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Senate | March 30, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Session

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Drop or decrease gradually until 2017, and after that date there is a new formula that will gradually allow the gas tax, the motor fuel tax to rise slowly over a period of time which is tied to the price of energy and set once a year. There's also a component of it that has to do with IRC the Bill that we have passed two times in this body and that part was not changed at all, thank you. Straight for the discussion debate. Hearing none, the question for the Senate is the motion to adopt the conference report for substitute Senate Bill 20 all those in favor will vote Aye, the opposed will vote No, five seconds to be allowed for the voting, and the Clerk will record the vote. Stein[sp?] I 40 having voted in the affirmative and 9 in the negative the motion to adopt the house committee substitute, Senate Bill 20 Conference Report is passed and it will remain on the calendar. Senate bill 14, the Clerk will read. February 14 acting on standards growth review corresponse. Senator Brown is recognised. Thank you, Mr President. [xx] Senator Bill 20 we met several times on Senate Bill 14 and I think we've come up with a good compromise. I'll just go over the changes briefly. The first piece is on the Rules Review Commission. We're transferring $50, 000 instead of $100, 000 to the Office of Administrative Hearings for helping the defence of the lawsuit against the Rules Review Commission. On the HIE piece, we're allowing some cost of the HIE to be paid by the State until June 30th of this year until we can figure out whether we want to assume the responsibilities of the HIE next year. We took the House position on the audit of county DSSs and adopted the language that requires the State Auditor to perform an audit of  Medicaid eligibility decisions at the County Departments of Social Services. We accepted the House provision on the Economic Development Partnership Board to which it removes a state officer as a category of individual prohibited from serving on the board, and on the Coal Ash piece, we kept the Senate provision regarding the timing of the payments to the Coal Ash Management Commission so they have the funding necessary to do their important work before the end of the fiscal year, and we accepted the provisions by the House exempting all non-Coal Ash downs[sp?] from March 1, 2015  Emergency Action Plan filing deadline, and allowing them a compliance deadline of December 31 of 2015. Also we took the House position on on exempting our non-coal rush dance from acquiring a licenced professional engineer to complete the in additional mapping required by the emergency action plan and also provisioned to study to consider whether there are certain criteria and a non coal rush in addition method to require licenced professional engineer. The only other piece is our represented version of the transfer from DPI to the Department of Administration funding of the academics standards review commission, that pretty much covers it, I'd ask that you concur. The discussion debate, Senator Bryant for what purpose do you rise? To ask Senator Brown a question. Senator Brown do you yield? I do. Senator Brown help me remember the $50, 000 I understand we reduced the DPI money going to rules reviewed from a 100 to 50, 000. I think you see it. Right. The source of that money is, is it the source that was provided in the House version of the budget or which is I think broader. But they will come from. Then the source that was directed in Senate budget can you clarify that for me. The source will come from reversions instead of DPR operating costs. Thank you. Have any further discussion to debate hearing none. The question for the Senate is the motion to adopt the conference report for house committee substitute to the Senate. Bill 14, we will have one electronic vote all in favor of vote say I, opposed vote no, five seconds to be allowed for the voting, clerk record the vote. 47 having voted in the affirmative and 2 in the negative motion to adopt the conference report, the conference report is adopted and they say will be the house will be notified and will be enrolled and will be sent to the governor. That wraps our calendar for the night.

With this time we would like to introduce Pages[sp?] that are with us for the first time, so Pages[sp?] if you'll start making your way up here to the front We would like to go and introduce you, and when they all get up here, the clerk will read. The pages serving in the chamber this week, Martha Blen[sp?] Statesville, William Buskin, Kim, [xx] Jacksonville, Eliazah Alison, Durham, Alex Alfrey, Jacksonville, Colin Miller, Kember, Nathan Okun Durham. Adel Paton, Concord. Anna Rose Paton, Concord. Will Paton, Concord. Lily Richardson, Warrington, Jason Sledge Jr. Durham, Annabelle Webb, Anderson, Drew West, Candler. I just thank you for taking time to be with us and we look forward to working with you this week. Do we have any notices or announcements? Senator Davis, for what purpose do you rise? Announcement please. Senator Davis, you have the floor for announcement. Thank you Mr. President. The initial meeting of the County Caucus will meet tomorrow at 4:00 PM, watch your email for the meeting place. Thank you. Senator Bingham, for what purpose do you rise? Point of Personal privilege, Mr. President. Senator, you have the floor for a point of personal privilege. Thank you, Mr. President. This morning I had the privilege to attend a Robin Sage camp which is 82nd airborne, Green Beret Special Forces. I'm sure Sir, alot of you know what this is all about. These gentleman flew in last night, jumped from I'm not sure what elevation, and then had 135 pound pack hiked in six miles into the Yaoi[sp?] Mountains and had a campsite three or four miles from my house, and there was several of these soldiers from lowest point and the Air Force Academy. They were well trained and I just wanted to found out because they were using some of the property that I have for training, etcetera. And I just wanted to govern union, and fight them for the service to this country, and I can tell you it was quite a, quite a remarkable real performing young man, it just made me proud to be an American. Secondly, I wanted to say that, on April the 4th Senator Clark is getting married, so we all might want to congratulate him, and thank you, and good luck Senator Clark. Thank you Mr. President. Thank you Senator Waddell, for what purpose do you rise? Thank you Mr. President. For a moment of personal privilege and what I'd like to do, I have a senatorial statement and observing this March month as Women's History Month, because we have some American women of every race, class and ethnic background who have made great contributions to our state in large numbers. American women have played, and the women of North Carolina have played and continues to play. A critical economic culture and social role in every spear of the life of the Senate, the continuing a significant portion of a labor voice working inside and outside of the home. Also wanted to highlight in 1921, Lillian Exum Clement was the first woman to serve in the North Carolina General Assembly. And also 2009, Beverly Perdue was North Carolina's first female governor. So we continue to have women who're doing excellent things North Carolina has recognized many strong women from Virginia Dare, she was the first child born to English parents in America on North Carolina's coast, and to the countless number of women who have served in the state's General Assembly, and this year we have a record number of women serving and giving their time and energies everyday, and so as we continue with the month of March, we want to continue to honor and observe, women's history month. And so we are asking the

