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Senate | April 2, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Session

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Senators to come to order, sergeant at arms close the doors. Members to go to their seats. Members in guest in the gallery, you're reminded to silence your electronic devices, leading the senate and the prayers reverent Peter Miller Senate Chaplain, all members in guests in the Gallery please stand. Please pray with me. Our Father art in Heaven as we come together to meet with You, we're most by Your presence here. Your Still, Small Voice. Direct our endeavors, for the betterment of those we serve. Be with our leadership and the executive, legislative, judicial branches of government, shine your light upon us, Lord how we we need you and Lord the goodness is that you are mindful of your mercy, you will display your tender love and faithfulness, you will snatch my soul from the midst of young lions, thank you Lord for giving us this opportunity to serve you, and thank you for protecting us, and guiding us by your light, in Jesus name we pray, Amen. Senator Berger is recognized for a motion. Thank you Mr. President, the journal of Wednesday April 1, 2015 has been examined and is found to be correct that move that we dispense for the reading of the journal and that is stand approved as written. Without objection of the journal for April 1 stands approved as written, we have leaves of absence granted today for senators Bryant, Jeff Jackson, Newton, Rucho, Smith Ingram and Sanchez. and senators we do have a nurse for the day with us today. Senators come to order please. We have a nurse to the day with us today of honor [xx] North Carolina is with us. [xx] please stand and be recognized. Thank you for your service. Thank you. Thank you for coming today. Further motion for the Senator Barefoot of Wake county the chair is happy to extend courtersy of the gallery to Hailey Turker senior at Franklin academy who also serves as the chair o the town of Wake force technology advisory board Hailey if you're with us today please stand and be recognized. Verification of bills proper reading enroll bill, enrolling Clerk request the following the following bill duly ratified in presentation to the governor, senator the bill 78 and that provides of the state correcting laws to may carry a concealed weapon when off duty and following bill due to ratify properly and rolled to prepare for presentation for off to sectarian stage, senate bill 181 and act to increase the size to the wage country board of commissioners and alter the district to coincide with the the districts county board of education. Revenue reports of standing committees. Mr. President. Senator Hawkins propose your ayes, I'll ask for a committee report, you can send forward colcorade senator Hawkins will you share one committee submit the passage. Senate bill 183 eliminate CRV for misdemeanants, favorable, senate bill 233 automatic it's function mistaken identity, favorable. Senate bill 269 land tenants, aliens, employees, family reject, favorable, Senate Bill 391 Enjoin Street Gang/Expires in three years, favorable, Senate Bill 675, Limit Parole Review Frequency, favorable. Senate Bill 183, 233, 269, 391 and 675 calendar. Do we have any other reports of standing committees? Messages from the House, clerk will read. Message from the House: Mr.

President, it is ordered that a message be sent to the Senate informing that Honorable Body[sp?], that the House of Representatives has adopted a report of the conferees on House Bill 41, Conference Committee Substitute, a Bill to be entitled and act to make technical and clarifying changes to various revenue laws as recommended by the Revenue Law of Study Committee on appropriate act to be taken by both chambers, the Bill will be ordered in row respectively in this week, Principle Clerk. So that takes us into our calendar, Senator Obadaka[sp?] [xx] Motion please. Senator Obadaka[sp?] has the floor for motion. Mr President, members I think senate bill 46 the occupancy tax bills is going to be highly controversial. So I moved if we move House Bill 41, revenue laws technical changes. Some of the bottom of the calendar we need to bring it up to the top for immediate consideration. Objection so ordered. Moving right into conference report for adoption house bill 41, clerical reading House Bill 41, RFC update rev loss tech changes. Senator Raven has recognised. Thank you Mr President. Members of the Senate, I'm going to ask that we concur or to approve this conference report. The three major or the three changes, none of them are major, the one change that everyone should be made aware is that the RAC portion of this bill was removed, because we voted that out in senate bill 20. There are 2 other technical clarifying changes in the bill and that is it. I do urge you to adopt. thank  you. Senator Waving urges that you adopt is their any discussion or debate? Hearing non the question for the senate if the motion to adopt conference report for the senate committee substitute house bill 41 one electronic all in favor vote I, opposed will vote no, five seconds be allowed for the voting the clerk will record the vote [xx] Fleck I Barringer I Davies I. 44 having voted in the affirmative and zero in the negative, the conference report committee substitute house bill 41 is adopted, the house will be notified. Moving back to the top of our calender for local bills second reading senator bill 46, clerk will read