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House | March 23, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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just, wanted [xx] we just go [xx] section verse two, yes [xx] that sounds great [xx]. What I am going to do, we are going to share [xx]. But he said they don't have the same [xx] in just [xx] the house will come to order, members will take their seats, visitors will retire from the chamber, the Sergeant at Arms is directed to close the doors, members and visitors the vicar has to please silence all electronic devices. Members this evening's prayers will be offered by representative Speshali members and all guests in gallery are asked to stand for the prayer and remain standing for pledge of allegiance, representative Speshali please join me in prayer. Almighty God we stand before you humbled by your creation. We thank you for all that you've blessed us with, we thank you for our families, for our friends, for our neighbors. We thank you for our health, that we are able to be be here today. We thank You for allowing us to be here today in our capacities as Public Servants and while we serve the public, we pray that we will continue to serve you we ask for Your guidance in all of the decision that we make here today. We ask for Your strength that we may stand strong against the political wind, we ask for You knowledge that we may recognize the truth, we ask for your courage that we may fight the battles against those who may seek our confusion and we ask for Your your love, your mercy and your forgiveness through

Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic of which it stands one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. The gentleman from Hiardy, representative Louse is recognized for a motion. Mr. Speaker, the journal for March 19th has been examined and found to be correct I move that this stand approved as written. Representative Louise moves that the journal from March 19th be approved as written, so as many in favor will say I. I. Those opposed will say no, the I's have it, the journal is approved. Petitions, memorials or paper addressed to the general assembly of the house, the clerk will read. Dearly [xx] to the governor Forest, president pro term, Berger, and speaker Moore pursuant to NCGS 78-45.1, 89 and 8 I hereby nominate, and submit for confirmation as a special superior court judge Micheal A Robertson of Forsyth county Robertson is nominated to fill the vacancy created by the January 1st 2015 resignation of former special superior court judge Lucy Edmund [xx] NCGS78-45.189, upon judges in resignation, a new special [xx] judgeship was created. The person who fills this new judge [xx] shows eligible to be designated as the businesses court judge, as required in 89. I have consulted with Chief Justice Martin about Mr. Robinson's legal experience [xx] his expertise and experience will make him excellent addition to our state's business court. We're grateful for his willingness to serve the State of North Carolina at this important capacity. I promised Robinson's confirmation to George [xx] I will ask Chief Justice Martin to designate him as a Business Court Judge. In close you will find background information for Mr. Robinson, please feel free to contact my office for any additional information, sincerely Pat McCrory, Governor. [xx] Governor Forest had a lot of friends posts who said he wound up in this [xx] and he's just explode on the ball and he was the velocity in this battle its [xx] and adviser of Mecklenburg County. Mr. Faizer is nominated to fill the vacancy created by January 1st 2015 designated by Superior Court, George Martin Maggie. Mr. Faizer is well qualified for this position by his education and experience. I'm grateful for his willingness to set up the state of North Carolina in district planning capacity. And closely, we'll find biographical information from Mr. [xx]. Please feel free to contact [xx] for any useful information to Pat McCrory, governor. The appointments are referred to the [xx] operations in the house. Members all motion of Representative Collins of Nash County, the chair is happy to extent the courtesy for the gallery to Rebecca Koln and the Koln Kolm step mother and mother of Paige Shone and Amanda Koln, if you would all please stand that we can we welcome you today, glad to have you this evening. Members of, if ever of any members going to get sick tonight is the night, because let me tell you, we have two doctors today, and the two nurses of the day. I'm going to introduce them all. We have Dr. Richard Edmund from Raleigh, my good friend Dr. Jeff Carley from Kings Mountain raising [xx] from Virginia and [xx] from Carthage, thank you all for being with us this evening Members we are going to adjourn this evening's subject to the introduction of bill and resolution and messages from the senate given our way to start, the house will come to order, members the chairing chance to take up all all House bill this evening 130 given the late start. Additionally, tomorrow is county would have no other votes, so that is there objection to the remainder of the county being moved to tomorrow night? Hearing none so order, calendar house bill 130 the corporate. Representatives, Harward house bill 130 and that authorizing David to contact with the local board village education for the provision of meals to inmates in the county detention facilities, general but not colluding an act. What purpose does the lady from Deity representative Harward rise? To debate the bill.

