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House | April 21, 2015 | Chamber | 20150421_house_k-12

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Take your sits meeting will begin we have a long agenda and the staff is beginning to handout materials. Well they're handing out lot's of material. I'm calling the meeting to order let's first introduce this our pages we have, is it Para[sp?]? Pera[sp?]. If you raise your hand placed [xx] how about that I got it right she's from Mecklenburg and her sponsor Representative Brawley. We have Arlena Cowell, and she's from Alamance and Representative Radel is her sponsor. Alisha Harrison you have a great smile Alisha I saw it yesterday she's from Wake and Paul Stam[sp?] is her who represents her today do you not have. I do not have my staff, but you're greatly appreciated and we'll get that on the record, we're going to start today if representative Courtney is ready, we have eight bills,   [xx] Madam Glaiser is going to run through representative Martin and yeah, he told me. Anyhow, let's, [x] we have eight bills today, and we need to move quite expeditiously, so Representative Courtney and representative Glaiser you have a floor. Thank you madam chair, and ladies and gentlemen of the committee this is a PCS, do I have a motion to have this report? Motion is made by representative Turner, all those in favor aye? Ready to speak for us now. Thank you Madam chair and ladies and gentlemen of the committee. The bill before you is an awareness bill. It is a bill that I think is long overdue for our athletes in the state, and I want to thank the primary bill sponsors, representative Hon, Representative McGrady, representative Glazia and the four of us joined together to bring this forward. It's pretty straight forward, I won't go into all the details, but I will tell you that we have met with DPI, with members from their staff, and at this point, everyone this on board, and that's why you've got a PCSSE. Rachel back there nodding her head, which I already knew, but thank you for affirming that, but this is just directing DPI to develop an awareness plan for our coaches to be aware of sudden cardiac symptoms, which they are really not that many, because personally I' had no warning so, but when I went there there were people around me that were prepared and understood and knew what to do. S we also are requiring that our coaches complete CPR training and this is for all our high school coaches and I'm going to, there's another part in here that we' have just re-codified the concussion portion of a statue so I'm going to ask Representative Glazier if he wants to comment thank you madam chair, thank you representative Collin, and it does the concoction area which is 115C4742 really simplify recodifies, and makes I think it's one or two technical changes, but it's really a recodification of how we handled that Bill, which you'll remember was the Bill passed Representative powell former Representative powell, and I had several years ago, I would add that there are a number of students in the last five years particularly in North Carolina who have died either during summer practices or early fall football season, sadly is a result of cardiac related deaths, we hope that they are giving parents more information, and couches the ability to

have CPR training that will be able to negate any more deaths but if we should also thank a parent from Pennsylvania Daren Sandman who contacted representative Corny and myself about a year ago, because Pennsylvania was the first state to pass the sudden Cardiac arrest prevention act, and sadly that was because his son had died in football practice the results, and I believe he died when he was younger, but he died none of the when he was younger as a result a sudden cardiac arrest and so he made it a mission to pursue this Bill nation wide, and Representative Coney has done an outstanding job of working the Bill, I think we all owe her a debt of gratitude because she's worked with all stakeholders on this, thank you. Thank you do we have any questions? Representative Alla[sp?]   Thank you Madam Chair, I see no appropriation but would this be considered in the way unfunded mandate to the State and to the Board of Education Representative Coney. Thank you Madam Chair, and thank you for the question. No there is no cause because the materials that we are asking the state board in developing their plan will be that we'll use the materials that are already out there and available OK, follow up Follow up For a motion proper time our other speaker who has sworn in to do the same, is there any other questions? If not we are ready for your motion. Thank you Mr. Chair move for favorable report the post committee substitute in the House Bill 162 unfavorable to the original. The motion is before us, all those in favor will say aye? Aye! All those oppose no. Congratulations. Thank you members of the committee. Our next bill I'm sorry to be moving and so if I asked is the house bill 334 Nechchater school extra curricular activity fees, representative Geader is harm on that bill and it's a PC as do I have motion do I have that before us? Representative Turner has the motion to have house bill proposed committee substitute for house bill 334 for before us all those in favor say aye oppose speak for us. Representative Geader. Thank Madam Chair thank you members of the committee house bill 334 initially did one primary thing currently under state statute LEA have the authority to charge for extra curricula activities, and I make this clear, these are not academic activities, traditionally we're talking about sports, and the vast vast student Marjory so that students can pay a fee replace board such as tradition and numerous LEAs across does the state