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House | March 30, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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May I have your attention please. Visitors, please retire from the chambers, have session, thank you. House to come to order, members will take their seats, visitors will retire from the chamber, the sergeant at arms is directed the members and all visitors in the gallery are asked to silence all the electronic devices, they say this prayer will be offered by representative Lambyth[sp?] , members and our visitors in the gallery are asked to stand for the prayer and to remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance. representative Lambeth, please join with me in a moment of reflection and appreciation for the blessings that we all share. And most kind and gracious heavenly father, as we come together this evening, to conduct the business of this great state, we pray that you guard our hearts and our minds in the spirit of fairness and the knowledge from right from wrong and with respect with one another, that we may continue to improve the quality of life for all the persons whom we serve, kindle it within our hearts the true love of peace, grant us and our decisions the grace to ask, what would you have us to do that the spirit of wisdom may save us from false choices and your light will guide the way to justice and truth. May we never take for granted the many blessing that are ours, and may we ever be mindful of those who are hurting or struggling, Maybe we continue to focus on reducing poverty, reducing infant mortality, creating good jobs and protecting those who're most vulnerable by maintaining a physically responsible stay, Father, train us to listen through your prompting, shield the men and women who place themselves in harms way for our freedom and safety through their service and the military and as first responders. Now as we begin this evening session give us wisdom to make the best of each decision, bless each member in our service and pour out a special blessings on our families who extend their support in allowing us to serve, in your name we pray Amen. Amen. I Pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic which stands one nation under God, indivisible, With liberty and justice for all. The gentleman from [xx] Representative Louis is recognised for a motion. Mr Speaker the Journal for March 26 has been examined and found to be correct, I move that it stand approved as written. Representative Louis moves that the Journal from March 26 be approved as written, so many favoring the approval of the Journal will say, "Aye. " Aye. Those opposed will say, "No. " The Ayes have it and journal is approved as written, petition, memorials of papers addressed to the General Assembly of the House, the Clerk will read. Dear Mr. Speaker pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 115C-10 I'm pleased to nominate Ms. Patricia R. Heed and Mr. James Tart, Chastine to serve on the North Carolina State Board of Education Ms. Heed will represent the third district and Mr. Chastine represent the seventh district. Included you will find biographical information for the appointees and required disclosure forms. Please feel free to contact my office or any [xx] sincerely part Mccrory  government the matter is referred to the committee on rules counter and operations the hearing for approval of the appointment. Members, the chair is going to be reading some ratification of bills if the body would come to order. Ratification for bills resolutions the proper way Senator John resolution 334 resolution 2015-4, joint resolution is certain today for the House of Representatives and the Senate to elect members to the State Board of Community colleges. [xx] check the bills if they're united. Members are nurse of the

day today is Linda Obwoyo from Elm city. Ms. Obwoyo are you well? She is not here yet so we come back to that in a few. Introduction of bills of resolutions to corporate House Bill 265 Representative Redcock, exchange patient safety in operating rooms he was part of the committee on health. House Bill 366, representative Miles, compact balance [xx] job creations. House Bill 367 Representative Brawley, Bumgardner, Hugher and Radel in sic consumer forward safety act reform is favorable, pass. House bill 368. Representative Cathrine improve the [xx] upgrading system.education K12 house 397 Representative, G Martin, Jitter, Panes and Wood More [xx] our motorsports scholarship [xx] but patience. House bill 370 Representative Whitmire, certain school governments and state health plan. Yes, yes. Pensions of retirement. House bill 371, representatives Whitmire, Cleveland and Stevens, Tara claims damages, liabilities for support. Homeland Security if favorable judiciary one. House Bill 372 Representative Dollar, Lambeth, De Brown and Jones, 2015 medicate [xx]. Health and favorable appropriations. House bill 373, representatives [xx], Whitmire, Brockman and Iler, paper ballots by 2020 certain counties. Elections. House Bill 374, Representative Zachary, Stam, Reeves and Faircloth interject defense services deficiency act. Judiciary two, if favorable, appropriations. House Bill 375, Representatives Jordan, [xx] and Stevens, Real Property Error Corrections and Titles judiciary too if available appropriations. House bill 76, representative Jordan, Stan, [xx] and [xx] civil procedure organization expert discovery. Judiciary two. House bill 377, representatives Winscrow, Harrison Fisher. an affordable energy rates. [xx] public utilities is a favorable finance. House bill 378 lives in Whitmyre all the way in west Bosnia a mean criteria, certain agriculturist called Simpore Williams house bill 379 Representatives Howard and [xx] simplify [xx] collection by intermediary. Finance house bill 380 representatives Halloway, Glacier, Blackwell and Clair Clerk; state-run schools safety management education K12 is favorable appropriations. House 381 Representatives Bill Brown, Clair Clerk, [xx] collection agent Thank you. House bill 382, Representative [xx] evidence amend rule 411, insurance of favorable Judiciary one house bill 383 Representatives Glacious Stamp, George and Clair [xx] schemes and sex offences. Judiciary two house bill 384 representative are Johnson, Burkman and Harrison, Greensburg Police disciplinary actions, rules countered operations to the house. House Bill 385 Representatives Med Mill, Besmare Shephard and [xx] increase share of supplement pension cost   [xx] every time in a favorable finance Messages from the senate, the clerk will read. Senate bill 6, committee substitute second edition, a bill to the entitlement Act to allow the retirees who return to work for the state in 9 prominent positions to retain their coverage action under the state health plan for teachers and state employees, rathher than limiting such retirees coverage options to the [xx] level, how deductible health plans necessitated by the affordable healthcare Act as recommended by the joint legislative education oversight committee. State personnel is favorable appropriations.