Senate Bill 46, Jacksonville Occupancy Tax Senator Brown recognized Thank you Mr. President, all this Bill does is change how the money would be allocated as you know today, two thirds has to be spend on advertising, one third on projects this just reverses that to worth two third can be used on projects, one third for advertising it will allow the city to build a recreational or athletic complex that they've been working on for a while. Ask for your support. Any further discussion or debate hearing non. Mr. Chairman Senator Tillman for what purpose you rise? To ask Senator Brown a question. Senator Brown do you yield? Senator Brown this sounds like a very worth while project, have they named this facility yet? They have not, you have a suggestion for him won't you. Thank you. Further discussion to debate, hearing none, classified senator passes job. Senate bill 46 on its 2nd reading all in favor say Aye, all opposed say no, the Ayes have it, Senate bill 46 passes it's second reading without objection for the third time North Carolina General Assembly Enact A discussion or debate, hearing none, the quest of us senators to pass this Senate Bill 46 on it's third reading, all in favor say "Aye" oppose "No", the "Ayes" have it, Senate Bill 46 passes it's third reading, it will be send to the House. Moving on the Public Bill second reading Senate Bill 43, clerk will read Senate Bill 43, CDLs for Veterans Revisions. Senator Brown is recognized to speak to the Bill. Thank you Mr. President this bill will amend the skill test waiver for CDL applicants with military experience, by expanding the time period allowed between a retired for this charge applicant being regularly employed in a qualified position and the date of application from the DCDAO from 90 days one year, and it also provided an additional method of certification of eligibility for the waiver. That's what it does.

We have a debate hearing non question for the senate passes senate bill 43 on a second reading, all in favor vote I, oppose vote no, 5 seconds be left for the voting and the corporate record the vote low, aye, Grobek aye in turn get feedback based on instore experience with that specific employee senate bill 43 on its third reading all in favor say I, those opposed say neigh, the I's have it. Senate bill 43 passes its third reading it will be sent to the house senate bill 90: required number of operating brake lights. Senator Kirk is recognized. Speak to the bill. This is a simple it fixes and clarifies the number of bright lights, the current law is not clear we need two, I appreciate your support. Further discussion of the debate, hearing non [xx] the passage of senate bill 90 on its second reading, all in favor vote I, oppose, vote no. Five seconds will be allowed for the voting. Clerk will report the vote. Coc, coc aye, close it, wave an aye, 44 have having voted the affirmative is zero and the negative. Senate bill 90 passes its second reading without objection for a property lies. Senate Kirk the question. Senator Kirk yield. turn your mic on senator Cook please. I was really quick on that one.  Mr. Genaral Cook. I have a motorcycle and motorcade do I have to have two bright lights on those? Yes, two lights. So I have to follow up so I have to to have two on a motorcade or two bright lights on a motorcycle? I think they have I think they have one itch now but I have seen with two. Mr. President may I ask one more time. Senator no, okay. Senate bill 90 passes second reading without objection will be read the third time.  North Carolina next.  Any discussion, debate, hearing none, for senators passage of senate bill 90 on its third reading in favor say I. I. Opposed no, the I's have it, senate bill 90 passes its 3rd reading and will be sent to the house senator bill 116 the clerk will read. Senator bill 116 Handicap Parking Win-ship Placard  Senator Burger recognized to speak to the bill  Thank you Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen the senate this bill changes one more in the existing laws, the bill changes the awarding for me to share what we got to this placard what has happened in some areas or at least in my area of the state some of the DMV folks who have asked for a placard have difficulty in dealing this. They go through a rather extensive process of going through the doctor to get the license plate even [xx] has a car, they can take that placard and ride with her to the virtual store [xx] extra in making letter of my open this bill, so I have inconvenience but it's very unfortunately that in some areas, these folks have had a difficulty in getting this placards I guess will correct their problem [xx] support and I'll be happy to try to answer your questions, thank you Mr. President. Do we have any discussion or debate, hearing none requesting for the senate's to pass as the committees substitute senate bill 116 on its second reading on favor will vote I, opposed will vote no five seconds will be allowed for the voting, the clerk will record the vote Mcisick aye 44 having gotten the affirmative and 0 on the negative, can we substitute senate bill 116, passes a second reading without objection, we run third time. North Carolina, the only senate act. And discussion and debate, there are none questions for the senate passes as they play substitute senate 116 on third reading, all in favor say I, there's no, the I's have it. Can I substitute senate 116 passes as third reading will be sent to the house senate bill 188 [xx] senate 188, death kept on Turnpike Project.

