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Joint | March 18, 2015 | Committee Room | Justice and Public Safety

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We're all here Good morning! According to the light we are all here WKRP, welcome everybody to the house joined the preparation self committee of justice and public safety, 18th March room 423, here is the day law house keeping, we have our pages here today, from the house. Mr Hill, do you like to introduce yourself, about where you go to school, where you live Ilive in [xx] and what grade are you? Fourth grade. Did I hear you say you wanted to sing this morning. No, not so, not so, okay alright. Anything you like to say, have you had a great time? I have had a wonderful time. Good. Thank you alright, the miss with. Georgina Richard. Name. My name is Regina Richard[sp?] and I am from and my Father is Mr. Rayburn, Senator Rayburn, I'm from Overhill High and I am senior currently. Good, I think in all the years I think my children's high school union [xx]  Overhill occasionally. I don't know.   I think so, I've been there okay well thank you I'm Regina Richard, it's German, I'm from Germany. Good. Have you been stationed in Germany before? alright thank you. Thank you I appreciate seeing you. I have see you got you over you. And our house started with arms we have BJ Pow and they let them, Louis and girls cheerfully. Let's hear your comments, Meyer there you go, from the lowly placed department. Thankyou this morning we're going to hear a presentation from Christine, the O. J, the administration, legal services and training the standards, before you get started, I will have Christine just wanted to give an update [xx] but the department of justice, just wanted to give an update given an opportunity with us today they answer any questions you might have, Alex Peter who is head of our special [xx] division, the head of administrative division, [xx], who is the head of our team division Robert Mangamry[sp?], he's with our criminal division, Steven Canes, he's the head of criminal justice, training and theatre [xx], [xx] is the chair training and thatre and Mark Strickland is the head of the justice academy, thank you. Alright, thank you. two hour pages trivia questions. Now I know you know the answer. Who's in charge of the Department of Justice? That's it. good job. You're looking to her. Thank you Good morning everyone? We're going to spend today talking about the department, the rest of the department of justice yesterday you did the crime lab, today we've got administration, legal services and training and standards but first I have some follow up from yesterday I was asked to discuss in a little more detail, the use of lab storage funds, specifically if they're related to purchase services the left hour hour is

the dollar amount of salary inefficient benefit, but it's not expanded this time of period in which position is vacant it is  not to be confused without a reserve which is created when you pay a position at a level that is lower than the budget amount. This is large salary, is created only when a as they can, it is non-recurring. The general statute limit for the use of that salary saving, and that statute lab salary savings may be expanded only for non-recurring purposes on loan items, so you cannot use lab salary to create a new position or to fund an ongoing recurring expense. The budget manual has some additional restrictions on it Mr. Chair Thank you. Thank you Mr. Chair, I know you get to talk about the budget manual and I've sort of looked ahead to that, could that money be potentially used and we talked about sometimes trying to reward employees could it be used for that Mr. Chair? When I was typing up this file yesterday I thought  the exact same thing I know about you can't give salary increases, I will get back to you and I'll check with on that and get back to you. What do you do one time [xx] so [xx] limits the use of personal services, limiting personal services, purchase services to part equipment on other account [xx] grants, reserves or intergovernmental transfers. The expenditure of [XX] salary funds and a purchase service account does not require prior approval from LFPM. All of the other transfers xxequipment of supplies or something else that does require prior approval from LFPM but if you just needing a inner purchase service s is not. And these funds can only be planed after they have been generated. Take for example [xx] to become vacant, you cant bend the [xx] generated in January if its done in November. I can hear you Do we generate or do we allow the corporate heads to generate xx to take care of the proposed right? Representative Graham, in some cases for example in the past when the governor has said to agencies you need to hold back 2% or 5% because we have budget restrictions or we have a budget shortfall then agencies will hold positions vacant to continue to generate lab salary to meet that reduction. In other cases some agencies because their budgets aren't appropriately funded, they have to hold back some lab salary money to pay for operating costs. You used to see that a lot more in the Department of Correction, its I think somewhat been mitigated some what in the past few years, but it is still a problem. So we handle most of our versions utilizing the lab salary? Yes Sir, Mr. Chair that is where most of