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Senate | March 19, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Session

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Speaker changes:senate come to order Sergent arms close the door members go to their sets members and guidance in the gallery please silence all electronic devices waiting the senate in the gallery ?? please stand Speaker changes:more of the any of these against here gathered to light me they are running today we come before you to because you feel hearing before this bill was raised come before you because you gone way gone in front of us?? challenges before us remind us that you have sacrifice n ll we bring nothing to you nut need of you thank you lord for being the ?? law makers have gone and law makes have come ? the burning bush the I'm the holds everything together ?? amen Speaker changes:senator ?? is recognized for a motion Speaker changes: the general for Wednesday march 18th 2015 is been examined and is been found to be correct a move that the senator ?? Speaker changes:senator lets come to order please ?? leave granted for senator burger and Robinson we also have nurse of the day with us today any of the ?? thanks for serving the senate Speaker changes:senator ?? Michel lee of ?? the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to the fourth d fifth grade combination class Wilmington academy of arts and sciences they re currently working on learning about united state constitution ?? so if you r with us today please stand so we will recognize you there they are senator move right into our calender for the day we have Mr. president Speaker changes:senator Orthodox ?? motion up for today's calender ?? Speaker changes:?? Speaker changes:senator orthodox has the floor for the motion senate bill 123 i son the last mount on the today's ?? objections so ordered Mr.President Speaker changes:?? Speaker changes:?? working we needed for Tuesday if we could thank you Mr.Senate Speaker changes:i guess the next day for working ?? Speaker changes:senator bill 123 is moved without objection to Tuesday so we have one Bill public calender second reading ?? house bill 41 clerk will read Speaker changes:?? Speaker changes:senator ?? is reigned to speak to the bill Speaker changes:thank you Mr. president this is second time that we voted on these issues this includes revenue loss technical changes that we discussed on final laws finance went through two meeting went through revenue law that is part of the bill that cm back on house bill 41 we agree with what the house changes were the other portion is the

OBDWGX [0:00:00.0] …See update which was tied in with Senate Bill 20, this is a very urgent matter to get these tax changes approved by the General Assembly, this is our vehicles who accomplish that again on those IOC updates we have discussed them in Finance Committee meetings and in on the Senator floor we have approved both of these bills, they are together so that we can expedite this and have this change approve so that we can our obligation as far as the IRC. I urge that you support this bill so we can move it forward on the way to the House. I will stand for any questions Mr. President. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Any discussion or debate? Senator Stein for what purpose you raise? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. President to send forward an amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Stein you can send forward your amendment. The clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Stein moves to amend the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Stein is recognized to speak to the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. President and members of the Senate, North Carolina is one of the house for closure rates in the country, we are right number 14 currently. Charlotte interestingly is number 35 out of more than 200 is in the nation, we are clearly coming out of the recession, things were getting better but we are still dealing with the after shocks of the great recession, housing values and many communities are underwater meaning that the person owes substantially more and what the house is worth. The United States Congress, Republicans, and Democrats have concluded for this year, this tax year 2015 for home owners who get debt forgiveness, principle relief from their mortgage lender that they won’t have to pay taxes on that money. Attorneys General across the country, Republican and Democrat are like had written the Congress urging them to extend that policy for this one more year. North Carolinians we all know from this Federal provision last year making us one of just a handful states, 43 states, Republican govern states, Democrat govern states recognized that there are middle-class families who are struggling and need a little help, the way it works is you owe substantially more on your home than it’s worth. The mortgage lender realizes that you are facing foreclosure, foreclosure is the worst outcome for the owner of the, no the investor and it’s a table outcome for the home owner because then they have a foreclosure on the credit and it’s terrible for the community, the neighborhood that house is in, it can dramatically affect the housing values for all the people in that neighborhood. So what lenders do in their own investor’s interest is they renegotiate, they either do one of two things, they will reduce principle by modifying the loans so you owe less money on it, or they will agree to a short sale where you agree to sell your home for less money than it’s worth but they are right off that debt so they don’t come after for you the extra amount. It’s on average about $60,000 per family that’s what the principle relief comes to. 4,000 middle-class families in North Carolina, if we decouple from the Federal Government will have to come up with tax liability on $60,000 of income, it’s about $3,500 per family but here is the reality they don’t have that income, it’s paper, it’s just a number, a digit, and an accounting change. They never got that money so what are we gonna do to these 4,000 middle-class families? We are gonna suck them with tax liability when they don’t have the income such that if they had renegotiated the terms, modify their loan, they now actually may get pushed into foreclosure because they can’t pay the new note or when they have sold it through a short sale they have this liability they can’t pay. So now, what we have done is create tax sheets of middle-class families and then the Department of Revenue is obligated to try to collect that money, they are gone still wages, why are we doing this to struggling middle-class, working-class families in North Carolina? We don’t have to do it, the large majority of states governed by Republicans in this nation are doing it, and the United States Congress majority control by Republicans is not doing it, why are we setting ourselves apart and our hostility to the play of working folks? This amendment does one very simple thing it just takes out the reference to the principle relief that you do not have… [0:05:00.2] [End of file…]

