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Senate | March 24, 2015 | Committee Room | Senate Appropriations: Base Budget

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Good morning ladies and gentlemen we'll get started here. Welcome to the Appropriation. Let's introduce our Pages this morning. Senator Wade has been sent here back at that committee I had never said damn before I think that's what we ought to do this morning. So I would ask our Pages to come up, and come to the microphone, and introduce yourself, and tell us where you're from, and who is sponsoring you please. Senator you stand tradition. If you would make sure they hit the button right here in front of the green light sound, just push that center there. Hello. My name is Joshua Meredith. I'm representing my father, he's Wesley Meredith. I'm from district 19 in Cumberland County. You already speak better than your father, thank you, glad to have you with us Joshua My name is Casey Phillips and am going to respond to the speech by Bruce of Carolina. Thank you welcome I'm Page Peterson am from Street Pine and am presenting. Thank you Page My name Essien[sp?] is and I'm from and I'm representing Darn Blue. Thank you Essien I'm Jackson, I'm from Riley, and I'm representing Dan Booth. Thank you Jackson. Good morning, I'm Stephan Little, and I'm representing senator Stine. Thank you Stephan alright, thank you all. You all be seated please. Welcome to our appropriations. Allow me to introduce our sergeant at arms this morning we have Marcus Kids, we have Odea Hath, [xx] Okay that was out, okay Debarge. Okay we got Jin Hamilton and we have Captain Luis. Good morning. We have before is this morning, senate bill 326 [xx] be increased JD problem funding, and senator Reagan is the primary slots are there. [xx] if I plead, but and senator again, welcome. What you got? Thank you Mr. Chair. Good morning to everyone. This bill does simply one thing between now, and the end of the 15 biennial coming up at the end of June. We are going to remove the existing cap on JD and then JD, we're going to head $ five million to the JD funding. What that is going to do is two things, far as I look at this. First of all it is going to give secretarial commas, that one of those tools that he has openly expressed that he needs, as a matter of fact he did that in the finance committee last week, so that he can go out and take advantage of these opportunities that he has indicated that that are time sensitive, and are in need of that JDIG funding, so this will allow him that a tool that he needs to go out for the next few moths here until June, and some are businesses for the state. The second thing I think it does is it's going to give us the opportunity to work on some comprehensive economic development tools, a package of economic development tools. While we're here, I know this general assembly all want to make sure we're putting desperate for when it comes to recruitment this will allow us a little time to do that this session, so Mr Chairman I'll be glad to take questions but that is getting in the simplest cell phone. Thank you senator again. Senator Hill Man. Mr. Chairman thank you Senator Gardner thank you for bringing this forward, this is a cash influx at a time that we need it. I think you have heard of. And I've heard of four or maybe five projects that are pending, and if you go in with an empty check book and you're negotiating with other people,, you're handicapped and I'm frankly tired of hearing secretary of commerce say that we're broke and telling the whole world that we don't have anything to offer, so they don't, then they'll back up and go away. I want him to be able to say he's got some walking around money, and whether you like in senates or not in complete we have to do this. So Senator Gone you've got a good bill, and frankly if it were me I'd try to make it a little more, but I guess this is through the end of the year. That puts some money on the plate right now, so at the proper time I'll recommend that report. OK Senator, we'll hold that for a few moments, Senator Ford. Thank you Mr. Chairman, I've got a question first. Please forgive me, I'm obviously a supporter of this

bill but for staff where does the money going to come from? Albeing Kravaya from the Fiscal Research Divison. The money comes from the general fund, it will be appropriated or it will will be required to be appropriated in future fiscal years. This will not have the FY 14/15 impact. Follow up? Yes. Trying to figure how to phrase this. Oh just spit it out. We passed the balance budget and I was under the impression that we appropriated the monies that were available. Is this new money, money in reserves? Help me with the accounting or the dates to where we can all of a sudden go and add a new line item to the budget. Senator, again you want to respond? Or I can either one. I'm glad to and staff feels like we need more. This has no effect on the 14/15 budget. If you remember the J-DIG program, the money is awarded, but they have to meet there matrix meaning, the job recruitment, the job retention which would not come to the following peaceful years, so this has no impact whatsoever on this budget. And also I'd like to add senator Ford, that we had a $2 million left over of the balance at the end of the budget last year so in case we were d to have parties coming before the end of the year we do have that balance setting there, I think am correct there. Senate Tillman you'd another question? I think you've got it right, any right, even if we make a deal now, we wouldn't pay it till after July 1st and we are in the next book and we've got money in the table that was not planned in case short fall and so forth, so if we had to ride one before then, we could, I know staff said it wouldn't impact this budget, but if there was an emergency there would be some money and if not, we die to check July 1st recovered, that's in the next budget. Other questions from the members? seeing then, Senator Tymon  would you like to make your motion now. OK, we have a motion from Senator Tymon to approve this bill, any further discussion, if not all those in favor say an aye, all oppose like sign. Motion is passed, thank you all very much, this meeting is adjourned.