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House | April 14, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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Testing The house will come to order, members will take their seats. Visitors will retire from the chamber, the Sergeant at Arms close the doors. Members and all visitors in the gallery are asked to please silence all electronic devices. Today's prayer is going to offered by Representative Jones. I'll ask all members and all guests in the gallery to please stand for the prayer and to remain standing for the pledge of allegiance, Representative Jones. Let us pray. Our Father and our God, our help and strength, through ages past, and our ever present hope for all the years to come in second Chronicles 20 your word says that you rule over all the kingdoms of the nations, and in Your hand are Power and MIght so that none is able to stand you. All their rebellion is rampant and your role is now not acknowledged by all, the a day will indeed come when it will. Meanwhile as Psalms two reminds us, nations will conspire against you, and people will plot in-vain. Father I pray for your strength and guidance for your people and a peace that surpasses all understanding, may you grant to your people the wisdom to know what is right and the courage to stand strong for it, we pray you would guard our hearts and minds from forces of evil and deception. Please help us so that our society would not descend to want where there is little recognition of God, and everyone does what is right in their own eyes, for indeed you are God and not we ourselves. We pray that leaders and citizens of our state would remain true to the preamble of our state constitution that we would acknowledge our dependence on you for the continuance of the blessings that have protected and preserved this state and nation from our beginning. We pray that not only our words but our actions would indicate an understanding of how utterly dependent we are, upon you. In the words of our 16th president Abraham Lincoln, let us not be concerned whether God is on our side, but always let our greatest concern be, to be on God's side for you God are always right. May we ever be mindful of the consequences of our actions in my sight. With each year praying in their own way I offer my prayer in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen. Pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the gentleman from Horrid, representative Lewis has recognized for motion. Mr. Speaker, the journal for April 13th has been examined and found to be correct I move that is stand approved as written. Representative Luis moves that the journal for April 13 be improved as written, those in favor  will say aye as opposed will say no the aye's have it, the journal is improved as written. Members are most of the day today is Gail Wayne from [xx] and Debra Bronson from [xx] if you all please stand so we can welcome you thanks for being with us today. Members a few recognition we want to make. We have a number of guests here with us today and on behalf of members of guests in county and the chair representative [xx] the chair is happy to extend the courtesy the gratitude of Mr James Looker James glad to have you here with us today sir On behalf of the members of Alimax county representors[sp?] Magliner[sp?] and Hirley[sp?] the Chair is happy to courtesies to the gallery to a fourth grade class visiting from Pleasant Garden Elementary School. Would you all please stand. Glad to have you with us today and on behalf of all members in the house, the Chair is happy to extend the courtesy of the gallery to members of the associated builders and contractors in the Carolina celebration of the eighth annual hard legislative day could you all please stand that we can welcome you thank you for being with us. On behalf of the members of Darby county Representatives Haul, Luke,

Michelle and Mia the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of Gary to Mrs. Michelel Walls executive director of the North Carolina NWACD conference and branches and members of the ford together movement if you would please stand so we could welcome you with us, thank for being here. We also have two additional school groups with us in the gallery. We have folks here from the Julian Gibson Elementary School in western Savor and the Socrates academy in Mathews, would those two groups please stand so we could welcome you. Thank you for being here. Introduction of bills resolutions, the clerk will read; House bill 625, representative McGrady, Brewery law revisions; Alcohol beverage control with favorable finance; House bill 626 representative Reeves amend property damages senses. Judiciary house bill 627 representative McNeil fight  for financial transaction car club. Making a favorable judiciary one house bill 628, representatives Harrison, McGrady, Fisher and Jenner. Environment. state the agencies. Environment. House bill 629, Representatives Harrison, Glaser and Fisher prohibit makrogreis and order drugs and products, Health the favorable judiciary one. House bill 630 representative Yonder alternative water quality protection for salt lake environment, house bill 631 Representative Jackson notice before automatic contract we know judiciary too house bill 632 representative Sam stood there our line data privacy rules counter operations of the house House 633 representing Tom occupational licences actual designation operations favorable rate reform. House bill 634 we have since October Stum[sp?] water bill upon area classification. Environment. House bill 635 Representative Adams property lists [xx] trading in pipes, [xx] and [xx] Right before House Bill 636 Representative [xx] challenge citizens united. Judicial won in favorable rules counter operations asked. House Bill 637 Representative Stam, project finix, assessment and state building. Fibrillation, House bill 638 Representative [xx] Pennington capitalize on wetland migration.   Environment House bill 639 Representative Willis, Adam, Wrist Brace [xx] amendment Environment House bill 640 representative Dickson [xx] and personnel While I agree to it House Bill 641 Representative Breeds amends [xx] statutes. Judiciary too. House Bill 642 Representative Jackson accountability and transparency in budgeting, appropriations. House Bill 643 Representative Ark. Reuben contractors consumer protection. Judiciary one House bill 644 representatives are horn brotly online driver education education k12 is favorable for transportation House Bill 645, Representative [xx] and R. Johnson study the emission testing for private vehicle Rules count in operations the house House Bill 646 representing hager cheater and Jackson insurance cover for Autism treatment House Bill 647 representing [xx] severer stainless glacier EPIP and all child serving businesses house bill 648 repress Mackinac exhibit toxic flame in form of speeding for the favorable is favorable finance House bill 649 representative rose a man cooperate governers share I hold this derivative suits Judiciary two House bill 650 representative havstere Rockfill and [xx] Judiciary one up raiser board we're keeping the background checks. Judiciary day one House was 6.52 representatives Black Wale

[xx] or terminally ill patient Health hospital 653 representing Black Wale, Sam. Maya, and Brian in relation to the [xx] Education k12 64 representative [xx] [xx] [xx] house bill 655 judiciary one tiresome and be hold have lagoons to stop last treatment Agriculture if favorable regulatory will reform if favorable commerce and job development favorite rules count on operations of the house. House Bill 656 represents Harrison [xx] a man called [xx] The court could suspend a man previous referral to error they referred to the committee on environment. You may continue. House Bill 656 Representatives Harrison, Reeves, Hugh, Meyer [xx] amendment act for 2014. [xx] Rules counter operation in the house.  House bill 657 representative [xx] and Howard you fix this situation.education universities. House bill 658 education training, senders funds. Appropriation. House bill 659 representative [xx] control services update, first clear the list. Judiciary three. House bill 660 representative [xx] transition personalized digital learning. Education K12. House bill 661 representing [xx], teacher recruitment and scholarships.education K12 in favorable of appropriations. House bill 662 representative Horn Blank[sp?] Lanken and Lukas NC elevating educators act 2015, Education K12 House bill 663 representing [xx] repeat voting fee increases Finance favorable of appropriations house bill 664 representing [xx] same for communities. Judiciary one. House bill 665 representative Austin [xx] Rules counter and operations in the house. House bill 666 representative [xx] workers compensation [xx] cancer.  Rules count on the operations of the house, House bill 667 representative Hager and Dopson athletic trainer health coverage option And insurance House Resolution 668 representatives team Moore Markel [xx] clenching soccer remembering the Holocaust Rose [xx] on operations of the House House rule 669, reference 16 juvenille [xx] judiciary three house resolution 670 representatives escotimo and marya on a dain in smith rules count on operations the house house bill 671 representing bill insco pleasure mckahin legislative instant commision [xx] regulational law 12ules count on operations of the house, house bill 672 a true representative time shepherd strategic transportation of vestment referring to vision transportation of favorable finance matter of fact we need to achieve education k12 house bill 674 representative pleasure G. Martin, L. Hall fair competition of orris classification act judiciary one is favorable rules count on operation ask House Bill 675, Representative [xx] my heal as a matter of fact less who scoop performance grades education k12 House Bill 676 seek representative [xx] and [xx] a male compensation for erroneous conviction Judiciary one is favourable House bill 677 representative glacier [xx] ethics if favorable rules count on operations house house bill 678 representing doctors [xx] amend innocent commission statutes judiciary one the favorable rules count on operations the house. House bill 679 represents brawly and unfc self liquidating projects educating universities of favorable finance house bill 680 representative [xx] regular transportation network companies [xx] if favorable transportation if favorable

