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House | April 14, 2015 | Committee Room | Community Colleges

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Everyone[sp?] will find their seat we'll get started. We've got a busy agenda today and if you have a cell phone or a pager please turn it off so that we won't have any interruptions. I want to recognize our pages first of all, first of we have Gillian Lewis from Rosai[sp?] County and she is sponsored by Sarah Stevens [xx] Jillian, she is out there, she's busy working. Thank you Gillian for your service down here this week. Also we have Chris McKcain[sp?] from Alamos[sp?] County and sponsored by Dennis [xx] where are you at Chris? There is Chris he's working hard to thank you for your service. All right Sergeant at Arms our young bay[sp?] Dwayne Mashprin, Marsh Spring, excuse me. Ray Cook, Bill Morris and Jim Mowry. Alright, thank you all for all your service I'll say we feel very well protected today with five sergeant in arms All right, give me just a second here. First thing we are going to do today committee is we are going to take a look at the nominees with the State Community College Board, want to remind the members, that we're charge, this committee has been charged with selecting two members of the State Board Community College to serves six years terms and what we'll do today is, we will be hearing from four nominees, there was a 5th nominee nominee but based on the memo that I sent out and Representative Brody sent out one of the nominees did not send his statement of economic interest in on time, so therefore by rules disqualified, so we have four left Mr Gardner don't see his name all right so were not going to consider him today all right our first nominee that were going to hear form the day is sponsored by representative Donny Lambeth Donny are you here? [xx] All right I don't if your nominee is here but Donny is here to speak on his nominee Thank you Mr Chairman Thank you committee members I appreciate you jut giving me a few minutes to give you a little bit of information about doctor Robert Landry. Doctor Landry is retired educator he's wife continues to work as a high school guidance counselor I'm familiar with Doctor Landry from experiences as chairman of the school board West Side county and long term that he and his wife have been associated with not only our school system, but was Superintendent of the Davie School System for a number of years. Dr. Landry is currently the Commissioner to the Education Commission of the States. This is an appointed position, he was appointed by both Governor McCRory, and previously by Governor Perdue. He's served also on the State Charter Advisory Council, he was appointed to that by Superintendent June Atkinson. He served on the North Carolina's Public Charter Schools, he's been very engaged in our charter school effort. As I mentioned, he's served as a Superintendent for the Davie County Schools. For several years, he's been a principal, assistant principal, Masters in Education with Some State, Doctorate from Virginia Tech, and actually I think Doctor Landry will bring a set of skills the Community College Board. I also served on a local community college board, I know because of things they discussed and it will take. I think his background and his commitment to educating young people, particularly his emphasis on vocational education I would think would be a good fit for our State Community College System. So I recommend him, and I appreciate any considerations you can give. Alright, are there any questions of Representative Lambeth? OK seeing none, thank you. Alright, next we're going to hear from Representative Mark Brody in reference to Mr. Matthew Todd Johnson. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

I bring before a good friend of mine and well known and well respected in Union County, Matthew Todd Johnson. Everybody calls him Todd, but we've got to go by the formal name in here, and so everybody recognizes who to potentially vote for. tried to serve on the Unicorn commission spent a lot of time there, a very dedicated person. He is also graduate of UNC Chapel Hill in Management currently on a [xx] foundation for union county, former boy scout involved in the boy scouts. Member of the Insurance Associations. Mathew is an insurance agent, an independent agent and at the young age he started his own business and he's an entreprenuer and  been doing very successful in Union County and in Anson County and I believe he's got a couple of others up in Mecklenburg. What I wanted to bring before you is that I know a lot of folks are coming with a lot of deep experience and I'd like to say that if you had a car here on the back side I think he has a unique perspective that he can look forward to where his kids in particular are going to eventually end up if they take the community control, but here is a special interest in seing that the education opportunities are going to presented for his children also, which I think is going to give another unique perspective because we have a lot of folks with a lot of experience on that board in education but the ability to have somebody relate and say, " I can