and traditional public schools. There were a couple church schools that in essence hug county lives and so what happens is you get a situation where let's take CMS Mecklenberg County for example allows these things to take place, so that that mores bill does it, so if there is a charter school that is in just across [xx] line it is radically because current laws say that we have to live by the geographic boundaries that your school actually resides in. So therefore since the school will reside in Iredell County, they're inable to charge those fee even though a vast large percentage of the student may come from an LEA that does allow to charge those fees. Initially in the bill we put the threshold at 10% of the student body coming from an LEA that allowed this after talking to the chairs and others the PCS the main thing the PCS does other than the second part of the PCS we are target on second raises the threshold to 40%, so all these does is allows charters schools to charge extra curricular activities if 40% of their students come from an LEA that also allows it. I don't know of any opposition to this and principle to this specific bill I understand there is always concerns about chatter schools but this to me is about allowing any students that live in the same geographical areas are friends to live by the same matter of rules we believe the 40 of threshold is a high enough threshold not to be taken advantage of. The second part of this PGS was yes if you go to the bill analysis, if you got that it really addresses in section one and this gets into the approval process of transcript applications

it really does two things. It basically say you can not deny I sorry you can't throw out an application because of the typer. We try think we all believe is reasonable Don't get me wrong I think just playing [xx] should never have been approved but throwing someone out because they forgot to put guard on eyes is not I think the way we should judge this I think that is a separate issue. And then the second thing it does, it does allow the applicant 10 minute to address the board which I think also is a fair and reasonable ask other than that, does nothing else unhappy to answer any question I really believe this is as far as starter school bill go Representative [xx]. Thank you madam Chair and I think this is a good bill and I'd like to be recognized for a motion at the appropriate time. Okay, you will. Rep. Glazier. Thank you, and I likewise think it's fine but I do have a question on section one, and it may be a technical question, but when we say format issues shall not the substantive review and then we go down and said the state board is to give the applicant notice if they've got a format issue or an incomplete information and they've got five days to correct. Here's my question. What if they don't? I think that under my understanding the staff may be able to answer this better than I did, but my understanding is if you get a format area and they ask you to fix it, I think current rules would apply at that point. Just a moment. Denise, is that correct? I believe that is correct. It says that they should not format determine their substantive review but it does say in the previous sentence that the approval or rejection should be based on the content or substance, so If the charter applicant had left out an entire section and then after being given the chance failed to create to add that section in, I think the board will just have to judge them based on what they have before them. Thank you. Do we have any other questions? If not, Rep. Hardister, we're ready for your motion. Thank you, Madam Chair. I move for a favorable report on a PCS for House Bill 334 unfavorable to the original bill.  You've heard the motion all those in favor will say, aye. Aye. All those opposed, no. The bill passes. Congratulations. Our next bill is House Bill 380 and I believe Glazier is handling that. Oh, Holloway is here that's also is a PCS, do we have a motion to have that PCS for us representative [xx] makes that motion, all those in favor will say aye, oppose no the is before us. Representative Hollowing. Thank you madam chair, member of committee this is a bill that continues with the school safety act that we passed a couple of years ago, the department DPS came to me and has some suggestions that they want proposed and we are also brought back with you the same group of primary sponsors we had on the original bill and have got Representative Glazier and Blackwill behind me and Representative Felocroff is also a primary on this bill I will walk through the bill very quickly and only go through some highlights if you want more details I will certainly be glad to do that, but again this bill came from DPS and the only thing that we added of significance and as listed in the bill total as to provide for grads for additional school councils, this is the piece for the original bill that we passed two years ago on the house that did not make it through the senate, the bill did make it through the senate, but this piece here did not survive, so we did include that in there, but just real quickly, section one school risk management plans, we require schools to have a school risk management plan, we requiring the school to have a school risk management section two school safety exercises we are changing it for, schools that used to do every two years we want it to do annually every year, section three school risk management response management system requires the department to construct the maintenance state wide school risk and response management system, section four creates apps for phones, we all have this iPhone's and smartphones and we've tip lines where students can call in and give information of things