finance house bill 681 representative   [xx] environment for favorable public utility in favor of finance. House Bill 682 Representative Ann Turner [xx] [xx] studying. Rules count on operations of the house rule house bill 683 represents Avail, Packwell, Harry and Holly, occupational therapy choice of provider Insurance house bill 684 represents aveler lamber medicate county of origin health  house 685 represents [xx] and [xx] [xx] [xx] so was that 685? Yes Finance Hospital 686 representative Maya and Mitchell appeal death penalty Judiciary one, if favorable rules counter on operations asked. House Bill 687 represents [xx] Harvard[sp?] school testing schedule, Education case house bill 688 represents fraudy, [xx], workers compensation, limited benefit for half earners [GSSF]? for house bill 689 represent look fisher harrison and myra in statctuation education universities, if favorable judiciary one, favorable appropriations house bill 690 represent [xx] [xx] and Shelley special regulation for a permanent plate [xx] house bill 691 representing a six rob and mendason on national guard member [xx] security, Military and veteran affairs if favourable. Judiciary three members House Bill 135 short title modernized physical therapy [xx] remote for the committee on rules counter operations forward to the Committee on Health. Members, on behalf of representatives Adams and [xx] from [xx] Chairs are happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery in action the chair extends the courtesies of the floor to Bill McBlaire who is a candidate for the North Carolina community college and board of trustees, and his son Thomas who are here with us today, please join and welcome here today Representative Brawley, Sam, Hastings, Martin, Sen, Soko[sp?] recognizes the Sanford committee report the clerk will read. Representative Molly, Sane, Hastings, Martin, Sen and Soko finance committee report house bill 303 dispute regulation amendment favorable Counter and is there objection to this bill being on today's counter members want to look at it it's a house bill 303 dispute resolution amendments anybody having objection about that bill being added to today's calender? Mr speaker could we have a couple of minuets to look at it before here's what I'll do I'm going to go through it and chair a chance to add the four bills that came out of finance to today calender. He's going to be reading it but if you want to look it's 303, 356 NCUC direct fee changes. House bill 81 is expand one percent 80 dollar mill rate for so I believe 81 may need a different referral so we may not be needing 81 and in house bill 255 which is a building [xx] regular form. Those are the three bills the chair would intend to have but let me get through the formality the report come in. Calender on house bill 303 to be determined if today is countered. Clerk may continue. House bill 356 NCUC regulation safe changes favorable. Counter. House bill 81 is found one percent  80 dollar mill rate 80 dollar mill rate may substitute

number two calender committee substitute number one, unfavorable count. Now the chair intends to add House Bills 303, 356 and 255 to today's calender. Does anyone have an objection to that? Hearing none, so ordered. Representatives Iler, Shepherd and Torbett are recognized to send forth committee report. The clerk will read. Representatives Iler, shepherd and Torbett, Transportation Committee Report House Bill 256, Handicap Parking and Veterans Plates. Favorable and re-refer it to finance? [xx] re-refer it to finance. House Bill 350, Restore Driving Privileges, Competency, favorable and re-refer to Judiciary two. Bill is re-referred to the committee on judiciary two. House Bill 551, DOT Sales, Unused Property. Favorable and re-referred to Judiciary four. Bill is re-referred to the committee on Judiciary Four.  House Bill 108. Clerk will read Representative Stan, Cheater[sp?], Wydale, and S. Martin, house bill 108 a bill to be tied on funds to provide for local governments for development of sites and buildings Johnson with no calamity in ex For what purpose does the gentleman from Lake representative Stan rise To speak on the bill The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Mr. Speaker, members of the house in short order this is a fund that provides loans for the state from the congress to units of local government, fully secured in order to have ready sites and associated the improvements. Now where this come from it's a recommendation of the governors economic development board, it's a recommendation of Comoros committee, it's the recommendation of North Carolina economic developers association, is one of their top priorities and the 36 sponsors who have joined in this. I'll briefly take you through the bill and that I know leather sponsor said they  have some things they'd like to say about it, but that chair would ask  the house to come to order give the gentleman your attention the gentleman from Wake continues to forward the bill Thank you Mr speaker, I'll try to be more interesting. Couple of years ago, actually the fall of 2012,  I had three regional meetings around the state with several other member, a couple other senators and we met with regional and local economic developers, and we talked about what was  really  needed in their areas. I'm from  an urban area, my particular district is doing fine even during the larger part of  the rescission, but I know that the rural and semi rural areas were not and they had many different ideas. We probably talked to 20 different economic developers around the state, one meeting was in Kingston one in Softberry and one in Ashville. One thing that they were unanimous about was that there in too many places too many simmer rule and rule areas there was no product available to sell. Now I thought product was stuff that you had on a shelf you know toothpaste and hammers and what not but what they meant was pad ready spikes and shell buildings. They don't need that kind of thing in Apex North Carolina provided by the private market fund. But they told me that if there was nothing in their district to show somebody nobody would even come to see the wonderful people and the great demographics and the community college that was the genesis of his bill but this bill is not a give a way it's a loan its in concensioray terms in that they intrastate is low depending on teer zero one or two but other than that it's a fully secured loan. Let me just take you through a few parts of the bill and then I know other sponsors will want to speak to that arms due but first of all the loan isn't made to a private business the loan is made to local government or the local economic development partnership it comes due when there' a sale or a lease for more than three years and it comes due for unless there's

a arrangements made for release because only part of the property is being sold or long term lists there's an opportunity and this was at the suggestion of some of the commercial banks that they'd indeed want to who participate in community development financing if they were doing it in conjunction with the department of commerse and so we do have provision that there can be more than one first lane, if there's an in for credit for agreement where them including the state has a first lane with an agreement to share loses proportionately. Now this is not totally new because today local governments can do this some local governments have the finances to do it, some have the wealth with all to do it, some don't, and the problem with the ones that can sometimes it can be made for local, shall we say political considerations. Uncle Joe has a farm he needs to get rid of. That's not the case here because the loan would be from the department of commerce and subject to their guidelines with a strategic plan that would have to be updated every four years. Now let me mention one other aspect of this bill. Over the last two or three years, I've gotten the impression that this house doesn't like to have a lot of policy jammed into the budget that you feel you can't vote on separately even if you can. And there has to be some policy on the budget because the budget spends money, and you have to have words that tell you how to spend and the money. But what this is is a policy of a future that will be a future appropriation, but it doesn't itself carry any in other words if you vote for this, hopefully there will be money in the budget to fund it but this vote itself doesn't put the money in the budget. Where will it come from? Well maybe some of it will be new money from all the buckets of money that are rolling in this week for the state's just kidding, Nelson. Or more likely it could be re-purposing of other funds within commerce that, the local economic developers told me unanimously, could be repurposed to a higher and better use. So that is the nature of the bill. I think that this is a program that would benefit large areas of North Carolina without being a giveaway, there's a preference on page two line 35 for qualified business facilities located in rural or less developed areas of the state. However, we don't want to eliminate all tier three counties for example, because there are poor areas, less developed areas up areas within those counties, for example Brunswick County, I don't see representative Iler, is here today? He tells us frequently about the Brunswick county the tethary county that the western part is very poor so there's a preference for those areas without abandonment, I mean without actually saying, it cant be in tier three counties. Representative Blackwell may object the third rating for the purpose of, discussing an amendment on that subject, and if he does, then we'll take that up tomorrow that's the deal after our other sponsors that want to speak speak be glad to answer any questions. thank you Mr Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Columbus representing what [xx] speak on the bill the gentleman asked for to debate the bill.  Thank you Mr. Speaker ladies and gentlemen of the house. I thank Representative Stearn pretty much gave you all the technical details about the bill I'm going to give you a personal detail about the bill. In Columbus County, I represent Tier one county, Robeson county, Tier one county, Bletinson[sp?] Tier one county, I will move over into some of the other listing counties of Tier one countries I'll give you an example from Robeson County that just have recently where Sanderson's farm is going to build a large facility processing this facility and the accounting, which is going to be a game changer. They had the site ready for Sandson firm to come in, basically with infrastructure