personally relate to these because they are my kids and I want to see them successful I ask you to support tod[sp?] and very good reputation in [xx] and I do think you represent us very well in that board. Thank you. Has the committee have any Representative Stephens. Thank you Mr. Chair and Representative Brody there's something in here about his question number 10, slightly unclear. May be you can [xx] some clarity force on that I'd ask if you've been convicted of felony he said no but they've been bronded[sp?] That, there's some kind of explanation and he just said yes so that may the little unclear question we were just curious about that. I would just venture to say that that's a Miss Printon[sp?] here's [xx] if you're not convicted and you won't have any incidence and so I would just say that's more of a Mrs Priton[sp?] and anything on the. Follow up. Follow up.   It's just that a point of concern has been raised, would you inquire of him to get back to us? Definitely and he'll Black should be here tomorrow so and he'll be speaking to a lot of you personally. And any other questions? All right Representative Cunningham. Thank you Mr Chair I wanted to know if he had attended any community colleges and I would like to know any of them have attended community college as we go along if you all have that information thank you. Okay so there's no question just a comment look Representative Brody I'm sorry. I would say that is rather important question and obviously we can't answer that we'll get some more information for you on that ma'am All right just for the committees information the ones that are reported out here today will be on the house floor Thursday for a final vote just as a so this is a not a final there will be on vote Thursday. Alright next we have Representative Adams and I apologize you're speaking for Mr. Mac Blair, Blia Blair. Alright, McBlair[sp?] is a fellow that I've met for about a year. Got to know him through

the campaign last year, he's active in the local political environment, but when I phoned back to Hakely and polled a number of people about possible candidates for the slot from several very different points of view, I got Blair's name. So I began to look into it and I actually contacted Blair ask him if he would serve in this position, he agreed he would, but I want to tell you a little bit about him, Bill is product of the Community College System, he went there before he attended [xx] University. he was with Classic Leathers for nine years, I'm sorry he's been with [xx] Home brands for the last past 20 years. One of the things that I have observed that I think is very important is his continued involvement with a local community college. Campbell Community College  is a very advanced Community College. They've done some very inovative things, Bill was instrumental in setting up the Furniture Academy [xx] furniture academy and that is one of the more interesting things that I have seen. What he did was, he polled or he actually contacted other furniture manifactures was in the area to contribute to setting up an academy or training people to go into the furniture, manufacturing process, this is something that we had as 35 years ago, things may be different in our area. He's also, this is sadic created template, a template for doing some of the things with other manufacturing processes, Blair [xx] two great sons, he is as I mentioned a graduate of Unolan[sp?] University. He's got a long resume of being involved with our local community. He served on the Pickery Regional Planning Commission, he has been on [xx] Parks and Recreation Commission. [xx] Sports Commission. He serves with the [xx] Boys Scout Group 250 is a past member of the [xx] Library Board. Parks and Recreation Commission president of the PMAR personnel association, and I could go on and on. I just want to say this I'm very confident that Bill will serve us well and I strongly endorse him and I hope you will vote for him. He will not be able to be here presently he is involved with the delegation that's happening in the furniture market which opens tomorrow he will be here for lunch. Expect him here in about 45 minutes. So if you'd like to meet Bill then we'll be down in the cafeteria about one o'clock. Thank you. Any questions from the committee? I've seen none. Next candidate is Mr. James Woody Junior and he is here and representative [xx] is his sponsor. [xx] good morning this is a new one for me but community colleges is very important in my district Mr Woody has a served on the board and done a very good job there's a large number of seats up this time and so I think it's important that we have some of experience on the board but I would like to introduce you to Mr Woody and let him speak for himself. I know him and his wife as pillars of our local community and I think God highly of them would you like to make some comments [xx] can ask I appreciate very much the opportunity to appear before you and represent [xx] said I had experience on the stage [xx] so [xx] 22 years different times, I feel that it is necessary to keep some type of experience of actually serving and representing our colleges. I'm a strong believer in our community college.