Senator Ford is recognized to speak to the bill. Thank you, Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen of the senate. Now senate bill 188 removes the cap on the number turn pipe projects, the Turnpike authority may study. Increases to 11, the number of projects Turnpike Authority may establish construct or operate and redefines the segments of the triangle express way, as one project, I argue you to support the bill. very discussion debate. There being none [xx] 188 on second reading. Mr. President. Senator Grobeck for what purpose you rise?  speak to the bill. Senator Grobeck has the floor, speak to the bill. Thank you Mr. President, colleagues, I'm going to vote against this bill. We all know how important roads are to North Carolina, we know it's important to our economy, we need to move people, goods and services quickly and in a termly manner, but before we make additional commitments There are 1400+ families in North Carolina who have had their properties identified for road expansion, for corridors. Majority of them in my district. And they have been waiting for some of those families in excess of 30 years. I think before we move to other projects, commitments to spend money to expand roads and turnpikes, I think we ought to take care of the commitments that we've long ago and so I will be voting against this bill. Thank you Mr. President. Senator Donald propose your ayes. To ask senator [xx] a question. Senator [xx] do you yield for a question? I yield. I like what you had to say and have got roads and I've there for 30 years and I think all of those roads and if we did all those roads before we did this we will not have this so I'm just saying that we need there's a lot to consider and I will love to tell all of my folks in Randall county that they will get their roads finished in the next two or three years and then we can divide all this money there but in the big picture senator [xx] do you think we ought to do all these roads first? I'm only going to speak for [xx] county and I if those words, should be billed, before wemake additional commitments, yes in [xx], and I know we've been hearing that over and over again. long before I came here we've been hearing that same thing. These roads in Mecklenburg, these roads in [xx] need to be done, we can't afford to do those. we should not have made those commitments to those families if we were not intending to build those roads, and today they still cannot tell me when that condor will be finished, when it be built? Nobody has an answer, and I think it's time that we gave those families an answer. Senator Lowe for what purpose do you rise? To speak on the bill. Senator Lowe you have the floor. I certainly have to stand with my colleague on this. And of course I [xx] we've been waiting a long time and hoping, to see something happening, and we have seen, a lot happening in the larger counties. but something has to be looked at, and it has to go beyond just study. There has to be some action at some point. So I'm going to stand with my colleague and vote against this bill. Senator Regan propose you rise? Thank you Mr. President to talk about the bill and, the problem that has been mentioned by a couple of members of this senate here today. Last year, you all recall we passed the house bill 817 which prioritizes the way all new construction in the state is done. There are many projects that have been on the books, there are many projects on the books today that will never be completed, and that will happen because we don't have enough money to complete them, its that simple. However, we are addressing a congestion problem, mobility problems and safety problems in the state and what this bill does, it doesn't speed any up nor does it slow anything down, it simply gives us the ability to study the turn bikes and the turn bikes where they are needed to address mobility and conjestion and the movement of freight and helping folks move from A to B in a timely manner. It does not address the map act and some of this other things and some of the problems that we've had over the years. This is a good deal, this is something that the current life authority needs to have, if not we just going to be

the screeching hulk and the one thing that slows you down in transportation is stopping, when you can keep it moving so I encourage you all to what this measure senator Lorne for purpose do you rise, will senator Raven yield to a question, senator Raven do you yield for a question from senator Lorne I yield, my concern is it says establish purchase construct, that's what's written in here. So if it says that, does it actually mean that or it just means you are going to study it, but that was put in here for no apparent reason. Senator Brown before anything can be constructed, it must fall in, and  meet the criteria of the new STIP. We're not going to run out and construct tank pipes that do not wreck, and that're not in any portion of the list that're not there today. This is not something we're running out to build turnpike, but it takes years to get these things studied, looked at and they do not have right now the ability to study any more. Follow up?  Senator RayBan, do you yield for follow up? I do. I guess when I read this my only concern is, I understand what a study is and I understand it is establish purchase construct. And construct means that something is going to be established and that was my concern when I read this bill. What's your question? So that's my question. If its here, does it actually mean something? Since it says construct, does it mean construct? Or does it mean we're just going to study this? Senator, I'm not a legal mind, but I'm going to assume, and I will say again, that these projects, wherever they are, wherever they are, must meet the criteria of all new construction projects. They must be ranked, and this is not to change ranking or anything else. If there not there, if they do not meet the criteria, that's where they're going to be. I yield. Thank you. Senator Barefoot, for what purpose do you rise? See if Senator Rabon would yield for a question. Senator Rabon, do you yield for a question from Senator Barefoot? Senator yes. Senator Raven, I represent constituents on the last leg of the triangle express way 540.  