to come or things that they may know and this will create a phone application so that they can do it via an app on their phone, section 5 deals with crossing skits trying to put one in every single school, section 6 deals with knox boxes which is the keys int he way that law enforcement can get into buildings and allows the schools to have the knox box or have the keys made as an alternative from the knox box, so it gives then two different options and this was a request of the school board association that they they wanted either or so we gave them the language that they asked for. The rest of it section 7 it deals with systemmatic diagrams and emergency response information, this goes through a number of things, with that we can get into more details on those sections if you'd like the next big part of the bill will continue with the language that we use for schools and the original bill where you encourage them we don't require them but we do encourage them to do all this and with that, that's the major points of the bill again if you want a real in depth presentation we can let staff go through it unless if you don't want that or don't have any questions best presentation [xx] Representative Chris will help back row. Okay do I entertain questions representative [xx] Thank you Madam chair, my visits to school I have seen [xx] operation [xx] is not being done Representative Barler for example like school safety exercises they do that every two years we are making that once annually, as far as like unanimous tip lines dead applications for the phones that's not in place trying to get across these kits in every single school there is not across this kit in every single school yet and the grants for the council provide more school council is that something that is not in place either, so this bill in my opinion is a just must to current law but the adjustments we're making they are not presently in the school system so this bill in my opinion is needed and it does provide some changes. Follow up.   If need for proper time  Are there any other questions? If not this is the appropriate time representative Hana. Madam chair a move for a favorable report to the proposed committee substitute for house bill 380 on favorable to the original bill thank you the motion is before you all those in favor will say Aye  Aye  those opposed the bill passes congratulations to authority, sponsors thank you, thank you [xx] committee our next bill is house bill 439 that's Martin Horn and Brian, [xx] based assessment. You have the floor. Thank you Madam chair. Thank you members of the education committee for taking a look at this I think the summary is very straight forward bill and is talking about the intend of the general assembly to move towards confidence based assessments, and this is being supported in the Governor's budget and in the Special Provisions if you look at the new provisions that came out on page 26 section 825 talks about a waiver to schools for a mastery learning pilots and lays out the goals of moving far with some pilots in this area and what we're finding and I have some high school students and we have a lot of focus on seat time and there's an initiative to move forward with students being able to progress as they gain certain skills and that it's more individualized instruction because some students pick up things at a much faster rating can progress and if they don't have that opportunity then they're bored and get into trouble others need to spend a lot more time and were moving them forward before they've really grasped the fundamentals and spending more time on and those foundational skills is critical. Because when they move forward without having that then there are gaps and it's very difficult to make up for that time and this will just provide for a lot more flexibility. So I ask for your support to move forward this is very soft language within [xx] and

then request that the state board of education to evaluate the visibility of looking at this assessments and this type of strategy looking at what other states are doing and already they are planning a pilot, so I would ask for your support and open to question. One of our chairs Representative Holme[sp] this is your bill also would you like to say something? Thank you, we have all heard the phrase that different kids learn different things at different rates. So, seek times should not be the determining factor I don't think there is anyone we disagreed with that competency that will after, can our kids actually do what we are teaching him to do is this is another one of those steps we talked over last couple of years about the fact that we are going to we are on the process of fundamentally changing how we deliver education and this is part of that so we are going to deliver education based on outcome not based on process so I encourage you to please support bill. Representative Glazier. Thank you both for bringing the bill and I agree with it that I am just curious and any education group or DPI that have any concern to our position with the bill just studying it so I can imagine but I thought I would ask. I'm not aware of any opposition and there is also a companion in the senate. I'm sorry. Representative Richardson. Yes Thank you madam chair. I just want if see time with school attendance time, are you saying that the school attendance policy and this  will have to really change the attendance policy when you that it doesn't depend on see time. Yes that will be part of the study and there will be wavers in place to make adjustments for that. Representative Valor. Thank you Madam chair, we just passed a bill, cutting back or eliminating the PEPs, this is, as she says, whenever practicable, so this means this is not everything we require for every single student, and we're not just going back to the PEP time.  