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House | April 16, 2015 | Chamber | Rules, Calendar and Operations

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As community on rules the house will come to order, the Chair would like to introduce and thank our Sergeant-at-arms, Joe Osteen, David Liveman, Martha Garrison. I'd like to welcome and thank our Page Hilary Honbag[sp?], Representative Hague, thank for being with us today. Members we have one matter before the committee today. The Chair is going to introduce Representative Cliven to explain House Bill 259. Representative Cliven, House Bill 259 Thank you Mr. Chairman. As the title says, it's a technical correction spelled for the permanent cause for resources when we change the oversight of the Rawlac Allan commission we feel the removal provision for the Attorney General to assign legal council to the Rawlac commission this will correct that and we had an omission in the budget last year that omitted the word, corporate arms in the repair of the battleship in North Carolina, and they needed an additional $500, 000 which is not coming out of our funds it will come out of receipts that they will raise to take care of the battleship, and that is The Bill. Ladies and gentlemen this is a truly technical bill for lower purposes of fill department of recognition. Ladies recognize promotion representative Conney and place of representative Cobit has quickly moved for a report given the house bill 259 there is a further discussion or debate left in the Conney. If now the questions for the committee is the passage of the motion for response of Connie beginning at house bill 259 in favor of all those who oppose say the motion will say I, those who oppose will say No, in the opinion cheer the I's have it, the motion carries committee is adjourned.