They're currently trying to study the red reel,  which is very detrimental to our area as quickly as possible, well is this bill going to have any effect on that process that is, currently on going can you, enlighten me on that? Senator [xx} I cannot give you a definite answer on that, I would assume, that this is going to go forward, one thing that we've tried to do so hard, is to keep politics and questions, like that out of. and let the department do their business.  I'm going to stick my neck out and say that, without this, it may never be completed. Follow up? Senator [xx] yield for a follow up. I will.  My question isn't about the completion I understand that we will have to go through a process but what's happened in South Wake county is you have a raw that's currently being studied they goes through 15 different neighborhoods. Nobody wants the general assembly said they're not going to fund it, and that thing used to be studied to meet the requirements that are put on us by the federal government to get it out of the way as soon as possible. And so my question is is this bill going to end the ability to put those people in my district about having their hands pinned down? Senator Barefoot I cannot give you an answer that question because I do not know. Senator Biaggra[sp] what for what purpose you rise? To see if Senator Raven will yield to another question Senator Reyban [xx]  I will and I'll give notice, it's my last one go ahead. Well thank you so much, Mr. President and Senator. My question question relates to the one that the good Senator Barefoot just asked. The triangle express way with several pieces is included in this but it's being put into one project, can you explain how that wouldn't affect the ongoing process okay that I can do, the triangle express each leg of it is broken into a different

prom-pact project. This bill will combine those into one term pipe project thereby lifting the cap. Does that make sense? Where you've got three there will be one, but it's still one project. Would you entertain a follow up sir? Senator Rabin do you yield for a follow up? I think I said no but I still do. But since it's Thursday and since I'm in exceptionally good humor today I will Thank you. Thank you. I understand that it makes it one project. Do you have an opinion or do you have any idea on whether that would affect the the analysis because it talks about analysis here. Would it affect the analysis in any way? Do you have any idea there? That's way above senators pay level. I understand. Thank you. Any further discussion or debate? Hearing none, the question for the Senate is the passage of Senate Bill 188 on the second reading. All in favor vote aye, opposed will vote no. Five seconds will be allowed for the vote clerk will record the vote. Davis, here we go, Barringer aye. 38 having voted in the affirmative and 6 in the negative. Senator Barefoot, for what purpose do you rise? Mr. President, can I object to the third reading please 38 having voted in the affirmative and six in the negative, Senate Bill 188 passes it's second reading. Senator Barefoot objects to third reading. It will remain the callender. Mr. President. Senator Barringer, for what purpose do you rise? Since third reading has been objected to, I would like to change my vote to no. Senator Barringer changes her vote to no on second reading that changes our number to 30 37 to 7. Senate bill 279 [xx]. Senate bill 279 amended verification practice of counselling. Senator Bare Foot is recognized to speak to the bill. Thank you Mr. President. This bill authorized is the board of licensed professional counselors to issue a license to applicants that received graduate level training from a nationally accredited institution of higher education. The current law limits the board to only issue licenses to applicants who attended a regionally accredited institution. Our applicants are still subjected to the minimum credit requirements outlined in the statute which are very rigorous and be able to earn their masters from a nationally accredited institution. Currently, the gold standard for counselling which is known as encore our national accreditation process is that aren't recognized by the state of North Carolina unless the schools also regionally accredited and so this bill would allow for schools that have those standards to be recognized but at the appropriate time, I would like to also send forth an amendment. This is the appropriate time you can send forward your amendment, Senator [xx] Senator Brentford moves to amend the bill. Senator Brentford's recognized to speak to the amendment. Thank you Mr. President this amendment clears up some of the confusion that was raised yesterday in the committee, and by confusion I do mean someone was trying to confuse the committee, what this does is it quantifies, it kind of cleans up the statute, which is some staff wanted to do, makes no changes to the requirements but it quantifies that the regionally or nationally accredited organizations have to be recognized as by the council for higher education, accreditation, which is the council that recognizes all accrediting bodies, that for your support. Senator Bare Foot, if you would just check the dash board on this amendment for us just to make sure it's formatted the way you'd like it's got kind of like a strange formatting thing here on the one we received, bring this card look at that and do you have it on your desk board? I did what I can speak to the poor madam. Okay staff is telling me that it is bumped down that far because they have to put text on the page that I sign. Okay, so you're okay with the formatting of that then as long as the text is good.