Speaker changes: to pay income taxes on the community it would be boom to north Carolina communities on ?? i hope you ll supported Mr.President i me to ?? Speaker changes:senator orthodox fro what purpose do you ask Speaker changes:for a motion Speaker changes:Mr president i move the amendment on the table Speaker changes:Mr Brock second to motion upon the table point of to the chair senator stern so this an amendment that ?? this is going to kill the amendment Speaker changes:this is a non ?? Speaker changes:thank you ?? o the motion to vote ll in favor will vote ye ll in favor will vote no 5 will low to the voting the clerk will open the vote 31 having voted in the affirmative and 16 in the negative amendment oen hs ben tabled the ?? back before the body ?? the house bill 41 on it's second reading ll in favor vote ye five will low for the voting clerk will record the vote ?? 34 having voted in 13 in the negative the senate committee substitute passes it's bill on it's second reading it my remain the my wrap up the calender for the day so this time we would to say thank you to our pages we think that you enjoy the week we hope you'll come come see us thank you very much for the services' Speaker changes:do we have any notices or announcement senator lee for wht you sk Speaker changes:for point of personnel privilege Speaker changes:?? Speaker changes:it's not often that we get to our in person for the sacrifices thy make long with i would like to my eleven yer old son ?? my thank you not just to our family but to ll of our ?? Speaker changes:thank you senator welcome Speaker changes:senator brown for purpose ?? Speaker changes:for a point of ?? Speaker changes:senator brown you hv eh floor to pint the perpsinl privilge Speaker changes:thnk you mr preseine ?? my son being one of them nest the lot of young ?? ohopefullly ?? in th enbr future 'm sure you're be seeing lot of them ?? Speaker changes:sentor ?? For wht purpose you sk Speaker changes:to senforth ?? sttement Speaker changes:you cn send forth your sttment nd sentor owuld you like to uote for moment of perosnl privilge Speaker changes:yes thank you colleagues i just ?? to reecignie teh commendble service of teh ocul p who?? here tlents to church ??

...for they attended for many years. She served our Forsyth County Republican Party, as our women's president for a number of years. She exemplified the ideal of public service and she devoted her life to making positive contributions to our community and our state and our nation. Now Harry, her husband, he was a Senator, who gave much of his time and energy to serving the public and he rose in this body, to serve as Minority Leader. He served four terms here in the Senate. Prior to arriving here, he served in the United States Army and the Reserves, obtaining the rank of 1st Lieutenant.He served as a successful businessman and through his work with his church and many boards and commissions and fraternal organizations. Sadly, Harry passed away this past December. Anne, a number of years before. His legacy, like that of his wife, will be one of diligent service to the State of North Carolina. Thank you, for granting me the opportunity to share about my dear friends, Harry and Anne Bagnal. Thank you Mr. President. [Speaker Change] Thank you Senator Krawieck and upon the motion of Senator Krawieck, of Forsyth County, the chair is happy to extend courtesies of the gallery, to Mary Comer, the daughter of Senators Harry and Anne Bagnal and William Comer, who is the grandson, who is with us as a page this week. William, will you raise your hand, so everybody can identify you? Mary, if you'll stand, as well, and please, be recognized? Thank you for joining us today. [Applause] Senator Lowe, for what purpose do you rise? [Speaker Change] I wanted to change my vote to a no. [Speaker Change] Senator Lowe changes his previous vote to no and that final count was...the final count on the House Bill 41 was...Say it one more time, please...33-14. Thank you, Senator. Senator Gunn, for what purpose do you rise? [Speaker Change] Amendment of personal privilege. [Speaker Change] You have the floor for amendment of personal privilege. [Speaker Change] Sometimes, when you think about veterans, you think about, maybe, somebody that's older, that has served. That's just kind of where our mind goes. I just want to let you know, today, that my ally Karen Johns has her son here today, Christopher Matthews. Christopher served in Japan, during the earthquake and tsunami, won a humanitarian award. I believe he was in the Air Force, a load master on C-130 for six years. You know, veterans come in all ages. I just thought it would be great for us to recognize Christopher. He's in the gallery with us today and I really do appreciate your service, Christopher and all veterans. Thank you very much. [Speaker Change] Christopher, won't you stand, so that we can recognize you. Thanks for joining us today. [Applause] Do we have any other notices or announcements? Any further business to come before the Senate? If not, the chair recognizes Senator Pate, for a motion. [Speaker Change] Thank you, Mr. President. I move that the Senate do now adjourn, in memory of the late Senators Harry and and Anne Bagnal, of Forsyth, subject to the standard stipulations set forth in Senate rule 24.1, appointment of conferees, receipt of conference reports and messages from the House to reconvene on Monday, March 23, 2015 at 7 p.m. [Speaker Change] Motion is, the Senate do now adjourn in the honor or Harry and Anne Bagnal. Also, subject to the stipulations by Senator Pate to reconvene Monday, March 23 at 7 p.m., seconded by Senator Krawieck, all in favor say "aye." [Speaker Change] Opposed no. The ayes have it. So it stands adjourned. [Closing Gavel] Anne [??], that's your bill, Senate Bill 323. An act to clarify that Judicial Standards Committee has the exclusive jurisdiction and authority, to discipline judges and justices, in the General Court of Justice. Sponsor, Senator Cooke, refers to rules not [??] the Senate. Senate Bill 324, an act to reform building code enforcement to promote economic growth by conforming work-in-progress inspection to recently enacted inspection limitations, by requiring the Building Code Council to study the alternate referenced approval process by clarifying that that...

