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House | March 31, 2015 | Chamber | Finance

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Good morning, welcome to finance. Sergeant at arms today. Reggie Seals[sp?], Marvin Lee, Tay McRol[sp?] and Chris McCracken[sp?]. Our Pagers today Gabriela Skala from Gilford. Sponsored by Representative of John Fiacle[sp?] and Jerry Thomas from Camlin[sp?] county response about John [xx]. Good morning to you. I think it would be nice to welcome Bill Bradley back, give him a back and shake [xx] Okay, you are going to introduce to everybody. I think I have. Okay, good enough. Thank you Mr. Chairman, I appreciate the vacation, you all got a lot of work done. First bill today, senate bill 305, the in camp asset sale Bryant's here. Welcome to the house Senator Bryant[sp?]. Would you like to present your bill? Well if I may say this is essentially the same as Representative Martin's bill but yours had gotten to the Senate after we had noticed hers and before tradition in the House for the freshmen or tradition in the Legislature is whichever bill crosses over first is the one that's actually sent to the Governor's desk. Representative Hager is recognized for motion. At the proper time, this is a great bill. I think everybody would like to [xx] that whenever Senator Bronx is ready, I will have to have the motion. Are there any proposed ammenrdments? Seeing none, you are recognised Yes, Ma'am. Mr. Chairman, I have a motion for a favourable for Senate Bill 305. I think this is for next Okay. Motion by Representative Hager seconded by Representative Rodney Moore for favorable report of Senate Bill 305 so many as favor the motion say aye, aye opposed motion carried, Thank you house bill 388 Dare county local options sales tax representative Tine. Thank you Mr. Chairman this bill and I appreciate you bring it so quickly because it is an emergency situation if you dint know Oregon Inlet is closed currently the coast guard shut it down and are imposing a $35000 fine within so many feet of the bridge therefore we do have emergency dredges coming down currently they may already be under way to open it up, but once it's open we have to make sure sure that we can maintain it open from this point forth, so Dare county sent a resolution to the board of commissioners, sent a resolution to this body asking for one quarter cent that is already authorizes the statue, but to remove the referendum because we need to move it as quickly as possible. So we can go ahead and contract with the dredging company to maintain the channel. So this would we try to built this type of boxes we could build around this, it is only for dredging and it ends as soon as the bridge is complete, and the old bridge is taken away. So I know that there's an amendment that representative Gitter[sp?] has, we recognize an issue with the timing I worked DOR this morning to get that done. Thank you representative Tyron[sp?], representative Gitter[sp?]. I have an amendment to put forward to the committee. Has the amendment in your possession sir. I will suspend for a moment while the sergeant at arms and the pages, hand out the amendment. Representative [xx], Yes. Are you ready to explain your amendment sir? Theoretically yes, my amendment and as in there's a statute on the number of days on the notice, and this is an effort to shorten the number of days, as I understand from staff. Staff can clarify, well this an effort to shorten the days up due to emergency effort, so the notice issue is as not long, staff can clarify [xx]. Staff said that you nailed it.

I've always liked staff. You make that motion if you'd like to, representative Hagar. I just want to know if [xx] is a signature, I don't know what that is. That's just closer as they would let me to med school Mr. Chairman. Representative Collins did I see your hand up? Is there a further discussion or debate on the amendment? Hearing none, the motion before the committee's adoption, of the jigger amendment number one to house bill 388 so many of the favor adoption, say Aye. Aye. Opposed to, No. The amendment, is agreed to. Representative Tan. I stand ready for any question Sir. Representative Collins. I actually the amendment took away the part of the bill that I had a question about so I'll just try to make a motion when it's right. Okay. Further discussion, further debate. [xx] Representative Collins is recognised for a motion. The motion that we give a favorable fort to a house bill 388, as amended. Okay, the motion by Represenative Collins seconded by Representative Bradford, to give a favorable report to House bill 38 88 as mended rolled into a proposed committee substitute, all unfavorable to the original bill. Sir? So many as favor the motion say aye? Aye. Opposed, no? Bill carries, I think that the entire gender for today, we're adjourned.