Members on motion of the gentleman Manenberg representative Bradford the chair is happy to extend the courtesy to the gallery to the commissioner from the county Cornelius Bruce Trimble who is in the gallery tonight, he would please stand so we can welcome you, thank you very much for being here. For what purpose does the gentleman from representative Louise raise, for a motion Mr. Speaker the gentleman may state his motion Mr. Speaker I move that the rules be suspended to the end that house bill 388 short tittle Dare county local option sales tax may have his first reading tonight, the Jam is asking that it have only this first reading correct, not a vote. Yes sir. Is there objection? [xx] Clerk will read. Representative [xx], hose bill 388, a bill to be entitled enact to modify the options for local sales tax on Bayer county for dodging purposes. There was further the committee on finance Representatives Jones and Luise have recognized the central [xx] committee you report to corporate. Representatives Jones and Louise. Elections Committee Report, house bill 112. Family county board of education Electors method, favorable. Country. House bill 110 Chucky county board of education elections favorable committee substitute unfavorable original bill.committee substitute counter original bill unfavorable counter. Representative Jones and Louise to recognise and send forth additional committee report to corporate Representative Jones Luise election committee report, house bill 111, standard counter board of education recall, favorable committee substitute unfavorable regional bill.committee substitute counter regional bill and favorable counter. Hospital 189 Wokingham county school school board, favorable committee substitute, unfavorable original bill.committee substitute counter, original bill unfavorable counter house 199, counter, house 199 the corporeal. Representatives, [xx] Jolly, Jackson, Gill, house bill 1 99 a bill to re-entitled and [xx] made to a charter. The city of Voula to allow the city to donate retired animals used by police department or any other city agency to police officers our employees who are at normal custody and control of the animal senator [xx], just a moment members the chair before calling on the members to speak the chair would ask the members members to look at house bills 199, house bill 204, and house bill 243, chair will ask is there objection to these three bills being together, is there objection? Being non, the clerk will read the other two bills. Bill 282 204 and 243 then Clerk. Representative Ailer house bill 204 a bill to the entire [xx] to take immediate possession of property condemned for public service utility. Representative West, how house bill 243, a bill to the entitle Act to modify the composition of economic development commission for Macon County, Johnston, [xx] and X. Members in the interest of time, are there any members who wish to debate against any of these bills? Against the bills, for what purpose does the lady from [xx] Representative [xx] rise? To ask the question? The ladies recognize the state of inquiry.  I am curious if anyone of the local delegation opposes these bills are these bills are at request of a local government. Representative [xx] my understanding is that all three of these bills have no controversy to them, if there's anyone that has different set of opinion was to speak I recognize him, the gentleman from wyge[sp?] representative Holthe what purpose does the gentleman rise to speak to bill 199 the gentleman recognized to debate house bill 199, members these bill amends the charter the city of Railly the council to donate service animals to

the police officer, fire worker the person that's worked with them for years bill was needed because currently they were obviously consider property so if they can only be sold so this bill ensures that the handlers get to stay with the service animals once they can no longer work with them received unanimous support in the committee and a no of no opposition, question for the house is the passage of house bills 199 house bills 204 and house bills 243 on their second rating so any favoring passage of the bill vote I those opposed will vote no the court will open the vote [xx] machine to record the vote. 117 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative, house bill 199, 204, 243 passed their second reading and will without objection read a third time further discussion further debate if not, question before the house is the passage of house bills 199, 204, and 243 on the third reading so many favoring passages of bills will say aye as opposed say will no the ayes have it house bill 199, 204, and 243 passed to the third reading will be sent to the senate, senate bill 30 and the cop will read senate bill 20, to the President of senate, the speaker of the house representative [xx] is upon it to resolve the difference between the senate and house representative on senate bill 20 a bill to to be [xx] Act to update the reference to the internal revenue code, to [xx] from certain provisions of several tax increase provisions of 2014 and to modify motor fuels tax, weight, and to make certainty deductions with the Head of Department of Transportation for 2014/2015 fiscal year. The House Committee substitute [xx] 3315, 5th edition enclosed 3515 submit the following report. Conference for the senate. Senators Upper darker, Daniel and Harrison, [xx] for the house Representative. Representative Browley, Hugher and [xx], Johnson from North Carolina annex. The gentleman from Harnett Representative Luis is recognized for a motion Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, I move that the house to adopt the conference report for senate bill 20. Further discussion forward for work purposes says the gentleman from Durham, Representative Hall Rice. Speak on the motions. The gentleman hasn't forwarded the motion. Thank you, Mr. Speaker and ladies and gentlemen just wanted to make sure we were all aware of, and sensitized that what we're voting on is, as you may recall this Bill was voted out of our house with some changes that we thought were extremely important and we adopted some amendments that do not now appear and was before you, and so I just wanted to be sure that we took the time to give the attention to this Bill to this conference report. I often ask that we give the people of North Carolina a chance, that we give them a fighting chance. We take those with the most. In this conference report we're denying the gas tax reduction and instead we're giving a gas tax increase, as well as we're doing several other things that hurt the citizens of North Carolina and we go back on a promise that was made to them in our previous budget bills and finance bills. So again, I'd ask to look at what is before you now, it is not what we sent out, it's not close to what we sent out, it doesn't have the adopted amendments on it that we sent out, that you voted out, and said you wanted it to contain, and it doesn't serve the purpose that it purpose to serve ends up being just a gas tax and bad gas tax, and a gas tax increase on the citizens. So I'd ask you to consider that when you're voting, or whether or not this conference the board is in fact the will of the people, and whether is in fact is your will. It certainly doesn't contain the adopted amendments that you put on it before it went over there. Nothing in here reflects those concerns, so again I hope you'll take the time to give it the reflection it deserves,, and think about whether you meant it when you adopted those amendments before.

