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Joint | April 1, 2015 | Press Room | Press Conference: Representative Gill

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Good afternoon and thank you all for being here. Today is a great day because we have students here today who will go on to talk about the significance, of a college education, and they're going to talk about, what they think is necessary in order for the to obtain a great education, we have student's, from the historical Black Colleges and Universities and they're being hosted by common call's so we will go right to the program, and we'll start with our student's speaking first, we're looking at Brandy Lemery OK, Good afternoon my name is Brandy Lemery, I'm a singer for local science major from west asylum state University, and today I'll be talking about my HPCU. As a prior singer, I believe to continue to support a historically Black Colleges, and Universities is period amount for the continued growth of Carolina. Recently released information, states that the University with the highest paid graduates and most important of those who graduate in North Carolina is once Dino state University. My HBCU has prepared me for the professional. Well, last year is still on me, then to serve my community. This past week our compeers, why did they love WSC so much? We all agreed that we live the natural game environment that they give us, the gregarious academics and the undeniable lion pride which has been HDNI heart's forever What`s the same mistake Senior University is the institution of trial brazers, what's the same mistake is the only foliage University in the country that offers a Bachelors of Science in the Sports Management major. Excuse me which is currently at a $6 Billion industry in North Carolina. Winston-Salem State is also the third largest producer of nursing in North Carolina. One of my closest friends is actually going back to Safer HomeTown Community in Greenville North Carolina after me, so she will be going to Greenville North Carolina and nursing there. The motto of Winston-Salem State is "Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve. " Winston-Salem State is "Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve. " which manifest in our graduates today. So in closing, we support the new universities which have given so much to North Carolina communities. Now I'll pass it on to Eric Moore of Fayetteville State University, thank you. scores were below average. A lot of the other schools were telling that I needed to retake it. So I really appreciated the fact that FSU is willing to take a chance with me, and I was to show them that I was willing to do the work and show them the grades, and going to FSU I was doing the work that they expected me to do. so I really appreciated the chance they took on me for that. Another thing that really stuck out to me too going to FSU was the classroom sizes. A lot of the classroom sizes were very small, it helps you out with being able to talk to the teachers one on one, and then noticing the different things that you need help on. Big classroom sizes are sometimes not a help because of having to talk to the teachers is not really that possible because there is so many different students they have to after. So I feel like that's another really big thing that helps out with going to a smaller school. Also another big risk for me going to the Bay State University, was the fact that I had a lot of family in the area In 2007, economic impact of FSU, was 198 million dollars and created 2440, full time and part time jobs in the community. What supports, benefits my friends, family and community. So, I feel like not only just FSU, but the state, the city of Faith, will also be a big help around to all EPCUs. Thank you And now we'll pass to, Alisa Harvey student at North Carolina Central University. She's not here at the moment so I'll pass the math test, Smith student at St. Augustine University. Good evening everyone, my name is Moses Smith, I'm thankful to be here on behalf of