our versions come from the lab salary. OK, so the reason that you're talking about this is behind your presentation today there's a spreadsheet, and I'm sorry that this did not get into your presentation and I get a bit too early they actually get it into your presentations. You have a separate sheet it looks like this, this is in response to  requests that I had for a list of all the Lab salaries funded expenses, in part of services line in the department of justice. And so you can see in the first section the 1200 fund that's the legal division, they've transferred $15, 000 knowledge worth of salary for engineering services for lecturer and in back repairs, down in the crime labs the first line there is the legal services, that's the investment contract that we were discussing yesterday the second line academic services, that's the college of  scientist training and xx remember yesterday talked about how they're outsourcing the training for this new taxicology position that's where xx is funded from there the next one on [xx] services is temporally in place and recommend help our administrative functions or other techniques that they have short term. Employ back ground check the FBI requires it. The crime lab requires extensive background checks for their scientists and so they have retired  scientists  come back to do this and this is where that funny [xx] is coming from and then finally training travel and certification, is for training accreditation certification befriend the client required by this forensic scientist though, so then

down in 1500 see the standards on that training academy, Academic services they're using $ 112, 000 a month xx funds for part time instructors. Does anyone have questions on the follow up? the next follow up, I just want it to run one more time to make sure that everyone understood the difference between when xx is talking about budget he was talking about the authorized budget for AFC, we're going to be talking about the base budget from now on, and the base budget it is again your starting point for the  15 budget, whatever adjustments you make and so this is the very base level and again the previous years authorized budgets it backed out, non-returning productions and increases that may have been included, and it may also included adjustment for analysation of program, federal payroll tax changes, contracted lease lay increases receipt production and reconciliation I'm in charge of intergovernmental transfers. So we are clear on what the numbers we're going to see today, for the main part are all base budget numbers. Hey you've seen this part before, this is the department of Justice [xx]. Again the department of Justice provides legal services for the state this is local  law enforcement agencies and oversee its law enforcement training and standards. Their total budget is 83.9 Million and they have 807.76 at fee per employee today on the base band [xx] budget, this budget has a special fund included in it, so before we set the general budget of 83.1, that is the general form budget. Their total budget is 92 Million Dollars, that includes a special fund money that is coming there about 9 Million Dollars [xx] including specially funded positions of 835 FTD it includes safety. Mr chair that tittle of position  is not handle people. Positions? Yes. Thank you. the next five is the tittle via dates at the back font and you can see the biggest part of it is the blue, regal services having about 45 STE in it, and then we've talked about the Cramer[sp?], which is the next largest bond and then training and standard follows that and then the specially funded positions which will top it all, where they are cause they are in legal services and and then administration is 3% of the budget. Here on the small part, and if you cannot see this and are interested in having a bigger part copy, I can print a larger version  of it but this the old chart for the department of justice, I'm not going to spend too much time on it. And now moving on to, the first DOJ we're going to talk about administration, DoJ administration at 1100 and in 1991, this is general administration, and includes the attorney general and some administrative support financial services and human resources are funded out of here. The total budget is 2.7 million and there's 28 FTE in those two bankers. here is the 2015, 15 based budget for administration, 94% of native people as you see safety budget, 1% for purchase services and 5% for supplies and equipment administration budget history you can see it was pretty, it was going up for a while then in February of 2011 got made pretty significant catch to this ministry of budget and has stayed flat since then. In 2013/14, he budgeted some receits ever had a sick off from and that is why all the here is what you budgeted received there. Recent budget actions in 2013 that was at department live management flexibility reserve of 1.7 million recurring and those against four positions shipped to Paul E Alderman, in 2014 there was another department wide management flexibility reserve this time of $1.5 million recurring, and there was a $1, 000 story increase for our permanent FPE the number 989, 918 that is probably the entire department not just the administrative function. Why is there many questions for me under legal services [xx] books behind [xx] the expenditures from 2010-2014/2015.