Representative Martin? Yes I think were just looking at how we can move forward with this now so that it is not a mandate for every student. Is that sufficient? Representative Jones. Thank you Representative Martin and Horn I'm sure it's a good bill about intend I just want to give you the opportunity I know you are I'm sure like me and very sensitive to a lot of the comments that we hear from our teachers in the classroom that are concerned about the amount of testing, and even the pressure sometime to teach to the test. And I know that during our time here in the General Assembly we've tried to really look at that and be sensitive to it. I guess my only concern is that someone that just sees this on the surface that's in the classroom might be concerned well are they talking about the romping up the testing? Are we going to have more more testing? More assessments could you just speak to that and maybe give a little comfort to those out their that might be paying attention to this. Because I think that could be a concern. Representative Martin. Thank you Madam Chair, and thank you for that question that's an excellent question, and as you look at the evaluations I absolutely agree with you that we do not have such a high stake and so many tests. A lot of them are not providing the value that we need and to this would be a shift to assements that are useful as tools for the teachers in measuring their outcomes and progress in an on going fashion, as opposed to assessments at the end of the year that don't really provide a tool that the teachers can use. So it would be part of a transition in how we test, and not intended to be in addition to where we are now. Thank you for that question. With no questions do I have a motion? Representative [xx] would you like to make the motion? Thank you Madam Chair I move for a favorable report on house bill 439. We have a motion for favorable report before us, all those in favor will say aye, Aye. All opposed no. The aye's have it, the bill passes and congratulations to its sponsors. Thank you. The next bill we have before us is the healthy out of school recognition program that's 474. and that's Representative Dobson, Whitmire Hardister and B.

Turner gentleman you have the floor. Thank you Madam chair and with your permission we do have small technical amendment if we could before we start.   I have not seen it. Alright we we'll pass out the amendment [xx] just hold just a moment. Since this is the technical amendment and we have the way out with the amendment were you go ahead and explain your amendment. Representative Whitemire. [xx] Does everyone have their amendment? There has been a typo. There has been a typo up for your referencing, we have corrected that. Representative [xx] if you will begin, explain the page change please. Thank you Madam. Chair, members of the committee, this amendment is purely technical, it's substituting local school administrative unit, for what is currently on the bill is, school district, it's just to make sure proper [xx]. The issue that we are obscuring about here is what is says page 1, line 50, that should actually page 3, line 50, so very simple, and Madam. Chair, that's the amendment. And does anyone have any questions? If not, does anyone want to put the amendment before us [xx] Representative Whitmire and all those in favor of the amendment please say aye. Aye. Those opposed no, the amendment passes. and if you Representative Dobson. Thank you Madam Chair, thank you for allowing this bill to be heard today also I want to thank Representative Whitmire, Representative Turner, and Representative Hardister for working with me on this bill. I'll try to be brief I know you've got several bills to hear, so I'll try to move through this quickly. House bill 474 has two main provisions, section one of the bill seeks to exempt something called Track Out from being defined as a licensed childcare center. Track Out is a program that provides all daycare to school aged kids kids who are enrolled in year round school for the two to three weeks that the kids are tracked out if you will, so for instance in my district I have a school that goes for nine weeks and then they are out for three three weeks [xx] would apply to them for that three week's time frame that they are actually out of school, those that go year round. I think it's worth noting that [xx] is exactly like summer day camp for those children who go to summer day camp for six to seven weeks during the summer. Summer day camp however is not defined as a licensed childcare facility, what Dracare camp actually is, so we just believe it makes sense for Dracare camp to also not be defined as a licensed care facility. There're other reasons for instance licence child care facility primarily address 0 to five years of age, while Dracare camp actually address the school aged children. So the regulation just don't match what is trying to accomplish. So the regulations are not applicable, I have other examples, but for the sake of time, I'll leave it at that that's the first provision, that's section one. Section two of the bill addresses something called healthy out of school time or a host recognition programme. The host correlation was made up of educators in partnership. It was made up of educators in partnership with the YMCA. They developed a set of evidence-based healthy eating in physical activities or what we call HEPA standards. It addresses snack and drink content and quality, parent and care giver education, physical activity in screen term and training for staff. The section basically does three things. It would direct the Department of Health in Human Services to establish a voluntary and I emphasize the word voluntary. There's no mandate here.