in place, gasoline in place, water and sewer in place. Decided on [xx], we don't have a lot sites down there because of lack of money, to get those sites ready to go and we all know that they all have to be ready to go. So even though, this it all started out, and I thank Representative Jenna, representative Stan, Representative Martin, for all allowing me to be on there, as a corresponse. Even though there is no money in place I'm hopeful, beyond hope, that there'll be some money appropriated so that we will be able to not get a handout but actually a loan, the loan says and I think representative Tom said could go upto 15 years there based on your in payment based on your teer,  0% interest if your a teer one and I think one % or two % if your a teer one two or two or two or three' anyway I encourage you to vote in favor of this Bill and I thank you for your support. For what purpose does the gentleman from Mark representative Black will rise?   Mr speaker to speak on Bill, the gentleman has the floor to debate the bill Just want to say that I think this is an excellent bill, I think it's the way we ought to go about economic development there are protected actions for the state it guarantees it doesn't pick winners or looser I think in the way that some of our actions do, not to open all issues, I'm going to represent as Sam suggested object to third and have an amendment that I proposed to offer tomorrow which I hope will be acceptable to the sponsors but otherwise this is a great bill I think and I think we can make it better tomorrow with amendment Members just a quick pose a chair want to do a couple of recognition first of all we have another scotweord[s. P?] with us today from the downtown school in western sailer if you'd all stand so that we could welcome you it's quite to have you with us today and then the chairs to please extend the coutesies of the floor to former representative Jonathan Briand is at the back of the chamber there, Jon we're glad to have you here with us today. For what purpose does the gentlemen from Craving specialty rise? To pull my hair out and request to speak to the sponsor and ask him a question so the gentleman is recognized to submit a question to the gentleman from Wake. Does the gentleman from Wake yield to the gentleman's question? I do. He yields Is this a we're going to build it first and then we're going to try to find someone to occupy it type of thing? In most cases it will be had ready rather than a building. In other words, zoned utilities available, the reason it will protect us from the build it and-they'll come issue is that that the loan is from commerce. It's not totally locally driven so it has to be based on a strategic plan. So theoretically, that's possible, but the safeguards are in place here to make that highly unlikely. Speak on a Bill, Mr. Chairman. The gentleman from Craven has the floor to debate the bill. Well this is a close to a if we build it they will come. And I do want to pull my hair out because here we are once again getting involved in something we need to get involved in. We built a global transpark, they didn't come. We built a infrastructure there, they didn't come. County after county after county spent their own money on building infrastructure and they didn't come, so here we are once again, with another bill to spend money on an infrastructure to build something that we're going to guess this is what they need. We're going to pretend we know something. The counties are going to pretend they know something and it's going to end up being a failure. I've seen buildings built for a couple of million dollars and then sold for less that half of that several years later because they couldn't do anything with it. Nobody came. I don't need to stand here and discuss economics and how things work, but I'm sure everybody in this room understands,

that if we didn't spend money doing things like this, that we could lower our tax rate the people will be taxed less, there will be more money available for business, for spending, and that's how we grow the economy not by trying to take winners and losers and trying to guess what will work and what won't work. I'm asking you to vote against this thing. For what purpose does the gentleman from Robertson representative Gram has speak on the bill?  The gentlemen has the forward to debate the bill It's kind of hard to follow up on that that one. I'll tell you Mr. Speaker, but let me just say this, it's not even accounted, it's a. If you want a name, a teer one counties in the state your looking robberts and counties you got the jewel of teer one counties in the state. I want to thank the bill sponsors this is an outstanding bill an outstanding opportunity for teer one counties we're not asking for a hand out. We're asking for a hand up. In my county we have entrepreneurs. We have people who are excited and want to become part of the economy here in North Carolina, but they just don't have the means. So what this bill will actually do to my citizens in Robertson County is give them an opportunity. We can get in the game if we get the opportunity, and this bill does exactly that. I just want to encourage you members if your concerned about the economic development of this state, if your concerned about the economic development in tier one counties, vote for this bill. This an outstanding opportunity, and it gives hope to people who want to get in the game. Thank you. For what purpose does the lady from Wilson, Rep Martin, rise? To debate the bill. The lady has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I was very pleased to get on this as a primary sponsor. I know it came up some last the very end discussion and it intrigued me so I reach out to my economic development directors in the two counties I represent one Tier 1 and Tier 2 Wilson and Pike counties, and then throughout the development of this I was able to go back in force with them and also hear from other economic development directors and it's exciting because that's the areas where I've have been looking at all of the different tools you have in the toolbox. You may remember last session we had a bill that eliminated the eastern region when we re-structured our economic development organization, and we reached out to commerce and in the eastern region they had been collecting tag money and going to the regional economic development and so when we eliminated that, there was money in the bucket for economic development that had to be distributed back out to the counties. Both of my counties, Wilson and Pike counties said the most important thing that they can do, with that money that was now available to them was to have a shell building and they have both used it successfully to create a sight, but these are smart people who are professional economic developers, and we have now folks in place in commerce who really work in the rural areas who maybe don't have someone on staff so that we can provide guidance and tools. And then you have to turn those over to new businesses, and then you have also county investment and they are like, this is great. And our local governments are able to provide funds to support this but not in every community and this would really help. So by reaching out to those folks who are involved in the local area, they have come to us and said, this is one of the most important tools that we have for economic development. So I would encourage you to support the bill and support your communities. Thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Person, Rep. Yarborough, rise? To speak on the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. I have served on the EDC boards and as a county commissioner of a relatively poor county. And every year we get together with the experts and they say what you need is a shell building if we're going to get anything going in this county. And every year we get excited about it they would tell the county manager to put it in the budget. Then budget time rolls around and the school needs $8 million because it's a crisis. County manager says we only need $6 million. Okay, I guess the Shell building will be put off till next year. This too would make it possible for schools to get their money and do some economic development in some of these poor counties. I ask you to support this. Members the bill filling deadline that would close at four o'clock is going to go to five. I think [xx] the staff indicates they needed that extra hour.

So the deadline goes from four PM to five PM. For what purpose does the gentleman from Penda representative Millers rise? To debate the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Ladies and gentlemen I have the utmost respect for this vouch of this bill as well as for the intentions of all those who have spoken in favor of this bill. I hear members stand up time and time again and say I'm in a tier one county, and we just need this tool to help us to rise into prosperity. If you quite look back at the legislative record, it's probably been said over and over and over again. The problem is that we all keep promoting policies that keep our districts poor. This is a prime example of a promotion of a policy that actually does that. If we keep promoting these things, we're going to continue to have tier one and tier two and tier three areas. Let me explain. The bill is fine in the aspects that actually allows the promotion of public infrastructure. It was said that most cases this is going to be part ready, but if you look the bill itself, let me get the page here. Page two, go to the top. For qualifying in business facilities, ASEDs, new buildings, renovation to buildings, and upfitting buildings This is not just about part ready, this is not just about public moneys for public infrastructure, or public subsidization of loans at zero, one, and two percent for public infrastructure. This is about building buildings, ladies and gentleman you're creating the Ministry of Industrial Development. Congratulations. I mean this is Corizon[sp?] false demand, market saturation. The reason why the you don't build it and expect them to come is because the risk of building something that is not going to be utilized is absolutely economically irresponsible, but what we're doing is, we're actually promoting that by way of setting sign of finite fund. Then all of our counties have to compete against each other to get to into that finite fund in order to get subsidized loans that actually build, buildings by way of the Ministry of Industrial Development. I'm all about creating economic developments. I'm all about giving this individuals tools, but this tools go way further than respect for the citizens and their tax dollars. Yes, he can developers want it, Yes, all this local governments want it, but the citizen is actually the one who's losing on this by losing opportunity calls for them to decide how spend a little money. I'm all about promoting public infrastructure, I'm all about having our stay poise ready to expand existing business and also to attract new business, but this goes way too far. If this bill will take out the aspects of building, builidings and get back to public infrastructure, I will be supportive. I cannot vote for this bill, I respect the members, I respect the proponents but this ladies and gentlemen is a bad move, and if you want to rise up and say, " I want to create jobs for my district. " That's one thing, but stop promoting principles that keep your citizens for further discussions for the debate, if not the question for the house is the passage of  the house bill 108 on the second reading, those in favor will vote I, those who oppose will vote note no, the court will open the vote. Representative Tobbit[sp?], does the gentleman wish to record on this vote? court will lock the machine and record the vote 90 having voted in the affirmative and 25 in the negative. House bill 108 passes second reading, and will without objections be read a third time General Simmons of North Carolina re-enact further discussions, further debate. Mr. Speaker so what purpose does the General from [xx] represent [xx] To see if we can either move third reading to [xx]. Without objection the bill will be removed from from today's calendar and the third reading will be placed on Mars calendar, his objection, [xx] order. House bill 127, the clerk will read. Representative Stan, Jackson and Bryan, house bill 127 appears to be in time of act to modify the measure of damages in action initiated by the department transportation to revive every interest on a DOT kind of the mission all shall repay from the day take them into day of judgement is paid to authorize a defender such an action to recover timeless fees and cost of the judgment exceed deposit by