What impact will that have had on the operations in terms of the Department of Justice? Are they feeling any pain as a result of that? I'd like somebody from, I could probably answer that! Thank you. Nels Roseland, CFO for the Department of Justice. That decrease in expenditures has happened when the SPI was part of the Department  of Justice and so that was the biggest division. The Legal Services Division is the second largest division, we have the academy. Overall we've seen it varies just a level of weeks introductions across the whole department. The SPI can tell you how, when they make their presentation in the next few weeks how it has affected their level of service, but basically we as fewer lawyers [xx] Henry the same volume of work. It's now the largest division of department of justice there is more detail on the legal division, and we have the various senior deputies and experts who can go into more details to how this trend has affected him, but the level of service we've been able to provide, we're a services agency, has been reduced like several agencies  over the last two years .  I'm going to digress a couple of slides, say that you had 807 decisions and then when you [xx]. What else, five, how many of vacancies do you have at this time if they don't understand positions I'll offer four . Like any agencies we have normal turnover of positions. My guess is we have 40-60 vacancies at this time but I will have to get back with you an exact number but we have a turnover rate that varies from 5-7% a year sir. Follow up so at your 40 to 60 positions, sure it could be part of your plans correct. Some of our largest vacancies are in the crime lab, that's where there are hardest to recruit positions and you are all well aware the competition they have from other crime but the Legal Services Division has the second highest level of vacancies but a lot of it is just normal turn over, but it does it does expect to work when we don't have the people to do the work. I am just locking call upon representative Magneel and a total number as illegal division and the banking system Mr. Neil doesn't have it right at the top of his head. I can get that for you and bring it tomorrow. By division, by palm code, how many can't and what the positions are, They are OK [xx] I didn't know if he had it all [xx] can I get that summary and a detox report to you sir. Representative Missouri, OK, thank you Mr. Chair I was on slide 16 and you say the administration include, fun code 1100-1991, what is this?  What do you mean? What's the fun code? what is 1100 fun code? 1100 front page is administration and 1991 is ever heard culture abolished [xx] the attendees are the four positions that you switch to receive support back in 2013. So 1100 is the people in the administration? 1100 and 1991 four people in 1991. Four people in Everhard?   Yeah they came from Everhard there not ever had that kind of job So that's on the accounting code, so you all have an Accounting code, could you give the AOC? Okay I am going to the legal services. The base by, on legal services again they are the big part of this $52000000, 56% on this end of the and 53% of the title FPE in the some key facts about legal services

GS 114-2 says that the Attorney General is responsible for representing the state in all matters civil and criminal providing representation and advice to all state agencies and providing confrontation advice to prosecutors. They're divided into into eight divisions, administrative therefore consumer protection, criminal, environmental, medicaid investigations, special obligations in the opposite of [xx] for general I'm here for the acquisition break down but functions. Most of them 37% are attorneys, there're 12% paralegals 4% are working on [xx] legal services, 17% on support and 10% in investigation [xx] and how the attorney xx play? are also in CFL the gap majority that determines our part of the channel [xx] budget that you have before you there's a subset of 20-30 attorneys that are on the department of transportation payroll but for personnel purposes they are supervised by senior attorney Is in the department of justice but they do right away acquisition, they will work related to the well building program of the department of transportation. People are in their offices all together all day after that. So, majority of the offices are in Rally we do have an astro-legal office to DOT the attorney's arm. Hows going to DOT Highway building which is separate from the oldest xx building in down town Rally but they're both in Rally Do they xx all the agencies or are they just for. Any other do you need a ride home? And here are the five divisions must have talked about the individual divisions because I think we'll answer to your question temporarily so for the administrators division they provide legal advice and representation to mostly agencies they're broken down into these sections there's a public health and child welfare those sections public assistant section, human services and medical facilities, services to state agencies, [xx] agencies workers composite relegation and then there's support and so you can see how they break out that chart there. Other on the 10 