I started out my education career by teaching in the public schools and then I was also in that job I guess you call it teacher, not a professor by any amount of means but I taught evening classes girl education at Dontech and [xx] community college when it first started. I believe that the community colleges should be what they say they are, community and I don't like a lot of excuisite expressions coming down from Rawley as being system office and trying to control these schools according to that I think that their shirts should serve at the local community, and the local community what they need more that some of us here in [xx]. Other than that my education experience I graduated from UNC in geology. I worked primarily for my church in adult life with time free company out of Barring ton I served there as a human resources manager for a number of beers. When I first went there we had four concrete plants in the state of North Carolina. When I left we had 39, and those plants are in Virginia North Carolina and Tennessee, and I had the environmental responsibilities for all of these locations I also served in Percing County on the local board of education for eight years, two terms. And then I also served in person county government on the board of the Judge. I was Charter member of the Home Builders Association in [xx] county and I feel like that, with this experience and with experience being on the State Board that I understand pretty much. The responsibilities of the State Board and the local community colleges and I would appreciate very much on your support in my reappointment, thank you. Representative Brown is your question for Mr. Woody or representative [xx]. Thank you Mr Chairman, Mr. Woody. Go ahead. Thank you Mr chairman. Mr. Woody, thank you for being here today. Being on and off the Board for 22 years can you tell this committee even specifically what you believe to be the most significant contribution that you have provided to this Community College Board. Mr. Woody. That is a very good question. I served as chair for four years of the board and during that time we supported the bond issue that was passed for the community practice and the University system and I firmly believe that without the support of the community colleges that bond issue would never have passed. Other things, numerous things that we have done in that field and we feel we are proud about. I feel proud of the people we have selected to lead our community college system such as the system present, I've had the opportunity to serve under or with Bob Scott not under him but served with Bob Scott and I can't even think, my mind slipped and of course was our president Scott [xx] I feel real good with those responsibilities. Paula, any other question Mr. Woody? Alright, so you're no. Thank you okay any other questions or comments from the committee? Yes representative Shepard. Thank you Mr. Chair, is it possible for us to get a list of the current members and where their home towns are, where they're located, I'm curious as to the geographical location of the board members throughout the state if every area of the state is represented meet. I'm sure the staff can do that, affirmative. Okay, any other questions or comment? Alright do we have a motion from the committee to accept the nomination of Mr. Mathew Todd Johnson to be put forth to the house on April the 16th for the election of the state board of community colleges.

Representative Stevens and Shephard, all I favor say I, opposed. Alright, do we have a motion from the committee to accept the nomination of Dr. Robert J. Landry to put forth to the house on April 16th for the election of the State Board of Community Colleges? We have a motion Alright, Representative Steven [xx] all in favor say I, oppose say no, alright do we have a motion from the committee to accept the nomination of Mr. William Pigmick [xx] Jr. To put forth to the house on April 16th, for election to the State Board of Community Colleges? Motion of Representative Dobson and Ford[sp?] all in favor say I, opposed no. Alright, do we've a motion from the committee to accept the nomination of Mr. James Jennings Woody Jr. To put forth on the house on April 16th for the election for the State Board of Community Colleges? Representative Zoka and Ensco all in favor say aye oppose no all right this names will be put forward to the house during the session on April 16th for election of two. We will be electing two of the four that you saw thank you. Alright next bill before us will be PCS or house bill 390 to have a motion, that we put the PCS before us, okay motion has been All in favor say I, all that oppose say no. Alright, representative Tine is recognized to present house bill 390. Thank you Mr. Chairman this bill is a local bill for Washington County, it deals with the service area and who provides the community college service, currently Washington County is door sut it has Burton community college for its adult services and buffer community colleges for its KF12. About year and a half ago two years years ago I started asking around to try and figure out why we don't have a community college presence a truth community college presence in Washington county. Our K212 system is usually ranked among the bottom among several different statistical issues. Our work force force development is a major issue. We have some of the highest unemployment. So community colleges in our rural areas is how we move things forward and we needed a strong presence there. What I found out was the fact that we have two community colleges that are servicing the area has contributed to the fact that we can't get enough of FTE's for anyone grouped to come in and actually provide that level of service. So went through Washington county, Washington county then went to both community colleges, and asked for inputs ans plans on how they might be able to move things forward both for community college, met with