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Senate | March 25, 2015 | Committee Room | Senate Education Committee

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[xx] Carol, I could expect you to be on time, the rest of these [xx] we don't have another team to vote on the [xx] for you [xx] we have [xx] said they got water on the car [xx] I said well where is the car? She said it's in the lake. Carol I hear the number one reason for divorce is marriage is that true? Okay. I went into a nice restaurant the other day [xx] came up said can I help you sir, and I said yes, I would like a table near a waiter this time. Some of you Mr. Chairman can we ask the Sargent at arms to bring drums in so we can do wrench You got to have a lot of fun with this work if you don't it will drive you crazy. I'm going to wait a couple of minutes while we're doing we're just bantering otherwise you wouldn't come to these meeting, would you? If you didn't get to here some butter, Banter not burner Banter. I'm going to see if I can get to through this Pages, today we got several of them. Where is Cassie Phillips? Cassie come up here, and I want Page Peterson if she's here. Stephenson Jackson, Bellinger, Ryan Pego, if you're all here come, [xx] back right there. Push your little button down there. Alright tell us who you are? Who sponsored you? And what in the world you want to be when you grow up like me?   [xx] My name is Cassie Phillips my sponsor is Raphas[sp?] and [xx] North Carolina and I'm not too sure what I want to do when I grow up. Neither am I. That's OK thank you [xx] I'm Page Peterson my sponsor is Raphas, I'm 15 and when I grow up I want to be an Interior Designer. I need one at home thank you. My name is Agent Stevenson, my sponsor is Dan Blue and when I get older I want to be a pediatrician. Wow what about you? I'm Jackson Billinger, my sponsor is Dan Blue and I want to be a marketer.  My name is Ryan Perigo I'm 14 my sponsor is Mike [xx] and I want to be an attorney. Like Mike [xx] check your tax returns alright thank you [xx] you're all going to learn a lot this week, especially today. Sargent in arms, I don't have anything on you but I do have our Sergeant in arms here is a very good country music man right here, he's taught me a lot about country music, and if you don't believe its good, you were here on the date, the night Hank Williams came to town. I know that's over your head but well go on now and get serious with the business today and I think our sergeant in arms, they do a good Job always, and we've got a couple of bills coming today, senator Reuben, you got a charter school grade level expansion bill would you come up tell us about the bill. I'll start with the page he said, she did not know what she wanted to be when she grew up. My advice, standing where I am looking at it is, may have age a little bit but she never has to grow up a little bit just to enjoy life, okay? I think there we are. This bill is in extension really of the charter school bill in make say a minor exception, with regard to construction and how many great levels you can go to there are criteria placed that are slightly different than some of the bills though in this one the criteria is that is the charter school is contiguous to a major military installation

which is a unique thing because of the deployment problems that the military had and with the turbulence that it causes family life, the county that its located in has to have a population of more than 100 and the population change based on the 2010 census has to exceed 8 %, it kind of narrows the field a little bit and what it does it it allows in the end, this bill will allow charter schools that meet those requirements to be able to air one grade in exception to really the way the current charter school rule is written just to make up for lack of foresight. Any other requirement has to be met by the charter school with regard to all the requirements that have to be met. This just opens the door for these special schools near North locations. I appreciate your favorable consideration. Thank you. Thank you Canon. Senator At this time we will entertain questions I know that we'll have one from the overall on my right here which is on my left so if I turn around   Thank you Mr. Chairman [xx] just to help me understand. This bill is limited just to those counties beside the military installation? Yes there are three criteria contiguous to the military installation. 100, 000 or more population by the federal census and population growth about 8% more than 8%. And follow up question Mr. Chairman. Follow up. If it meets those criteria, it does not have to have approval to do what, and does it have to have any showing of adequacy in terms and of academic performance or financial sounders. You have to make the same requirements, the problem is in this the particular case we are talking about the way the public charter school bill was written there wasn't time to make the accommodation to the population that needs the extra grade before the grades came in, it's still meets all the this still has to meet all the other requirements except in can go ahead and build the other extra grade on or it can add an extra grade follow up questions. For follow up. And it may be for staff or you senator. So if current law allows for schools to add an extra grade if there is not an adequate performance or they have a demonstration of financial soundness. What is this bill solving? Senator. Draftee So, senator [xx] this bill creates a specific exemption from the requirement of the state forward approved, the expansion for a chatter school that was granted a chatter to open up elementary school in 2014/15, that that chatter school or eight order school that has that chatter granted to them in 2014, 2015, can expand their school to serve a higher level, grade 6 for 1 year 2015, 2016 full year. If that order school is located in the free criteria that are listed. Okay, I'm still a little confused Richard. Can I ask for a follow-up question? Follow up and I'm going to take this one. Okay. So, I understand under current law, you don't have to get state board approval if you add an extra grade if you are not identified as having an adequate performance. Is it because it hasn't been opened three years on? I'm trying to understand why we're doing an exception. That's a good question. They have not been operating that long. They are financially sound, they are meeting all, and this exception that have anything to do with financial stability, nor does it have anything to do with the academic program. They've met and must meet all of those standards. This is simply given them the exception to expand an extra grade. Now, I think that's all that it does. If it's in contiguous to the etc, etc, but they are not exempted from anything else. This is an exemption. In fact I want to know, I don't the state of African council of state involving anybody else had any problem with this that I have had of, but Right. That all makes sense to me then. So, my question for staff is, if we pass this bill into law and has an inadequate performance rating or it is not financially sound. Does this give them still authority to do it? I understand that this school is financially sound and has adequate academic performance.