The house to come to their order. The lady from Deity has the floor to debate the bill Members of the house. This is actually a very simple bill, and we don't have a situate of the Deity county that we need to trying to find some type of closure for, they commissioners, and our sheriff, had a contract with a company that was providing the meals for our inmates. That company went out of basement in [xx] to find other services and we've been unable to do so, so this below simply allows conditions to contract with the local board of education to provide the meals subcidice with three bills a day and [xx] forward, thank you. For what purpose does the lady from Wake representative Halley rise. To speak to the bill the house will come to order please, the lady from Wake has the floor to debate the bill I've taken a good look at this bill and this when is the exception to the rule this is a good bill. Further discussion, further debate? If not the question before the house is the passage of the house committee substitute, the house bill 130 on it's second reading so many favoring the passage of the bill will vote I, those oppose will vote no, the corporate will open the vote the Caucus watched the machine that recorded about 150 13 having voted affirmative and 2 in the negative the house committee self group, the house bill 130 passes the second reading and will without objection will be read a third time Johnson of Norcalani and ex. Further discussion further debate, if not the question before the house is in the passage of the house committee substitute. Perhaps via 1:30 on its third reading, so many favoring passage will say I. I. Those opposing will say no. The Is have it and the bill passes it's third reading and will be sent to the senate order of the pages to come forward please. to our house [xx] as you're coming forward we want to thank you for being here. the clerk will call your name, and then when the clerk calls your name, you are asked to step forward, and wave or give a signal so that the members will know who you are, so the folks would not look for you this week. Caucus directed the chief to introduce the pages. Jarden [xx], Amy Clemons, Amanda Collin, Sean Comb, Vale de Vivo, Morgan Hinton, Dean Harch, Christian Jerkins, Mayor Jackons, Even King, David Costin Burger, Kenny Luck, Britney Mcmeines, Caroline Lotin Tariq Lords. We're glad to have you here this week, I would ask my colleagues to join me and welcome you here this week favors .  You all may return to your posts . Notices and announcements. For what purpose does the gentleman from Stokes, Representative Halloway Rise, making an announcement.  The gentleman has the floor for an announcement. Thank you Mr. Speaker, we will begin our basketball practice right after session, over at Peace College, my assistant sent out emails to everyone at the house and the senate, there are waivers you do have to sign the waiver, we hope to see you over, but if you did not turn that in to my assistant today for her take over there, please give it to me tonight, but you have to have the waiver signed [xx] before you step out there on the court. Piece has been a little tougher this year they want to make sure that we have all those waivers signed. They also did ask that if you have any kids if you can leave them at home. I don't remember any of us bringing any kids last time want me to pass that on as well but we will start practice tonight, I hope we

get ready to kick South Carolina's butt, so thank you, there is no age limit, girls and [xx] are welcome for what purpose does the lady from Randorf represent Henry Rise. Quite a personal privilege pledge. The lady is recognized for point of personal priviledge will come to order. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I want to invite my seatmate to join our committee on Ching, she had a birthday Friday, and I want to tell [xx] wish her a happy birthday. Thank you. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wain representative Bale rise? Upon a personal privilege. The gentleman has the floor for a moment of personal privilege. Mr. Speaker, and members of the body, I hate to stand up here today and say is I'd like to have your attention. This morning, right at the start of the day, the North Carolina department of transportation issued the public advisory for motorist to be careful while driving through work zones because this is the start of National Work Zone week awareness month, and then 11 o'clock this morning, and impaired driver on highway 70 went through a work zone, and killed a of our DOT family. Please keep the Bailey family in your thoughts and prayers. It actually happened right at the corner of my district, I'm representative of Dickson's District, so plese keep all the members of the our DOT family, and the Bailey family, your thoughts and prayers are in the next couple weeks, so very sad tragedy this morning, the driver was cult the sd side is that she had two children in the vehicle with her. So, there's nothing impaired, they allow bills that we do to strengthen this these laws are going to be equipped put be good use. So, just give The Bailey family your thoughts and prayers. Thank you members where you are, when you are praying for folks, please remember representative Braoli's wife who I believe is undergoing surgery this evening under he shared that with a number of us last week, please remember his wife's smoking in your prayers also. For what purpose does the gentleman from Lesith represent Lambert Thrice want a personal privilege. The gentleman has the floor for a moment of personal privilege. Thursday I from here very fast because my daughter had gone into labour, and I'm happy to announce that 3:30 in the morning after being up with her most tonight and the rest of our family. She delivered a beautiful baby girl, Lucy Jane Johnson, 8 pounds 13 ounces we are very excited, this is number six grandchild. For what purpose does the Gentleman from Elanmass [sp] represent [xx]? Mr. Speaker on a personal privilege. The gentleman has the floor for a moment of personal privilege of the House become the order Thank you. Friends, I have an extraordinary experience this weekend of attending 150th anniversary of the battle of Pentonville and I want to tell you what a great event it was, we had about 3, 000-4, 000 [xx] out there which I was one, and the friends of the Pentonville battlefield are North Carolina Cultural resources department and the historic preservation trust all that a great job along with the staff and event volunteers to coordinate this, they estimated upwards of about 35, 000 people, I believe, came as spectators and visited North Carolina, and that folks from Ohio, Michigan, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Virginia and [xx] good number of our colleagues on North Carolina that were here. It's a good event for North Carolina commemorating a very important final battle and super war, so I just want to give a big shout out thank you to all those that helped put it together and all those who participated and we'll see you in of place in April for the surrender. Thank you Mr. Speaker. For what purpose does the gentleman from Randof[sp?] represented McMill Rise? announcement The gentleman has the 404th announcement. Perhaps committee on [xx] and retirement were made Tuesday, March 24th at 10am in room 415 the court is recognized for a series of committee announcements. Members may want to pay attention to this. There's going to be announcements about committee meetings tomorrow commited on judiciary two were made at 1pm in room 421 and [xx]. The house commit on a preparation of General government will not meet Tuesday the 24th at 8:30 AM, and 4:25. The house committee on appropriation transportation 4th at 8:30 AM. The house committee on appropriation health

