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House | April 6, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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May I have you attention please? Visitors, please leave the chamber we are over full at this time, so that we can go do our business, thank you. The House will come to order. Members will take their seats. Visitors will retire from the Chamber. The Sergeant-at-Arms will close the door. Members and visitors will please silence all electronic devices. The prayer will be offered by Bill Morris assistant sergeant at arms. Members and visitors in the gallery will please stand and remain standing for the pledge of allegience I trust everyone had a wonderful Easter and now I'd like to start by reading a passage from Isaiah chapter 40 "Do you not know, have not heard Yahweh is the everlasting God, the creator of the whole earth. He never grows faint or weary there is no limit to His understanding. He gives strength to the weary and strengthens the powerless. Youth may faint and grow weary and young men stumble and fall but those who trust in the Lord will renew their strength they will soar on wings like eagles they will run and not grow weary they will walk and not faint. Let us pray. Dear heavenly father thank you so much for this wonderful day. Thank you for your son who you sacrificed for for us defeating sin and death once and for all so that we might have life. Lord now I pray for every member of this chamber, Lord I pray that you continue to strengthen them and enlighten them with wisdom, your wisdom oh Lord. Continue to guide them in your ways, and Lord I pray that you be with their families, and be with those that are not here with us today us Lord. I pray that you continue to watch over them, keep your loving arms around them, and keep them safe. And Lord I pray that as this session continues throughout year Lord that your will will be done in all things, I pray all these things in Jesus Christ name, Amen. I pledge Allegiance to the flag of United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. The gentleman from Gaston, Representative Torbett is recognized. Thank you Mr. Speaker, the general for April second has been examined and found to be correct a move that it should be  approved as written. Representative [xx] moves at the journal for April second to be approved as written, those in favor will say I, those opposed will say no, the I's have it and the journal is approved is written. Chapter bills will be noted members with that objection introduction to bills of resolutions will be done after the adjournment. Messages from the Senate, the Clerk will read. Senate Bill 52, Committee Substitute second edition, a Bill to be entitled an Act for our cities to allow activation to parking meters by coins, tokens, cash, credit cards, debit cards or other electronic means The senate bills are referred to the committee on local government. State the bill 71 for this edition, a bill to build to the Act to re-establish struggle terms for the membership of the Rules Review Commission. Bill's referred to the committee on  rules counter on operation of the house. Senate bill 199 first edition appear to be an act to increase the amount of funds in the single account and deposit with the clerk superior court above which the excess must be invested pursuant to statutory requirements. The bill will be referred to judiciary number one in the favor of the committing on finance. Senate Bill 247, second edition appear to be entire on act to authorize the city of Raleigh, and the cities and towns in Mecklenburg county to donate retired service animals used by police department or any

other city or town agency to the police officer or employee who had normal custody or control of the animal. They also fared to the committee on rules count on the operation of the house. Senate bill 248, first edition appeared to be entirely an act to amend the charter of the town of Carriage to authorize the town council delegate, to the city management the authority to dispose of they're no longer needed by the town. Bill's referred to the committee on local government. Senate bill 252 committee substitute second edition review to be entirely on act regarding the special Board of Equalization and Review for Wake county.committee on local government. Senate bill 258 committee substitute second edition, a bill to be entirely made to require the defiling of vacancies in the office of Sheriff, Washington County department, recommended by the party executive committee and the vacating members shall be upon it. The bill is referred to the committee on elections. Senate bill 372 committee substitute, second edition a bill to be entitled and act to provide the safe hub for renewable energy projects they are substantially completed by January 1st 2016 by extending a tax credit for renewable energy property one year for those projects. Bill's referred to the committee on finance, if