them and provided very clear and positive and proactive whether they would like to move forward, the Martin community college unfortunately was cancelled due to snow and ice, second and third due to illness and fourth offer for phone interview was not taken up based on that and other issues in the past in regards to the service of the two community colleges and their experience with it. The Washington county commission came in and said we would like community college to be our service provider in the county, they provide a resolution which you should in your inbox this morning that stated their desire, so Washington county's desire is to have vote for community college be their service provider. So this bill would take care of that and it also would allow the PCS the only change in there was a technical change in regards to allowing a trustee to be added to the board for Washington county so representative Shepherd first Thank you Mr. Chairman representative [xx] I was reading through this really quickly but [xx] county, community college do they have a problem with this assuming responsibility for [xx] waiting on this, yes, they presented to Washington County and talked about their vision of how they can work with them and decided for the opportunity and they're here if you wanted to hear from the horses mouth  yeah and I think there are representatives here are for and against and if you all have any questions Representative Brown.  Thank you Mr Chairman just for promotion when appropriate. Representative [xx]. Thank you Mr Chairman I'm curious to know representative Tine what happens to Martin, the impact this will have on Martin community

college yeah and I'm sure if there's this is ripping the bandate[sp?] off this has been going on since 1985 and if you just let me finish real quick then you can ask if you want to hear from them I don't have any problem with them saying specifically what the impact is to them. This is being going on since 1985 and a result is we don't have a real community college present there so unfortunately my looking at this and I think our body is looking at this should be what is the best for the community which is Washington county not so much the community college who's benefiting at the community college because it's really about the community not the community is not there to serve as the community college. Would you like to hear from Morgan county representative Demasko? I guess I would I appreciate representative Tine focusing on the correct community that, I'm just curious about whether this eliminates the ability of Barton community college to exist, so the target is just great Alright, representative Shepard thank you Mr. Chair, another question in regards also to that, geographically as Washington county in a closer proximity to Bafer county than [xx] how is that as far as Maregon county. There are both [xx] At any other further committee questions or if not is there anyone here to speak against this bill. I will allow 2 speakers, 2 minutes each. can you hear me now? Yes sir Good morning Mr. Chair State your name.  My name is Ronny Smith. I'm a county commissioner at Mountain County. I'm the chair of the board of Mountain County we heard about this bill of 390, April the first, and We were so shocked about the Bill that we called emergency meeting the 1st of April to discuss this, and I say to you ladies and gentlemen, that Martin, Bertie and and Washington County are socially and economically depressed Tier 1 Counties which need to collaborate together in order to meet local needs. The fact is that we can't survive without each other. Martin County Community College is the key to the economic development in our area, and any changes in it services area can resort into a negative impact on our community, as well as Bertie County community because these three when our forefathers drew out the concept of community college, they took in consideration the needs of that area, and that's the reason why Modern Community College was actually to serve party and Washington county and was based population based on needs so any change in this system the way it sit, and plus when it was drawn, it was drawn to ensure the small community college had opportunity as well as large, actually we'd need more attention in small community colleges and lot, but if Washington County moves away from Martin County, Martin Community College, it's going to be a negative impact on financial and how are we going to continue to serve the people in our communities Thank you sir. Anyone else? You're for or against? I'm against Mr. Chairman; State your name;   My name is Robert Mephew I'm superintendent of school Mark Kennedy School System. First I w'd like Thank you chairman for allowing me to address the committee on this issue House Bill 390, I'd like to make few point and I will be brief. Passage of this bill may have a significant impact on our school system. The Morgan Community College losing Washington County could jeopardize the opportunity of our students,

our high school students to become career ready. And I mean that in the sense that a reduction of the Morgan County Community College student population may lead to a staff as well as well as a reduction in the course offerings for our high school students to take. In addition to the loss of staff and courses Morgan Community College could face the lawsuit of some program areas which would eliminate college and career pathways available to our 11th and 12th grade students. With the variety of course offerings being diminished. The number of sections of courses may decrease making it difficult for us students to get in the classes they need to complete their chosen pathways. Secondly, I'd like to say that Martin Community, our community and our County as Mr Smith mentioned is a Tier 1 County. Now being a Tier 1 County that has allowed the school system to forge a grant, a federal grant with the new schools, NC new