We're good. Do you have any Senator Bare Foot, will you finish explaining the amendment. Do we have any discussion or debate all in amendment one? Senator Robinson [xx]. To ask the bill sponsors some questions. Senator Bare Foot, do you yield for question? Yes. Regarding the amendment senator Barefoot and certainly understand the council for how education accreditation, but let me ask you is how does that differentiate whether those universities, and I know we have the list our UNC system that offer the Masters of accreditation for the council of higher education, do we have or do we know other institutions within the state who are not a part of the UNC system, but who are credited and would offer this. when you say offer this are you speaking The master, the license your accounts that you're proposing. We received a list yesterday as a result of the meet, sorry Mr. President, Can I follow up? You're fine I think Senator Berret is trying to answer the questions so, I'm not a 100% clear. OK, we received them yesterday from the committee a list of those UMC institutions of those institutions in North Carolina. That originally accredited and are also accredited by the council for Higher Education. That often we did not receive a list of the other proposed institutions within this date, that are nationally accredited to which you referred for which you're requesting this life insurance approval. So I'm asking do you've a list of those institutions, so we can understand, we understand what the qualifications are, what the prerequisites are for institutions within our own system for which accreditation is approved. We understand that I do at least, don't understand what those prerequisites  would be for other non institutions this is their bachelors levels required in a certain area?  Are there are so many other courses to get to that masters level like we require in an our system? So do you understand what I'm saying?  I think there were a few questions in there, the first question is are there any institutions in North Carolina that would apply under the changes in this bill and to my knowledge they're even with the [xx] addition. Okay, but there are two, this is what staff is telling me and the reason for this is that you'have, and to be quite honest with you, the current system that we've which is not like many of the other states in the country many of the other states in the country recognize nationally credited institutions, most faith based counseling schools are nationally credited and there not regionally a credited and so if you decide to go to a fake based masters degree program, you cannot fulfill the requirements in North Carolina to be accounts. I'm not going to speak on the amendment, Mr. President I will wait for the bill. Thank you senator Regan do you have further discussion debate on amendment one. Mr. President. Yes, senator Bay, put a question. If the amendment has anything to do with lowering standards is that maintain standards at a level that we want to have in this state. Our standards are extremely high for counselling license in the nation and over 20 other states do it similarly to this. Most of you know what regional accreditation is, it's your typical and more type institutions,  where there're a lot of institutions,  that do really great academic work that don't fit into, or maybe they can't afford to have that type of accreditation. A lot of these are your seminaries,  because,  sometimes what separates a regional accreditation from a national accreditation isn't higher standards,  but it's,  bells and whistles that your institution like whether you have,  an undergraduate program or something of that nature. There are regionally accredited schools in this state, that offer these programs that,  you can question whether or not they're great programs. What this does is that it opens North Carolina up, to allowing more people with qualified backgrounds from qualified

institutions,  to come into this state or who are already here and say, can I sit for license, I mean to get a licence in North Carolina, the academic institution you attend is one piece, yet they have 3000 hours of supervised professional practice. 2000 hours must be direct counselling. No hours can be applied from a from an internship, you have to sit for a jurisprudence exam in this state, all this does is say your masters degree can come from a school that is nationally accredited, and same people that accredit the regional schools accredit the national ones do you have any further discussion or debate on amendment one? Hearing non question for the senate is the passage for amendment one all in favor of vote Aye, oppose of vote no, five seconds will be allowed for the voting, clerk will record the vote. Apodaca, aye. Lowe, no, 34 having voted in the affirmative and 10 in the negative, amendment one is adopted. The bill as amended is back before the body. We have any further discussion or debate? Senator Hise, for what purpose do you rise?   Senator Barefoot will yield for a question. Senator Barefoot, do you yield yes. Senator Barefoot, the question that I'm trying to get out in dealing with accreditation and SAX and regional accreditation. Would this deal have any impact on the articulation in whether credits would now be able to transfer from nationally accredited institutions to the standard accredited universities that would go under as in North Carolina [xx] Not at all, all these, and that's still something that students out there will have deal with this credit transfer from university, all this does is say that if you have attended a masters reprogram, that is nationally accredited, then you have checked one of the boxes for licencor in the state of North Carolina. Senator Smith, for what purpose do you rise? To speak on the bill. Senator Tillman, Senator Smith. Senator Tillman senator smith is up, senator smith do you recognize. Senator Tillman will get back to you. Senator chairman will get right to you, OK thank you Mr. President, the members of the committee were given information by the the North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors, and I just wanted to make the body aware of that, they opinion is this would lower the standards of licenseuer as a license professional councilor in North Carolina, under the current law, regional accreditation is required for licenseuer in the counseling profession, all states require that counseling graduate programs be accredited by either counseling specific accredited organization, or by regional graduate education accredited organisation just putting national doesn't, it's not regional in the sense that it has to be our region. There are a number of regional accrediting organisations, if you attended Washington State University, their regional accreditation would also be valid. So it's not like you're not going to be able to be a license professional if you went to somewhere in another part of the of the country so I think