25% or more and to revive that the department transportation shall sent any re-correction notice requirement by our Federal Law failed within a specified period of time, [xx] will not run [xx]. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake, Representative Stim rise? To speak on the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Mr. Speaker, members of the house this changes some of the ways that the condemnation is done for roads and highways. I'm a supporter of more road building. Actually I hope we have a bond for more rope buildings, but if we're going to build more ropes we build more fair with land owners on how we take their property. This bill does not deal with the map act which is dealt with the other bills. it does feel with the process by which land is condemned and I will just take you through it briefly and it addresses some of the ways in which current law was not really that fair. Section one puts the measure of damages in a condemnation more than the way that it's done with cities and counties and private condemn lords when they're taking property for their purposes. In other words, when DOT, let's say DOT takes 100 acres for some big project. Out of a tract that's 300 acres, they can come up with an appraisal that says we owe, we took 100 of your acres, but we don't owe you anything, zero, zilch, nada, because the 200 of your acres will now be worth more than the 300 that was there before. Well we just shouldn't take people's property and pay them nothing. So this goes back to, section one goes back to the way that cities and counties and private condemners like Duke Energy or whoever takes property infringements. Section two was passed by this house two years ago. Can you imagine if you were paying off your loan at the bank and they sent you a statement that says, "Representative Cleveland, to pay off your loan, you now owe us $10, 022. " I used him as an example because he's at that age where he has almost paid it off. But he waits for a year and then send $10, 022. And the bank is going to say, there is another year's interest, George. And he says, "Well, D. O. T doesn't do that. DOT doesn't pay interest after the judgement is awarded. " So this just says they pay interest till they pay, which is sort of normal, you would think. Section three is pretty much like a section that pastors house two years ago, dealing with this problem. In a kind of nation the land owner  almost always losses, even if the land owners gets a big verdict because a good settlement, because by definition, the settlement is just a fair market in the property. But they have to first of all they're going to have to pay capital gains of what they sold unless they invested in a like [xx] exchange, for those of you who know stages or/and to get a just and reasonable settlement well, they're going to have to hire Appraisals, and Engineers, and Math makers, and Lawyers just to get there, therefore almost by definition they lose because they eat that expense, there are a couple of situations in current law where they do vandal is reimbursed for their expenses, and those are in second pages of bill lines eight through ten and this just adds another one and that is, if DOT lowballs the initial deposit by 25% by the deposit, by 25% or more. Now in committee we change that and it's not just the initial deposit but also DOT will have an opportunity during the progress of the case to raise their deposit as more appraisals come in as they see the appraisals by the land owner and so, therefore it's only triggered if the final judgement exceeds demand of the deposit including additional deposits made at least six months before verdict. And in that case then they would get attorney's fees and in considering what attorney's fees

are reasonable the judge would consider if the parties have cooperated in giving their appraisals to each other and that kind of thing. Finally section four deals with the problem if the land owner lives on the property or has a business on the property under and if the condemnation is being funded by federal money partially or wholly then they have to be given 90 days to get out. But sometimes [xx] will give that 90 days notice way before they file suit. Well the land owner doesn't get the money to move until the suit is filed and they can get to withdraw the money and that usually takes a week or two to get the money. So what this is they have 90 days after the filing of the suit to move so that they can then get the money and then have the money to move in some cases just to buy another farm or buy another house and I think that the effect of that is [xx] will just have to file in suit so a month or two earlier than they had been planning to do. So I encourage you to vote for the bill is because I love the D. O. T that this is a warm embracive D. O. T I want them to do right so that I can vote for more money form. Somebody tell secretary [xx] there invite your questions after other sponsors have had a chance to apply on the bill. For what purpose does the gentleman form [xx] represent [xx] to debate the bill the gentleman has floored to debate the bill I'm going to ask everyone to go on a quick journey with me if you'd turn to your desktop and you look at the related documents, there is a fiscal note attached to this bill. I'd ask you to pull out that fiscal that is attached to this bill and scroll to page five of the fiscal note that is attached to this bill. Here's what happens when you get there, you realize in the third, four, fifth and every year they are after, this takes millions, one million in fiscal year 18, 3.3 million in fiscal year 19, 8 million in fiscal year 20, God knows what fiscal year 30, out of our road funding project to get to the land owner. No, that goes to attorneys. We're going to take money out of roads and give it to attorney so they can sue us?   So what purpose does the gentleman from [xx] Representative Jackson Ross Inquiry to the Chair The gentleman may state his inquiry Is it too late to change committee chairmanships? Actually I think the deadline is tomorrow cast the floor to debate the bill Thank you Mr Speaker I'd encourage all my colleagues to vote in favor of this bill, it is very similar to the bill passed last session of the it was 110-1, the one member who voted against is no longer here, that might be omen Representative Chittah[sp?]. This will only happen fiscal impact if D. O. T doesn't change it's ways, I heard this, D. O. T will stop beIing unfair to your [xx] if they take your property and if they do that there'll be no provision for anybody in the world to turn his face, and this Bill will cost us nothing and it's among the representative [xx] and some others to [xx] this bill true belief that it will in fact save the state money over the long term, so I hope you will vote for the bill.  For what purpose does as the gentleman from Mecklenburg Representative Bryan rise. Speak to the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you Mr Speaker, I'll just say in being brief as quarter of the bill and as a lawyer, maybe I'm like the other sponsors who make zero money off anything like this. A couple of things, this really should incentivize as Representative Jackson said, D. O. T to make fair offers to folks in a more timely manner. This would really save money if it works, like we hope it will and this will really cause offers that are fair to go out to landowners. So that's where the money is going to actually go to landowners pockets. This past jay four[sp?] unanimously just for those who are interested. I hope you'll support the bill. For what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg Representative Gider[sp?] rise? To debate the bill second time. The gentleman has the floor to the bill second time. Three primary sponsors, Skip Stan, Dan Jackson, Rob Ryan, all attorneys. They are arguing that the

