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House | April 22, 2015 | Committee Room | House: Health

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Guests will retire to the back of the committee room, we'll call the committee on health to order, a few housekeeping things as always we do have some pagers with us today Lizzie O'brian sponsored by Representative Pad Harley, Davis Province sponsored by representative John Faircloth sponsored by Representative Allean McNeill and Jessica Vasquez, co-sponsored by Representative John Faircloth. Sergeant of Arms today here in the health committee will be Mr. Young Bay, Mr. Bill Morris and Mr. Jim Moran. We will start off with House Bill 746, LMEMCO Board Amendments, Representative Dollar you are free to present your bill. Thank you Mr. Chairman and members of the committee, what this bill basically does is it gives us some flexibility that we need with our LMEMCO boards with together at groups several years ago with all the stakeholders, we set up a structure a government's structure for the LME/MCO's that is working quite well, however, we are in the process, have been in the process and continue to be in the process of consolidating from I think currently we have none, we are going to probably get to somewhere between four and six, for five and so that represents a couple of challenges with respect to geographic size and the number of counties. So what this bill does is this bill just simply makes the fairly minor tweak in sense but just a slight change in the structure to be able to accommodate what we have to do with respect to our MCO, excuse me, LME/MCO behavioral health consolidations and that the principal piece of this is instead of having the state of requiring a anonymous vote of all the counties. When you make certain structural changes under the existing law, this say that two thirds of those constituent counties and this will allow us to move forward with this much needed consolidations. I'd be happy to attempt to answer any questions, I'd appreciate your support. Thank you Representative Dollar, Representative Lucas. Thank you Mr. Chair. I'd like to commend Representative Dollar for bringing this legislation before us. We've been Trying to tweak and improve the status of LMEs now for a few years and I think that this will do just that. The question that I would have for Representative Dollar or anyone who can answer. Do you know of any opposition to the bill? Representative Dollar? I haven't had any opposition brought to me that I'm aware of I believe there is none. Mr. Chair.   Follow up.   At the proper time I would like to make a motion. Okay, are there any further questions from the committee? Seeing none, representative Lucas you're recognized to make your motion. I move adoption of approval of house bill 746 does it have a serial referral influence? It does not. Thank you. Members you've heard the motion before you all in favor say aye, Aye! All oppose no, the ayes have it and the bill passes. Thank you Representative Lukas this Mr Chairman and members of the committee. Thank you. If the committee will stand ta ease for a moment please Okay members we'll go ahead

and proceed with our next bill, let me go ahead and set some ground rules though from Chair's perspective going to run as smoothly and as efficiently as we possibly can. We want to give you the opportunity to exhaust your comments and exhaust your views both from the members and those of the public that have signed up, and give you as much time as we possibly can and we respect that. I will say though that we want this to be a very respectful debate, I understand that the bills like this can certainly tend to lean on emotional side, so let this be the warning now that we won't expect anything but a respectful and professional debate and that's for members as well as guests. If they're outburst, understand that the chair will go ahead and ask the sergeant at arms to escort you out of the committee room so that we can continue a respectful debate on this very important matter. So without any further a due, let's go ahead and allow the bill sponsors to present the bill, with House bill 465, representative Schafer, actually I'm sorry this is a PCS we have a motion to bring it before the committee. Representative Soka. Thank you. Representative Schafer you're free to present your bill. Thank you Mr Chair and members of the committee, great to be in health with you this morning, want to go through this PCS with you all as I'm sure you have the bill summary in front of you I'll get to the point very quickly but there's those three points on the top of the page I'll take an order then give a little bit more information for each point. The first point there that requires physicians to perform abortion report certain information to DHHS. Second point is that increases to 72 hours the waiting period for women who voluntarily consent to an abortion, and finally there are few technical and conforming changes that will I will brush over very quickly but they are technical