sometimes that national thing can be a little bit misleading. There're actually six regional general crediting the organizations that evaluate the institution of higher education within their regions to ensure they meet broadly accepted higher standards of quality, national crediting agencies often only accredit a single purpose institution and more importantly I think all mental health professionals are required to graduate from a regionally accredited institution of higher education in order to be licensed in North Carolina, so this would actually the lower the standards for licensed professional counselors. So I just think we need to be aware that we need to keep our standards very high, and if there are a couple that are not regionally accredited now, may be they need to be studied a little further to see if they actually are meeting the standards that are necessary that we want in our states. Senator Tillman for purpose you rise? Speak briefly on the bill. Senate Tillman has the floor. Wash Inshore is not granted by any university or any institution. by your department of Public Instruction. They have evaluated all degrees, all of the certificates,

[xx] afford now. They have chosen for some reason, not to recognize and to disallow any of the certifications that come from a particular state with a particular institution that many other states, 30 some others recognize and they are very well trying, their standards have been evaluated fully by, the National Certification People, the national people that look at the programs and they say they're fine, these folks are taken nearly everywhere else but North Carolina for some reason has chosen not to do so, and contrary to what I just heard, I don't believe that we're lowering standards whatsoever. If you look at the standards by the National Accrediting People, and you look at the regional associations you will see little or no difference and the program requirements for this people that are in the masters of Counselling programs so I don't think that argument holds I think that these are very fine training people who are teaching and counseling in many, many other states already. So I just think we need to make this change, so that we can get this good people that are ready to go into work. Senator Davis, for what purpose do you rise? To ask Senator Barefoot a question. Senator Barefoot, do you yield for a question? Yes. Senator Barefoot, as this was coming to through committee, there was several questions that were asked, and at the time we were not able to get that information. I don't know about anyone else, but I've not received that information and the only thing I was asking as I've shared before, not to delay or stop the bill if it wasn't urgent, that would you consider it friendly an objection to the third reading so we can get more information? I did get emails from staff to the questions that were answered. I also did some homework last night, and I found out that the lady who presented in our committee, [xx] to our committee she said we will be the only state in the nation that allowed national accreditation and that's paternally false the license professional council association of North Carolina is not opposed to this bill for the single reason at all schools that are not regionally accredited but have national accreditations which include CACREP and CoC which are the gold standards for licensed professional counsellors in  the country, and those people cannot come here and practice, because they didn't go to originally accredited school, and so I take issues with the statements that were made in that letter, they were false, they were misleading and I think we need to pass this bill Any further discussion or debate? Senator Rabin, for what purpose do you rise? Speak on the bill. Senator Rabin has the floor to speak on the bill. I think it's well established by the remarks of two other senators that the standards are not the issue the remaining high. And what we're neglecting here is in fact a current need and a future need growing for qualified people to do counselling for the mental health of the folks that live here. That should be one of the dominant thoughts as you go ahead and vote, and I recommend that you vote for the bill. Thank you Any further discussion or debate? Senator Robinson, for what purpose do you rise? To speak on the bill. Senator Robinson has the floor to speak to the bill. Thank you, Mr. President, and in all due respect to this body, I am concerned and I do know a bit about education, about counselling, etc. like some of you know about law, about business and transportation and all those things. And regardless of anything, I'm concerned about quality of education education of the state. We have been and continue to be, I believe, a state that values and also requires standards, high standards, in terms of education, especially when we talk about people who provide advice, must be sound advice based on evidence-based theories, must be those things that will help those people move from one state where they find themselves to the next, whether it's substance abuses or whether it's behavioral issues, whether it's mental health counselling. We know how much we're investing into those areas, and we've got some serious issues to deal with. So my concern is that if people want to come to North Carolina and practice, then there ought to be they could take a few extra courses of whatever we require, we aren't the hardest state. But if our folk who are

already here have passed those competencies, then we should require other people to have the same competencies to serve our folk. And it has been accepted that the racial standards are higher we want to lower standards, Okay, we'll just lower standards like everybody else. But we aren't the state that everybody else is. And so I think that what we ought to do instead of this kind of thing, is maybe put it in some language which people can take. So recourse is to get them to whatever that standard is in terms of qualifications. You've said before anything national it'd be good for North Carolina. And this is one of those times that national is not as good as rational some voting against the bill. Any further discussion of the debate hearing none the question for us senate, the passing of senate bill 279, as amended on 2nd reading, as favorable aye, [xx] 33 having voted the affirmative and 11 in the negative, senate bill 379 as a minute passes, second reading without objection, a third time. North Carolina legislation act End of discussion or debate hearing none question for the senate is the passage of the senate bill 79 as amended on its third reading, all in favor will say I, I! Oppose no. The I's have it. Senate bill 279 as amended passes its third reading and will be sent to the house, senate bill 315 [xx]. Senate bill 315 school playground is available to public. The senate bill 279 and the amendment will be engrossed and will be sent to the