my school, St. Augustine University, as well as an advocate for higher education in the pursuit of a better life, but mostly to share a concern of mine, to exercise my rights as a United States citizen on critical political decisions of various topics that are going to be made by North Carolina government officials, I'm greatful for the opportunity to speak at this first conference and representing a wide range of people fully but limited to the organization common course and other organizations in support of historically black colleges and universities today as a mentor we'll discus the different representatives just allow me to voice my concerns so that they can be transparent in the eyes of government of government leaders. I know how others have lobby of might be [xx] as it has impacted communities of people I've been granted, I've been granted great in the pat to withstand college through the help of certain government programs. As a liaby muy thoughts are or with those seeking a higher education perhaps in historically black college or university. Therefore what a lobby for for North Carolina high school boy who has As to all his science classes and has high hopes of attending college to become a scientist but his biggest challeng challenges as financial assistance. When a lobby on his behalf although we used to talk with representatives to remind them of how when they make decisions are maintaine increasing North Carolina need base, higher education scholarships that they possibly could be assisting the next noble winner and going to college historically black colleges. Universities are important and have shown this by raising leaders to innovate this and discover ways to contribute in the advancement of society. Historically black colleges and universities have well rounded who act as triggers on a student's success. These institutions have the power to take an average student and slingshot him or her into becoming an international awareness advocate for issues that need to be resolved, a participant in prestigious schools like Harvard and Ford [xx] educational pursuits and have the power to make a student become a better version of their self. I know all of this because I'm a living witness. St. Augustine's University provided a solid foundation for all of this through elevating my mind through tough course curriculums and even expecting me to surpass my limits. Furthermore, I had my first internship, study abroad-ship and a chance to meet some of society's most renowned social activists all because St. Augustine's University prepared the way. When I travel and meet other leaders from other historically Black colleges and universities, we share the same similar stories of how their school played a huge role in their professional development so when historically black colleges and universities are supported this affects the long-term status of our future leaders, and shows that the state values diversity. Thank you. Hello. I'm Alyssa Harvey, a sophomore attending North Carolina from Washington DC, was a major in Political science and a minor in Psychology. I've also done Merchasy[sp?] Fellow with Common Course HBCU Student Alliance. Today Common Course along with other several other universities have come to speak up about funding for higher education especially for black colleges and universities. Since attending NHBCU, I have been able to experience supportive atmosphere and both [xx] staff and students. One in particular Dr. Chavez Hall who has been very supportive and my goals of achieving in college, very helpful helping with scholarship, letters of recommendation, participation in student civic organizations in the Fall we have collaborated organizations to empower students to get out to vote, and speak up about concerns that they have. It has to my attention that HPCU relevancy, budget cuts, tuition increases financial aid decreases and much more are many huge issues HPCUs are facing. HPCUs offer important social and education benefit, extracurricular activities, [xx] to African American, support and exchange to pursue their legacy. We are here today lobbying to make our voices be heard, and influential that is fading fast to raise concerns and commit

to encourage equal partnership, between majority institutions, and most importantly support HPCUs, public and private in the future. Thank you. Good afternoon, I'm Representable Larry Haul, democratic leader in the house of representatives and the HPCU graduate, I'm honored to join, soon to be graduates, and soon to be members of the alumni associations at this HPCUs as well as some other graduates here in the legislature. I think it's so important that you see North Carolina's investment in education coming through for ration and we understand that the HPCU members here today are here to lobby and make sure we don't forget what great dividends is paid and how is the best investment we can make. So at a time when we would think about retrenching on funding in education, this is not that time. We need to continue to invest, our future is bright, we have great students and they pay great dividends to the state of North Carolina. So as I go around today to talk to the members of the legislature as they go back to their home districts and advocate, it's still going to be important that we listen and understand this is our future, we must invest, it's not an expense. If you think the cost of education is expensive you'll understand what the cost of ignorance is so please make sure you give an open door to them, make sure you elevate their concerns and lets invest in our future. in this in our HPC use, 40, 000 students in North Carolina, the best college investment you can make in education. Thank you. state representative we do want let the students know they starting the year off at this legislative year, we have talked to the governor, we have talked to the leadership, and we do have the they do understand the issues that our HPCUs are facing, we've had many opportunities to speak to many of your chancellors, presidents they know that they have our support in the general assembly, and we do understand I'm a product of [xx] University and show community school so I understand a lot of who I am today I owe it to those universities, and we want to continue to have a place where our students can go and [xx] and do what they need to do to be productive, citizens so. Thank you young people. People always say youth the future, but you're right now, so we're glad to have you of you here. Thank you for your hard work and may God continue to bless each and every one of you. Marvin Lucas, 42nd House district in Cumberland County. It is indeed my pleasure to hear these young people speak, most of them extemporaneously, and certainly they will speak alternatively and that they will speak persuasively as we attempt to show their prowess and the need to continue to demonstrate them in this modern society. Yes, I'm a graduate of two HBCUs, Federal State University and the North Carolina Central University, and I would submit to you that my training at both of those universities have paid great dividends in allowing me to ascribe to the societal goals that we've reached again let's continue to encourage them. We recognize that you are the press and that you have very little influence other than just writing and showing the great accomplishment of these folk, but your showing and writing does impress those who fester the money, so let's continue to do it. Thank you for coming this afternoon. Representative Ralph Johnson from Guilford County, Greensboro, a product of North Carolina University. I'm So happy to see the students here because I wanted to say this if one of us is hurting, we're all hurting. We cannot afford to back up from funding from education, especially with the use because there are alternatives and some of them are not good. I'd rather see a graduate holding a diploma a degree rather than coming out of a prison cell. And I'd like to kind of focus on the fact that we have so many children are here right now and that some have lost their way but as I look around this room and

