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House | April 21, 2015 | Chamber | 20150421_house_regulatoryreform

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Friends and colleagues, welcome to the Regulatory Reform Committee, meaning we had four bills on the calendar but there has been some changes so let me tell you upfront the alterations so if you find some place better to put your time, you can do so. We had four bills on the calender, two bills were being removed from today's calender. Those bills are, House Bill 158, The Jim Fulghum Teen Skin Cancer Prevention Act. And the other is, House bill 583, Building Code Council post code online, neither of those two bills will be heard today in this committee. One bill is taken up our counter and being sent directly to the floor 158 and the others with drawn by the request of the sponsor. Alright, we want to acknowledge our surgeant at arms who are here to help us today, couldn't do this job without them Reggie Seals, Marvin Lee Terry McRow and Chris McCracken, thank you gentlemen for what you do. And we have three pages with us today. If you would stand up when I call your name Jazman Woods form Wake county sponsor is representative Gill. Jazman where are you? Good to see you. Then we have Davis [xx] from Gilford county sponsored by Representative [xx]. Davis. Davis must have got a better offer, okay and [xx] from Randall County sponsored by Allen McNeill. Joe, something I said? Here they come. Alright, Davis and Joe. Whose Davis? OK, that's Davis [xx] folks and Joe [xx] good to have you gentlemen here with us, hope you pages are having a good week so far, and also we have our excellent staff up here Karen [xx] Brown and Jeff to help us as we move along. Right the first bill on our calendar is house bill 44, cities overgrown vegetation notice, Representatives Conrad, Lambert, Heinze[sp?] and Terry you are up. Thank you, this is a pretty simple bill it passed out of local government unanimously and seems like it was about two months ago, all this will do for cities is which now have to use a certified or registered mail for the annual notices for chronic, and this is chronic violators of ever grown vegetation. This would add the option of them using regular mail and put a posting in the house and if the mail is not returned within 10 days, then it will be deemed served. This plus the all cities, there's a big problem in Western Salem because a lot of these houses are empyt people passed away, and the heir are not mowing the grass. I would love your approval, thank you Representative Stephens Thank you Mr. Chair and am not opposed to the bill in any way, I just keep this question alert for representative Floid so I will just get you prepared for it, and that is if you are going to post a notice at the premises, would you put in an envelope and stick it on the door. Well, it does say in here that it has to be in a conspicuous place. I guess that might be a little vague but, In a conspicuous place. But he said even if it's a conspicuous place, can you put in an envelope so that all the neighbors don't get to read it and there can be some privacy to the people. I'll just tell you that's just something he raised, I won't even raise it as an issue but he's just protecting the privacy of people in the neighborhood. I think if it were the neighbors who complained so they pretty much know who the person is. Cities don't drive around for this, that's usually neighborhood complaint and the neighbor are usually pretty patient. It's after months and months and months of no one knowing the graph that they use to call Mr. Chair, I follow up? Follow up. Can I move for a favorable report? When we're done with all the questions, I'll ask for the favorable, thank you. Representative [xx] the way you explained it you made it sound like the regular mail was replacing the registered mail but that's not what the bill says. No, it's in addition, it's additional method because usually there is either a renter there or no one there to accept service of the certified or registered mail so this would just be a third method that would be added because those houses were once the same were basically taken care of year round. We need to take care of this Representative [xx] Thank you Mr. Chair. Representative [xx] I just wanted to know, what is the average cost in Western Salem? Let me answer that question for you. When I was the county commissioner there, but yes there is a fee for it and if its not paid the put a [xx], against the house Any further questions committee members? Does anyone, representative [xx]   Let me chair the motion