schools and Martin Community College as partners to offer disadvantaged, at risk and first generation to go to college students to take courses in this innovative program with free tuition and books. for up to 21 credits beginning 2000, and then beginning in 2015, we started this program this year and starting in 2015, 2016 the school system will have all It's 2 minutes Sir, I'm sorry. I'd just like to say that I'm opposed to the Bill and appreciate it. Representative Tom is recognized for a comment. Well I understand the concern of the unknown of the affect of how this would be to modern community college. The fact remains over the last two years, 2.5 million dollars has been returned by Martin Community College to the state of unused funds, so it would certainly seem that they have the capacity with a loss of the FDEs in Martin County further in Washington county further ENT services have had to leave the county which was supposed to be provided by Martin which would have created more FDEs we I had to leave the county and go to bofer[sp?] county community college of learning well I can understand the concern of the purpose it would seem though that there are ample other avenues that could be pursued to protect. Thank you, representative Cunningham. Thank you Mr. Chair, my question is do we have the number of enrollment for Martin and for the other one [xx] for both community colleges. Thank you. Staffs recognize if they have the information. We do not have the enrollment numbers, the community college system is present they may be able to answer that question. Representative Brown. The kind of, thank you Mr. Chair it kind of has tag along to that question. What is your overall percentage of total enrollment at Martin community college that is comprised of residents from Washington county? you wanted to forward Mary Shuping. Mary Shuping if you would, come forward if you've got the information. Thank you Mr. Chair Mary Shuping director of government relations for the North Carolina community college system. I do not have that information readily available but we do have that information back in our office, I will be more than happy to provide that to the staff in the committee as soon as possible Thank you, Representative [xx] Washington county one person to speak two minutes and we are going to vote thank you butt I would like to ask [xx] a question about the community college board, I hear reasoning not appreciation except comments on this decision and the I'd like to ask is solving the problem for one community college it may create problems for another Community College, to me is just as a representative who's responsible for the entire system and they're not just one I'd like to know for the community college system what they're recommendation would be whether they will intervene with Martin Community College if it needs support?

Was that question for Ms. Shuping? Yes, please. thank you Mr. Chair, Mary Shipping again, representative of [xx] the state board has not taken a position on this particular piece of legislation and beyond that I don't have any additional comment or information from the board of system president on that. if there is something that you would like for me to follow up with, the board and assistant personnel I'll be more than happy to do that. I believe according to Google representative Goodman says, Martin has 1012 and both have 2662. Alright, Washington county may have one speaker for two minutes, and then we're going to talk about Good morning ladies and gentlemen. My name is Curtis Porter. I'm the Washington county attorney. Martin has raised some valid concerns. Washington County does harbor any ill will towards the community college in Martin County but this local legislation I would argue is ultimately about Washington counties economic future. We have a one time economic development opportunity with a brick and mortar facility perfectly situated for a strong community college partner. The current system is not working for Washington county. If education is a path to a successful future, I don't think it is disingenuous to make the analogy that the current system is like requiring the folks disingenuous everything you need to get to the end of that successful future path from two different places, and the Chamber of Commerce supports the idea of a single community college system. The Washington County Board of Commissioners supports the idea of a single community college system and has gone further to recommend, based on our conversations with the community colleges, that that system be Beaufort County Community College. Washington County would strongly urge you to support this local legislation. Thank you, Representative Brown you're recognize for your motion. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Is there an additional referral on this? There is not. Ok. I move for a favorable report for House Bill 390 PCS, as unfavorable to the original. You heard Representative Brown's motion, all in favor say Aye. Aye. Oppose, no. Alright, the I's have it. Alright. Next we have before us House Bill 393, it is not a P. C. S so representative West. Thank you Mr. Chairman, members of the committee what else Bill 393 will do it will eliminate the poor trustee appointment from the local Board of Education [xx] County and give them to the [xx] County Commission. I would appreciate it just forward. Representative Forward for motion. Does the committee have any questions? Representative Forward, you are recognized for your motion. Move for a favorable report to House Bill 393. Alright you've had the motion all in favor say 'I' oppose 'No'. Alright, House Bill 393 has given a favorable report. Thank you Mr. Chairman, thank you members of the committee. Thank you. I believe we have one more bill but I don't think we have time to do it. Well I tell you what, instead of just rushing it through, we'll put it over to the next meeting. Thank you, we are adjourned.