favorable committee on the issue of number one, if favorable committee on rules counter and operations in the house Senate Bill 379, Community Substitute, second edition a Bill to the Entitlement Act related to cemeteries located on land owned, occupied or controlled by the State. The Bill will be referred to the Committee on Local Government, if favorable the Committee on Appropriations. Notices and announcements. For what purpose does the gentleman from the Scotland, Representative Pierce arise? Up for an announcement, Mr. Speaker. The gentleman has the floor and may make his announcement. Mr. Speaker, you'll be hearing more about it. We ask the members to check their emails. We're going to be sending out some invitations, we've got some other folks about one way or the other, but we're having our Second Annual Wayan[sp?] Wainwright Bev[sp?] Records, so we hope that you would take a part. We've asked the speaker to come bring remarks and others to come be a part of it, so we do hope we have good bipartisan support. It was well attended last time we had it, so we hope that we do that again this time you'll [xx] please thank you Mr. Speaker. Further notices and announcements. Seeing none Representative Torbett is recognized.  Mr. Speaker, maybe the house adjourn subject to messages from the senate introduction of bills and resolutions to reconvene Thursday April 9, at 10 A. M. Representative Torbett moves, seconded by Representative Dollar that the house adjourn to reconvene Thursday April, 9th at 10 a. M. 10 o'clock A. M. I believe the gentleman also meant to say that that was subject to messages from the senate and introduction of bills and resolutions. With that said, those in favor will say aye, those who oppose will say no, the ayes have it the house stands adjourned. You will say, Introduction of Bills and Resolutions, the Clerk will read. Are we ready? Introduction of Bills and Resolutions. House Bill 532, Representatives McGrady, Jeter, West and Fisher, HARD APPLE CIDER/GROWLERS. Food and Alcoholic Beverage Control.   House Bill 533, Representatives McGrady, Setzer, Jordan and Harrison, MODIFY PRESENT-USEVALUE EXCEPTIONS FOR DISQUALIFICATIONS. Thank you, Agriculture and Finance. House Bill 534, Representatives McGrady, Daughtry, Harrison and Reives, NORTH CAROLINA BENEFIT CORPORATION ACT. Judiciary II to Finance. House Bill 535, Representatives Bryant, Brockman and B. Brown, PROMOTING CHARTER SCHOOL SUCCESS PILOT. Rules, Calendar, and Operations in the House. House Bill 536, Representatives Hanes, Lambeth and Tine. SCHOOL BUS CAMERAS/CIVIL PENALTIES. Judicial II, I'm sorry Which one again is this? 536. Judiciary II and Finance. House Bill 537, Representatives Hanes, Alexander, Jeter and Saine PROTECT LAW ENFORCEMENT AND COMMISSION RELATIONSHIPS. Appropriations. House Bill 538, Representative Millis CLARIFY WATER AND SEWER AUTHORITY POWERS. Local government and environment.

House Bill 539, Representatives Bryan, Bradford, B. Brown and Szoka SCHOOL PLAYGROUNDS AVAILABLE TO PUBLIC.  Judiciary 4 and Education K-12. House Bill 540, Representatives Jeter, Hager, Schaffer and Jones, BILLY GRAHAM/NATIONAL STATUARY HALL. Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House House Bill 541 Representatives Collins, Szoka, R. Moore and Jeter PROOF REQUIREMENT FOR DEBT Fees. Banking. House Bill 542, Representatives Brawley, Hager, Szoka and Saine, modify sunset regarding contingent audits. Local Government and Finance. House bill 543, Representatives Brawley and Jones, amend laws pertaining to NC medical board.   Health and Finance. House Bill 544 Representatives Browly, Horren, Jitter, county signed ordinance on the national parks. Local government. House bill 545 Representatives Glaidy, Glacier information guidelines regarding eating disorders.education [xx] 12 on health. House bill 546 representatives Fascia, Glezer, Harrison and Maya, pregnant workers fairness act. Appropriations. House bill 547 Representative Fascia, Cunningham, J. Turner and L. Johnson, schools psychology salaries six tier Education K12 and appropriations. House bill 549 representatives Brockman, Harrison, Insko and Luebke, TAX RESTORATION ACT. Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House. House Bill 550, Representatives Tine, Watford and Waddell, CLARIFY DEALER PLATE REQUIREMENTS. Transportation and Finance. House Bill 551, Representatives Brawley, Iler, Adams and Bishop, DOT SALES FOR UNUSED PROPERTY. Transportation and Judiciary IV. House Bill 552, Representatives McGrady, Glazier, B. Brown and J. Bell, GRAFFITI VANDALISM. Judiciary II and Finance. House Bill 553, Representatives McGrady, Whitmire, Langdon and Dixon, ORDINANCE REGULATING ANIMALS. Agriculture. House Bill 554, Representatives McGrady, Hurley, Hardister and Saine, PROTECT PUBLIC FROM DANGEROUS WILD ANIMALS. Judiciary II.   