fiscal note presented by our non-partisan fiscal staff is wrong and they are right. They are arguing, as you just heard my friend say this is going to landowners. That's funny, because in the fiscal note, $1.02 million of the $1.04 million goes to the attorneys not to the land owners to attorney's, and not to potholes in your neighborhood, the 3.3 million 3.30 of the 3.3 million in fiscal year 19 goes to attorney's fees, not to land owners not to pot holes, DOT opposes this bill anybody who wants good roads in this state should oppose this bill. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake representative rise, To speak second time. Gentleman has authority to debate the bill second time. I hope you will look at the fiscal note because you'll find several things, first of all in almost every case, the fiscal shares that the settlement exceeds the 25% threshold, now what is that telling you? That's telling you telling that DOT almost always lobbies the property owners, why do they go to a lawyer? Do people go to lawyers because they want to pay money? No they go the lawyers because they've been [xx] they think that the offer is at all close to what it should be, they'll settle with DOT at a reasonable amount, but it's because they're being [xx] that this happens. In my opinion this bill will reduce the need for most land owners to even go to an attorney. For what purpose does the gentleman from Gastown represent at Forbidras[SP?]? Mr Speaker thank you speaker on the year bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill? I sit there and listen unless Representative Gider make some great comments, listen to Representer Stan make some great comments, and couple of other attorneys in the room also made similar comments. And we addressed it before this, they make it sound that DOT is this mad, crazed, evil beast out there, I just want to remind the people this value that last time I checked DOT doesn't print money, or make money, or anything, but any money they got to pay anybody with or anything pretty much comes from tax payers, and so when you're referencing the evil of Department Transportation, when you're referencing low balling, when you're referencing these evils that you're saying that your department of transport year, cause you are in charge department of transportation daily, I think you are saving number one both a bad perhaps what you need to say is that the evidence the DOT promote at this time maybe not five or 10 years to go, but this time is more of a fair of equitable process that benefits the tax payers on both sides. Whether basic taxes that are paid to the General Assembly through fees and fines and gas taxes and whatever, but still tax-payer's money that DOT has as well as the tax payers that have the properties that the authority has to deal with when making roads or building roads. So I take personal offence actually when I hear this body talk about this big evil monster thing called department of Transportation and some of the what sounds to be vicious and your will that this is the systems of this state, North Carolina, and the reason I take personal objection in that is because we're here to make sure that doesn't happen and we're in control of that. So that's a reflection when I hear that from our, type of reflections of me, and everyone in this room so I just wish that we could be a little bit more guard on our language we should be a little bit more open and honest with our conversations and if you bring here when we talk about [xx] from now on I'm going to actually present proof fabrication and validate this open air of remarks that you make so candidly and comically on the floor. Thank you, Mr. Speaker For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake, Representative Jackson arise State the second time Gentleman has the floor to debate the bill a second time Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I just want to talk to my colleague Representative Jader in the back, and just tell him rest assured that the attorney's get paid either way when they take the case, they take at a percentage of what whenever

they increased the value of the offer. The question is who is going to bear that burden? The property owner who is supposedly just be made whole and they then going to have to take 25% out of their pockets in order to pay the attorney or D. O. T and as far as the low ballingmaybe that's not the appropriate term to use, but I think there is not in dispute that every judgement exceeded the deposits made in the last year, so that's not me telling you they're low balling that's jury's [xx] this entire state telling you the D. O. T didn't make a fair offer to this people. I'm hopeful that D. O. T will look at this and say, okay let's make sure we have good appraisal's, representative Stan has made numerous changes as to this bill to give D. O. T a chance along this spectrum of litigation to look at the land owners appraisal and say, you know what, you are right. We didn't consider that, we are going to increase our offer if they do that, they won't be responsible for attorney's fees I'd ask you to support the bill. For what purpose does the gentleman from cumberland[sp?] representative Glazier arise. To speak on the bill Mr speaker. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you very much Mr. Speaker and I rise to support the bill in representative [xx] but to give a little bit different I don't practive law anymore at all actually I teach and so it's fine, but I never practiced in this area so I have no case law or case experience to talk about as it relates to condemnation other than what we hear and what we see I have however whether we're talking 10 years ago or 5 years ago, not been around the court house in any court house where there is a feeling a perception that fair offers are made with irregularity and so whether that's true or not is a matter of opinion but that perception exists everywhere that I've ever been on these issues transcending administrations. That having been said, I want to speak to the Representative Jenna's point which appears on its face to be a good one on the fiscal note. The argument that's been made here is exactly one that was played out about seven years ago on a different bill. That bill which this body ended up passing by large margin was to create a little less immunity for state government agencies when they are tort visas where public officials are involved in that. And the immediate argument that state agencies I might add including DOT but the Attorney General's office made was well, this bill in our fiscal note prepared for our staff is going to cost the state $31 million if we get rid of this immunity. And my response when I thought about it half scarcastically but half true was well, if your stop committing torts it really won't cost you that amount. And that amount is based on an assumption we have a lot of people doing wrong things. And the Attorney General and the agency sort of backed off that argument, and we ended up passing that bill that it's has got rid of some immunity because of our belief that we owe an obligation to our citizens, including those citizens, where we are involved as the government in either taking something from them or in that case harming them in some way. And the net result of course is, that the $31 million that our staff came up with, was predicated on agency information on worst case scenario, that was given to our staff because that's all they can go off of.  And we passed the bill and some many years later, we all see the budgets it hadn't cost the state at all $30 million, in fact it's costed very little. Some more citizens have gotten more justice, and the fiscal note made incomplete based on the information given it by the given by the agency turned out to be incredibly wrong, because its predicting future behaviour based on past law and past cases which The Bill itself is trying to change. I think Representative Stan and representative Jackson in that capacity are absolutely right, I don't think this notice is going to out at all. I don't have any problem in how it got there, and I agree that if it were to play out it's a real issue but I think it simply like that was seven years ago. Agency is trying to their best to say what might happen in the worst case, but the worst case is absolutely the opposite of what this bill is trying to do. For that reason and because I think they're right, I'm going to be voting for the bill and I encourage other members to do so. Thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Gaston, Representative Bob Goodlatte rise? Thank you Mr. Speaker, to speak on the bill.

The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill What can be the problem when property owners have their property condemned and taken by the state that they be compensated for that, I fail to see a problem with that. and I fail to see a problem in having clearly defined rules pertaining to that. So that property owners are fairly and justly compensated for their property being taken. I have a constituent in Gaston County, a man I know personally who had exactly what Representative Stern said happened to him, he had a piece of land that was taken for a highway and after the highway was built, he got zero money and compensation because the DOT at the time, and this was a long time ago, the DOT said that your property that's left is now worth more than it was before we built the road so we don't owe you any compensation, and he didn't give any. So I don't a problem with this bill and and I would urge you to vote in favor. For what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg, Representative Bryan arise? Can I speak briefly to the Bill a second time?   Gentleman has the floor to debate the Bill a second time. Thank you speaker just a thought on Representative [xx] at this point. Representative [xx] I think you actually make a valid point. We're going to be careful about how we talk about the D. O. T process, and I do want to say since the appraisals were done, violated to Representative [xx] not by D. O. T one thing we do in this Bill that makes the process more open and honest is, if a land donor gets an appraisal, that could actually be reverted to D. O. T and actually help create a faster reasonable settlement and to whatever Aneil[sp?] said actually, hopefully not cost us more money and get the correct amount of money to land owner for the value of their property so I hope you'll support the bill. further discussion, further debate on the house committee substitute for House Bill 127. Seeing none those who favor the passage of the house committee substitute for House bill 127, will vote 'I', those oppose will vote 'No' the court will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. With 102 having voted in the affirmative and eight in the negative, House Committee Substitute for House Bill 127 has passed it's second reading and will, without objections, be read a third time. General Assembly of Northern California enacts. Further discussion, further debate on House Committee Substitute for House Bill 127? Seeing none, those who favor the passage of House Committee Substitute for House Bill 127 will say aye. Those opposed will say no. In the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it and the House Committee Substitute for House Bill 127 has passed to expand reading and will be sent to the senate, house bill 255 clerk will read it. Representatives Brody, Riddell, Cotham and Watford, House Bill 255, a Bill to be entitled an act to reform building code enforcement to promote economic growth by confirming work in progress, inspection authorities is recently an act of inspection limitation by requiring the Building Core Council to study the ultimate methods approve boxes that clarifying the definition of official misconduct for court officials by raising the threshold requirements the jury permits by creating a building called Council of Residential Core Committee and the Building Core Committee by acquiring internet hosting on certain council decisions and interpretations, are clearly finding inspection fee collected by cities and counties, may only be used as a part of inspection departments and by requiring that the inspection be performed in full and timely manner, bank inspection report include all items failing to meet the code requirements. General symbol of North Carolina AMEX for what purpose does the gentlemen from the Union representative Rodeo rise? Mr. Speaker, to debate the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill.  So members, I've been working on this bill for quite a long time, probably close to a year and a half and when I started on this project I wanted to seek the answer to a real I felt a compelling question, and  that