and human services will not meet at 8:30 AM in room six 43 Tuesday March 24th. notices and announcements, if not, the gentleman from Harlem, representative Louise is recognized for a motion Mr. Speaker, I move that subject to messages from the senate and the introduction of bills resolutions that the house adjourn to reconvene Tuesday March 24th at 2 o'clock PM. Representative Louise moves, seconded by representative [xx] that the house adjourns subjected to receipt of messages from the senate introductions of bills and resolutions, and in memory of the individuals, representative Bale, that the gentleman from Wain mentioned, to reconvene Thursday march 24th at 2 o'clock PM. So many in favor of the motion will say I. I. Oppose no the I's have it, we stand adjourned. Tuesday, tomorrow 2 P. M. Yap, OK. Introduction of bills, the clerk will read. House 307, Representatives Malon, and Jackson, [xx] Charter, Yusuf [xx] Finance. House 308, Representative Jacqulin, Stevin, [xx] and Davis, clarify reasonable health, insurance, child support. Judiciary three and the insurance. House 309, Representative Slidell, Quin, migrated got natural milk. Health and in agriculture. House 310 representative Meyer Inscor no class rank computation Chapel hill.education K12 education universities. Hospital 311, representative Hamilton and Ailer, ABC stole elections counter [xx] elections. Hospital 312, representative personnel, certain counties share food purchases. Local government. Hospital 313, representatives are Turner and Frilly, promotion grievances city of state's bill. Local government hospital 314 representatives, Brian, Stanbridge Lambert, [xx] member, [xx] possibilities.education case where health and then appropriations. Hospital 315, representative Stephens, chef and landlord Janet vie of possessions charged garie[sp?] three. Hospital 316, representative are Johnson and Piers. Johnston board of governors, members of vote.education university and then judiciary one. Hospital 317, Representatives Alexander, Corny, Harrison and Carningharm medical Marijuana for terminally ill patients. Judiciary one, health and then regulatory reform. House Bill 318, representative Cleveland, Melase, Rick Mayer and Conland protect North Carolina workers Act. Commerce and job development in judiciary four. House Bill 319 Representative Zocker, Jitter, Adams and Hamilton, commercial driving license for their obligations. Transportation. House Bill 320, Representative's Goodman, [xx] small versus new job creation incentives. Commerce and job development and then finance. Messages from the Senate, the Clerk will read. The following message was received from the Senate. Senate Bill five, first tradition, a bill to the entitle act to re-appeal on SL 2-2014-8 as amended by SL 2-2014-9 as applies to union county. Local government. Senate Bill 114, first edition avail to be entitled an Act, to require the department of health and human services, division of child development and early education., and a division of social services to develop a plan where required the custodial parent, or the other relative or person with primary custody of a child receiving child care. Subsidy payments, to cooperate with county child support services programs, as the conditions of receiving child care, subsidy payments as recommended by the child support sub committee of the John legislative program evaluation oversight committee. Children, youth and families

and then judiciary 3. Senate Bill 139, first edition avail to the entitled on Act to amend it. Chandler of account of Silver to operate the account to adopt and influence ornaises related to parking. Local government senate bear 142 commit yourself to second edition, avail to the entire act to reduce the number of members serving on the current service center commission local government.