includes comparative irrigation and divisions add man 1.76 because I know that's a weird number to everybody is two per term assistant agent provision. And [xx] you may remember back in 13-19 Attorney positions were transferred to the state agencies that they've served, and that's why in the banking commission they charge our Athena to office of state personnel HSS indulity. Okay these services to state agencies there satutoraly assigned [xx] have listed the revenue is the one that find the revenue the attorney general may assign attorneys to the [xx] the [xx] hospitals in the real estate commission some agencies contract for positions with the [xx] receipt when we get to the budget [xx] where the agencies are for legal services. State agencies are build for direct litigation costs, so if there are court costs or something involved as for witness, agencies are build for that. Receive the portable [xx] agencies have to pay for all of the legal services they received from the AJ I mean itemized bills are sent to the agencies not with something that you'll put in the place to think it was back in 2011 or 12. Outside attorneys hired by agencies have to be approved by the attorney general. Thank you Mr. Chair the ones we are saying itemized bills are sent to agencies, so we've established an hourly rate for our legal services are they all the same? [xx] agencies are atomizations of the cartels, if there's an expert witness fee then that would be laid out on the bill such [xx] or how much it is for there's 30 dollars in printing.

They do not bill it for the attorney time pay for all legal services that they would be getting an item as billed. Are they charged for the legal services and if so at what rate? [xx] From CFO, when you get important commissions that are 100% receipt recorded and say a general the attorney gives him advice on a very legal matter. We have our re-billing rates based on the seniority with this and attorney two and attorney four, the average billing rate is about $74 and hour. if that helps, okay, so the next Friday bill, instead of division, do you receive 50 numbers under the fpe receipts supported then again that's from agencies reporting a whole position, or from board and commission you are paying the hourly rate, a big chunk of this receipt box tied is tore plain burns that have few department of justice saving on actually department of justice funds they just go through department of justice stays on that way, saying   [xx] is getting the top line and optimistly from school that is the next division is the civil division, they handle civil claims from litigation involving the state it's official employees, they're are 39 FPE in this division and their sections are; insurance, labor, property control, revenue, transportation and motor vehicle. Next up is consumer protection they are charged with protecting the public from unlawful business practices they are 15 STE year, this section is entirely receipt supported and fiscal year year 2013/14 consumer protection received 20686 written consumer complaints 34000 phone complaint or inquires and generated approximately 3.2 million dollars in settlement receipts to the state. The criminal division handles criminal appeal representation and vice related to law enforcement and assistance in prosecuting some criminal cases. Their are 73 STE section and their sections include Public Safety for Law Enforcement Liaison, Special Prosecutions, Criminal Appellate and Capital Litigation Federal Habeas Corpus. I did want to point out Criminal Appellate, every attorney in DHA is required to handle some criminal appeals briefs each year, whether that be one or two, or a whole slew of them because so many are handled by the Department of Justice, and if you look on the chart you'll see Criminal Appeals Briefs in 2014, they did 635 criminal appeals. About the capital cases on the chart as well, the Capital Litigation Federal Habeas Corpus section handles the capital cases and then federal non-capital cases are also handled by this section. Next up is the Medicaid Investigations Division, they investigate Medicaid fraud and abuse. There are 58 FTE in this division, and I've got the FTE split up there for you by role. Investigators are 31 of them, 11 support and 16 attorneys in this section. Their this section is primarily receipt supported they get about 75% of their funds from federal government and the resty of it is a 25% I want to point out that seven of the investigators here are sworn FBI agents. I'm one of them as the special agent in charge and the special agent in charge reports to the Medicaid Investigations Divisions and to the FBI, there's an M. O. U. with the  agent which kills  the FBI thought of ever training in the standards of its FBI agents, but everything else they are under the authority of Medicaid Investigations Division and we might discuss it in greater details tomorrow and then we talk about the FBI. Good night. The next one is Medicaid and settlement and how they are distributed, Medicaid settlement generated at $55, 700, 000 in a fiscal year 13, 14, there is one that was distributed to the federal government, the state Medicaid programme, the civil funds and forfeitures and TDAJ.