in nature. Concerning the reporting requirements there are two issues here and if you have the bill in front of you, or if you prefer to keep looking to the summary we have some reporting requirements that specifically refer to post 20 week abortions effectively what we are doing is that we are requiring physicians that are performing this types of abortion to report certain information to DHHS to ensure statutory rational is being provided for those post 20 week abortion. We really want to make sure that the exception that are allowed in this case are being followed, and secondly we have for abortion between 18 in 20 weeks and again this is requiring that information and certain statistical information, report information be given over to DHHS to ensure really to a kind of preventing this type of abortions that are binding up right against that, that 20 week limit to make sure that  have been attached to now still being followed, finally we have the 72 hour inform confirm waiting period this is by phone or in person that is the current laws we are changing that the time frame of that, as you know the current law state before a woman can voluntarily receive an abortion before she can obtain an abortion she must receive certain information by phone or in person at least 24 prior to the abortion, and the PCS extends the 24 hour waiting period at 72 hours I want to underscore that, this information can be received by phone that's current law we are not changing that, as far as the technical clarifying changes and this is referring to the current law we have regarding the healthcare professional's who may have a moral, religious or ethical objections to performing an abortion, very slight change just making sure that the current law is being followed and that the intent of that conscious protection languages is being carried in all the situations that it would be relevant and with that we have kind of a summary of the bill and my fellow bill sponsors wanted to take a moment and then we can go to questioning. Representative Martin. Thank you Mr chair, members I just want to tell you that the goals of these bill were really to protect the health of women and to respect women and their choice. So you'll see that it does nothing here to limit the ability of a woman to choose but this is a very difficult and permanent decision out of respect for the importance of that, we believe that more time is very important because you can't go back on this decision once it's made and there's a lot of other legal precedence that we can go through at those questions about the 72 hours waiting period that you can change your mind on any kind of real estate investments, purchase of your home, refinancing those kinds of things, there are a lot of legal precedence for important decisions that you have a time period and once you've made these decisions there's no going back and women have to live with it so we hope that you see it that it doesn't limit someones choice but it does give them more time and respect them and it protects their health. I mean also we think it will protect people's lives so we appreciate that conversation and impact that we had in coming up with the final version of the bill. Thank you. Representative Eliot Engel[sp] Thank you.

Mr. Chair, members of the committee and to the public. I just want to echo those great words from Representative Martin. We are here to protect life. That we are also here to protect the woman in right to choose, and a woman's right to have all the information she needs, and the time to make such an important decision. There were when we did another vile, we had testimony from many women who had made a choice to have an abortion and they said that they were not given time enough really to make the ultimate decision that would affect their life for the rest of their lives. And so many of them had psychological issues on their decision this will give a woman to get out, reach out and look at alternatives to abortion. It also will give her time to contact anyone she needs to contact. And the first contact is by phone, so it's not putting undue burden on hurried hope, but thank you so much. Representative Turner. Thank you for hearing this bill we want to get the correct information information onset we're not limiting any abortions ability, but we're trying to look after women's health and give them listen to or give them ability to seek out other information and this is very important this is not a quick decision that can be made and we appreciate your having us here today and look forward to your questions and comments. Thank you, members one very important aspects of today's committee that I feel mention the expectation is the fact that we will take a vote on this at ten till, I repeat that we will take a vote on this at ten tills so that's means that regardless hues and ques we will take a vote on this at ten so with that we will start with questions Representative Insko you are recognized to profound your first question Thank you Mr. Chairman I have some concerned about