Whether you're really are going to stand for the citizens of North Carolina, or we're going to put another gas tax on them and make it more difficult for them to make it in their daily lives, thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wake Representative Jackson rise? To speak on the gentleman's motion. The gentleman has the floor to debate the motion. Thank you Mr. Speaker, everyone I want you know that we had this Bill a few weeks ago, I feel like that was a pretty tough thought because I have five municipalities that I heard all about the power boom money and how they needed it, that's not the Bill we have before us today, today we you've taken back the senate position on the forgiveness of mortgage debt, and I just want you to know what [xx] that applies to, that applies to people by definition who could not pay their mortgages, and so they lost their house, and often times their homes were sold on the court house steps at substantial losses, and the federal government how bad that was, said we are not going to consider that a taxable income because they didn't calculate that money, that was just some volume that was generated based on often times inflated values, bad appraisals banking practices. But now we are going to say that is taxable in the state of a North Carolina. You've lost your home, we're sorry, where's our taxes $100, 000 that the bank wrote off on your debt and to say North Carolina has the ability to go on [xx] wages, to take seize future tax returns,, so I just can't see why we're doing this tonight? Why we put this provision in there, in the conference report, and are not having more time to talk about it, and have a bigger debate, I would encourage the members to vote against the conference report tonight. Let's take a day or two, get the conference committee back together and see if we can get a bill bag where you can have that personensuche had on the first bill but this certainly is I ask my fellow members consider voting no, for what purpose does the gentleman from meconberg[sp?] representative Alexander rise to speak on the bill, the gentleman has the floor to debate the motion the portion of this conference report that I think is very very bad deals with the says position if we've taken our mortgage forgiveness to me that provision is to saying that we're going to stomp folks while they are down and then we're going to dance on them and for that reason alone I would argue the members to reject the conference report and as representative Jackson suggested send this back to be renegotiated because section needs to be excised form this, see for me it's not about the gas tax I think we have consensus that that we need to be able do somethings to maintain our roads but on the backs of those who can least afford it that is unquestionable, that is not why I came here, that's not why my constituents sent in the back and I think in a bi partition manner, I don't know of any republican or any democrat that at the end of the day want to join in dancing on those who are in extremists, this mortgage  section is something that we don't need and and that by itself, that alone is the reason why I think this ought to reject this report. For what purpose does the gentleman from Haywood representative Queen[sp?] rise to speak against the conference report. The Gentleman has forwarded to debate the motion. Fellow members I was hoping that in a conference situation we would correct some of the things that were spoken of on this floor that were flawed so after the original bill. We do need infrastructure fUnding for roads and so

fall within our state, but our current 37.5 cents of gas tax has nine cents OF that basically going to general fund purposes. It's the highway control a little over 200 million and five cents directly, at 50 million a cent, that's about 9 cents of these 375 going for general fund purposes. If we allow the gas tax formula to stay in place, it would be 29 cents the first of July, 29 cents, it's high time it got back to 29 cents that would be if the gas tax was kept in the highway fund, not send to the general fund, that would be half a cent more than they net right now, so they would be no net reduction in the resources for that infrastructure.  Now why did they we have this for this formula that got us that in the highest gas tax in the South East, one of the highest in the nation, we got it in $4 gas because we were having a tax on a per gallon product went to $4, and our citizens just couldn't drive. I have lots of constituents that just had to stay put, they couldn't afford to ride around at $4 all those gas. Now that we got $2 gas, they are on the road more, and there is a reason that the formula will drop to 29 cents, so all we're doing is waiting the general fund taking gas tax money over to the general fund, and putting the burden back on the men and women who are hardworking, riding their vehicles to and from from work, we're not giving them the break that they deserve, so this is just a tax shift, and I hope we'll vote it down, Thank you. Further discussion for the debate? If not the question for the house, is the adoption of the conference report in Senate Bill 20, so many favoring the adoption of the report will vote I, those opposed will vote no, the clerk will open the vote for work, the machine a recorder though. 69 having voted in the affirmative, and 49 in the negative. The [xx] support sent bill as it remains on the callendar house bill 263 the [xx]. Representative Harley, house bill 263 bill to be entitled and act to modify perform of government in the city of Trinity, [xx] of North Carolina in X. Ladies [xx] Representative Harry is recognised to debate the bill. Thank you Mr Speaker, ladies and gentlemen of the House. I have been in the House for nine years now and this is my ninth year and I had many citizens from trinity call me about different things, they wanted to be [xx] some of some of them said they [xx] get services such as [xx] services, other things many different things lady that denied one of the meetings that I was at, who said she couldn't get her road fixed and they have power phones of over a million dollars but I got a moratorium [xx] supposed to be on new roads and to do their job there. I call the UNC school of government to see what I could do because I didn't know what I could do to help the citizens of Trinity, they do not have a recall thing in their charter, I couldn't do those that are appointed, I couldn't do anything about that, so they said what I could do was to change the number of members on the council, and there is to be a election this year so they wouldn't be taken away anybody's position, they still can solve out their town issue, but in July whoever could run for a sit could file and with [xx] in November so what I wanted to do, there are nine municipalities in Randolph county, Nash Grow which is the county sit has about over 25, 000 people and they said they have seven council members past the mayor [xx] has around 12, 000 people and they have six past the Trinity with only 6568 people have