is if we have one uniform building code within North Carolina why do we have so many different interpretations from jurisdiction to jurisdiction? And to just to give you an idea of how extensive that variation is. We have 513 separate  Building Code jurisdictions in North Carolina and each one makes the claim that they can interpret the building code the way they pretty much the way they wish. So we started out with this bill, and I'm just going to go through it pretty briefly if anybody has any questions certainly at the end we'll attempt to answer that. It comes in seven parts. Part one is just a clarification of House Bill 120 from last session and what we're doing is basically clarifying that the Municipalities are allowed to do as many what we call re-inspections as necessary but the hospital itself said that they are limited to seven specific and basic constructions. Part two is a study but it's a very extremely important study. Most industries probably every industry in this state has the ability to add methods, designs and new products to their business. And all that obstacle we have is generally just the cost of the improvement. When you're dealing with Building Industry, a lot of these things in fact most of them have to go through the Building Code Council and have to become part of the Code. So this study just basically is going to setup methods to streamline an operation so we can modernize in the construction industry as quickly as everyone else can. Part three is a clarification of the official misconduct for court officials. And they list six specific items. I want you to know that there is no new law here. This is all clarification of already existing potential violations. Part four is simply to raise the threshold necessary for a permit from $5, 000 to $15, 000. The $5, 000 number was developed probably somewhere in the 1970's, hasn't been updated at all. Basically, if you want to repaint the interior of your house, it will cost you more than $5, 000, but there really is no need for a permit for that and there is no need for inspection for that. So we raised it up enough to where you can cover pretty much of the general re-modelling that a person might want to do. Part five is creating two sub-committees within the building code council, the building codes councillors is the overall governing body for building codes, and what we are doing is we are creating a residential building code counts as sub-committee and the commercial building code sub-committee.commercial building and residential building are becoming more and more unique and this will allow the individual codes to be developed amongst the specific group. Everything that comes out of the sub-committees will have to go to the full committee which is listed on the sheet on day four. part six is probably the most important part of this bill, and this is allowing the building court council to post all or certain requirements on their website, and this will include appeals, decisions, interpretations, and variations of the court as well as the commentaries on the court. What we're attempting to do is get this information out to the contractors, the home owners, and the building inspectors. A lot of conflict can be resolved by having this information, often this information is the part of the conflict and it can be resolved. It's going to be extremely important for the modernization of the construction industry. Part seven is inspection fees to be spent only for activities of the inspection department. What were the policy we're going to do, put an end to where building inspection departments become cash generators for the city or munispality of the county

these activities, or this money can only spent for the activities of the inspection permit in the administration of that department. And lastly section eight is we're asking the inspections to be performed in a timely manner and inspection reports to include all items failing to meet code. Basically  what we're asking the inspector to do is when they go out for inspection they do a complete inspection in other words they grade the test completely before they leave. This is pretty much a situational item that we brought up where some building inspection departments will only look for a couple of items and then they will stop the inspection and say finish those and then call me later, that's what the bill is and Mr. Speaker we do have a couple amendments. For what purpose does the gentlemen from Union, Representative Arthur arise? Set forth an amendment. Gentleman is recognized to send forward his amendment the clerk will read. Representative Arthur moves to amend the bill on page six, line six by deleting the word eight and substituting with the words nine. The gentleman from Union has the floor to explain his amendment. Thank you Mr. Chairman and I want to thank the bill sponsors and the supporters for working with me regarding the various aspects it's been a very collaborative effort, thanks. What this amendment does is just with you've heard Representative Brody mention the fact that the two subcommittees of the Building Code Council are created inadvertently left off the general contractor from the Building Code and that's a pretty important one to have on the Building Code subcommittee and this is what that does. I heard your support on making a motion for adoption or whatever for what purpose does the gentleman from Union, representative Broody arise? To debate the amendment. Gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment.  Just let everybody know that we really have no objections to this. It was pretty much an oversight. Further discussion, further debate on amendment one sent forth by Representative Arc seeing none those in favor of the amendment sent forward by Representative Arc will vote aye those opposed will vote no the clerk will open the vote. The clerk will lock the machine and record the vote with 109 having voted in the affirmative and one in the negative, the amendment is adopted. Further discussion further debate on the bill was amended for what purpose does the gentleman from Dunelm representative Rookie arise To speak on the bill? The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. Members this is a long bill and easy to not follow very closely because it seems pretty mundane and everything seems just  fine, but I want to draw your attention on page five to the Residential Code Committee which is new, it's created in this bill and I want to draw your attention particularly in addition to lines 37-41 because they're the five members of the residential code committee are listed. And the concern I have about the bill is one that was raised in the finance committee this morning, by a fire service representative. and where I'm going is I think with this just to let you know just to get to the end of the story, is I think we ought to have a fire service representative in this residential code council camp on [xx] accord committee. The reason is this, the fire service representatives said, that there's an increase in fires, compared to 10 years ago on a pro capita basis. He also said again that most of the fires occur in residential homes,  in residences and he asked therefore why there wasn't a representative of a fire services on the residential code committee. And in my judgement there was no satisfactory answer given to the fire service representative he spoke from public representing the organization. And so at this point I

would ask Representative Brady[sp?] if he would explain why he wouldn't want to accept an amendment to expand the residential code, county of committee from five to six so that there could be a fire service representative bond there, if you would sir,  Does the [xxx] Doe the gentleman from Darol, pose an inquiry to the [xxx]  Yes sir, that there is an inquiry  Does the gentleman from Uniod Union yield to the gentleman from Darol?  Yes I do, Mr. Speaker The general may state his inquiry Yes, sir [xxx] [xxx] you heard my remarks and also concerns I expressed and several other members of the finance committee expressed this morning about, the fire service representative not being on the residential code and this has come up, I thought we're going to have time till tomorrow and I there was a request that we hear it today, and so we are. But my question is, what is the problem with having a fire service representative on the residential code committee? Representative Luki[sp?], you've kind of jumped ahead of me here a little bit. I have an amendment that we were going to offer and I tried to squeeze it in but you got ahead of me. If you would make me do, offer the amendment and maybe that would help and if it doesn't help, then we can come back to the question. And if we can Mr Speaker, I saw no buttons on and no lights on and I dashed to get my light on and so I'm happy to yield to Representative Grady. Thank you sir. For what purpose has the gentleman from union, Representative Brody arise? To send forth and amendment. The gentleman is recognized to send forward and amendment the clerk will read.  Representative Brody moves to amend the bill on page 692 by adding the following lines at the end of the line. Representative Brody is recognized to explain the amendment. Thank you Mr Speaker. At the finance committee today, we did address that issue, attempted to address that issue. And right now, there is a fire service person on the building Code Council, and what we did was the amendment says that whatever the sub committee would recommend that the total, to the Building Code Council those members on the Building Code Council will have the opportunity to accept, reject, or amend the recommendations. So if there's a particular fire issue dealing with something then I think at that point if they can address it. You got to put some of the fire code in perspective of the talk and the Finance Committee was, yes we do have longer spans, we have Engineers Lambert and the likes, but when those issues come before the Building Code Council they tend to address those, and the fire issues related to it. There's really not a necessity they have a fire code official on the residential board. The other thing I want to make real clear is that, fire safety is really important in the one and two family residential. I know as a builder in particular I spent a lot of time reviewing and going over my by framing to make sure that the fire code is addressed in here so at this point I guess I would say there really isn't any need for a fire code official on this small committee. They do have the ability to recommend and amend, but because there is one on the full committee, the Biblical council. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Members the chair is showing two members that were seeking recognition prior to the amendment, do those members wish to speak on the amendment, for what purpose lady from Zurich representing Stevens rise? Thank you Mr. Speaker. I've been a little cantankerous today, but I didn't mean to vote no on the Arc amendment. I'd like to be recorded as voting yes. The lady from Zurich will be recorded having voted aye on amendment one from Rep. Arp. What purpose does the gentleman from Onslow, Rep. Shepard, arise? Thank you Mr. Chair to speak about the bill and the amendment, if I could with Representative Brody. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. Representative Brody also received a call just a little while ago from my fire marshal and his concern is also about not having a fire person on the board. Are you to that, or are you not receptive to that? Because I would like to object the third reading until we make sure that this is okay with the fire officials at the state if we could. Does the gentleman from Oslo propose that as a question to the gentleman from the union. Well it was a question for him to see if will be re-sent over there of an amendment that would a five-person