I volunteer you recognition programme that meets those healthy eating and physical activities or HEPA standards. It would direct HHS to develop a process, administer straight on the department's website whereby an out of school programme maybe recognized as meeting those standards, and following this section will direct the department to revert to the certificate template that includes specified information signed by the after school director, demonstrating the manner in which the programme meet the HEPA standards. So, it develops a program to help implement healthy standards for these entities. One out of every three children and youth under the age of 17 in North Carolina is overweight or obese and we just believe that establishing this voluntary post recognition programme is one small way we can help to change that, and with that madam chair thank you for the opportunity to present. Are there any questions representative Fisher? Thank you Madam chair and thank you for bringing this to us. It sounds like a really well thought out proposal My question is that  I'm wondering is there something like this that is already housed within a department in a state government? And I guess a follow up to that would be, is there any cost involved? Representative Dobson. Representative Fisher thank you for the question, I will take those in reverse. There is no cost involved, they will require perhaps a little more work by the departments, but there will be no additional cost involved, and second they are all no specific programs that deal with this exact standards that I know of. Now there has been some debate about whether it should fit in DHHS, DPI, Department of [xx]. I felt like DHHS would be the place to put this but that' s not finalized yet we'll continue to work with the senate, but to answer your question directly this specific standards I'm not aware of any in state government at this time. Follow up. Thank you Madam Chair just to quick follow up are there any it sounds great just wondering if there is anybody, any discussion that you have, is there anyone who is concerned about this or in opposition at all? Any department folks that might want to speak to it at all? Representative Dobson The only debate I would even call it debate the only discussion that we've had is where to place this program. Representative Fisher does that answer your question? Yes, Are there any more questions? Representative Cleveland. I'm a little confused which is nothing new if it is no cost to the program, who are we going to get the food, water, milk, the individuals to sit at the table with the students, the utensils that are going to be needed, do we have this stuff already at some place that I'm not aware of? Representative Dobson. Representing Cleveland again, thank you for the question. I actually had the same question myself as we were working through this, this is actually in these types of programs, it's actually the parents who'll be bringing the food. The actual host facility doesn't do it and again it's not mandated, it's not mandatory, it's just a collaboration with the parents to try and encourage to bring things that are healthy. now with no more questions we have an ammended bill, so the motion will be. Yes, oh I'm so sorry, representative Luke.  I just wanted to follow up on the issue of the parents bringing the food. What happens when the children are in a situation where the parents are really not able to participate in this program in the sense of having no resources to bring food to the program. How will that work? Representative Dobson There will be details that will have to be worked out between the host facility and the parents, that is part of the program, and and there is no mandate to not going to kick anybody out if they don't do this, there are not going to disburn or disenfranchisementus any parents who are not able disenfranchisement to do this I would argue that may be even cheaper are more applicable to do this than it would to do to bring unhealthy food so is

just a collaboration and an encouragement between the facility and the parents and the children to do this but there is no again there is no enfranchisement if it doesn't happen, it's just an encouragement. Now, there may be some things that with regard to the certificate, that the House facility may or may not be able to gain, but as far as the parent and the child there will be no mandate or disenfranchisement and don't want to be kicked out of the program if they don't comply. It's my understanding Representative I'm sorry, I can't see you we have a tall member here. Thank you. [xx] you have the floor I'm just concerned about how it works i, I mean, we've talked about the families that are food insecure in north Carolina right now. How does it work if you really say had half the school where the children are from families that really don't have enough food resources already. I'm just praying the food for all the children. I mean I'm just trying to understand the logic of the, not the principal of the program logic and power would work  Representative Dobson. Representative Whimire. Representative Leakey[sp?] this probably doesn't answer your question directly but what this is seeking to do so often places such as you have mentioned that I have been and very close involved with where I live we end up cutting our nose up to spider face because program set are well established such as YMCA programs they are not allowed to do do what they do because of the categories and the criteria they fall under. So as best I can answer the question as it's stated. This bill seeks to give programs, well established programs such as one's at the YMCA offers an opportunity to give kids a place to go where they have something constructive supervision, other than just hanging out on the street corner and elsewhere. So I ask for your support, and I hope we can get more bills done. Thank you.   