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Senate | April 15, 2015 | Chamber | Workforce and Economic Development

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Start up by recognizing our pages for the day. Isaiah Davis from Dodge Peru. Hey Isaiah, welcome to the commitee and Luke Heavens from Aspra welcome his Hazier sponsor is senator Don Davis and weeks sponsor, senator Jerry Tillman [xx] That's right. Our Sergeant at arms for the day is Harry Hancock and Jim Hamiltone thank you guys for serving us here. We have one bill before the committee it's in bill 545 where enrichment [xx], it's going to be represented by Senate Ron Rebon[sp?] It's all your Thank you Mr. Chairman chairman. Thank you everybody for being here. These bill takes another step towards the military friendliness in workforce development, in workforce enrichment. As you recalled last year we passed a bill that made it a better process for taking veterans in to the system and getting license to practice what they had learnt previously with less bubbles in the session. This bill expands on that a little bit and what it says is, that if a person can go in a veteran comes in with a DD214 team which is a proper certification for training and experience in the military, shows it to the board and the board gives a competency test and a fair competency test is written into the law. The same test as they would give anyone else, if the give one, then the person gets the license and practice what they're experienced and trained in without further ado or without further going to school and all of that, I ask for your support if that demonstrates our military friendliness this in the state in our commitment to getting our workforce aligned and enriched so that other force would want to move in and do cameras in the state, thank you very much. These committee have any questions, sir Davis? Thank you Mr. Chair [xx] I would like to thank you for your outstanding work on this and bringing forth this wonderful legislature is a great day to do it as we recognize a vet and so with that I would like to [xx] Davis will hold that mention for your questions Senator Sanders Thank you Mr. Chairman [xx] I just want to question is North Carolina four runner in this [xx] other States have gone before us in doing this, do we know any about that I have no idea we have a bunch of veterans in the back that would be thanks for being here folks and [xx] someone say [xx] he has been down before [xx] been done Follow up. Yes sir. I just wanted to try and take claim for being first we need one more first in [xx]. As long as we didn't know with them were first.   Senator [xx]. I just want to echo everybody's has comments on this, this is a great day in North Carolina Senator Davies we got an opportunity here to harvest the knowledge, the skill, the experience that has been acquired by the greatest force in America of course they have been trained by the United States Military where DV 2014 tells exactly their skill set that they have acquired and we don't need to be punishing people who come out off the military with that skill set that prepared to go to work become good honorable members of society and helping as pull the wagon pay the taxes and make everything happen this is a fabulous piece of legislation and I'm highly honored that I'm going to be voting for it Alright thank you, seeing no more questions before the committee, the motion before us is  to, by senator Don Davis, is to pass the bill, all those in favor say, with a referral to J1 all on those in favor say I? I. All those oppose say Nay? The I's have it, and the bill passes, thank you for today, the meeting is adjourned Thank you folks, and thank you guys in the back.