two for each ward eight plus the mayor. So I did this bill to make it align with the other six municipalities which were four, one from each folk, pass one at large voted on by everyone, and the mayor, and also did change it to two year terms to just give it a chance to stabilize and see how it works. In 2017, everybody can be voted on, I'll so those will be voted on, and if they need the four year [xx] terms, we can do that again, but just want to stabilize and see how it works. So this is what I have done, I didn't want to read you a letter, I didn't want to prolong this, I just want to add and I humbly ask you to support me on this. This is a letter from one of the people who wrote me, and they explained in pretty well why I'm doing this. From the beginning of turn this council members have not had the city's interest at heart, whether they're having notes, please from residents asking them to repair often [xx] Turned down contractors requesting and to be on new homes, table matters that needed immediate attention, cut funding to the [xx] Library which is used by our residents [xx] selling street lights, and I understand there is [xx] taxes or something the could get for doing that, leaving some residents of these streets others, now we will not receive them in the neighborhoods. And deliberately voted against building bathing [xx] even when the petitions prove majority trying to born idiot, the land was there, the plans were made, blue prints [xx] up and grant money approved and available. Subsequently the grant money had to be and that time, they turned down that grant, and that [xx] me that they didn't get their part that the people who voted no was one council their vote with the next council and they still turned it down, and they're using the 500, 000 that we saved to build a building to put their equipment in. But I don't want to go into any more advice it's not necessary. I just want you to trust me that this needs to be done, and I sincerely ask for your vote, thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Durham, representative Lucky rise? Send forward an amendment. The gentlemen has recognized to send forth an amendment [xx] Representative lucky [xx] page 1, line 2, 30 provide for the referendum two, between two and modify. The gentleman from Durham has the floor to debate the amendment. Thank you Mr. Speaker and members of the House let me say first of all this is not an issue of friendship, because my friendship with representative Haley was back many years and she first came to the House and we've been friends that entire time, and continue to be I believe. However, it is an issue of fairness and the question of fairness is really this, The Senate has done this on two bills, don't have to mention them by name What we have here is a situation, in which the bill sponsor have put forward and changed to the City Council composition the time of votes etc. And has done so without consultation with the members of the city council or the Mayor, has done so without holding a public hearing for the citizenry to speak out, the assembly on her own taking the initiative to change the composition of the city council. That in my judgment is not right it's not fair this essence of trinity, we might well like the government the way it is, and for those who don't like the government the way it is, they to should have an option to speak out and so what this amendment does is adds a referendum, is my understanding that the Rockingham county bill that passed the election committee last Thursday has a referendum and I think that's the right way to do it I just think you let the people vote here is preposition that Rev. Rolly has developed. Let people decide whether they like it the cancel the way it is or the way it should be changed as it is written in this bill. Members I urge you to support the amendment For what purpose does the gentleman from Rutherford Representative Hager rise? Thank you Mr. Speaker, to speak on the amendment. The gentleman has the floor to debate the amendments. Well guys you know Representative Luci said a lot of things, and believe it or not I listened to him if you run up and down, representative Luky said it's a matter of fairness, we have a [xx] to speak

out and we need to let the people vote. I put it to this body that they have done that, represent Holly has been here for a number of years, they voted for every time, obviously they think she knows best about her district. I didn't have a map in front of me, but I didn't know how exactly for representative Luke would tell me exactly how far his district is from where sir Henry's district, I don't believe it's the same district. so my point here is, representative Holly knows her district, representative Holly keeps winning her district by large margin. She keeps being voted for, more important in office to represent her district, so my point is this body is just let her represent her district and put this member down. For what purpose does the gentleman from Mechoburgh, representative Alexander rise? Speak on the amendment. Gentleman has the forwarded debate the amendment I was down in Charlotte this morning, and cut on radio and was listening to a national public radio program, a local program, and the guest this morning was fellow by the name Pat McCory[sp?] and during the course of that program, he was asked about legislation that had populated through here where folk in the general assembly were dealing with essentially local issues. And It seems that the consensus of his remarks bore down to the fact that when it comes to things like the structure of a local body, how many folk ought to be on it, and all like that, those things were best left to the local people to decide