The federal state medicate tone the half map in place at the time of the transgression pay for example the federal state freedom MedicAid with 15 to 20 or 15 to 85 in the year the transgression happened and the next year was 20 the 80, there were still going to be a split of 15 to 85 pieces that year happened [xx] I want to ask one of the [xx] about Medicaid's [xx] and how much do you see going on, we're doing a good job MedicAid [xx] Thank you Representative Daughtry[sp?] the Medicaid investigations director Robert [xx] wasn't able to attend today. I can try to get some more information directly about that so we don't have an attorney that works directly on these issues, what I can tell you is they'll  do an annual wouldn't have done so For several years. Their return to the state is tremendous because the investigations are able to look into places where funds can be directly recouped. They are recouped to the Medicaid programs such as DHHS, I cannot answer for DHHS, how those funds returned to the state or stand, but we do get to get the return obviously that says get some as well. One of the aspects of Medicaid Investigation Division is that, currently the state is not in full compliance with the False Claims Act, so there's about a 10% additional that we could be getting if we had some compliance reviews statutorily, and that's something that we'll be interested in talking to members to, to make sure we're maximizing returns for the state, but I will get you a response by tomorrow. Yes sir, again Christy Agner looks for the bridge on the Department of Justice. The compliance issues at the way you go about, is more than five that rest in eight items that relate to compliance, but I don't think that is anything isn't doing correctly, it's just a matter of doing what to comply with the Federal False Claims Act, and it's a policy issue for the General Assembly to decide, the [xx] out and I would be happy to get you a copy. [xx] All of you small recipients, from or provider role. Thank you sir. The pro-view against [xx] department of Justice, the pro-view of Medicaid Investigation Division, is provider related, the purview of their investigations is not recipient related so DHHS part of integrity. This evening, Medicaid investigations division has oversight and obviously they have collaboration as well. now in the appropriate terms. So, DHHS can answer questions without recipients, but there are different significant issues with providers that Medicaid Investigation Division has uncovered, it continues to uncover. One of the challenges they lay out in their annual report is the availability of data from the new easy track system, and it's something that we have worked with every year, to try the results so that we can continue to bring good, solid cases for citizens. [xx] Thank you sir, it's my understanding that data continues to be available to the team, obvious reason confidential investigation so, am happy to talk all [xx] this far. There are all rather still green [xx] yes sir, [xx] the department actually the report [xx] is very interesting because it provides the [xx] from the past, wow! sheer bit of narrative that gives some context, so I'll be happy to do that. Mr. Chair, we'll put that report on your sub-committee website and, question regarding [xx] I'm looking at the Medicare, I'm looking at the settlements in terms of the consumer protection received over 20, 000 [xx] 34, 000 formal complaints are going to generate 3.2 million. Is that to say that we really don't have an

issue involving our consumer [xx] Mr [xx]   Yes Reverend Johnson, the consumer protection division settlement fluctuate they for example were extremely involved in SMP litigation resulted in 19 million dollars in settlement fund to this day this year they do a lot more than just answer complaints. You may have heard about the furious satellite radios, settlement those are whole litney of projects they are working on and not division. Can we get kind of a shock to see it maybe the past three years, didn't occur to me that a sense of some type of [xx] Absolutely, yes sir, we'll get that for you, we'll get that for the committee the last part in the medicated investigated [xx] is [xx] six years and what you can [xx] five years and what you see here in 2010/11 they had a budget of about three and a half million dollars and then the state funded I believe it was about 20 additional SPE and put a lot more money in there and the investigations settlement received everything started going up once they had more investigator capability there. other divisions in legal services the special litigation division have 30 FPE they handle complex litigation in which the [xx] has a [xx] of the officer, of the officer registrar general which represents the  state before the supreme court house three SPE and the environment or division and representative [xx] have 43 FTE. Legal services budget history, you can see that in fiscal year 1314 the budgets was about 48.2 the authorized in the current year is 51.2 that includes the primarily due to a story increases