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Joint | April 21, 2015 | Press Room | Press Conference: Representative Insko

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[xx] [xx] and so we get, so a bill can be on the calender but the [xx] [xx] [xx] [xx] okay that's good. Okay thank you all for coming today we are here to hear student's working for Environment action and transformation and that is a student action committee at the UNC that's associated with the UNC campus wide. The SWEAT is called its environmental issues committee that is focusing on environmental issues locally and abroad, and they are here today to present petitions to legislators on issues they are concerned about. We have 5 speakers, Kaitland going to go first, followed by Neil, Shelthy, Jasmine and Brandy and they will go in that order and thank you for coming. Good morning, I would like to thank everyone for coming out this morning in support of student voices, My name is Kaitland and I'm a sophomore from UNC chapel hill and also from Green [xx] North Carolina. I've grown up uniqueness and diversity of our state from and the triangle and everything between and beyond, that supports us and bonds us, something I can presume we have in common is the appreciation for the land as citizens North Carolina these two aspects humans and the environmental are often portrayed being at war with one another, however I know that we can work to protect society and culture well protected thing the ego systems around us. Not only is this possible it needs to happen. We rely on nature and we're  part of it. As an environmental science student a knowledgeable citizen are humanly aware of the problems that our state faces and the environmental issues that we'll be grappling for at least the next century. We students are at the forefront of new knowledge research and ideas. North Carolina is equally valued for its natural spaces as the research and educational institutions that innovate. We represent students from across North Carolina, coming together to stand against environmental degradation to create a positive legacy for North Carolina. We learn about environmental problems and solutions in the classroom, though we've noticed a miss match between what we're learning, what we see in our home communities, and the decision being made by our State Government. We're determined to take action and to fight for our futures. I'm here today to ask my representatives to make decisions that will protect the integrity of our ecosystems because I believe that the quality and sustainability of vibrant North Carolina communities depends on them. Thank you. Hello everyone, my name is Neil and I would first of all like to thank you for taking your time to listen to me as well as other students from [xx] I'm here talking as a member of Youncy Globemed which in a national organization focusing under the Global Public Health and health equity around the world, working on building relationship see if are the health of people. In Globemed we see fracking as a major health concern for communities within estate and I wish to speak on that today, but I'm also coming to speak as a resident of during North Carolina he sees the potential for fracting[sp?] to impact my own community as well as those amazing classmates. Looking at the history of public health issues in and around the Rogers Road Community of Orange County, I can see that my own locality is not in previous disappearing health concerns. In this case in Okafor[sp?] contaminated chemical leaching from a waste facility, because of this I worry about what fracking will bring to our citizens, especially this in low income regions of the state in Pennsylvania in the Carlos family we use some of their frantic companies to make money and two weeks after the drilling began the entire family began experiencing fatigue, nosebleeds and vomiting, they're found to have measurable levels of Benzene a known Carcinogen in their blood, before this they had no idea that Benzene was being and used for drilling at the fracking site. In Colorado when the children of Melissa Owen began developing blisters covering the entire body in nose bleeds. Their family physician attributed the mildness to air pollution created by the fracking occurring in the community. The only advice he could give is for them to move out was to move. I find it important to recognize

that these events are not isolated and often times can not be prevented due to the undetectable nature of airborne toxins they are repetitive, which water supplies can become tainted. Currently companies in the state they're not required to release information regarding the chemicals they use in tracking which are the chemicals that leak into aqua in the air and the examples people cannot be informed what to look for in their own drinking water because nobody van tell then what contaminates might invade their water supplies. Whether in Pennsylvania Colorado or North Carolina, the public health threat of flaking is real and unavoidable. New York recognized this last semester and last December on the event tracking entirely from this state. North Carolina had a moment where we need to examine the real cost of increasing jobs within our state with tracking even the health workers are put in jeopardy. Why should North Carolina turn to this dangerous and unreliable source when there're clean and green options available that can also create jobs and entrepreneurial opportunity. What happened in Rodgers road is bound to happen again if we all are tracking in this seat. We came today because we don't want to be another Penslovania or Calorado and keep North Carolina's waters in place, healthy and free from risk for the foreseeable future Good morning my name is Sophie Hemestine and I'm a student at UNC Chapel Hill. I'm from Garner North Carolina and I'm so thankful to call this beautiful state home as a child my favorite place in the world was a structure forest the very close to my house. We used to walk t the through the forest on our way to Lake Vincent park which is favorite park in my home town of Garner. And that little forest would still be my place but its was leveled when I was about 12 to make room for a neighborhood that was two or three time the price of my own little class neighborhood. Living that little patch of wilderness broke my heart and as I see environmental degradation of all types across the state, my heart continues to break. Although environmental issues affect they have a disproportional impact on two groups of people, low income families and young people like the hundrends who have signed their name in support of us standing here today. Low income families are limited by access to real food, housing, transportation and are more likely to live near a factory or waste facility young people are going to have to live with the worst effects of climate change and other environmental problems which we are only beginning to see now. We are here today representing all of these people high school and college students across the state have added their names to our petition to defend our future as well as the livelihood of low-income families whose voices are rarely heard . We would like to urge our legislators to join us and take action to protect the most vulnerable among us today before it's too late. Economic development is a good and a necessary thing especially in an area that is growing as fast as Lake County and the rest of North Carolina. But we need to make sure the development is sustainable socially and environmentally too. we can grow in ways that our environmentally just and the issues we are standing here in support today are great place to start. Thank you Hello everyone, my name is Brady Blackban and I'm also a student at UNC Chapel Hill. I'm from Ashville North Carolina and growing up surrounded by the beauty of the mountains, let me just study and pursue the preservation of our natural environment. One of the biggest misconception I hear about environmentalism is that it a healthy environment and a healthy economy are mutually exclusive, we have to chose one or the other. The clean energy industry especially here North Carolina is prove that we can't have both. The industry is rapidly growing part of our economy, last year it made nearly $5 billion in annual gross revenue, and it's responsible for about 23, 000 full time equivalent jobs, approximately an annual growth of 25% since 2012., according to the North Carolina clean energy industry census. North Carolina's clean technology success is primarily seen in the building efficiency in the solar technology sectors. The combine for 73% of the clean energy revenue and 689% of the industry's employment. According to the solar energy industutries association, North Carolina currently ranks fourth in the nation in solar energy capacity of 953 Megawatts enough to power 104000 homes, solar system prices has dropped by 49% since 2010. This technology is becoming increasingly accessible, solar energy is rapidly approaching grid pairing of average prices from small to medium sized installations that are around 12-30 cents per kilowatt hour compared to rates of about 9.37 sense for kilowatt hour from duke energy. And with the introduction of battery storage systems that allows to harness solar energy even when the sun isn't shining is becoming visible for people to relie on solar energy as a primary form of electricity. Even with the success the clean energy industry is still young and growing and it needs government support to reach its full potential. Our state government to make decisions based on what is best for the state as a whole and as far as the economy is concerned supporting clean technology will be