on the board, I think I understood you to say that you want that you didn't think it was necessary does the gentleman from union yield to the question? I yield to the question that you just asked. Okay. The gentleman may respond. If the gentleman would just wait, we have an amendment that's going to be presented that may address that issue. Thank You. For what purpose does the gentleman from Lincoln, Representative Sain[sp?] rise? To move the amendment at the desk. The gentleman has recognised the sent forth the amendment, the clerk will read. [xx]  Sorry, sorry, looks like we have the Brody The amendment by Representative Brody before the house. For what purpose does the gentleman from Rutherford Representative Hagger[sp?] rise? Speak on amendment. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr Speaker. Representative Brody got it right. If you guys look at the hierarchy that he's outlined in the bill, you have a residential building code council, and then you have a larger building code council. The fire codes that have been referenced here, are generic really between the commercial side, and the residential side. Those type of generic activities are handled at the building code council level, the long span are the same in commercial as they are in residential, so all those generic activities are handled at the upper building council. Everything rolls up to those guys. The unique features of residential building, the way I understand Representative Brody and this amendment and the bill itself will be handled in the residential code. These fire codes we are talking about all the spans and new materials are both generic to residential and commercials. I think Representative Brody has a right on this and I would recommend voting yes on the amendment Further discussion for the debate on the amendment? If not the question before the house is the passage of amendment two offered by Representative Brody, those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no, the clerk will open the vote. Corporal lock the machine to record the vote, 106 having voted in the affirmative and three in the negative the amendment is adopted. Now for what purpose does the gentleman from Lincoln representative Stain[sp?], Thank you Mr. Speaker to move the amendment at the desk the gentleman is recognized to send forth the amendment the corporeal Representative Sane moves to amend the bill on like page five line 37 by deleting the word five and substituting the word six. The gentleman from the Lincoln has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker as you can see on the dash board the amendment seeks to rectify the debate that we have today, it has a fire service representative to that board and as a simple amendment after talking this morning with the finance commitee with representatives from the fire service I think this is a solution to a minor problem and we'll take care this for you, appreciate your support. Further discussion for the debate on the amendment for what purpose does the gentleman from Durham representative Leaky rise. Thank you Mr. Speaker on the amendment exactly what I was asking for representative Sane and so thank you for setting it up. Representative Brody I appreciate your hard work on the bill very much I appreciate your acceptance to this amendment I'm hoping you will accept it, thank you For our purpose does the general from gas Does the amendment offer a question Does the offer from Lincoln yield to the gentlemen on rise I do Mr. Speaker a couple of questions thank you representative Sane, you're currently a volunteer farmer is that correct? That's correct So you would probably follow Mr. Speaker Does the gentleman yield to a second question? I yield From that capacity could you explain to me maybe some of the benefits a fire person would have as being on that board as opposed to perhaps what negatives would be for a fire person be on the board, Let me first speak on the negatives, thank you Mr. Speaker first speak the negatative I dont believe that their is nessarry a negatives or maybe some differnces of opinion which I think is healthy, but having someone from the fire service understanding building codes and knowing what could happen in case of a fire and how construction maybe better siuted or obstacles that come into our way or other things that may present opportunities for fire to spread, I think it would be wise to add a fire representative to the board. Final follow-up Mr. Speaker Does the gentleman from Lincoln yield to a second question? Third question if he yields Yes Some years back, there was a concern about residential housing being required to have in-house sprinkler systems for fire retention [xx] of

if a fire should it break out, would that be, from a fireman's position, would that be a good thing for residential homes or would that be a too prices are too costly for residential homes.  Mr. Speaker Senator Broward, thank you for the question obviously water added to fire doesn't put out fire, as to whether or not that what ramifications should be there are other things to consider. I don't think one way or the other making certain decisions fire representatives would certainly be in favor of many ways you could retard the fire, but at the same time it could cause the cost of homes to escalate they're expensive, but this really isn't addressing this amendment and this would simply just put, someone on the board with some expertise in the fire service. Thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from union representing Brody rise speak on the amendment. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendment.  I'm going to ask everyone to support this amendment, there's a lot of things behind the scene but at this point, let's get past that and, let's put the gentleman or the lady, whoever is going to be representing the fire service on this board, and we'll deal with that at another time. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Further discussion, further debate on the amendment, if not, question for the house is the passage of amendment three, set forth by representative saying, those in favor will vote aye, those opposed will vote no the clerk will open the vote. Representative Speshali[sp?], does the gentleman wish to record on this phone? Corporal Ackmeshin[sp?] recorded the vote. 108 having voted in the affirmative and 2 in the negative. The amendment is adopted. We are now back on the bill as amended. further discussion, further debate. If not, the question before the house is the passage of house bill 255 on its second reading. Those in favor will vote I those opposed will vote no clerk will open the vote. Clerk will let the machine record the vote. 105 having voted in affirmative five in the negative, house bill 255 passes its second reading and will without objection be read a third time. General Assembly of North Carolina next. Further discussion, further debate, if not the question for the house is the passage of house bill 255 on its third reading. Those in favor will say I, opposed will say no, the Is have it and house bill 255 will passes its third reading will be sent to the senate. And the amendments are ordered engrossed. House bill 303 the clerk will read. Representatives Horn Davys Stevens house bill 303 built to the entire act to amend the law regarding immediate settlement policies and spirit court mediation and district court domestic cases, and the regulation of mediators to establish dispute resolution problems for moneys collect to the existing administrative fees, certification of mediators and mediation training programs and to make it unlawful to and foster and represent one step as a certified mediator to Boston represent a mediator training program as certified some. For what purpose does the gentleman from Union representative Hone rise? Debate the bill. The gentleman has afforded to make the bill. Thank you Mr Speaker, ladies and gentlemen in the house, this bill passed out the finances this morning the unanimous vote and so I want to quickly review this bill fundamentally does three things. It punishes folks that falsely represent themselves for all their programs to be certified. Secondly, it allows the dispute resolution commission to issues ceasing to sit orders and fines for those that violate the ceasing to sit order, and thirdly it allows us dispute resolution fund to be retained to a rather, allows the dispute resolution panel to retain the monies from renewal fees in order to support it's own operations. In the past these funds have often been hijacked by well maybe hijacks a little aservic[Sp?] so let's say used by other agencies for their purpose this clears all that up and ladies and gentlemen I appreciate your support. Further discussion for the debate. If not the question for the house is the passage house bill

