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House | June 10, 2014 | Committee Room | House Education

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If you’ll take your seats. My disposition’s changed, my voice sounds awful loud. I call to order the house committee on education. We recognize our sergeant at arms. We have Young Bae, Bob Rossy, Martha Gadison, David Collins, and Warren Hawkins. We appreciate your services especially at this hour. Today we are going to fix the slate. We are not electing in here, we are only fixing the slate that will go to the floor of the house. It’s to fill the vacancy of a member who was elected in 2013 and for the remainder of his term which will go to 2019. We’ll have it on the floor on June 17th. So we have four nominees who have gone through the process and are still here and it’s my understanding that some members would like to speak on their behalf. Kenneth Heath is nominated by ???. Would you like to come speak and tell us a little bit about Mr. Heath? [SPEAKER CHANGE] I just, you know, I’ve known Ken for several years. He’s a good guy, he’s an honest guy. I just had him send me something in case I had to get up and speak here so I’m just going to read you what he sent me. It says I’m a lifelong resident of Pamlico county. While growing up his father was a high school teacher for thirty years, his mother worked county finance office and went on to become a nurse. He’s been married 22 years, him and his wife have four homeschooled children. Their oldest daughter and son are currently enrolled in Pamlico Community College. He attends Arapahoe Free Will Baptist Church where he’s a member of the choir and the praise team. He was elected to the Arapahoe town board in 2006 to 2008. He was elected as a county commissioner in 2008, reelected in 2012. He was appointed to the Pamlico community board of trustees in 2009 where they’ve had great success in expanding their educational services and increasing enrollment nearly ever year. This year the Pamlico Community College was recognized by the North Carolina community college system headquarters in Raleigh as being the only community college of the 58 institutions in the system to meet or exceed five specific goals that relate to creating an environment conducive to academic success for its students. Bottom line he’s a good guy, he’s been involved in a community college system, that’s been his focus and I ask that you consider him for nomination. [SPEAKER CHANGE] Our next candidate is Mr. Earnest Pearson. Representative Stam would like to speak on his behalf. [SPEAKER CHANGE] Thank you madam chair. Mr. Pearson is here, he’ll be glad to meet with any of you afterwards. I’ve known him for about forty years. He is an attorney, but don’t hold that against him, that’s not the expertise to which he brings to the board of trustees at community colleges. He is ranked in the nation as one of the top economic developmental lawyers in the nation. The vacancy we’re filling is Will Collins who is an expert in workforce preparedness and they liked him so much that they made him a vice president for that. The community colleges really want to align their curriculum and their degrees with what is needed in the economy and having worked with over a hundred companies who wanted to come to North Carolina, Ernie knows what they need and he knows, I’ll just give you one anecdote. One of these huge companies spent a billion dollars to come to my district and their high muckety-mucks came to office one day to have a social call and I said why did you come to Holly Springs? And they said Wake Tech and NC State. That was the most important thing, was community college and the preparation, the people they could get are already prepared and this is what Ernie knows, he’s done it for many years, he was in the ??? administration, he was..

Martin administration, assistant secretary of commerce. He was chairman of the industrial commission. When Terry Sanford and Jim Holshouser got together for the Sanford-Holshouser team specializing in economic development, Ernie was the, I don’t want to say anything I shouldn’t say but he was the guy on that team that did the work, a lot of the work. So he’s just what the community colleges say they need and I request your support. [SPEAKER CHANGE] Thank you. I would like for Mr. Pearson to stand so if anybody has any questions you will know what name that face goes with, and we thank you for being here. The next candidate is Beth Midlock and she’s not here and Representative Setzer’s not going to be able to speak on her behalf today but you do have it in your packet, her qualifications. And our next one is Mark Richardson and Representative Jones is going to speak on his behalf. [SPEAKER CHANGE] Thank you madam chair. Members of the committee it’s a pleasure for me to speak about Colonel Mark Richardson. I know if you look in your packet you have a brief overview about him, I will just tell you that he’s someone I have known for a long time and he brings a lot of experience to the table from different sectors. He has education experience both as a teacher and as a principal. He’s actually still currently serving as a principal at the alternative learning program in Rockingham County. He brings business experience, he also has been involved in vocational programs which I think is very important, that’s something that we certainly look at with our community colleges, occupational trades per se. Colonel Richardson spent I believe nine years overseas, I think he’s familiar with training models internationally and I would just say that we do have a thriving community college in Rockingham County and Colonel Richardson certainly has a good working relationship with our community college president and members of our local board of trustees. He is Rockingham County commissioner, he led the ticket whenever he ran. I will just say he is a widely respected, highly regarded man of integrity and character in our community. I think he brings a lot to the table for this position and on his behalf I would certainly ask for your consideration. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGE] Thank you Representative Jones. Pardon me, I’ve had a long day as the rest of you have. What we are doing today is preparing the slate for the house. I’m going to read you the general statute so you’ll know exactly what the law says we’re to do. It says requires that if a sufficient number of candidates is submitted to the committee charged with this election then the committee should nominate at least two persons for each place to be filled. We have four nominees today so we need to vote on a selection of nominees to send to the house floor on June 17th. We’re going to vote on them individually. We can have four, we can have two. If you are in favor of that particular candidate being on the ballot, not to be selected but just to be on the ballot, you will say aye when we vote on that name. We can have four on the ballot but if we have a nay vote then we will have three candidates so you vote on each candidate separately. The committee will now vote on Mr. Kenneth Health to fill a vacancy on the state board of community college for the ??? terms. All in favor say aye. All opposed say no. We will now vote on Mr. Earnest Pearson to fill the vacancy to be on the slate to fill the vacancy for the state board of community colleges. All those in favor say aye. All opposed no. That one passes. The next committee vote would be Beth, ??? Shannon E. Beth Midlock. All those in favor will say aye. All opposed..

That candidate will be on the ballot. The committee will now vote on Mr. Mark Richardson. All in favor by saying aye. All opposed by no. That name will be on the ballot so we will have a slate on June 17th with all four of these candidates being on the slate. If there’s nothing else to come before the committee we will adjourn.