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Senate | March 24, 2015 | Chamber | Senate: Finance

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Thank you ladies and gentlemen, it's one o'clock, the meeting will come to order. While we're cleaning our seats, I will take care of the pages helping us today and then the Sergeant at Arms staff, Olivia Loyer, Kerry, welcome Olivia. Let's see, someone else is from Kerring, Armrit, is that correct? Welcome Jacob Bones from Haley Springs Senator Bed, do we have Senator Bedd. So you try to get all of yours in one week. Is that Fred? Fred, we're not going to hold you here to make sure everything goes well. Anna Altman from Armrit welcome, Emily Banja from King [xx] are you related to Err, Senator Benja[sp?], are you? Same last night, that's nice. It's a Steph and little from Rally, so if you stand welcome, and at sergeant at arm we have Steve MacGreg, and Charles Masheen[sp?]. Thank you gentlemen. We have two, or three things to go over today on the agenda and we will start with senate bill 140 Lake Santeetlah occupancy tax authorization. Senator Jim Davies would you like [xx] Senator Davies when you're ready and I believe their maybe an amendment at some point some how. I will give you one moment, yes sir. And if you would how about if we can skip to senate bill 116, are we ready on that one senator Bailey[sp?] if they've adjusted your hot dollar you come on out. We will. Even Ross Grill. Even Ross Grill I can tell is smiling [xx] no, no, no if you are currently in my county and say that again senator, we would [xx] You have the floor. This is a local bill mount geared what is some revision and consolidate position and this came from the city council they've going from council former government to a manager this chapter was revised but it was never consolidated into one document and so they realize that and that this bill in fact resolves that problem there is no. Mr. Chairman. Before set I used to represent that area and I know how important this bill is before senator Barringer talks out of it I would like to make a clerical report I will say No we have a motion for a favorable report senator [xx] if you would like to say more you may not as well entertain that motion. Ok well he's been cut off but ladies and gentlemen of the committee we have a motion for a favorable report for senate bill 156 from senator Tillman all in favor please say, aye. "Aye". Oppose no, ayes have it. Thank you senator Birmingham. Than you Mr. Chairman and members of the committee. T Thank you. Senator Davis, are you ready now for senate bill 140, Lake Santeetlah Occupancy tax Authorization? Senator you have the floor. Thank you Mr. Chairman, appreciate it. You even said it properly, huh? I'm impressed. So, Lake Santeetlah, this is an occupancy tax bill. It's just like just about any other one. I have an amendment Mr. Chairman, and with your permission, I would to have a staff to explain the amendment, the necessity for it. Thank you. Do we? Yes sir. Mr. Chairman, the amendment is in your packet. Santrin Griffen[Sp?] to my left and your right.committee, can explain the amendment. So the amendment is on the back page of your packet, and this is really just a technical for amendment to confirm the term accommodation to our state sales tax statutes and we did some cleanup of the accommodation statutes last year. So, if you are looking at your bill on page

1, basically right around line 7 where it lists up a string of room lodging, accommodation, hotel, motel in Tories Camp. It just cleans that up and refers to it as an accommodation, and refers to the statute in which that is defined. Thank you mam. Questions from the committee on the amendment? I have a notion from Senator Jackson to accept the amendment. Most of who are voting on the amendment, all those in favor of the amendment please say "aye". 'Aye'. Oppose "no". The amendment passes. Now we are to the bill. Is there any further discussion or explanation required on the bill? Hearing none, we will vote on senate bill 140. On a motion by senator Ford, all those as amended, all those in favor of senate Bill 140 as amended please say "aye" Aye oppose "no", Senate Bill 140 receives a favorable report. Thank you Mr. Chairman and committe Thank you sir.   Senate Bill 305, Senator Newton. Ladies and gentlemen, this is PCS motion to correct. Motion to accept PCS by senator, yes let's do to do that. Since we're here all those in favor of the motion please say, "Aye'. Aye.  Thank you. Oppose. Motion carries PCS is before the committee Thank you Mr. Chairman, members of the committee this is the Bill we discussed last week involving the asset sale of the generating assets from the citizens in the eastern agency to do the progress answered a lot of questions in commerce and in this committee before. I would urge your support this is going to provide significant rate relief for members in Eastern North Carolina, and long term rate relief for members here in the Duke progress rate area. Is a kitchen table issue and we have a real opportunity to help a lot of people with this bill. Mr. Chairman. Thank you discussion Senator Brown. I think Senator Newton and Senator Brown have done a good job explaining this bill in several committees. So I move for favor of vote. Thank you sir is there further discussion by the committee or questions for sponsor bill sponsor? Hearing none we have motion from Senator Brown favorable to the PCS unfavorable to the original. All those in favor of the motion please say aye. Aye oppose say no. Mr. Chairman I hate. Excuse me let me call the bill if I may order you want to speak before I do. No I thought you called it. No sir I haven't but the motion passes senate bill 305. Now senator Jeremy you have the floor. I love senator Brown on making that a quick motion, but senator Newton had a speech that he wanted to make he has made it enough Harley let us know you made that enough senator thank you. Okay alright. Okay thank you all for coming where I conclude oops. Would you like it make an announcement please. There will be a finance committee meeting tomorrow for I believe it's 372, it is renewable energy, solar energy bill, and we hope that everybody will attend and participate in that event, that will be tomorrow one o'clock. One o'clock right here any other business come from the committee, if not, this meeting is adjourned.