Representative Glazer. Question to the bill sponsor Madam Chair.   Representative Dobson. I'm sorry, Representative Glazer. Thank you, and I think in response to Representative Luebke's question I would just want to make sure I'm right. This bill also provides for fundraising capacity for the entities and would allow collaboration with school systems and departments of public health and other agencies in an area if they thought this would work in communities to create a program that meets these standards and this is just setting up the standards do that, and allowing the community agencies to collaborate seek grant funding to perhaps support it would that be correct? Representative Dobson. Thank you for that point and yes you're absolutely correct on that. Right, thank you. All right. Do we have a motion? Representative Glazier. I'd move for a favorable report for now are we doing house bill 474 as amended would that be correct, as amended and Rolled into a proposed committee substitute with a favorable report to the committee substitute and favorable to the regional [xx] all those, and the motion before us, all those in favor will say aye, Aye! All opposed, no. The ayes have it congratulations. House Bill 474 has passed the committee. Thank you Madam Chair, members of the committee. We're moving right along today were doing really well most the members must have done their homework. House Bill 539, school play ground is available to the public and that is Brian, Bradford, Brown, and Sasha.  Representative Brian guess we have so many committee meeting's today that my fellow co-sponsors can't be here with me, you'll see I think the [xx] said all school play ground is available to the public, you may ask is that not all ready the case, let me try to explain very briefly and very quickly the process right now. The general statutes referenced currently provide that groups can enter in agreements to use school property for non-school purposes, an example would be a YMCA coming to offer an after-school program, and those are usually inside the facility, but they have to enter into agreements and that's the way most LEAs have taken it that they literally have to enter into some kind of contract with the school or with the LEA and so the ability of the general public to actually

use the playground other facilities for recreation isn't referenced in statute, but schools concerned about liability and other things have basically chosen if there is no agreement not to allow them to use it, and so you can even imagine a situation where a YMCA is during an afternoon program thats using a facility a parent comes to bring one child to the after school program maybe they want to stay at the school, use the playground equipment the schools have typically for liability concerns not allowed them to do that, and so this would allow them to do that without having to enter into formal agreement, it's only a may not a shall, they're not required to and they can set their own rules surrounding it. I think this has already passed unanimously through the Senate and we've already passed it through J4 as well I'd be glad to take any questions Madam Chair Representative Elmore. A motion at the appropriate time.  Are there any other questions? Representative Glazier. Representative Brown I like the idea and I've just got more of a sort of legal question on it on the liability so if for example, the boys and girls club wanted to use the school athletic field and it had a soccer goal on it, and a kid was climbing on the soccer goal, small child of the family member or something, and the soccer goal wasn't securely in place, the school have never notified when a loud voice engaffed to use it and goal back in place, goal topples over hurts the child and clearly the boys and girls club shouldn't be liable because they didn't even know about it, but you got an injured kid, and the school didn't know about and they didn't tell the boys and girls club so how does this bill on that last sentence which says no liability should attach, what happens in that case? I may ask staff to provide some help I will say that the existence if you look up at the proceeding paragraph in the actual bill it's got the same exact language, so if the added language matches the already existing language for the on school facilities, I would just argue Representative Glazier I'm not saying there's nota point of discussion there. I'm just saying I think we're trying to match what is presently existing with the use of the facilities as they are and I would generally say that I think schools, because kids are there every day, tend to make sure all of those things are well taken care off. Representative Glazier would you like to hear from staff? I would thank you. Kierra. Representative Glazier, the boys and girls club are under current laws subsection C and since I believe the early 90s the statute has stated that their is no liability in that situation. The new part of the bill in sub section D is actually the person who has no agreement simply, perhaps appearing, or individual who wants to come and