and not us up here in the General Assembly. Now, I'm not going to insult anybody, but talking about excessive meddling, or talk about some of the issues that have peculated over the last several years that could be characterized as that, I mean, I wouldn't want to talk about airports, or water systems, anything like that, or to discuss any of the varied bills that have come recently dealing with, changing up things in places like Greensborough and like that, but one thing I think has become very clear, that when we're at this level try to make those kinds of changes without allowing the people who would be most affected by those changes, vote on them, we're not doing what we all seem to have sworn as the spirit of our offices, we all believe in having a government as close to the people as possible, and they used to call this Republican principles, but I'm a Democrat, so there're democratic principles. But there're principles that we all can agree on, and that is why I support this amendment because this amendment will at least allow the people in [x] to weighin on whether or not they agree with the underlying assumption in the bill, and having said that, I would urge my colleagues both sides of the house, and swinging from the chandeliers or whatever, to vote in favor of the amendment for what purpose does the lady from Randolph Representative Harley rise? I ask you to debate this amendment. The lady is recognized to debate the amendment Thank you I just ask you that you defeat it, but it just needs to be defeated at this time. Thank you for what purposes the gentleman from Randoff Representative McNeil arise? To debate the amendment the gentleman has the forwarded make the amendment. I'll be brief, I just want to remind everybody that this legislature passes a lot of laws that we have to go back and come time to time, and that when the city of Trinity was established, it was established by the legislature and not next weekend, thank you. Further discussions, further debate on the amendment if not, the question before the house is the passage of amendment One set forth by Representative Leakey, so many favoring passage of the amendment will Aye, those oppose vote No, the clerk will open the vote. Clerk will lock the machine and record the votes.

49 having voted in the affirmative and 70 in the negative. The amendment fails. Now back on the Bill, for what purpose does the gentleman from Durham, Representative Michelle arise to our CF Representative Party will yield for questions Does the lady from Mandox[sp??] yield to the gentleman from Durham? Bills. Yes Ma'm I'm happy to ask you this question. First of all, is it correct that there's about a 6, 000 population in Trinity that's correct another question? Does the lady yield to an additional? Shields? You know the racial breakdown of that population? No sir I do not. She yield to another question. The gentleman wishes to prepare another question, does the lady yield to additional question? yes I will, and automatically yes, going to talk to me I think she might be looking a me but Are there any African Americans that serve on the city council? No sir. At this time? No sir Another question. Does the lady yield to the additional question? She yields. Thank you. And my final question to you, are there African Americans that do live in Texas Yes, and as I said a while ago, I had an African American who talked to me when it [xx] her whole street. Speak on the bill The gentleman from Durham has to forward to debate the bill. And I don't generally meddle [xx] in a man but go through a little bit further than that. Ever since the Shelby County cage came down, and section five of the voter rights act was rendered null and void, we're having a [xx] of bills and law to change the signs of city council that don't have to be pre-clear by the Justice Department. What happens in situations like that is that you don't get an opportunity, those who are in the minority do not get an opportunity to elect persons of their choice, which is pleading out, now if you cut down, the number as you want to do in this bill, it does and effects cut down and does not give that the market population in Trinity, the opportunity to elect persons of their choice. And this has been going on, particularly since pre-clearance has been done. I just want this body to know that that is basically what is happening with a lot of these bills looking for reductions in council seats, in school voice seats for what purpose does the gentleman from Wake, Representative Adcock rise? I'm not a gentleman, I mean the lady, I'm sorry, I'm looking at you through many eyes thank you Mr. Speaker, I would like to change my vote on the previous motion to I Lady will be recorded having voted I in the previous vote, for what purpose does the gentleman from Randolph, Representative McNelly [xx] rise? To debate the bill. The gentleman has the floor to debate the bill. I just wanted to stand up and after answer representative Mashow's question, when I worked for the sheriff's offices, I patrolled the city of Trinity, well it wasn't a city by then, and I I was going to guess that 5% by population, so I just googled it, it is 5%, so out of a city of 6400, that amounts to about 300 people, so I just wanted to ask you this question. Further discussion for debate, for what purpose does the gentleman from Orange, Representative rise? Thank you Mr. Speaker, to ask the bill sponsor a question. Does the lady from Randolph yield to the gentleman from Orange. Yes sir. She yields. Thank you representative Harley if the people of the town have such concern about their representation, why have they not voted to change their representation? I really didn't want to get into that, that's one reason I didn't do it, when the people run for office, the signs are still on, or they put the sign in front of them, or there is big harassment. Further discussion further debate, if not, the question for the house, is passage of house bill 263 on its second reading, so many favoring passage of the bill will vote I, those oppose will vote no. The clerk will open the vote. Representative Pendleton as the gentleman wish to record the clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 77 having voted the affirmative and 42 in the negative, House Bill 263 passes a second reading and will without objection be read a third time. General Assembly of North Carolinian acts.