and then in 1560 they are going back off a little bit more and that is because there was a non-recurring reduction, that regional assembly [xx] legal services budget last year and I'll talk about that in just a minute. So 1516 base budget you can see legal services by source, again the receipts are $27.9 million and the general fund appropriation is 24.1 and legal services by account 81% of personal services purchase services 5% and supply of equipment one and others 13. Believe others were the top, claims are running free right now. Recent budget options and legal services in 2013, again there was the management flexibility reserve, that was department Y at $1.7million you also shifted three positions from [xx] there were three positions that have been reported by golden leagues in the Tobacco trust funds and you were making other changes to those funds that you put those three posiotions on general fund appropriation. Section 17.1 of the provisions that year required an annual report on attorney activity, you'll get that report on August 1st, and section 17.8 transfer the 19 positions we've already discussed that. And last year the 2014 budget, again there was the department proxibility reserve, $5000 salary increase for all employees, and then you transfer $300, 000 non-recurrent to the General Assembly for litigation and reserve. Mr. Chair that's all I have for legal services if there are no other questions. OK, leaving on the training and standards. They are the green striped piece of the pie here, about 12% of the total DOJ budget, $10.7 million with 130 FTE. There are three sections in law enforcement training and standards, the Criminal Justice Training and Standards Commission. I have a little editorial and I apologize that the person representative of current parot was unable to be here in this morning but he was on the original trying to defend us of ride a whole stand foot, bring a problem. There are three sections they come out after training and standing commission the Sherriffs' Education and Training Standards Commission, the North Carolina Justice Academy. This section provides certification and training for all criminal justice officers and the stain deputy

sheriffs, police, detention officers, cell communicators, correction officers, probation officer you don't justify fraudsters and juvenile justice court counselors. Their total base budget and this includes special funds is 12.3 million the additional special funds is books store, operations and then their title FTE is 136.5. Here's their budget right section you can see the economy budget is 66% of the total for training and standards, criminal doctors training and standards in 19%, the sheriff is 10 and then they got some IT folks in there that are five. Here's the general by function training academy again has most of them 87 FTE criminal justice training and standards have 24 and sheriff standards has 15 and that's for our t reps. training [xx] who does it cover, Sir [xx] with North Carolina department of justice, North Carolina at both campuses in [xx] [xx] we're trying juvenile court house horse, deputy sheriffs, police officers, state law enforcement park rangers wildlife SPI all those agencies lead or train or they control our academy and conduct the wrong training OK so criminal justice and Education and standards commission they were established in 1971 to did in fact had cars at that time. The commission is made up of 31 members they have four meetings per year, the commission is made up of various law enforcement and criminal justice professional who were appointed by their respective associations with the [xx] Governor and legislative appointment training plus there are six citizens appointed by the Governor, the AG, the house and the senate. In addition the AG the secretary of DPS the president of, [xx] of the university system, the dean and the dean of the school governments or their designee or ex officio members. They have staggered three year terms and they serve at the will of their appointing authority the don't get any compensation but non governmental officials do get [xx] which is I believe $15 a day. And everyone gets to travel at the same rate. The chair is elected by the commission it is currently Bill [xx] he was the representative of North Carolina Police Executive Association and he is from Waynesville Police Department. The criminal [xx] education and training centers commission is the whole USA supported by a coffee of $2 that is a forgotten payment. The powers of the commission are in 17C6A. They are picking establishment minimum standards for certification. They certify, re-certify, suspend revoke or deny certification for law enforcement. They can investigate and evaluate compliant and they establish standards for any of firearms certification for retired officers. Their SPs broken down by investigators processing assistance and admin most of the folks that they have on their staff are investigators. Sheriffs' Education and Training Standards Commission was established in 1983. It is in GS17E North Carolina is