look at some students that are here I feel proud and I don't take a back seat today, I'll tell anybody that HBCUS are very important in this day And I'm going to do whatever I can, whatever I can to advocate for each and every HBCU, thank you. Let me thank then members of the general assembly who are here today, so you have their pledge that they will be working to make sure that HBCU continue, I`m Rose Gill, representative from Wait Could try, we thank you very much for being here here today and if you have any questions we'll be glad to answer them at this time. are you all hearing threats to the funding for HBCUs this year like we did last year for Elizabeth City State? Any of the students want to speak to that? OK. My name is Hakeem Dykes and I'll be speaking on behalf of HBCUs like Shaw University, St. Augustines and Benin College , well, we sometimes do depend on the need based scholarship that has been seen in the increase in the last three years and we're suspecting it to go down even further. So yes we do suspect to see more decreases in the funding for HBCUs. But excuse me, you was asking specific about Elizabeth City? And the public universities, yes. Well, let's go back to Elizabeth City if you don't mind, [xx] just a minute, we've got assurance that the Board of Governors are going to do all they can to ensure that Elizabeth City is of Success. We've got the, I use the terms, We've got the word on that, so we're going to depend on that. I speak with Board of the Governors and we have the Black Caucus on many occasions, and others so we we have the assurance that they are going to do all that they can with the new chancellor to ensure that Elizabeth City has all that it needs to be successful and hope for the HSBU to get the same state funding [xx] should have, since you asked. My name is Adam Baker, hailing from [xx] State University. While lobbying I didn't hear about the rumors there is also under fire and I can only see from student perspective from Fayettevile State, we've been doing a lot and I mean a lot of community work, getting people to register to vote, spreading knowledge, make sure people know that Although, all HPCUs are great, we can't just stand alone. We can't just act like nothing is happening. So, movements are being made is working with closer to [xx] common cause to make sure everybody gets involved everybody gets the morale so that when time comes, we like warriors for the war. We're ready to move, ready to mobilize so we do know, we do see it coming, but we are preparing. [xx] full time enrolled student, have you been seeing a decrease in those appropriations, Is that something you all have [xx]? I'm sorry sir, my name is [xx] and I'm a transfer from [xx] to FSU and it was kind of hard getting there, well like it was really hard getting. Those are the moment that we are all and will strain, so they asked a question, we have to fight for the baseline now, we just be (xx) you had to talk to me personally, almost beg your way in. That's what I had to do to get up there. Did I answer your question? [xx]   [xx] Bradey [xx] state. Throughout my four year stay at [xx] state, I have continually seen a decrease with financial aid now [xx] GPA has continued to increase but my financial aid has continued to decrease to the point where from my sophomore year, my parents have had to pay out of pocket for me to continue my education. So guess I continue to see the decrease either with all the progress that we've made [xx] we have a partnership with the physical there the physical daily program at Wake Falls we have a partnership, we do university for the nursing program and we also have a partnership with UNC School of Arts, so is going down but

I think one of the better question is why is all this progress being made and our number show that we're producing active and conscious minded adults that actually give back to North Carolina otherwise there's still a decrease could you recite your question, please? I was just asking if we, I just yes it was but it was 2008 but to end academic full year 2008/2009 it was a 14, the difference was 14 so it's actually dropped from 14 to 7% and I think really what students want is to see fund equilibrium. We shouldn't  have to like make, do 7% although it has one from 14 to 7 which the plain field should be equal [xx] I'll explain the number so the number for the 2013 in 2014, school year was, numbers that were pulled from data that was provided by the General Assembly specifically, so we calculated an average from the predominantly white institutions and the average from the historically black institutions per full-time enrolled, appropriations for full-time enrolled student, so we don't have the calculations comparing year to year, we only have 13 for the 13 or 14 that we gave you and so we compare the averages for the PWIs to the HBCUs and that's what we have in here in the information that we've provided yes so it's 7% less on average for the HBCUs verses the PWIs. And by the way there is a reduction that is being proposed, a 2% to the university system by the Governor's budget, I think a 2% decrease and they are supposed to do some type of differentiation as it relates to the smaller schools, the HBCU schools and in the larger schools at the university system. We have no idea what that final cut will be and there are somethings that they are doing with the budget by saying that they are giving flexibility to the schools but then they are just dumping all of the money into one pot and saying use it for what you is necessary so there's a lot of discussion about what's going to happen this year with the funding to the university cardiovascular system. Are there any other questions? If none, thank you very much and have a great day.