prompt out representative Stevens [xx] is anyone from the public who would like to speak on this bill? Since no one representative Steven you are taking us for the motion a move that we give a favorable report to house bill, I'm sorry, rearrange my bills at this point. Mrs. Chair, my motion would have been better, house bill 44. Representative Hager you are out of order. And to the floor. Representative Stevens has made a motion house bill 44B favorable reported out of the committee into the house floor, all those in favor will say I, all those opposed no. The I have it, the bill has passed, motion passed, Thank you. The second and the last bill agenda on our toady is house bill 446 amend statutes governing bail bondsmen, Representative Jordan, Ray, [xx] and [xx]. Representative Jordan you have the floor. Thank you Mr. Chairman. Thank you Representatives of the committee. House Bill 446 makes several changes to the statues governing bail bondsman, first one is to change the age to 21 to be the minimum, that's sort of parallel  law enforcement the second is to extend the time limit to return collateral security currently lost at 72 hours to return but I see that to be extended to 15 days that covers the time period we should appeal from district court may be filed. We're asking to require the commissioner of insurance to return the amount of the bonds and security deposits that is above the outstanding bond liability and that's if a bond is been seized writing bonds. The excess amount would be returned, they would just keep the amount needed to cover any bonds that are outstanding. And the fourth part is to provide access to some administrative office of the courts, information systems, I think something has been worked out so that the several systems linked up extended so that they can work would not be done we have some folks from the department of insurance here. Do we have some from AOC if we need to ask? Okay Mildred thank if there any question of the committee those are the straight forward changes that have been requested and I stand ready to answer a question. Thank you representative John any question for representative special on? Could you get more detail on section four on what kind of information they would have access to? Yes sir. Representative Jordan. Thank you, if you look at the bill, the Vcap[sp?] is the the civil system and they're going to have access to that, [xx] has a lot more information, a lot more personal information, I believe it's been worked out that they would not be on that, but we do have a someone from AOC that can explain more about those two systems for you representative ask that she be allowed to address. OK thank you Representative Jordan, if you would please tell us your name and where you're from Mildred Spearman[sp?] with administrative office of the courts, NCO aware as a law enforcement database and so we wanted to foreclose any access to that Representative Mitchell. And that will be included in a PCS that will go into serial referral J2 and that PCS will come before J2 with that change made from the current. Okay. Any other questions for Representative Jordan? Representative [xx] Representative Jordan, just a quick question back here. Can you explain what's the necessity for section one in the bill removing the age bag from 21 years old to 18 years old, I just want to understand that if you can serve and die for your country but you can't be a bail bondsman. The thought was to make that more in line with what law enforcement is, and we only have a few that are 19 or 20 as it is and their grandfather [xx] and it was just basically the feeling of the entire, the Bondsman themselves Any other questions from the committee for Representative Jordan? Representative Mitchell that their grandfather. Tthe remainder of the act is effective when it becomes law, so anything that happens before that would stay as it is.  It's only going forward.  Follow up. I'm just not so sure that [xx] would be sufficient to ensure that these guys don't loose their licences that they already have it intention of, Representative Jordan.

Thank you, the [xx] or the department of insurance also had that concern and they no longer have that concern about those few members that are not 19 or 20?  I still have that concern.  Representative are you sure?  Is it possible to put that in a fourth coming PCS? Just to clarify it Representative Jones Yes Sir Any other questions from committee members? seeing none, is there anyone from the public who would like to speak on this bill? Yes sir please approach the microphone and tell us your name and who you're with please. Thank you Mrs. Chair, I'm Mark Bill and I represent [xx], l as their lobbyist, I just want to express that there unequivocally a 100% in support of this bill and have no problem in any part so at this time. Thank you sir. Anyone else in the public wish to speak on house bill 446? Seeing none the chair is open to the motion. I make the motion to a member. Representative Bill I like to move the favor for house bill 466 with a referral to judiciary two. Representative Bill has made a motion favorable report every follow to judiciary two all in favor will say aye "aye" all oppose no, the ayes appear they have it the ayes have it. I have one very important announcement if you'll all stay with me for just a few minutes. On Thursday we'll be meeting again as a regulatory reform committee taking up a very large bill, house bill 760 which is the House version of regulatory reform for this year Thursday. So if you have any amendments you would like to have added to that bill I would appreciate if you can get them to one of the bill chairs before Thursday so we can process as much of that before hand and kind of take the burden off of our great staff a little bit. So any more business before the committee, see none, meeting is adjourned