the only state with two commissions. The commission of the state have everybody under one. The commission is made up of 12 sherriffs supported by the North Carolina self association, 10 representing each of the commission districts and two at large, two general assembly appointees and county commissioner appointed by the by the governor. The president of community college system and the university system are ex officio members. They serve three year terms, for the sheriff two-year term for everyone else, they don't get any compensation again but non-government officials do get pretty of them. The chairs elected by commission in, am sorry I do not know who the current chair is, but if anyone is interested in this chair association is here so they can tell us. The powers of the Sheriff's association are found in 17E-4. They can establish minimum much like criminal justice training standards they establishment standards for the justice officers certified a re-certified suspender of vote or demystification it can investigate and evaluate compliant and they establish standards train or farm sartification sir tied office, so there are powers are pretty much exactly the same as come out of the training in figures. All may have seven investigators Come

first and five processing assistants to three administrative. They're general fund supported and big [xx] changes were made last year. So, how many people are these folks dealing with every year and had a law fortunate verification [xx] issued the top line with the square is the criminal  justice training and standards, it is the 56, 000 law enforcement officers, they, and then the sheriffs stations  have 27000. If just a percent into a little perspective new law enforcement certification issued in 13/14 were close  to 14, 000 for the common office training and standards and 3000 for the sheriffs, The commission trustees are made up copies, they have adopt $ 25 for the sheriff supplemental pension fund and then a $2 profit procedure standard services stuffing and operation and they also receive its a concealed weapon trainer certification and company police certification. So, looking at how the receipts Charity saw yesterday [xx] not quite as pretty to the Com lab. The court fees collection having going down has spend about 20% decrease 10/11 that we think generally poor cost her down in this chart does not include the sherriff pension receipts by the way. Here's a breakdown of the commissions receipts you see the line with the circle it's the company resatification the acquired is the sheriff pension which is really going down in our as a result of coffees, and I can see hand gun permits these have gone up quite a bit. leave alone to the justice academy the justice academy was established in 1973 their're authorities in GF17B there is timpy emphasis the calender campus from Anivo Campus it provide advance long enforcement training in service training in course development and education and training materials. There budget is chain here there are 87FTE and their general firm budget is $7 million of the total budget about 10 because you have to add a book tore which is an official funds. Both campuses have domes classroom from firing ranges to sailing bird firing ranges and outdoor firing range, and sailing bird also has a driving truck. The facilities are also used by outside agencies ALE train own there the FBI trains down there, and the highway patrolees is attimes and department and the division of correction and in juvenile justice used the facilities there, both store operations bring in about $1.4 million a year. The desk are coming position by function 53% of them are sector of program assistance receiving serving services 24 our facilities, the port and book store filled and then about 20 more percent are adman and include office assistant and adman training academy may take acceptation to my accounting there. They trained on the Justice Academy campus the diamonds are the justice academy on campus 15, 000 people were trained in the past end 2013/2014 and actual in anti justice academy courses 13, 000 student went through their courses. Training and standards budget history you can see there is jump and 2014/15 and now because changes that we made to the court fee collection and how the court fee were distributed and EA also appropriated from a just so money to sheriffs not talk about that in just a minute. The total base budge my account for the fight is wrong skip the fight I'll put a new one in for you tomorrow budget action from page 53 recent budget action in 2013 there was again the department where sheriffs standards the general standard T. 2 withe the special provision was included in the budge that year EA transferred a million dollars from the state live mysdeminic confinement fund To the general fund to support sheriff standard the sheriff were increasing the number of deputies they have the number of detention officers they had as a result of misdemonic environment fund program but the sheriff coffee were going down today and having a people to do the certification for the sheriff and the sheriffs were complaining