the 72 hour of inform concern because I know of possibility of medical necessity arising so are there any other laws that is a physician says is this abortion is medically necessary that it would waiting the 72 hours period Yes in fact there is exception in the current law that says that in case of a medical emergencies that waiting period is not applicable. That is current law. So, the PCS does not change that. Follow up  Thank you that 's my only question would like to be put on the list for comment. Rep. Cotham. Thank you, Mr Chair. Members, it was just stated that this type of procedure would affect a woman for the rest of her life, and that was part of your recent for the 72 hours. So could you just tell me the other medical procedures that we require a 72 hour? Because my friend had a double mastectomy, and that's going to affect her the rest of her life. So should we require the same for that? It's interesting in just how the medical professional earlier say that perhaps we should be requiring longer waiting periods for major medical procedures like that. We have these types of waiting periods throughout a nice cross section of our society, medical, real estate, we talked about those different things and marital situations as well. One particular, if you're going in for a voluntary sterilization you have a 30 day waiting period before you can do that. So there are there are medical procedures that require these types of waiting periods and there are big decisions that we require these waiting periods. This is an irreversible decision and so really providing women with 72 hours versus 24 hours, this is empowering to people. This gives people the ability to make an informed decision. It doesn't say that they can't make that decision at the end of the 72 hours, but it gives them that option to get all of the information that they need so that they can make truly an informed decision and at the end of the 72 hours, that decision may still be to terminate that pregnancy but at least they have been given the appropriate amount of time to make that decision.   Follow up? On another issue about the information being reported to DHHS, how are you going to protect the patient's information and privacy? There is specific language to maintain the confidentiality and that is very important that we are still conforming to a heap of requirements so there is very strong confidentiality protection that is in there and that is something that the goal that we were very concerned with and want to make sure. Followup Where is that I'm sorry Emmy Joe staff will answer that question?

Representative Catherine you will find that on page one line 31 through 35 of your PPS Follow up representative Catherine, representative [xx] you're recognized to ask your question Thank you Mr. Chair I have a couple of questions one is in terms of the original bill there was a section on the state medical school department being prohibited from authorized\ employees to perform abortions based on proposed committee substitute, is that not removed at this point in time? To clarify, that section has been removed, and also to be very clear, it is current State Law of that state funds are not be used to perform abortions and that's where that element came from, but in the current version of as a start, that has been removed. Follow up. Could you briefly clarify the difference between the original bill and the proposed committee substitute for those of us who hasn't had a chance to study these bills. There are two major differences, though the one difference we just discussed is the removal of the provisions regarding UNC and again I do want to clarify that ttate Law still continues to prohibit taxpayer funds being used for the performance of abortions. There were also language that required an obstetrician, gynecologist to be the one performing an abortion. There were some questions in terms of what do we do with current medical professionals who are engaged in performing abortions and some conflicts that may arise with the new state law on that and so we omitted that language. Follow up. Any further questions from the committee? Representative Lucas? Thank you, Mr. Chair. On page two line six states that medical assistance benefits may be available for prenatal care, child birth and neo-natal care does not say shall, the question would be what happens to a potential your mother who lives in a state of adverse poverty, what assurance do we have that that mother will be able to get the proper prenatal care, the proper childbirth care and neonatal care. Representative Shaffer. Thank you for the point that you are referring to is actually current law so the PCS makes no changes to that provision. Follow up Representative Lucas. I'll just wait. Any further question from the committee? Seeing none Representative Insko[sp?] you are recognized for your comment. