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House | April 9, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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May I have your attention please? Visitors please retire from the chamber is the house prepared for a session, thank you. The house come to order members will take their seats, visitors will retire from the chamber, the sergeant at arms will close the doors, members and visitors will please silence all electronic devices. The prayer will be offered Bill Morris Assistant Secretary at arms, members and visitors in the gallery will please stand and remain standing for the pledge of allegiance. In the Bible, God tells us to love Him and to love others, and in Romans Paul tells us therefore brothers by the mercies of God, I urge you to present your bodies as a living sacrifice wholly and pleasing to God. this is your spiritual worship. Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you may discern what is good, pleasing and perfect will of God, let's pray. "Dear heavenly Father I just thank you so much for this wonderful day that you've given us. I thank you for this body that is willing to serve you and to serve this state and serve others, and Lord I pray that you be with them, I pray that you will guide them and direct them and all that they do, I pray for their families Lord while they're here Lord, I pray that you will be with them and supply their every need, and Lord as many are travelling this week Lord I pray that you will be with them and keep them safe, and bring them back here on Monday as the session reconvenes, and Lord, above all Lord, I just pray that we will open our hearts and our minds to your will. Lord allow our hearts to be transformed by you so that we may know your perfect will and we may serve this state as we should according to your will. Lord we pray all these things in Jesus Christ name, Amen Amen. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one Nation under God, indivisible. With Liberty and Justice for all. representative Robert is recognized. Mr. Speaker the journal for April 6's been examined and found to be correct, I move that it be approved as written. Representative Robert moves that the journal for April 6 be approved as written. Those in favor will say, Aye Aye Those opposed, Nay, The Ayes have it, the journal is approved as written Introduction of bills and resolutions. Clerk will read House bill 594, Representative Sterling polls, clarifies sales of antiques and especially vehicles.comrades and job development Hospital 595 representing Whitmare, McNeal, Cleveland and G Martin. Military experience, Law Enforcement Officer Certification requirements. Homeland security, Military and reference affairs hospital 596 representative Whitmire alternative stand of convert reproductive health safety education revisions. Health if favorable education take 12 if favorable judiciary four. House bill 7 presents Bishop stam in pleasure, mediates settlements. Judiciary 2. House bill 598 representatives Bishop Stam and Glacius revise rule 11 allow pure before sessions. Judiciary two? House bill 599 Representative Cleveland impounding vehicles with lapse[sp?] no insurance Insurance a favorable judiciary one. House bill 600 Representative Cleveland home school is participating school sports rules calendar and operations of the house. House bill 601 Representative Elmore sale of deer skins. Wildlife resources  House bill 602 representative Elmore and Jordan recruit community college students teach parrot.education community colleges if favorable appropriations. Messages from the senate the clerk will read. Senate bill 43 first addition appear to be entire actor to extend the period immediately preceding the day of application from 90 days to the one year which the military veterans seek on waiver of commercial skills, test must have been regularly employed and

to provide a military veteran with an additional method of satisfying certifications requirements the GS20-37.13 this. Transportation. Senate bill 46 first edition built of the entire act of manufacture are used to vacancy text proceed for the city of Jackson Deal. Local government if favorable finance. Senate bill 90 for reservation of auto vehicle, the entire night club fighter motor vehicles must have at least one working stamp clump on each side of the wheel the vehicle to make all the qualifying changes. Transportation. Senate bill 116 committee substitute second edition built to the entire an act will wrap handicapped vehicle owner who qualifies for the distinguishing license pledged shell they'll also receive a removal wing shield pucker. Transportation if favorable finance Senate bill 188 first editions built on the entire act to remove carbon number of 10 pipe projects which town pipe authority may study plan and develop and undertake primarily design work on, to increase the capital for the number of towns pipe projects, the town pipe authority may design establish purchase construct operate, maintain and to provide the various segments of the triangle express way project constitute one project. Transportation. Senate bill 279 second edition of built of the entire on act remaining with professional counselors act of man far education qualifications for the practice of counselling. Rules calendar and operations to the health. Senate bill 315 come in to substitute second edition of bill 3 in title and act of authorising local boss education to help to school property available to public for recreational purpose and to make other confirming changes.education K12 a favorable local government. Senate bill 359 committee substitute second addition appear to be in tagging ark to support promotion of the NC things and police suggestion program. State personnel like to extend the courtesy of the house to a school group that's with us right now. The CC Griffin middle school from Conrad, Cabarrus County,  if you'll stand up and let us recognize you. Welcome to the North Carolina house, you caught us during a week where we are taking a little bit of a break. So there's not as many members around but we're glad to have you here and hope your visit to Raleigh is a good one. just notice, where I see that, I see the poachers sustaining committees, Representative Davis and forward local government committee report house bill 322 zone and recreational land requirements for Morseville favorable calendar, house bill 337 town of Kelly release unneeded easement favorable, calendar House bill 217 craving the annexation favor never afraid to finance. To finance region of Oil on on favorable calendar House bill to retain claim and accession favor committee substitute on favor of the original bill would refer to finance. We'll put finance on favor over the city regional bill. House bill 343 claiming extend ETJ area favorable committee substitute unfavorable regional bill and we refer it to finance. I refer to finance unfavorable as the original bill notice and announcements. For what reason does the gentleman from Durham county Representative Hall rise? For an announcement.   You proceed   Thank you Mr. Speaker I just want to again provide the information to the chamber as you know as we traditionally do we're hosting the national champion Blue Devils and we want to welcome you to Durham district 49 where they reside, and hang their national banner. Also the full flame documentary festival once again in district 29 Durham and we want to welcome you over

for that and finally the Durham baseball stand opens this week. and once again we want to welcome you to this 29 in door thank you so much for what reason does the gentleman from Merkornburge representative Holley raise? For an announcement Yo're recognized The house committee on finance will meet Tuesday April 14th at 8:30 AM in room 544 representative Torbett is recognized Mr. Speaker I made the house adjourned to reconvene Monday April 13 at 7 PM representative Torbett Moore seconded by representative Laydon that the house adjourns to reconvene Monday April 13th 7 PM those in favor will say I, opposed no, I's have it and the house stands adjourned