house. Senator Pate is recognized to speak to senate bill 315. Thank you, Mr. President, I would also like to thank Senator Taemon and Senator of Vandein for sponsoring this bill along with me. Folks, the taxpayers have paid for and owned the playgrounds around our schools through our recreational facilities and it seems to be in this day of, when we want to get our children to put down their iPads and get outside and did a lot of exercise, if playgrounds after school, are going unused to a great degree and I think the time has come when this playgrounds should be opened up for recreational play after school hours are over, to the public and that's what this bill would do, there will be no liability attached to the board of education or allowing this to go on and I know of no objections from any stakeholders, I would recommend this bill to you. We have to discuss your debate, hearing none, question for the senate this is a passage of the committee substitute senate bill 315 on a second reading on favorable eye and opposed the vote no, five seconds be allowed for the voting and the court will record the vote. Blue, blue eye 43 having voted in the affirmative and zero in the negative committee substitute senate bill 315 passes a second reading with objection to be read a third time. [xx] we have a discussion debate hearing none, first report of the senate is the passage of the committee substitute senate bill 315 on its third reading, Senator Crobeck Mr. President, my vote did not record, my vote is aye, my button is not working. Did it show up here, sorry about that senator, that would have been 44 [xx] 44 to zero was the final vote, so we did that would be the third time  already we did pass the second reading so without objection the committee substitute 315 be read a third time.   North Carolina general act. End of discussion or debate hearing none, request approach senate's passive, Committee Substitute Senate Bill 315 ORS third reading, all in favor say I, oppose no, the I's have it, many surface is Senate Bill 315 passes this third reading will be sent to the house. Senate bill 359, clerk will read. Senate bill 359 promote [xx] Senator Alexander is recognised to speak to the bill. Thank you, Mr President. When I was running for office I found out about a website that's within the State employee, the situation with North Carolina and it's website

called "ncthanks" and this allows State employees to come up with good ideas, where they can suggest to save money for the State North Carolina, and they made it a piece to the action if they do that, there was a lady who in I think it's about 2007 2008 found out that there were some phone lines going into a building over the Dicks Hampson and this wasn't being used and so this started to save the State of North Carolina $22, 000 a year. As a result to this particular situation, she was given a check for about $5, 000 or $6, 000 a year, when I was running for office nobody who've worked for the State of new about this particular provision and I thought that was kind of not so good and so therefore I proposed this bill and all it does is direct state human resources commission to include the details of this [NC thinks] as a permanent part of the state of human resources manual and also to prominent part of any website that's involve of any stadium employee, so they can just split over there further involved as we know saving money on inside state government is difficult but this would give any state employee the opportunity to come up with ideas that will save the state of North Carolina money and then also be able to participate on setting on their own basis and even just my, my neighbor over here senator wells was sitting their thinking this was such a great idea and he has offered a suggestion to perhaps he be able to sell this [oxmeter] later senator Abubakar for what purpose do you raise, see if senator Alexander do you yield to a question. Senator Alexander do you yield, yes I do sir senator Alexander this is a wonderful bill I just want to make sure that it would be available to the house of representatives. It certainly shall be sir. Okay cause they can use it more in any organization in North Carolina. Thank Sir, they are certainly eligible for. I'm asking your support senator McCallister for a purpose raise, senator Alexander yield for a question, senator Alexander do you yield? Reluctantly. Senator Alexander I want to make sure everybody in this body understands, I think, you know, I'll go ahead with this conversation but for the benefit of those weren't involved in that conversation that this is a one time payment they don't get it annually, over and over again, they get a one time payment, was my inderstanding that correct. That's correct senator, so one time payment would state $22 thousand year, they will participate at that time roughly about $5000 that one time not on a recurring basis, thank you. Thank you sir. Any further discussion or debate? Hearing none request for senate passes committee substitute senate bill 359 on second reading all in favor say aye oppose vote no five seconds bill live for the voting as the cleark will record the vote Gentlemen, 44 having voted in the affirmative and zero in the negative, Committee Substitute Senate Bill 359 passes it's second without objection to be read a third time. North Carolina general assembly act. In a discussion debate, hearing none, the question's third session for the third reading on say, "Aye. " Aye. Oppose no, the Ayes have it. This [xx] Senator bill 359 passes it's third reading and it will be sent to the House  and that wraps up our calendar for the day Senator Radom on for a purpose rise I commend the report out of order senator you can send forward your committee report out of order locally. Sarah Randall we are passing Senate Bill 311 register of deeds filling of laws to provide additional I stand to admit to provide a person should be subject to arrest of fabrication of pretrial release probation or role of post release passed upon offence there's is immune from prosecution to provide a law enforcement officer not to disturb a civil liability for arresting or charging a person entitled to immunity from persecution if the law on force with the officer, act in good faith provided a pharmacist made dispense and receiving a for GS 90 death, 106.2, and provide their pharmacist who would dispense that note, be an antagonist in accordance with GS 90 death. 106.2 is immune from certain levels of criminal liability.  We thank for re-honoring this is your title. Senate bill 311 154 calendar, do we have any notices or announcement? Senator Apodaca for what purpose do you rise? Mr. President a motion is I'm May Senator Apodaca has floor for the motion Mr. President I move that all Bills that are in the normal course would appear on next Monday's calender, which April the 6, be moved to fourth calender for Tuesday April 14, objection Senator Brown for what purpose you rise?