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. First I would like to clarify that this bill is not from anyone's medical safety. Abortions are one of the safest procedures, medically safest procedures, that we have. 99% abortions are performed with no medical problems at all, so it's certainly not for medical safety. I think it's just done for emotional protection that it flies in the face of all of our other comments people have to live with their own decisions so we are picking out we are being very this is tunnel listing bill, if that is the purpose of it it's a protenolist bill the main problem I have with it is that we are removing a woman's right to have control over her own body. I think that's one of worse things that happens to a woman is to have someone else make decisions about her body. Women have a responsibility to take care of themselves and government doesn't have any right to get involved in that. The bill sponsors like to respond members one last time any further questions or comments for the bill sponsors before we move to public comments Mr. Chairman the proper time I would  like to ask that I should know So noted. Okay We will move on to public comments I will apologies to the head time for those guests who will speak I will no doubt butcher your names. So if you would as I though I call the list come to the microphone state who you are and who who you're with and you were given the opportunity to speak for no more than two minutes. Sorting us out is Doctor Dalia Brahmi Good Morning, Thank you Mr Chair,

thank you so much for hearing my comments to the co-sponsors my name is doctor Daria Bromie, no problem with butchering my name I grew up in Indiana so as my husband sitting next to me could say it is not the first time and I will hold the that to anyone, so I come to you this morning as a board-certified family physician, my specially training and family planning and public health and I currently practiced medicine both in Fairville and Chapel hill. In addition, I'm a member of the North Carolina academy of family physicians and an Adjunct Professor at the School of Public Health. As an expert in global health and with a focus on contraception and abortion, I was recruited to this area from the World Health Organization, to develop clinical guidance for the North Carolina based organisation that works to reduce maternal mortality from unsafe abortion and developing countries.  I'm here to represent myself and most importantly my patients. The women and families in North Carolina. Through out my career I've engaged in every aspect of family medicine with the focus on family planning, from congratulating a woman pregnant with her third child, to comforting another having a miscarriage and advising her on options for treatment to counselling a pediatrician who never imagine she would be faced with the need to end her pregnancy. In each and every case the women and families involved needed timely attention, medically accurate non judgmental information. And as a physician it's my ethical duty and goal to provide patients with informed consent allowing them to be involved participant, and make informed decisions about their personal health care. Unfortunately, House Bill 465 is dangerous legislation, because as proposed, it would mandate a medically unnecessary 72 hour delay before obtaining an abortion which is a legal, and proven safe medical procedure. As a physician, I know hat delaying access limits the options of medical abortion, and then some cases forcing women to have the surgical procedure when a [xx] treatment such as abortion with pills might be prefered. Doctor thank you very much for your comments. Thank you. Next up we have doctor Mlinder Snipe again if you could come to the microphone state your name, and who you are with. Good morning, and thank you for letting me address the committee. I'm a physician. I practiced medicine in this state for about 40 years now and two decades of that practice has been up at the state hospital in Butner. I'm speaking in support of this bill. Over the years, my experience with this population of people and patients in general has shown me that the discomfort and sadness that we know of women who've made this choice quickly is only the tip of the iceberg because women are unwilling to speak about it. The institutionalized group of patients, those with mental health issues and many in the general population, don't even want to talk about this and many of them have been coerced into this decision. In addition, with all of our new electronic gizmos and communication devices, as a group we're more isolated than ever.informed consent nightmare and until recently the abortion industry didn't really want any in form consent at all potentially going to be dragged kicking and screaming into a reasonable 72 hour waiting period. I've never known of an emergency abortion that couldn't wait for a few hours. I've known women who have told me that the impact of their choice didn't hit them until one weekend when they saw the school bus come and realized their child might have been on his way to kindergarten that year. It is an irrevocable decision, it needs to be considered and education and shedding light on to this is