thank you. Sure, you got it. How was that thing last night? Was it good as expected? Yeah that was good, because a lot of biotech firms were there. A lot of Mumbai districts have RTP's so I made a lot of good connections. [xx] it you want to grab some coffee somewhere and just get to know each other well Alright. Thank you very much