An announcement You have the floor Senator The Democrats will caucus immediately after session. Any other notices or announcement? Mr. President Senator Jackson, for what purpose do you rise? Just for senatorial statement You can send forward your statement senator Thank you and I like to speak on it, just a moment please  you have the floor senator member of the senate we're honored today and there are some other members over here with us that we have a fire department in Selma, North Carolina which is in part of my district and I'm very proud of. They're celebrating their 100th anniversary. The Selma council established town fire department deserves the citizens of the town in 1915. The Selma fire department authorized 1 fire station, 3 agency, 1 lighter company and 1rescue and the Selma department is comprised of 27 volunteer fire departments with one full-time engineer per day and one part time fire fighter per day and a full time fire chief and the mayor would have loved to have been here with thus, but she has some little bill signing going on right now in Wilson, North Carolina with the Governor and Senator [xx] I'm sure other members of the Senate, but she's had this statement to say about her fire department. Selma has been fortunate through the years through 100 years of our fire department's existence to have fire chiefs and other individuals, who understood the importance of that department and worked hard to continuously improve it. Today's fire department ranks as North Carolina's finest and I send my congratulations to them and thank them for their service. Thank you. Upon the motion of Senator Brad Jackson of Samson County, the chair is happy to extend courtesies of the gallery to the Selma Fire Department from Johnson County. Please stand and be recognised, thank you for your service and thank you for joining us. Do we have any other notices or announcements? Any further business to come before the Senate? If not, the Chair recognises Senator Berger for a motion. Thank you Mr President, just a short announcement before I get to the motion. Members, we've indicated that next week we'll do skeletal sessions, so if you have plans we certainly want you to be able to take advantage of those. Obviously, if you have some work you want to do here, the building will be open and available to you, there's no question about that, but Senator Berger, would you like to thank the pages for us since I forgot to do that, before you do your motion? Be glad to do that, Mr President and members if you would at this time take a moment to thank the pages for spending their week here with us. We hope that you've enjoyed this. We hope you've enjoyed your week, hope you have learnt something. My experience has been that generally the members learn more from you than you may learn from us so. I believe Senator Barefoot wants say something as well. Senator Barefoot, for what purpose do you rise? I would like to withdraw my objection the third reading we were able to get our issue figured out in the meantime and since we're not going to be vetting for a while, let's bring that one back up if we can if that's possible. Had to remember which one it was Senator so senators we're going to go back to Senate Bill 188. Get that back up on the screen. Senate Bill 188, A turnpike projects. Do we have any discussion or debate? Mr. President. Senator Barringer, for what purpose do you rise? I just want to make it clear that I have had my questions answered fully and I'm now ready to vote the third reading. Thank you, Senator. Any further discussion or debate? Hearing none, the question for the Senate is the passage Senate Bill 188 on it's third reading, all in favor vote I, opposed will vote no. Five seconds will be allowed for the voting. Clerk will record the vote, Senator Blue, Blue. I, 39 having voted in the affirmative and five in the negative, Senate Bill 188 passes it's third reading and it will be sent to the House. I'm sorry.

Change my vote Mr. President. Senator Robinson changes her vote from no to I and the final cut was 40 to 4. So that wraps up our calendar senator Burger now recognized for a motion thank you Mr. President, I hope everyone has an enjoyable Easter and time off for next week and with that I move that now the senate now adjourns subject to the standards set forth in senate rule 24.1 the ratification of the bills, messages from the house to reconvene on Monday April 6th 2015 at 3 PM, again that will be a skeleton session. The motion senate stand is now adjourned subject to the stipulations stated by senator Burger to reconvene Monday April 6 at 3 PM second by Senator Barefoot, all in favor say I, oppose no, the I's have it. Senate stands adjourned.