very important. I would submit that still, very sadly, abortion in this day and age is not so much about the women its about financial bottom line and I would suspect what some of the [xx] who are working with Gripsite planned parenthood are worried that it'll cut into their financial bottom line because or not it's big business, it's not so much about the woman, it's about the money. Thank you. Thank you Dr. Sarah. Next stop Jackie Bonk Thank you, my name is Jackie Bonk and I'm the Director of Project Rachel which is a post abortion healing ministry of the Catholic church for 19 years I've facilitated support groups and retreat weekends for women and men and who've experienced abortion. In this work, I've personally heard hundreds of confidential stories of women

and couple dozen from men, and while each person has a unique set of circumstances, I've come to recognise two consistent and compelling experiences in each story. First, the common theme is that each woman who seeks out an abortion is in a difficult and desperate situation. Secondly, each woman that I've spoken to has expressed regret and remorse and would often say that she would reverse the decision if it was possible to go back. A woman may come to regret her decision because it may come in conflict with three aspects of her identity, and this may happen years later, five, 10, 15, 20 years later. These issues are her sexuality, her maternal nature or her morality. I would also say that the time of 72 hours is important because it's a life changing decision. And one of the factors that interferes with making a decision that will not be regretted in the future is a short term emotional response. When a person is in an emotional state such as a woman seeking out an abortion, her thinking narrows. Short term emotion is not helpful in making a life altering decision and it clouds thinking and may trigger fear, sometimes resulting in a fight or flight response. And some women who are experiencing this stress of a crisis pregnancy may overestimate or underestimate the outcomes therefore it's necessary to have sufficient time to work through the short term emotional response and to reason through the process all the elements of this problematic situation to make a right decision for her, a decision that she will not regret in the future. So this 72 hour waiting period is an advantage to women. Thank you, Miss Bogue. Next up, Dr. Stacy Boulton. Good morning and thank you for letting me be here. My name is Stacy Boulton, I'm a board certified OB-GYN and I've been in practice for over 10 years. In that time I've counselled many numerous women through very emotional times. As their doctor, I've found the best thing I can give them is information and time. Often when I have a discussion with them about something that scares them, we found a cyst on your ultra sound. Often in their fear, they will want to make a rushed decision. Doc take it all out when they have some time and information they're better able to make an informed decision. When we're scared or emotional we can make decisions without considering all aspects of that decision. Like the woman who told me she wanted it all out after being told she had a cyst that needed to be removed. She did not consider in that moment whether or not her family was complete, she was just thinking about not dying of cancer. We owe women the time to control their fear and emotion and make an informed decision about their life and their child life. The difference of 48 hours as far as complications from abortions are concerned is negligible. The literature states, the risk of death from abortion is. 7 per 100, 000. That means the risk increases by 38% per week of gestation. So when we do the math that means that less than one woman per year in the entire United States would die if they waited for a full week and there is no data on just three days. An extremely negligible if any increase in the risk of complication all women have more time to deal with emotion and fear to make a more informed decision will help them feel more at ease whatever their final decision may be. I would also bring to mind the current waiting credit that is in place for women with medic aid who want tubal ligation. If a woman with medic aid wants to have a tubal ligation she has to papers and then wait for thirty days before she can have a procedure well as a physician I have seen this can be an inconvenience at times I have also seen as great wisdom in it this women these women are making a decision that will impact their fertility permanently and I think a decision about abortion is of equal or greater importance because once a life Thank you Dr. Boldon Next stop Lisa Hacket go ahead Good morning, my name is Jeanus Louis and I will be reading a letter from Lisa Haket who could not here. Dear friends my name is Lisa Haket and I'd ask that my voice be heard through this letter I cannot tell how deeply I regret having multiple abortions there are really no words to express the regret that has stayed in my heart for over thirty years and how it has negatively affected not only me but also my first marriage so I'm asking you to pass this bill to help women like me have more time to ponder this life altering decision, and to ensure that those women who choose to have then or alt least in the hands of a license OB2YN. My second abortion was performed at a clinic in New York city and what looked