use the playground, but it would treated the same with no the statute would state that, there would be a liability in that board in that instance. Follow up. Follow up. So let's take that example then, so if this parent group, maybe it's a just a local group of parents in a subdivision, want to use the school and I believe they would be welcomed to, so I agree with that part, but they go assuming everything is okay, and the school, for whatever reason, maybe they were cleaning it on Friday and forgot to fix it, but, andI'm using the soccer goal because that's an exact circumstance happening in [xx] county, so I know the incident. So the soccer goal falls. If the kid is injured and now we've got a child who is injured, clearly the parent group isn't responsible they didn't know, why are we saying the school has no responsibility here? staff. Representative Glazier that was a decision that was made a long time I don't know the General Assembly decided I would assume apparently may be to encourage the schools to offer their facilities for use. Yes I will just kind of and again I understand your point Representative Glazier I think that it really does mere the existing language zone and so I understand that might broaden who attaches but I think the intent was to try to keep inline and frankly schools can still set rules. Frankly I guess they came up and signed a way where you would be waving depending what rules that the particular school made for a family that came up and want to use it again. I think the hope schools facilities are very [xx]   Thank you, Representative Stem.

May be this example could explain it. I had a survey a couple of years ago Wake County public school tennis courts was a lot built on tax money and have problem of pay blocks after the school is gone public can use them, and we also have why, and a lot of times was for quote liability reasons, well I played tennis for 55 years and never even seen anybody yet hurt in a tennis squad, I'm not saying there never hurt, but what I'm saying is if the liability is an excuse for not allowing just playing common recreation for children, and I live two blocks from elementary school, our kids have used it for decades without asking if and they got hurt I would blame the school, that class of my kids I'm not trying to rush anybody but Representative Glazier could you get this before it gets to the floor?   Yes and I explained the answer madam sure I think I understand, I think its just because I don't know the problem for the bill, I do want to talk responsibly, I would say this is a final comment, I think we have been encouraging those properties to be open and I completely agree that but at the same sometimes I think we ought to be able not relieving schools of responsibility to make them safe. Because they are out there neighbourhood kids use it and we've got circumstances that say that they have no liability for pure negligence about things like attaching a school goal or somethings like that. Then I don't think we do any good by saying, yes you can use the property, and do it at your own risk to children. Thank you. Representative Elmore. I make a motion for a favorable report to house bill 539.  The motion has been made for a favorable report. All those in favor will say aye. Aye. Opposed no, and the aye's have it and congratulations Representative Brian. Our time is were right on schedule we're doing well and we'll get you to your next committee, but I'd like for you look at calendar 581 has been pulled. We had a computer error, a little coding error there, so that one has been pulled and for we have this today so I'm going to move down to house bill 878, expand the board of trustees, school of math and science should only take a moment but we do want to representatives Jordan and Blackwell to introduce our distress. I'd like for you to recognize you visitors. I like to recognize the chancellor of School of Science and Math, we have chancellor, we have a vice chancellor here, and we have several students joining us today from the North Carolina School of Science and Math one of the the state universities of North Carolina system. Welcome. Most of us have visited we're glad to have you visiting us today, most of us have visited your facility, being proud of your performance, thank you very much representative Jordan. you don't have a PCS do you? This is a PCS, do I've the motion to have the PCS for 874, representative Langdon, all those in favor will say aye? Oppose No, the ayes have it the bill is properly before you Thank you madam chair. House Bill 878 does two things, it adds the student body president as a not voting member of Board Of Trustees, supported by the board of trustees, the administration, and of course of the students of schools' science and maths, and also give the board of trustees two additional non voting members that they can put persons with various interesting characteristics on that board but there will be non voting members and this time I'm sorry.  I'm ready for questions, or we also have student madam president for comment or chance to  Would you have the chance to place or those president of student body, would you like to say a couple of words?  the president of student body, I'll be [x] good while they're coming to the microphone, representative [xx] you have the next bill if you'll be getting ready, we have seven more minutes, we're going to make it, I believe today. Yes Sir? Say your name and your title please for the record. My name is Abi[sp?]