House Bill 555, Representatives McNeill, Faircloth, Boles and Hurley, PROBATION/PAROLE OFFICERS RETIREMENT. Pensions and Retirement, and Appropriations. House Bill 556, Representatives Avalor[sp?] [xx] Heins and Maya Achieving a Better Life Experience Act. Finance. House bill 557 Representatives Jaber and Stan, charter school funds. Appropriations. House bill 558, representatives [xx] D. Martin, [xx] and Pigmond reserve the national guard military affairs commission Homeland security, military and veterans affairs House bill 559 Representatives [xx] Lukas, [xx] and Ellemore[sp?] testing feedback from students teachers Education, K through 12 House Bill 560, representative Dobson[sp?], head captain Stevens, [xx] emergency workers hospital personnel. Judiciary three, House Bill 61 representative [xx] school system authority regarding legal proceedings. Judicial four, House Bill 562 Representatives Schaffer, Burr, Cleveland and Faircloth AMEND FIREARM LAWS. Judiciary I. House Bill 563 safer fair cloth [xx] from Cleveland strengthen file on background checks. Judiciary one. House 564 representing fair cloth Hardister, Blust and Brockman, Exempt Motorcoach Manufacturers and distributor.commerce and Job Development, Transportation. House Bill 565, Representatives Faircloth, McNeill, Hurley and G. Graham, Threaten Law Enforcement Officers or Correctional Officer. Judiciary two. House Bill 566, Representatives Glazier, Reives, Baskerville and Michaux, Amend Eyewitness Identification/Show-up. Judiciary one and rules account on operations in House. House Bill 567, Representatives Saine and Hager, NC Aircraft Repair Act. Commerce and job development and transportation. House Bill 568, Representatives Cotham and Meyer, Transforming Poverty Schools Pilot Program. Appropriations. Hospital 569, representative Stanvard[sp?] rural county developer funds for road construction Appropriations. House bill 570 Representative Sea Gram, Pius, Baskevel and Glazier facilitate successful re-entry. Hold on a second quick question. Very good.

Judiciary one and then jury two. House bill 571, representative McGrady, Heinka[sp?], Robbinson, implementation of carbon-dioxide regulation. Environment. House Bill 572 Representatives Whitmire, Blackwell, Dobson and Ford STUDY HIGH SCHOOL INTERSCHOLASTIC ATHLETICS. Rules, counters and operations in the house. House bill 573 Representatives Maya, Grandom Glazier and Holloway, RESTORE MEANINGFUL FINANCIAL FLEXIBILITY FOR LOCAL EDUCATION AGENCIES. Appropriations. House Bill 574 Representatives, West, Hagar, Mc, Lucas a person's exclusion from Wildlife's laws Wildlife Resources. House Bill 575, Representatives B. Brown, Saine, Jeter and S. Martin, REENACT QUALIFIED BUSINESS INVESTMENT CREDIT. Finance. House Bill 576, Representative McElraft, AMEND ENVIRONMENTAL LAWS - 1. Environment.   House Bill 577, Representatives Szoka and Lewis, REASONABLE AND CUSTOMARY APPRAISAL FEES. Banking and Finance. House Bill 578, Representatives Cunningham, Fisher, Meyer and Reives, FAMILIES' ECONOMIC SECURITY ACT. Finance, Judiciary I and Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House.   House Bill 579, Representatives McNeill, L. Johnson, Horn and Brody, COMMUNITY COLLEGE SUMMER COURSES FUNDED FULL-TIME EQUIVALENT STUDENTS.   Appropriations. I'm sorry, Education, Community Colleges and Appropriations. House Bill 580, Representatives Cotham and Adcock, BAN SMOKING IN FOSTER CARE SETTING/INFANTS. Health. House bill 581, Representatives, Catherine and zein computer coding course elective.education K12. House Bill 58 Cathon and Jackson, relief for working families act. Finance, Judiciaryone and rules counter in operations to the house. House Bill 583, Representatives; Capen Hagar and Broly, billing code council, post codes online. Regutorial form. House bill 584 representative Sclaisher[sp], Faircloth[sp?], Daughtry and Harrison, means of position for reference. Ethics. House Bill 585, Representatives Alexander, Heinz and [xx]. Use of deadly force aspm investigation,. Judiciary one. House bill 586 representative Halloway inhibit compulsory require surface owners's consent. Environment, rules, calender and operations on house. House 587, represents the number that stamps school's flexibility act. education k12. House bill 588, representative [xx], Bishop, Carolina [xx] registration plate. Rules counter and operations for the house. House bill 589 representative Earl coming now registrator research commission, re-evaluate immunization requirements. Rules count on operations in House House bill 590 Representatives Saine, McGrady, Steinburg and Hanes, FUNDING FOR AID TO LIBRARIES FUND. Appropriations. House bill 591 representative Tyne[sp?] cities, public trust areas. Local government. House bill 592 representative Ale Brown and Conred that insurance account ability act. Appropriations. House bill 593 three representative Markenroy amend the environment laws dash two. Environment judiciary one. that's it, thank you thank you, very much Alright, You have a nice day You too House bill 576 was just referred to the communal environment, it will also be reffered to Finance.