like abortion factory no one checked my ID I had forged it because I was under age in New York law that time. There was no the GYN even on sight and I was rushed through an assembly line a patient and deaths after the abortion was performed I was in excruciating pain they did a factory evaluation of me about an hour later and I was sent all my way home. No instructions no follow up care, but instead a gaping hole in my heart realizing what I had just done and how little those healthcare providers really cared about me or any other patient. What I had received was not healthcare it was a provated each transaction for profit only. I bled for several weeks. And fortunately, overtime healed with little or no health consequences, but with a great cost to my emotional health. So please don't let North Carolina ever even come close to lowering its standards. If abortion is healthcare, then let it be just that. Let women have all the information about the unborn babies'pain, the depression, that is very real risk. And all the other physical and emotional risks that are associated with abortion. Just let the disclaimer just like disclaimers for prescription drug adds. And just give them the time they need to intelligently process this weighty decision. Please save women like me, a lifetime of pain and regret. Thank you. Mam, Thank you. Real fast, for the record, if you could state your name one more time Yes. Please. My name is Janice Luis. Thank you Miss Luis. Next up, Elena Smith Good morning my name Patrina Williams and I'm reading a letter on behalf of Elena Smith nine years ago I was a recent college graduate, unmarried and financially unstable when I found out I was pregnant. I will never forget the many emotions that were running through my mind at that time panic, fear, worry, doubt, unbelief, uncertainty and anxiety are some just to name a few, I remember that when the doctor called me to tell me I was pregnant all I could do was cry. I wasn't ready for a baby, well at least that's what I thought at that time, my boyfriend and I were scared and decided that having abortion was perhaps the best thing for us I will forever remember driving to that abortion clinic I cried all the way there and even sat in the car for another hour crying, we left the clinic that day unsure of what we should do I wanted to make an informed decision, so I scheduled an ultrasound for the following week, what I saw on that ultrasound screen changed my life and my views forever, what I saw was a beautiful maybe with little fingers and toes and a tiny heartbeat, till this day my husband and I still talk and smile about that very first moment, when we saw our son moving around in the ultrasound screen, it absolutely changed our hearts and gave us only the courage to keep our son by knowing that he wasn't a blubber sales but a human being that was moving inside I think unconsciously for that waiting period, because it made all the difference in our decision, if I'd not waited, if I'd not taken the time think about my decision, if I'd not taken the time to have an ultrasound my son Christian would not be here today and neither would his two beautiful sisters. I can not stress enough how important it was for me to wait long enough to make an informed decision, one not based on emotion, but based on truth. It hasn't always been easy but it's definitely been more worth the sacrifice, thank you Mr. Chairman. Point of order. Typically when we have a bill like this we have our speakers pro o pro con, though I would like for you to move to the other side, and let people talk who are opposed to this bill Your suggestion is taken under advisement I will continue to the other list as signed off, thank you Representative Vince Cor. Next up we have Catherine Han Good morning my name is Charlie Tucker and I'm reading a letter on behave of Catherine Han I will never forget April 10th 1976 I was a senior in NC State and was about four weeks away from graduating with my BS in chemical engineering, but it wasn't all of the hard work and great excitement about starting a career that brings this state to my memory it was the the fact that on this day I went to the abortion clinic in Rally[sp?] and had an abortion. I was absolutely devastated, ashamed and In shock. I knew that I had been making some bad decisions. But never thought about the reality of an unplanned pregnancy. When I found out I was pregnant I found out where the abortion clinic was and I called, they assured me that since I was only about six weeks pregnant that this was not yet a baby. I scheduled my abortion for a couple of days later. I didn't tell anyone other than the baby's father who lent me the money and my roommate who let me use her car. I went by myself to have the abortion abortion. I arrived and remember just thinking get this over and go back to my life as normal. I wasn't counselled or told the truth about what would happen or how I would feel. No one could have prepared me for what had happened. I left the abortion clinic following

