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Senate | April 9, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Session

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The Senate will come to order, the Sergeant-at-Arms will close the doors, members will get to their seats, leading the Senate in prayer is Mr Josh Grant intern of Senator Harrington all members and guest in the gallery will please stand. Let's pray, Father God after nights of heavy rain and an early morning gathering, I'm reminded of the off coded passage of the prophet. If it'd seen the destruction of the city, be on the side of his house and the anguish he felt, he came to theological mountain tops to see the goodness of God despite the suffering that had taken place, the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases that your mercies never come to an end, they're renewed every morning and great Lord is your faithfulness, so where we too know the brokenness of life even in our own, whether in mere discontent with petty things or deep relational strife amongst friends and family, Lord bind the wounds of our lives with the power that we know in the cross in the Christ in his death and resurrection you created a way for recreation let us know that even today let us us know that reconciliation despite our differences and cause us to stand firm on the rock that is much higher than us, and as we finish this week with members heading home to the back of their districts throughout richly here even now, bless these people Lord, bless this state thank you for your love, your mercies and most of all your undying faithfulness. Guide us in our work for the good of the people, Amen. Senator Alexander is recognized for a motion. Thank you Mr. President the journal of April Tuesday 7 2015 has been examined and is found to be correct. I move that the senate dispense with the reading of the journal and it stand approved as written. Without objection, the journal for April 6 stands approved as written. Notices and announcements. is there any other business to come before the senate? If not, the chair recognizes Senator [xx] for a motion. Mr. President I move the senate do now adjourn subject to the standard stipulations set forth in the senate rule 24.1 and messages from the house to on Monday April 13th 2015 at 4 PM. The motion is that the senate do now adjourns subject to the stipulations stated by Senator Water to reconvene Monday April 13th at 4PM seconded by Senator Alexander, all in favor say aye "aye". Oppose no. The Is have it and the senate stands adjourned.