Further discussion, further debate? If not, the question for the House is the passage of House Bill 263 on it's third reading. So many favoring the passage of the bill will say aye. Aye. Those oppose will say no. No. The ayes have it, and House Bill 263 passes its third reading will be sent to the Senate. House Bill 156, the clerk will read. Representative Avila, Malone, Davis and Harrison, House Bill 156. A bill to be entitled an Act to Require Internet Website Publication of Legal Notices. The Journal of North Carolinian acts. The lady from Wake, Rep. Avila, has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Ladies and gentlemen of the House, I think we get all tangled up in our business down here, and a lot of times we don't reflect as often and as deeply as we should what great power and authority can constituents give us over their lives who will come here? And one of those things we have a tremendous amount of responsibility before is their money, and how we as elected official at the state and the local county level take care of that money and run their business. And with that responsibility comes accountability through communication. And there's been quite a few bills put forward to change the method of communication because the technology changes. And while that's admirable I think it's a little bit too soon, simply because North Carolina still has issues with connectivity through out the state. And for that reason we've introduced House Bill 156 which will make a step forward in taking care not to disenfranchise, in cut of communication with people who do not have access to the internet, but also open it up to those who do, and help because of the need to save money for the citizens which is an admirable objective of the localities that newspapers are going to be having a discount for the multiple publications of notices in section one of the bill, and in section two sets in place the procedures for putting the notifications on the internet, and to start that process of having people get acclimated to being able to find that information in an easy and all in one location, so that they won't be confused, and one of the issues that I have in terms of just the sheer number of types of information that we give to citizens and one in particular that if not handled correctly can cause a lot of confusion, has to do with the contracts and the bid processes through the counties. If we put it on the internet where, does every city have it's bid put up? Does every County have it's bid put up? Do the construction companies have to go to everyone to fund it, so I think what we're going to have with this transition Bill is a movement to the new technology, and to take care of the logistics to be able to have people find the information that they need about their local government in the work that's being done in an open and transparent way, I'd ask for your support. Thank you.  For what purpose does the gentleman from Lincoln, Representative Sain[sp??] rise? To speak on the Bill the gentleman has the floor to debate the Bill Thank you Mr. Speaker. I want to applaud Representative [xx] for her work on this. I think this is a great compromise. As a tech person someone who at least understands internet and the power for which we can reach people by it we still cannot at this date ignore the fact that many, many people across the state do get their information through local newspapers this is a good compromise bill, I think it's a lot of work over the couple of years and I do support it. Thank you. Further discussions, further debate, if not, question for the house. Is the passage of the house committee substitute the house bill 156 on a second reading. So many favoring passage of the bill was voted out there was oppose to vote no, the clerck will open the vote. Representative Speciale, does the general wish to record on this vote? Representative Zachary, gentleman wish to record, the corporate once the machine records the vote 113 having voted in the affirmative and six in the negative the house committee saves the house bill 156 passes its second reading and will that objection you had a third term. General Assembly of North Carolina Annex.

Further discussion, further debate, if not the question for the house, is the passage of the house committee safe to do the house bill once 56 must start doing, so many favoring passaggio, say aye "aye" those oppose will say no the ayes have it and the house committee substitude the house bill passes its third reading, it will be sent to the Senate. House Bill 244, but before we do that, our nurse of the day is here Linda [xx] from M City glad to have you here with us [xx] Now house bill 244, the clerk will read. Representative Stevens house bill 244 a bill to [xx] to allow the section of community correction to impose additional conditions of supervision on offenders being supervised under the interstate compact for adult offender supervision, to extend the use of the interstate compact fund to include operations cost of community corrections, to provide when the sex offender is transferred from another state to North Carolina under the interstate compact determination shall be made by the North Carolina court as to whether the offender must enroll satellite based monitoring, and to establish the procedure for making that determination the General Assembly North Carolina annex. The lady from Surry Representative Steve has the floor to debate the bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker, this is the wonderful thing about committee work too is I can tell you the things that the committee got confused or concerned about. What this bill does is deal with people who are on supervised probation that move here from another state. When they request to move here they have to sign a compact agreement with their state, for our state to be willing accept them in. What this bill does is says when they come in, we will require them to meet the same requirements and restrictions as people who have been convicted in this state. Particularly the things like the Justice Reinvestment Act, so that they can get those quick gifts they're taken back before a court and the court imposes those standards on them. Second thing is, there's a fee for these interstate compact people to pay us to come here and they just wanted the ability to use those for operational costs as well as administration. The third thing it does it says that if