I just want to make sure that if we need to add those clauses to this to ensure that's true for setting this precedent we do so or are they covered by the other language elsewhere that requires those things?   Representative, if you want to do that one. So I think the best way to kind of go about this to explain it is that under current law, in order to do certain kinds of expansion under the charter school laws, you do not need prior approval of the state board for a charter school in the state to do three things, regardless of when that charter school was opened or how long it's been open. It can increased its enrollment during it's second year of operation, so a charter school in its second year of operation and annually thereafter can increase their enrollment by up to 20% that will not require stake order for long, you can increase the enrollment during the second year of the totals operation and annual thereafter, with plain growth authorized in its total so the charter is provided for 15 or 25% enrollment growth and state board had to sign offer to the charter you would not need prior approval in that case, and then charter school can expand up to one grade higher than the charter school currently offers if that chartered school has operated for at least three years, or it has still been in operation for three, and has not been identified as having inadequate performance as defined in the statute. So, in those cases you don't need charter school, [xx] you don't need state forward approval option that is only in effect until September 1 of 2015. So, this fourth option would not forward approval if the following apply. In that situation until September 1 2015, if the chatter offers, 1 grade can offer 1 grade higher or lower, than the chatter. It's currently offers if it means for specific criteria and that's where the academic performances for the year prior to the extension must have been at least comfortable to the academic incomes of the students located in the LA, where the chatter is located. It is provided financially sound audits for the year, prior to the expansion and it's in compliance live all the various laws and that chatter has been in operation for less than 3 years, because it's been operation for less than 3 years it didn't fall under all the other prior exemptions that I talked about. So this creates sort of a fixed exemption that if you meet the criteria set in the Bill, you would be able to expand in this pumulted way. Final question for the Bill sponsor I hear what you're doing and what you're doing is kind of, it sounds like we're trying to get around this 3 year issue sympathetic to that if it's a high growth area and there's need with the military. Would you have a problem with adding the same clause in current laws that it's not identified as having inadequate performance because I don't know why we would weaken the standard that applies to schools that have been around for three years to a school that has only been around for one year. The way I understand what was just in the way the Bill is structured, what you're saying would happen anyhow if they didn't meet the standard. You wouldn't need to have the words that're already in the Bill. This simply puts another section with the other criteria, is that about right Steff? Steff The problem is with trying to tie it in inadequate performance. It has not been open long enough to be able to be tied to inadequate performance or definition of it inadequate performance. Okay. Thank you. So I'll have it back one suggestion senator. It's your bill, but if Senator Stan wants to draw up something that he would be more comfortable with, you're not going to be exempted from any of his standards if you don't make them you when we close down just like the rest of them. I'll let you all talk about it and we can do it on the floor if we need to, or want to, and if not we won't, but is that adminable to you? Yes sir. OK will work at it that way any other discussion? Yes sir. Thank you Mr. Chairman and thank you Senator Ralph. It looks like a good bill to me I know I walked in late, but I don't think their's been a motion if their hasn't been I would like to make one at the appropriate time Mr. Chairman. We'll hold that for just a moment and yes sir Senator Daniel. Thank you Mr. Chairman and hopefully this question hasn't already been asked cause I did come in a little bit late but if this is a good idea for counties around military bases why wouldn't we just do it state wide I guess that's my question.

Well it maybe that good, but we want to take a look at it to make sure that we got assurances that the most of them we want a three year track record, I think that's the key thing to note three years worth of progress before we jump so if we can hold that our deal I like it but I think we need to think through that one just a little bit Colonel is up to you. I agree with what you just said, I don't think that their's that kind of a problem and we see what happens But if we need to we can jump on to that one senator and agree, yes sir, Senator Davis.   Thanks Mr. Chair. I am just going to make sure this new definition here or addition what counties are we actually talking I mean just from what I can gauge to maybe a schoo or so, but my question still is greater what type of scope are we talking about expanding this to I know of one county Seth may now of others do you know about [xx]. We know of Harnett. Harnett county I know meets the requirement. I applies [xx] if you got another military base it's growing etc it that apply on another bill, but right now I think the only one we know about is [xx], Senate clerk. Yes Sir, Mr. Chairman I had a related question, I'd like to know how many counties in the state of North Carolina are adjacent to a county with major military installation. Senator that's a good question and not doubt, if anybody with a map is here they can answer that, we can get it to you, but we can work on no terms to allow this bill today. Okay, I just have the question because of the bullet down there. OK, wells aid, seeing no other hands, we got a motion. Senator Newton for file a report on favor of us, well said. and in the next [xx] you going forward. Thank you folks. When we have the next bill is the Chairman [xx] Czech over here with the state board of community to carry this election It's yours Senator Jack. This is the resolution that we have every single long session when we have to nominate people for the community college board and it just sets the date for the election date been the 16th and this is the normal process we have to have in order to go and fulfill that commitment. Alright, to assemble straight forward thing, I'd say gentleman Hall what at now and a barefoot motion for farewell report. Any other discussion say none. All in favor say aye Aye And the opposed, Ayes have it. You don't, and we pull where the bill today that we had. There was this bill about the Indian consolation it's settled about, and so this will be it today keep an eye on the calendar because bills will be beginning to be piled up in education and we will be meeting and there will be multiple bills. Probably from now on but certainly within the next couple of weeks so just keep your eyes up for those. Thank you for your