fore going state net which is read in the senate be placed upon the journal on this 30th date of March 2015, thank you. Thank you senator, Senator McInnis for what purpose do you rise? Point of personal privilege Sir to sound a senatorial statement. Senator you have the floor for your point of personal privilege, you can send your senatorial statement forward. Thank you, Mr. President and fellow members of the Senate. In my business of being a professional auctioneer I've had the opportunity to meet many, many great individuals from sea to shining sea, but tonight I want to recognize the life and memory of Mr. Steve Dickson who was born in Person County, North Carolina 1938, went to Person County High School, went to Kentwell College, served in the United States Army, but his greatest accomplishment in life was that he was an entrepreneur, at a time when it was mighty tough for  people of color to have that opportunity 55 years years ago he established a contract with the International Business Machine Company Poughkeepsie, New York which he maintained until his passing. His company Mansion Design was recognized throughout America as one of the best of its kind, operating for multinational corporations all all over the world and employing nearly 200 people. I met him because of our connection with NASCAR, and he was the first African American from North Carolina to be the owner of a NASCAR race team entering various Winston Cup races and 1990-93, 2000 and too. I recognize his memory and his legacy, he has several members of his family here tonight, I know you're going to recognize them Mr. President and he was devoted husband and father, grandfather, successful businessman, an innovator and most especially an entrepreneur. Recently I was with him, when we walked into one of his buildings and we found a homeless man living in the building, rather than calling the police he said let me talk to the man, he talked to him for a few minutes he says sir said if I gave you a job would you take it and he said, "Yes, Sir I would. " And he immediately gave him a job, he said Sir, can't take the job and have nowhere to live, he said, "I will find you place to live and within six months that man was a manager in his business. That's the kind of person that Thee Dixon was of Person County, North Carolina, Miami Boulevard in Durham County, in Durham, North Carolina, and I rise to the occasion to celebrate his memory and his legacy here tonight. Thank you, Mr. President and fellow members. Thank you, Senator and upon the motion of Senator Tom McInnis of Richmond County, the Chair is happy to extend courtesies of the gallery to Sandra Love, sister of Thee Dixon and the remaining family of Thee Dixon is with us in the gallery. Please stand and be recognised, thank you for joining us today. Mr. President. Senator Rick Gunn, for what purpose do you rise? A moment of personal privilege if I may. I too would like to stand and congratulate Senator Clark on April 4th marriage, and also remind him that this General Assembly gave him a wedding gift of $15, 000 zero bracket, did you file it? Use it wisely. Mr. President. Yes, Senator Woodard, for what purpose do you rise? Point of personal privilege. Senator Woodard you have the floor. Ladies and Gentlemen as you may know, particularly if you follow social media, Senator Bingham that's Tweeter and Facebook. Many of you know that we had an addition to our senate family this morning at 7:56, with the birth of Owen Nathan Jackson to Senator Jeff Jackson and Marisa, and Mr. President, I'd like to particularly acknowledge Marisa's part in this because she proves that a lot of action doesn't require just one legislator. Senator Davis, for what purpose do you rise? I made a mistake earlier and I just want to change the vote on Senate Bill 14. I figure out the color send it to reach[sp?] out. Mr. President. Senator McKissick, for what purpose do you rise?   Point of personal privilege. Senator you have the floor. You all might have noticed that when they were introducing the bankers[sp?] earlier, there were three people that came up and said their name were Paton. Well, I had a chance to meet with them just before our session this evening and I think we have a rarity and perhaps a first during my time here, those three individuals from Concord are all triplets. So, will those Paton triplets raise your hands for a minute? The gentleman is right over here.

Thank you, and Senator Clark, make sure you get a prenup. Senator Clark, don't pay any attention to him. Senator Apodaca, for what purpose do you rise? I really don't know, a moment of personal privilege I think. Senator you have the floor. I was going to talk about all the former Mrs McKissick's but we'll stop on that. I would like, this is a sad note and I think many of us know that the former Senator Nesbitt's wife passed away on Friday night, and I believe she is being buried, the funeral is tonight I'm not mistaken, so ours came rather suddenly, I don't think any of us knew there was a problem, so I wish, the night when we adjourned senator if we can adjourn in memory of Dean [xx], thank you. Thank you [xx] any further business come forward before the senate not the chair recognize Senator Berger for the motion. Mr president, I move that the senate do now adjoin in the memory of subject to the standards stipulations set forth in set rule 24.1 and messages from the House reconvene on Tuesday March 31st 15 at 9:15 AM. By 9:15 AM the session will be as colorful session with no vote at that time, we'll then recess at until 2:00 PM. The motion is, the senate will now adjourn service to the stipulation stated by Senator Berger and in memory of Dean [xx] to reconvene Tuesday March 31st at 9:15 AM seconded by Senator Carlos all in favour say I, oppose no, the I's have it senate stands adjourned.