you are convicted in another state, and you have voluntarily requested to come here and you are a sex offender, but your state didn't have a sex offender registry, then the more review that case to see if there is equivalent that it should be put on the same sets as in registry as the people who are convicted here in this state. This is requested by the partner of public safety inter state compact for adult supervision, the community corrections. Be happy to answer the question I'm asking for your support. For what purpose does the lady from Wilson, representative [xx] Mr. Speaker I was in the chamber for house bill 156, and I wanted to vote yes. Waiting on the recorders having voted aye on House Bill 156 Mr. Speaker, For what purpose does the gentleman from Robertson, Representative Graham rise? Yes, I would like to change my vote on 156 to Aye The gentleman will be recorded as having voted aye on House Bill 156, further discussion further debate on this bill. If not, the question before the house is the passage of House Bill 244 and it's second so many favoring passage of the bill will vote Aye, those who oppose will vote No. The clerk will open the vote. [xx] The Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 119 having voted in the affirmative and none in the negative. House Bill 244 passes its second reading will without objection, be read the third time. Johnson of North Carolina and X. Further discussion further debate,  if not the question for the house is as to pass the passage of house of 244, and its third reading. So for many favoring passage of the bill will say Aye. Aye. Those opposed will say no. The Aye's have it, and house bill 243 passes it's third reading, will be sent to the Senate. It's not me. House bill 293, the clerk will read. Representative Stevens, house bill 293, a bill to be entitled an act to make various changes under the laws pertaining to adoption. General assembly of North Carolina annex. The lady from Surry, Representative Stevens is recognized to debate the Bill. Thank you Mr. Speaker. This Bill came to us from the family law council of the North Carolina Bar association, it makes some changes to existing adoption law, one of them is to get us into compliance to be part of the Hague Convention when we're doing international adoptions, a second one is if the

person doing the adoption moves to another state, since we're so close to, I'm so close to Virginia, some people are close to South Carolina, if they happened to move across the land it says that North Carolina will continue to finish the assessment and the report, and make the recommendations since they've been involved in it. The third section provides that North Carolina cannot exercise jurisdiction on adoption if there is a custody action pending somewhere else what this says, if we call that court, and they agree they're going to dismiss that custody action or that action that we can still proceed on. The next one has to do with pre-birth determination of consent, whether this provisions to say that the father's consent is not required, and it talks about being able to do it now, three months from the date of conception instead of six, but then on top of that, you have to give notice to the potential biological father, he now gets instead of 15, he has 30 days to notify the court and that he might object to that placement. He now also gets 40 days from the day of first calling petition if it's by publication. Then there're few other clarifying changes. We did have one where there's not a, in order to be adopted if you're gone into a strange home, social services comes and does a pre-placement assessment. We don't require that the adoption is with certain relatives, we said siblings now we specify that siblings mean whole or half. They can be, we have a lot more mixed families these days. I'd be happy to answer any other questions, I was told that's enough. I've asked for your support. Further discussion, further debate, if not the question before the house is the passage of House Bill 293 on its second reading. So many favoring passage of the Bill will vote I, those opposed will vote no. The clerk will open the vote. Clerk will lock the machine and record the vote. 117 having voted in the affirmative and 1 in the negative. House Bill 293 passes it's second reading and will without objection be read the third time. Further discussion further debate if let me alert the clerk, [xx] further discussion further debate, if not the question before the house is the passage of House Bill 293 on it's third reading, so many favoring passage of the Bill will say I. I. Those who oppose will say no. The Is have it and house bill 293 passes it's third reading. Representative Radel was the gentleman on the chamber when we put the question just a few moments ago from second reading, does the gentleman wish to be recorded as having voted I on the bill that time? Chairman over here will record as having voted I the lady from Wake who had mentation move vote if not the Chair will be happy to change the lady's vote. Representative Gill. [xx] Okay the chair admire as you're standing firm, for what purpose does [xx] the house bill 237 the colocorade. Representative Bird[sp?] Stevens, house bill 297 bill to be [xx] to make changes to the administration of the child support services that will result in more effective and efficient collection and payment of child support to families. General [xx] next. The gentleman from Stanley, Representative Bird[sp?] recognised to debate the bill. Thank you Mr Speaker this bill makes three changes to the administration of the state child support services office which is a house within the department of health and human services and these changes will result in a more efficient and effective collection and payment of the child support services for those deserving families and would ask for support, happy to answer any question Further discussion further debate? If not question for the house is the passage of the house bill 297 been on our second reading, so many favoring passage will of the bill will vote aye, and for those who vote no in the coke will open the vote representing [xx] under the general wish to be recorded on this vote, I'll wait on it. The clerk will unlock the machine and record the vote, 119 having voted in the affirmative and non on the negative. House bill 297 passes it's second reading and will without objection, be read the 3rd time.