very beneficial thank you. Hello everyone my name is Andrin Charles and I'm a student as well from unity chapel and one of the main reason why I chose to go pursuing my undergraduates here in North Carolina but actually after a reading all of the nikos tribe because I believe truly describes the beauty of this state in the notebook I was introduced to this beautiful lake front facing house was surrounded by towering trees and it welcome annually migratory snoggies[sp?] and thunder storms and that's just amazing I had never known about these features before and then later in the last song I got to see some dangerous sea turtles hatch over the summer on the beach front. And the reason why I'm here really is because I want to make sure that I along as features tourist get to visit these sites as described in his novels. North Carolina is full of beautiful historical and environmentally amazing faces and it's very alluring to tourist and also the cinematographic and history and that's why we want to reserve our Eco system. So we're taking a stand right now as students to voice our concern for great environmental issues that negatively impact our state ecosystem they hurt marginalized groups and we want the economy and society and the house and environment, we want you to know that all these three systems are interacted, and so when tonne's of cold ash spilled into the dam river last year, levels of contaminate bleach into a local  water supply. Water is the most ediquisite[sp?] element in our live's, we bathe it in the morning, we use it to clean our staff and we use it to cook so even though you don't care about all the organism's that perish because of the sledge nerves relieves on medical rush you must care about the quality of your water and your assets to eat and this is why we're here we want to demonstrate that we care about this issues that are urgent, and we are determined to advocate for what we believe will secure us a livable, breathable and prosperous future here in North Carolina. We hope at that the representative and senators will support our endeavor by signing on soil in environmental justice legislative agenda. So, for all the reasons that you've here today, my fellow student and I, we ask our representatives to come out to support ends at setting the bill, that's the most environmental justice, to work towards meeting the following agenda that the students put forward as top priority including implementing the human power plant, increasing farmer market accessibility, expanding solar rights, reversing the approval of ferking in cleaning up colash and properties' siting that colash disposal. Additionally, to acknowledge that environmental issues are at the forefront of minds of many North Carolina citizens, and to recognize that environmental issues are affecting North Carolina communities and will continue to threaten North Carolina communities. Thank you so much for your time. OK, so we just had a question about environmental bills and Neil will comment on House Bill 245. One of the Environmental Bills we've been focusing on back in the UNC House Bill 245, The Energy Freedom Act. This bill legalises third party sale of energy which get rid of the goverment mandate and monopoly that you can achieve on the electricity and industry they'll open up the industry to third party sales specifically from solar firms and solar leasing allow company to come in and sell this directly to the consumers, great because it get's rid of the initial price for solar which is one of the biggest barriers to it's implementation if a company comes in put in the infrastructure creates solar farm and they can sell at flat rate to consumers, consumers can buy that energy and with solar energy approaching preparing this great prospect for North Carolina has a lot of potential too liase with the economic benefit a lot of jobs and competition in industry. Great thank you very much, question and comments are the best, will we just talk to you a little bit about her. Would you go around to see that representative is really good to want you to, you quite have no more than 15 minutes is to each purse good commission of bills specifically

or age specific issues [xx] patients some of you mentioned the impact of on low income families that offer the low income neighborhoods are the ones that are [xx] just saw you so exited just because they have closed power. You mentioned cold ash, that's a good way of poking English specific fragment a general broad thing which is good for a tap, it's supporting all departmental but dont remember more of his saying that is specifically poor about [xx] so I really appreciate the opportunity to work with you and this is I told people your age this is recreated this message and also it's really, really smart to get them active, and it doesn't ever stop but it's not something that you can solve the process I have seven grade teacher tell me one time that she just didn't know what she was saying she I don't understand kids never seem to grow up, the shoes gives a new class of 70% same case and that's true for this kind of efficiency social justice too. There are new people coming along they have different growth with different values and [xx] always have be out there working to keep things the way you want to be and to make sure next generation knows too thanks for coming we have committee meetings so you all know where giving directions right here this is where the offices are, you go to the back to the other building and their offices [xx] to the numbers, you get lost Thank you very much. Stay in touch. Correct me if I'm wrong, we may want to do this in the future, So It would be fine. Yeah did you have to have one legislature here to introduce you and be the person official [xx] Well thank you very much. Look it up if you need anything. Thank you. Appreciate it I would like to keep sending your older names, customizing great things Won't you mind taking a picture? A highest thing Yeah we can do, one two three