...admissions of official misconduct for code officials by eliminating mandatory plan review for residential structures by raising the threshold for requirement of a building permit by creating the building code counselor, residential code committee by requiring internet posting or certain council decisions in interpretations by clarifying the inspection fees collected by cities and counties...may only be used to support the inspection of department and by requiring that inspections be performed in full and in a timely manner. And inspection reports to include all items failing to meet code requirements. Sponsor Senators Brock, and McInnis and Clark, refer to rules and operations of the Senate. Senate Bill 325, an act to enact various statutory changes as requested by the state auditor. Sponsor Sen. Davis, refer to rules and operations of the Senate. Senate Bill 326, an act to providing increased funding to the job investment grant program, sponsors Sen. Gunn, Meredith and Apodaca. Refer to commerce, sequential referral to finance, sequential referral to appropriations based budget. Senate Bill 327, an act to allow banks to conduct savings promotion raffles. Sponsors Sen. Gunn, Ford and McInnis. Refer to rules and operation of the Senate. Senate Bill 328, an act to modify the community college’s program auditing function. Sponsor Sen. J. Davis. Refer to rules and operation of the Senate. Senate Bill 329, an act to extend the tax credit for renewable energy property, sponsor Sen. Lowe and D. Davis. Refer to rules and operation of the Senate. Senate Bill 330, an act to amend the law regarding change orders on school construction projects. Sponsors Senators McInnis and Tillman. Refer to rules and operation of the Senate. Senate Bill 331, an act to make various changes to the juvenile code in regard to due process protection for reentry of juveniles into the delinquency system and confinement of juveniles. Sponsors Senators Daniel and Hartsell. Refer to rules and operation of the Senate. Senate Bill 332, an act to enable registered deeds to collect additional fees for index and instruments that contain exhibits of multiple interminable parties. Sponsor Senator Daniels. Refer to rules and operation of the Senate. Senate Bill 333, an act to require that the state board of education includes specific data in its annual report of the teaching profession. Sponsor Sen. Soucek. Refer to rules and operation of the Senate. Senate Joint Resolution 334, an joint resolution setting the date for the House of Representatives and the Senate to elect members to the state board of community colleges. Sponsors Senators Soucek and Tillman. Refer to the rules and operation of the Senate. Senate Bill 335, an act to add requirements pertaining to blend stocks to the motor fuels marketing act. Sponsor Senator Hartsell. Refer to rules and operation of the Senate. Senate Bill 336, an act to amend the law governing the state planning and fiduciaries to amend the unifying trust code and to establish funeral[?] and powers of appointment act. Sponsors Senators Hartsell and Barringer. Refer to rules and operation of the Senate. Senate Bill 337, an act amending the labor laws to provide relief for caregivers in the state. Sponsors Senators Bryant, Woodard and J. Jackson. Refer to rules and operation of the Senate. Senate Bill 338, an act to make modifications to existing laws for economic development purposes. Sponsors Senators Berger, Brown and Tillman. Refer to rules and operation of the Senate. Messages from the House. House Bill 18, committee substitute, an act to provide for a planning year for the establishment of cooperative innovative high...

Speaker: referring to rules house bill 35 an act to establish educative tax force on eduction as recommended by house study commission of eduction and innovation referred to rules house bill 73 committee substitute act to act ?? house bill 138 an act to en true state board of eduction to require an art eduction priority process ?? high school refers to rules it is not all statement ?? both served as state with distinction ?? long before either of them arrived in the senate ?? fateful members of the first batch of Salem where they served the first community according to the deep devotion to their crystal face they accomplish great services in north Carolina accomplishment and business service ?? and rising lovely family who will carry on their legacy ?? senator from 1978 to 1980 with loving mother or children Harry junior Davis,Allen, ??Sam graduating music from Winters college ?? lower tax senator ?? was the leader in local and public party ?? fourth county republic in women ?? house of representative 1980 and 1982 until few passes where 1990 senator ?? state nation and father harry Baldwin elected to serve ?? senate north Carolina 1966 opposition he yell in 1974 ?? minority leader and ?? additionally senator harry were successful puts the local economy senator harry ?? served his country through his military services ?? public service and being n devoted husband and father and therefore senator harry and ?? will serve deserve to the public process of the energy unanimous to the united states north Carolina and ?? Salem continues to this day and witness sign beyond them certify this for ?? 19th day of march 2015 submitted by senator George ?? Sara lawn senate principal clerk