about unfair to the general fund and the appropriating it to the self funded so they're on general fund support. Section 18 being 18 out there amended the court free which with T. Copy have been slit between criminal justice training and standards and sheriff training standards, you gave the whole court for you the criminal justice training and standards. So they're wholly receipt supported by that coffee this sheriff training and standards get the general fund appropriations. And then in 2014 there wasn't any specific action for training and standards section for the budget. Mr. Chair that's all I have today. Anyone? Yes sir, thank you very much most [xx] North Carolina justice academy, yes we still do the xx instructor training program we're learning about one course a month. [xx] most are going North Carolina justice academy. If you need that exact number, I can get the exact number that are target for this year is 420 instructors that's our go but I have to look and see exactly if you need that number Marsh [xx] North Carolina just scared sorry I guess I'm not sure if we have the backgrounds checks anymore I think that must have changed by the time I became director pose right now. I think the folks that register can go in and take the course for our purpose, not about our office. The conceal courage does require background check. Those are the sheriffs, the sheriffs see that and the FBI does the background checks so we'll talk about what the training xx handles is the training of the trainers on the justice academy you mentioned all the law enforcement agencies user and how much would, how is that is it build to him or is it free? to the sheriff association or the xx they go up there how's that viewed? to make sure I fully understand our question. When we sit down and draw our schedule we generally split into half the academy gets half of the resourecs and outside agencies get the other resources so whenever outside agencies such as they want to come do classes on our campus and there's no charge for them to do clases there What if sheriff officers like a county agency can come? There is no charge for that either. No charge rating? More straight one. And as far as the food or accommodations. Accommodations are much strikling North Carolina Just Academy I leaned in a few minutes. There is no cost to stay on the dorms unless we're talking about the private taking the sources we do train for their arms and structures and there is no cost to the academy for the mail service the mail services is contracted, and outside agencies or individuals have to go in and pay their own meals there but we don't save in near that money at over. So as an example the contract price that we help negotiate is $20 and 50 cent a day and so it's actually for state employees for corrections that stays there for four weeks I actually saved the state almost half. Right just to clarify so those corrections were there for the four week training, and there was no charge to DPS. Much greater than North Carolina, just carry? Yes for the suite. That's exactly right, and we don't charge them for the food, they pay the contract tender for their food that's correct. Yes Sir.

I'm sorry for interrupting you Grand. Thank you Lords. Representative Grand. Thank you  Lords. Mr. Chair, can I have a question pertaining to the [XX] for the share standards. There are [xx] when I look at the what their powers are [xx]. Why do we have two sets of standards basically for the same thing, because one of the [xx] standards training them. I think I've heard everyone on one of his few shapes and. Yeah, only a state on [xx] [xx] why do we do that? So it's Shon isn't is? chair standers, director, representative [xx] probably would know the [xx] better, he's been in the department for 26 years, I wasn't there when the split occurred, which was back in 1983, my understanding is that the original trading staying on those council only had two chairs, sitting on that council so that you can use or carry your votes oppose anything and there was a disagreement in the basic Law Enforcement Training Course well I'm share ids dependent but a Million Dollar is a Million Dollar, that's a lot of money. For me, and they are doing the thing and I don't want you comparing it with these things, I think I'm trying to understand why we're doing this and I don't know that, I don't give it much, but we're looking at efficiency were you in our congress today? Excuse me, I'm ready to stay Mr. Chair we'll get you some more information on that Sir, maybe next week maybe that will happen before you. You might get called for We can talk to the Sheriff Association to them may have a better. Thank you I appreciate that. Any other further questions? Our pace today Mr. Hill do you recognize the gentleman behind you Mr. Mark Santa? I do not. That's a good thing, he's our Assistant Director of the Alcohol and Law Enforcement in-charge of Andrea's[sp?] is drinking. That's a good thing. Good hubby here this morning. Any other? Meeting adjourned.