[xx] and student president at this school science and math, [xx] government association. Thank you everyone for having us here. First, thank you to everyone for considering this bill that we've been working on, it's been a few years we've been working on it, so really excited and grateful to have the opportunity to be considered today. A few things that you're probably wondering why do we want this? Why do we need a seat on the board of trustees, and my answer to that comes down to three things. So first of all I think if you look at our board of trustees I think we really need that student voice. If you ask our board members they'll tel you that whether they're considering things like changes to the student handbook or possible renovations to the dorm buildings they really need to understand the student voice. See that prospective from the people that are really affected by this policies and I think it really makes sense to have that student voice on the board of trustee itself. Second reason really comes down to the fact that it supports our amendment to shared governance UNC system we have signed document all this year that all the governing bodies such as the administration the senate the staff council, as well as student government have committed to the fact I'm governing and to sent the policies must reflect the opinions both the constituencies that represents and so really putting me to that piece of paper and understanding in putting way behind our commitments would come from having these seats on a board and being able to appoint members in the student body with the staff of the senate or the staff council student board of trustees to directly influence those policies and I really think that commitment. Thank you so much. Would you like to say a word. Hi, I'm chancellor Todd Roberts at NCSSM and I know you're short on time so I'll just say I we totally support the student's governments efforts on this both myself, the board of trustees and I'd like to thank representative Jordan who [xx] aloneness of [xx] as well as representative [xx] for the support of this Bill. We greatly appreciate it and thank you for your time today. I think that's what we were looking for. Your support, thank you very much. Alright, we have four minutes and four speakers which means four questions, hoping they're all for a favorable report, but we will see, Representative Fischer. Yes Madam Chair, I would like to offer a motion at the appropriate time. We will take that. Representative Richardson your Thank you Madam Chair, I'm in agreement with the Bill, I just hope that we will extend the membership further East, I look back to features of the people and is well represented in the try in area, but I think down east on the comment is hopefully they will consider someone from that area.   Just for your information try to move a distance way and so we are working on it, our representative Luebke. Thank you madam chair I live with walking distance of this school and that's why I wanted to move from favorable report on the bill Representative Fisher[sp?] do you mind? Okay the [xx] Representative luebke with no other people asking to speak or would you make the motion please. I favor report for house late 78 favorable to the proposed committee substitute, non favorable to the original, yes All right, the motion is before you for favorable all those in favor will say aye, Aye! Those oppose no. Congratulations. Thank you Madam Chair and this bill maybe on the floor, [xx] the students may be able to see it in action in house chamber floor this afternoon. Thank you very much Thank you very much for being with us. We have one last bill and we we have five minutes so we're doing relatively well. OK this bill has a PCS do I have a motion? Representative Gotham make some motion to have house proposed committee substitute for house bill 559 before us, others in favor will say aye, oppose no, bill is properly before us, Representative Whitmire you have the floor Thanks I apologize for being brief but I will, bipartisan support I know no known opposition I will work with DPI on this, it does two things the summary tends to emphasis expand in the window when tests are given in schools almost every early at this year ask for that so I think it needs to sweet sport that is not my primary objective I fully support that and it make sense. The primary reason that this bill was done is when kids, students, parents, teachers know that EOG's, EOC's, ENC finals and [xx] post assesments now it is the end of course,

end of grade, end of offering takes a huge amount buried in their grade they need to get more than a letter grade and this simple little bit of feedback which only happens on to the test so as an educator feedback is essential timely feedback that go specific to students so the teacher can debrief them how they did where they feel assured but also so the teacher can reflect on how the class perform, the trend analysis on where they hit strengths and weaknesses this field gives world a lot of appearance teachers do in. I hate to stop you there all right here on time these people have to vet on the next committee, do I have a motion? I have a motion for favorable report to the PCS unfavorable to the original bill. I will accept that just distinctively I ask if there're any question. Okay, a motion has been made. All those in favor will say aye "aye" oppose No. Congratulations to the sponsor of this legislation. Thank you very much. Now that business is proposed, the meeting is adjourned.