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Senate | March 18, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Session

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The Senate will come to order Sergeant at Arms close the doors and members will go to their seats. Without objection our prayer will be postponed you know what I'm going to object Reverend Lowe I think you need to give us a little prayer to get the day started. Would you please? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Yes sir. Let us pray. Our dear God we thank you for this day we thank you for the weather and we thank you for the opportunity to serve this great state of ours. We ask that you continue to be with us continue to wrap your arms of protection around each and every one of us and all of those that come in and go out of this state. These things we pray and all of the people said amend. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Reverend Lowe would Senator Lowe is recognized for a motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. President the journal of Tuesday March 17th 2015 has been examined has has found to be correct. I move that the Senate dispense with the reading of the journal and that it stand approved as written. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Without objection the journal for March 17th 2015 is approved as written. Senator ??Kay is recognized for a motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. President I do move that the Senate do now recess subject to the standards and stipulations set forth in Senate rule 24.1 the receipt and referral of committee reports and messages from the house and to reconvene today at 2:00 p.m. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Stand in recess. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Introduction of bills Senate bill 296 and act to enact the cornerstone initiative act to assist healthy foods

small route retailers D. Davis and Pate rules. Senate 297 an act to create a criminal offence of prenatal narcotic drug use, B. Jackson and Pate rules. Senate 298 an act to authorize the use of photographic or video evidence for the civil enforcement of violations for passing a stopped school bus, Alexander, McInnis rules. Senate 292 an act to provide the usage contract entered into the state ports authority and a carrier is not a public record, Lee and Sanderson rules. Senate 300 an act to restore majority rule to mean municipal zoning ordinance amendments by repeal of the qualified protest petition process, Wells, Lee, and Smith rules. Senate 201 an act to exempt the department of transportation from the prohibition on contaminated property by public entities as recommended by the department of transportation, Meredith rules. Senate 302 an act establishing a maternal mortality review committee within the department of health and human services to review maternal deaths and make recommendations to decrease maternal mortality in the future, Barefoot, D. Davis, and Tarte rules. Senate 303 an act to protect the safety and well being of citizens regulatory overreach by inhibiting the environmental management commission and the department of environment and natural resources by issuing rules implementing federal standards for wood heaters or enforcing such rules by forbidding the commission and other departments from enforcing air emission standard limiting fuel sources providing heat or hot water to a residence or business, Barefoot, J. Davis, and Hise rules. Senate 304 an act to clarify that logo signs may be placed on the right of way of fully and impartially controlled access highways and to provide the transportation mobility safety division of the department of transportation should administer the logo sign program, B. Jackson rules. Senate 305 an act to provide cost recovery for acquisition of joint municipal power agency ownership interest in generating facilities to authorize municipalities that are members of joint municipal power agencies to enter into support contracts and to issue bonds to pay the cost of projects that are sold, Newton, Pate, and Bryant commerce sequential referral to finance. Senate 306 an act to clarify the scope of tax imposed on mill machinery. Tucker rules. Senate 307 an act to eliminate the establishment of tolls on vary routes and annually appropriate five million dollars from the highway fund to the ferry capital improvement account. Sanderson and Cook rules. Senate 308 an act to require a zero point zero zero alcohol concentration restriction on the restoration of all licenses revoked for an impaired driving offence. Stein rules. Senate 309 an act to amend the offence of habitual impaired driving. Stein rules. Senate 310 an act to provide that a judge shall determine the conditions of pre-trial release for a defendant charged with a domestic violence offence when the defendant is or has been in a dating relationship with the victim and to include in the list of aggravating factors that the defendant knew or should have known that a minor was witnessing the crime by sight or hearing. Daniel, Stein rules. Senate 311 an act to ensure the integrity of marriage records presented for registration. Bingham rules. Senate 312 an act to require the division of motor fleet management of the department of administration to contract for the development and implementation of pilot project to test the effectiveness and efficiency of using telematics and state owned motor vehicles. Bingham rules. Senate 313 an act to define who is eligible to receive a retired register of deeds special registration plate. Bingham rules. Senate 314 an act amending the holding an advertising period of unclaimed livestock. Woodard, Mckissick rules. Senate 315 an act authorizing local boards of education to make outdoor school property available to the public for recreational purposes. Pate, Tillman, and Van Duyn rules. Senate resolution 316 a Senate resolution reaffirming the Senates continuing support and advocacy of strong innovative and high achieving public schools during the observance of the one hundred seventy fifth anniversary of the first public school in North Carolina. Berger rules. Senate 317 an act to strengthen the monitoring of controlled substances. Hise, Clark, and Tarte rules. Senate 318 an act integrating state operated alcohol and drug abuse treatment centers ADATCS into the array of publicly funded substance abuse services managed by local management entities managed care organiza

reallocating direct state appropriations for ADACs to the division of mental health developmental disabilities and substance abuse services for management by the LME slash MCOS and strengthening performance management system for publicly funded substance abuse services Hise rules. Senate 319 an act to re-enact a law concerning health benefit plan co-payments for chiropractic services Hise rules. Senate bill 320 an act to increase permit fees for outdoor advertising to establish a reasonable time frame for making agency decisions regarding permits and appeals to clarify the standards for determining just compensation and state and local government imminent domain. Actions that cause the removal of lawfully erected advertising to clarify provisions of the outdoor advertising control act and promote uniformity of regulation and modernization of outdoor advertising. Brown, Rabon, Tarte rules. Senate 321 an act to exempt property tax the increase in value of real property held for sale by the builder to the extend the increase is attributable to subdivision or improvements by the builder. Brown, Tucker, and Gunn rules. Senate 322 an act directing the legislative research commission to study the feasibility and effectiveness of relocating a transferring oversight of the NC careers works center from the department of commerce to the community college system Tillman rules.