my abortion and never went back for the follow up. I just couldn't go back. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't even allow my mind to go back thinking that I could just put this in the closet and never open the doors again. Many years would pass. I married and it took years to finally get pregnant. It ended in miscarriage. Finally I had the blessing to have two children. For 25 years, I have suffered silently with the secret of abortion I never intended to tell anyone about it. My aborted son, Samuel Christian, who would be 39 years old today I imagine he would have children of his own and a wife. I truly believe that if I have provided more information a time I would have never have chosen abortion. Every young mother in a crisis pregnancy needs and deserves this protection, time to decide. Time to realize that they are the mother of this baby regardless of their decision to abort or not. Time to find help and options available to support them in the pregnancy. Every minute matters. Abortion clinics do not care about the life of a mother or baby Thank you Ms. Tucker. Next up, Wendy Bannister. Good morning. I'm Wendy Banister. I'm the executive director of Gateway, a pregnancy and sexual health resource center here in Riley. And from our perspective, House Bill 465 is about introducing a measure that can potentially protect women and girls from a lifetime of grief, remorse and regret. We see it all the time, the anxiety and fear that works on a girl and makes her feel that she has to make a quick decision about her unwanted pregnancy, a lot of the women we see are in crisis mode. They've just got the news they are pregnant. They don't want to be, they never intended to be, and they are not coping well with the news. Many women who come to Gateway this point believe the circumstances allow them only one option and that's to abort and what we see all the time is that the majority of women just really need time women need time to process the crisis they are in. They need time to inform themselves of all available options, time is particularly crucial for those frightened younger girls to talk to their parents, and engage the support of those who love them and care for them. Time gives women the opportunity to make alternative academic decision we've heard about that just recently and Ashley came to us in November getting ready to finish her degree move on to post graduate studies and she told us she was rushing to make an abortion decision. But after taking some time to consider her different options she realize she can continue her pregnancy finish her degree and she's temporarily postponed graduate studies and her baby is during this summer. Time allows women the opportunity to see their future differently and yet still successfully, and time gives the opportunity to problem solve and engage a woman's innate ability to come up with solutions inclusion, legislation that extends the wedding period for women seeking an abortion conserve to protect women in crisis from making a permanent life-altering decision before they've considered all factors of their decision, and at major speed that 72 hours is what makes the difference for a woman as she exercises her right to choose. Thank you. Thank you Miss Benster. Next stop Amber Lehman. My name is Amber Lehman, I'm the CEO, First Choice Pregnancy Solutions Resource in this area for women with unplanned pregnancies. 25 years ago, I myself walked through the abortion clinic doors with very little information and made I a decision very quickly that I regretted. Eight years later when I found out that my baby had fingers and toes, a heart beat, a spinal system, when I found those things out eight years later I was devastated, I should have known before I walked through those doors. Now I can help women walk through that decision at First Choice we give them medically accurate information as well as to help them understand there are more resources for them. There're people who would give early parental care for free to them they are a partnership, there are resources of people who want to walk with them,  and what we see over and over again is that when women have support and when they understand, and when they take time to decide that they prefer to have their children in nine and a half years of talking with women considering abortion only one has told me that it was her heart's desire to abort, just one in nine and a half years. It is their desire to have the child if they have the support, and we want to make sure that they have time to understand that support and what, and to keep them from having any decisional regret, thank you. Thank you. Next stop Mary Oshay. and for speed on deck Tami Fitzgerald.