303 on a second reading those in favor aye those oppose will vote no the clerk will open the vote. corporate machine record the vote 112 having voted in the affirmative and non in the negative house bill 303 passes its second reading without objection. [xx]  further discussion further debate. If not the question for the house is passage of House Bill 303 on its third reading those in favor say I, those opposing say No, the I's have it. House Bill 303 passes its third reading and it will be sent to the Senate, house bill 356 representatives the court will representatives [xx], Collins and Waren house bill 356 are built to the entire act of to clarify [xx] [xx] reserve to set [xx] and statute and to allow the commission to raise [xx] [xx] [xx] general Representative [xx]   for what purpose does the gentleman from union [xx] To debate the bill. The gentleman asked for the debate of the bill. This passed unanimously and House and Finance are urging your support. And that was the best bill explanation all day, further discussion further debate if not the question for the house is the passage of House Bill 356. to our second reading, those in favor will vote Aye, those opposed will vote No the clerk will open the vote. Clerk will lock the machine record the vote, 112 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative. House bill 356 passes its second reading and will remain on the calendar. Representatives Elmo, Horn and Johnston recognizes sent forth the committee report, the clerk will read. Representatives Elmo, Horn and Johnston, education 10 through 12 committee report, house bill 237 educational plans transitives and plants favorable committee substitute on favor original bill Committee substitute counter original bill, unfavorable counter. Representatives Broody and McNeil are recognized to send forth two committee reports, the clerk will read. Representatives Brody and McNeil education committee college committee report, house bill 390 both for county CC Washington County in favor of committee substitute on favorite original bill committee substitute counter original bill, unfavorable counter Representatives Brody and Mcneal, the education committee and colleges house bill 393 Truck county community board of trustees favorable [xx] representative has been [xx] and Rose recognize sent forth the committee report, clerk will read. Representative Mcneal and Ross, pinches[sp?] the retirement committee report, house bill 301, SG favorable Committee Substitute [xx] bill we refer to appropriations. Original bill favorable counter committee substitutes is referred to the committee of appropriations. Notices and announcements. One more committee report Representatives Mcneal and Ross recognize the fourth committee report Clerk will read. Representatives McNeal and Ross, features a retirement committee report, house bill 555 probation parole officers retirement, favorable to be referred to appropriations. Bills referred to appropriations. House bill 277, retirements ministrations changes act of 2015-AV, favorable committee substitute in favor of original bill 20 substitute counter of original bill, on favorable calender. Down, notice is announcements. For what purpose does the gentlemen from Rutherford Representative Hager rise? Announcement. Gentleman has the floor for an announcement. Thank you Mr. Speaker, republicans will caucus in the morning 9 A. M, in room 544. For what purpose does the gentleman from Rockingham Representative Jones rise? For an announcement Gentleman has the floor for an announcement. Thank you Mr Speaker. Two announcements. The legislative prayer caucus will meet tomorrow morning at 7.30 A. M in room 414 and the elections committee will make 15 minutes after session in room 544 For what purpose does the gentleman from Alamach[sp?], Representative Rawls rise. Thank you Mr Speaker, I'd like to be recorded as voted yes on the Brody amendment 25582  Did the court get that? Gentleman would be self recorded. For what purpose does the gentleman from Gliford representative Hastert rise To make an announcement.

Gentleman has the floor for an announcement. Thank you Mr Speaker, the house ABC committee will meet tomorrow morning 11 A. M in room 423 For what purpose does the gentleman from Dam representative Hall rise Announcement Gentleman asks for an announcement Thank you Mr. Speaker. The house Democratic Code submitted at 9:00 A. M and 1425 hours. Question Mr Speaker, what time is session tomorrow? Session will be at 2 P. M. Tomorrow. OK well house democratic committee will meet at  1 P. M tomorrow For what purpose does the gentleman from Robeson, Rep. Graham, rise? Announcement. The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. The [xx] group will meet tomorrow afternoon 15 minutes after session in room 1425. For what purpose does the gentleman from Mecklenburg, Rep. Bradford, rise? A moment of personal privilege. The gentleman is recognized to speak to a moment of personal privilege. The Friday before Thanksgiving I had the privilege of going out on a ride along with North Carolina State Trooper Dana Bowen out of Mecklenburg County and the H-troop of State Troopers Organization. And I will tell you if you have not taken the time to with a state trooper from your district, I absolutely encourage you to do that. State Trooper Bowen is particularly special because he decided later in life at the age of 35 to become a state trooper. That's a very competitive field, and I enjoyed my time at immensely. We issued three citations for speeding. And while you think about state troopers and issuing tickets, what you don't think about are the accidents that these guys have to work and they often serve as the first notification to parents for their children who have died in a car wreck, so there's a lot to a state trooper other than just issuing traffic tickets. But I urge you to please contact to your state trooper, district if you will, and go out with these guys, it is a phenomenal time and you will learn a lot and you will have a little fun along the way. Thank you Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Nash Representative Collins rise? For an announcement. Gentleman has the floor for an announcement. Members of the state personnel committee you should have gotten two emails today we finally have a slot to meet in tomorrow, the public utilities committee is not meeting so state personnel committee will meet tomorrow one o'clock in room 643 we have every bill that's been stacked up in our committee to hear tomorrow, so make sure you're there, thanks. For what purpose does the lady from Franklin representative Richards rise. Thank you Mr. Speaker for a moment, a personal privilege. The lady may speak to a point of personal privilege. Just wanted to stand and remind everyone that tomorrow delta sigma theta sorority women will be here to visit with you, and we certainly hope you will enjoy their questions and entertain their advocacy, we appreciate you indulge with them, thank you very much. Further notices and announcements, The clerk has announcements clerk [xx] House committee on wildlife resources will meet on Wednesday April 15th at 2.00 PM in room 423 LOB Tomorrows session will be at 2 P. M the gentleman from [xx] Representative Mallone is recognized for an announcement. Tomorrow one o'clock wildlife, we're changing it from two o'clock to one o'clock. For the notices and announcements, members before I recognize Representative Louis, it is the Chairman's intent tomorrow to particularly bills that don't have much controversy to do as we did today to have those added in so take a look at the bills going through the committee tomorrow, give the advance notice, we will try to add those, we're going to try to dispose of a lot of bills as much as we can we're approaching crossover and the more we can dispose off this week, by makes next week a little more bearable, so that's the intent of the chair. Further notices and announcements, for what purpose does the gentleman from Harnett Representative Louis rise?

For an announcement has the floor for an announcement. Mr. Speaker the committee on rules counting on operations of the house will meet tomorrow at 1:30 we will be considering house bill 259 short title, General Government Technical Corrections. Further notices and announcements, if not the gentleman from Harnett is recognized for a motion Thank you Mr. Speaker. I move that subject to committee reports re-referral of bills and resolutions, committee appointments the house adjourn to reconvene Wednesday, April 15, at two o'clock P. M. Representative Louis move second to rise, Representative that the house adjourns subject to committee reports, re-referral bills and resolutions and committee appointments to reconvene Wednesday April 15th at 2 P. M. Those in favor will say I those opposed will say no, the Is have it, the house stands adjourned. Representative Burb Gurner[sp? Sets the [xx] messing forth committee report representative bam courten house bill 287 SLAB several committee substitute on favorable [xx] reasonable bill and we refer to appropriations Committee substitute to refer to committee on appropriation there's no bill on original bill on favorable calender representative Shepherd and recognize representative Anna shepherd Tobit transportation committee report house Bill 434 [xx] medical, re-certification of favor communiceptic[sp? On favor original bill?  many substitute calendar bill unfavorable calender. House bill 464, regional transportation authority revisions, favorable committee substituete on favorable original bill many substitute calender original bill unfavorable calender house bill 550 clarify bill of great requirement favorite committee substitute on favorable is a bill and a road to finance. We substitute original will on favorable calender [xx] [xx] [xx] a motion of Representative Louis house bill 259 is withdrawn for the committee for appropriations and referred to the committee rules and house bills 618 the serial referral to judiciary to is striking a motion representative Luis house resolution 665 is withdrawn from committee on rules, and placed on the calender for April the 15th Speaker Moore make the following committee appointments. Representatives Hager and Browly you are added to the committee on help. Representative Insko is removed from education community colleges and added to education universities and representative Zoka

is added as a vice chair to elections.