John [xx] be next, Further discussion further debate, if not the question before the house is the passage of house bill 297 on it's 3rd reading so many favoring the passage of the bill will say I, those oppose will say no, the I's have it, house bill 297 will be sent to the senate additionally house bill 293 will be sent to the senate for what purposes does the gentleman from Mecklenburg Representative Brawley rise? For a moment of personal privilege. The gentleman has the floor for a moment of personal privilege. Thank you Mr. speaker during my first term I told a joke once and the beginning was that learn when you come to Riley that the other party is the opposition not the enemy and over the past week that's come even stronger as so many people on both sides of the aisle have reached out to support me and my wife in her time of trial, I'm glad to say that the surgery was a great success and her chances of a long life were greatly improved in the quality of that life will be much better, and I would certainly be much happier after 35 years I've kind of got used to her, and more important she has gotten used to me which is a lot harder to do. But I wanted to thank all my friends in the General Assembly and I will call you that we will fight over issues all day but when lives are at stake, when it's those things of your family we all come together. I appreciated your support I want you to know that my wife is home today with two of my daughters and they ran me out of the house so they can do what they do when I'm not around. I'm glad to be back and I'm grateful for your friendship, thank you. Messages from the senate the clerk will read. Mr. Speaker, it is order that the messages be sent to the house Representative with information that The Senate adopt the report of the conferees for Senate Bill 14 conference report a bill to the an Act to provide funds for certain expenditures and to clarify to modify other laws, when the appropriate action is being taken by both chambers, the bill will be [xx] and rolled, Noted. Members before I, for those members who have notices and announcements or points of personal privileges, go ahead and turn your lights on, but before we do that share would like to go ahead and introduce our pages, if all the house pages would please come forward pages if you would the clerk is going to call your name and when he calls your name you should stand forward so that the members can recognize you, so we can make sure you were introduced proper. call to introduce the pages Rightman chim Colly Dean Marty Daison[sp?], Alexis Gardner, Steward Heins[sp?] Carolyn Howell, Apersia Mcarchin, Dolphin Claire Mike Clark Mathew Paker, Gabriella Scola and Jack Thomson and I would like to pint out Caroline right here, raise your hand. Caroline is also the granddaughter of former Representative Jim Crawford, so I thought that would be something of interest for many of you to know. Pages, we're glad to have you all here with us this week. You're all very special. We hope you take away a lot this week while your visiting with us. It's certainly good to get out of school, I know, for a week, but I hope you'll have an opportunity to learn lot of things this week with us. Members, if you would please join me in welcoming the pages this week. You all may return to your post. For what purpose does the

lady from Mecklenburg, Rep. Carney, rise? For a point of personal privilege. The lady has the floor for a moment of personal privilege. This is like a combination of personal privilege and announcement. The first Wednesday in April is we celebrate National Walk Day, but tomorrow the American and the Heart Association is getting a kick start on kicking off that day, so 12:30 tomorrow if you have your tennis shoes with are you just want to walk in you walking shoes with us come join us on the house that small for a quick walk, clear out the cobwebs and get your joints moving, thank you. For what purpose does the lady from Cabarrus Representative Johnson rise? I'm Representative Connie I'm not sure whether this is an announcement or a personal privilege. The lady is recognized for whatever purpose she is standing for. It's just a I just wanted to remind everybody that tomorrow the king is coming. Richard Perry will be here tomorrow we will have a reception in the launch between the house and the Senate that's the glass wall with it, [xx] and 80 men and at 12 and that's at 11 o'clock and at 12 o'clock he will be out from the building for a photo my hope you'll all get to have your picture made with him tomorrow. For what purpose does the gentleman from Stokes Representative Hugh [xx]. Make an announcement. The Gentleman has the floor for an announcement. Thank you Mr. Speaker. I'm just letting members know, we will be practicing tonight that Peace college right after session. We do have a date after confirming with the speaker's office in South Carolina, May the 6th. We will be going to Columbia to hopefully keep our trophy and our undefeated streak, but keep the trophy in our possession. So, well, we do have practice tonight. If you did not turn in the waiver form last week and you're coming to practice, you do have to sign a waiver and sign your laugh away before you go and play at Peace, and so, please be sure you do that. We will be practicing right after session tonight. Thanks. For what purpose does the gentleman from Lincoln, representative Sean Rice? For announcement. The gentleman has the floor for announcement. Thank you Mr. Speaker. House Finance will meet at 8:30 in the morning in room 544. We will take a bill No. Senator bill 305 SEMPA assets thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Henderson, Representative Mcgrey rise? For an announcement. Gentleman has the floor for an announcement. On behalf of representative Corny and myself I want to invite you to the first meeting of the county Caucus, it's tomorrow afternoon I'll be putting out the agenda and the place and the time it'll be basically 15 minutes after session assuming we don't have too many conflicts. All of the members who are former county commissioners or already signed up as members of the caucus but the caucus is open to every one else and tomorrow we're going to be talking about some legislation and how it particularly affects the counties, and so you're all welcome to joins us. We have been [xx] the chair was directing choir of the [xx] more against. Is the gentleman intending to add other matters for hearing out for the Finance Committee in the morning? That's great Mr. Speaker Hope these are the matters the other matter we're going to add when we adjourn we'll begin with the announcement till afterwards but we 837 Dare County, local options fills tags. Thank you. Thank you for what purpose does the I was reading your mind on that one I guess Representative Lucky for what purpose does the gentleman Gilbert representative Faircot[sp?] rise? For an announcement. The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Appropriations, Justice and Public Safety Committee will meet in the morning in room 415 at 8:30 A M. For what purpose does the gentlemen from Gilfred to Represent [xx] arise? Announcement. The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. The appropriations capital or subcommittee will meet in the morning at 8.30 in room 423. For what purpose does the gentleman from Union representative Brody rise? For an announcement. The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. Thank you Mr. Speaker, it doesn't show up on your sheet here, but the house committee on community colleges. I'll meet at 11 o'clock tomorrow in room 643 and we'll be taking up house bill 188. The Clerk is recognised for an announcement, the Clerk will read. House Committee on education will meet tomorrow Tuesday March 31 at 10 AM in room 643. Further notices and announcements? If not the gentleman from Harnett

Rep. Lewis is recognized for a motion. Mr. Speaker I move that subject to the referral of bills and resolutions the house adjourns to reconvene Tuesday March 31st at 2 O'clock PM. Representative Louis Moore second of our representative Dickson that the house adjourn subject to referral to those and resolution's to reconvene choosy March 31, at 2:00 o'clock those in favor will say, "Aye. " Aye. Those opposed will say no, the Ayes have it. We stand adjourned.