My name is Mary O'shea and I'm the Program Manager with First Choice Pregnancy Solutions. I'm a native North Carolinian and I'm proud to be a graduate of Watt School of Nursing in Durham, one of the oldest school in nursing around. I've been practicing nursing in the area for 21 years and last year I came to work at First Choice Pregnancy Solutions. There were a lot of reasons I did that, I'm a Certified Case Manager so I'm really good at finding resources and these clients needed those. I've also experienced two unplanned pregnancies myself, one when I was 19 years old where I quickly walked away from Western Carolina University and wasted an entire semester, and a lot of money. Another pregnancy was while I was in nursing school, and I stayed in school and I finished my diploma, and have had a great career because of that. What I see with the women coming through our doors is they really don't feel like they have a choice. We are able to provide them with medically accurate information because we have licensed medical staff on every single hour of service. We're able to confirm their pregnancy through urine pregnancy test and give them the information about how far along they are with an obstetrical ultrasound, as well as the procedures that are available for them at this point. We provide neutral safe, non-judgmental environment, and they all come in on that on their exit surveys. What they need is time, when you're under the pressure of crisis you want to move quick, you want to get it off, and you might make a decision that you'll regret. Probably if you think in your own lives the decisions you might regret the most are ones you made impulsively. When you take the time to consider all your choices you can make the best choice for yourself. There's no need to take away a choice from anybody, they need their choices, but they need time to make it and they need accurate information and we can support them with that. So I support this bill because it will give women some extra time to really be informed about their health care, thank you very much. Thank you Tami [xx] and up next Barbara Halt. Thank you Tami Fitzgerald, Executive Director of the North Carolina Values Coalition. I'm reading a direct quote. This case is about a doctor who killed babies and injured women, what we mean is that he regularly and illegally delivered live viable babies in a trimester of pregnancy and then murdered these newborns by severing their spinal cords with scissors. The medical practice by which he carried out this business was a filthy fraud in which he overdosed his patients with dangerous drugs, spread venereal disease among them with infected instruments, perforated their wounds and valve and on at least two occasions caused their deaths. Over the many years people came to know something was going on here but no one put a stop to it. I am reading from the official Grand Jury Report in the case against Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Pennsylvania and the grand jury concluded the real business of Dr. Gosnell's clinic was not health, it was profit. What do I ask you do that case have to do with this bill? You see the horrors of Kermit Gosnell abortion clinic were allowed by a Department of Health in Pennsylvanian that chose to stick its head in a sand by ignoring the need for regular inspections, the duty of the state to regulate an industry motivated by profit not health, and the pain and suffering of the women and their babies who frequented that ratchet place. You see they just didn't care it's time for this state to care, it's time for complacency about the health and safety of the women who inner ratchet abortion clinic to end. It's time to start putting abortion on a pedestal where it does not have to play by the same rules as other health care industries. it's time to start sticking our heads in the sand. The propheteers of abortion have created this fictitious war on women so that they can hide their abuses. Members of the committee I ask you to pass house bill 465, I wish the bill did more. Women and their babies deserve more. I ask you to be the ones who care. Miss Horde, I do apologize but as promised we are going to take a vote on this now, so I do apologize but it is, ten till and that was the expectation. Do you have a motion? Representative Avila. Thank you Mr Chairman, I move for favorable report to PCS for house bill 465 unfavorable to the original with referral to judiciary thor. Thank you Representative of members. Representative Insko has called for the Aye's and No's under house rules that has to be sustained by a one fifth vote, shown by standing, all those who would like to sustain please stand. The ayes and nos are sustained, the clerk will call them off [xx] Avaller[sp?] Yes Avaller[SP?] yes Bishop Yes Bishop  yes Blockwell[sp?] Brawley  Yes Brawley yes

Christen, [xx] R. Brown, Yes R. Brown, yes. Connie, Connie no. Cotham[sp?] no, Cotham no. Dobson Yes.   Thompson, yes, Dollar? Yes  Dollar, yes, Earl? No. Earl, no. Former Battle Field? Former Battle Field, no. Ford? Yes. Ford, yes. Goodman? No. Goodman, no. Hoer? No. Hoer[sp?], no. High Stenz[sp?]? Yes. High Stenz[sp?], yes. Inscor? No. Inscor, no.  Louis, Lucas? No. Lucas, no.  Morton? Yes Morton, yes. Pendaleton[sp?]? Yes Pendalton[sp?],  yes Sein Yes Sein, yes Setsor[sp?], yes Sodka[sp?] Yes Sodka, yes. Waddel[sp?]   Waddel[sp?] Yes Rey No Rey, no [xx] aye. [xx] yes, Pager. Yes. Pager yes. Representative Lambert,  yes, Lambert yes. Jones, Aye, Jones yes Far. Aye. Far yes. Fram. Aye. Fram yes. Mr. Chairman, I believe Representative Sein[sp?] has arrived at the main meeting Representative Sein[sp?] was able to vote. Thank you. members the vote is 18-4 and 10 against the bill passes and we're adjourned