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Senate | March 17, 2015 | Chamber | Senate Session

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Senate will come to order, the Sergeant at Arms will close the doors, members will go to their seats, members and guests in the gallery will please silence all electronic devices. Leading the Senate in prayer is the Rev. Peter Milner, Senate Chaplain, all members and guests will please stand. Let's pray together. Lord thank you for such a gorgeous day outside, what a blessing. The day as we come before you, we really have to tackle the question of where we put our trust, where our hearts is rooted, imagine of Jeremiah, thus says the Lord, cursed is the man who trusts in man, his flesh is his strength, his heart turns away from the Lord, he's like a shrub in the desert and shall not see any good come from it. we shall dwell on patched places of wildness and on inhabited salt land, but the blessed is the man who trusts in Lord, whose trust is the Lord, he's like a tree planted by water, sending out roots by the streams, he is not in fear for its leaves remain green when the heat comes, and he's no anxious on the year of drought, for it does not seize to bare fruit. We pray these words over this body and over this state, in Jesus name we pray, Amen. Senator Pate is recognized for a motion. Mr. President the journal for Monday March 16th, 2015 has been examined, and is found to be correct. I move that the Senate dispense with the reading of the journal and that it stands approved as written. with that objection the journal for March 16 stands approved as written. Members our nurse of the day is in the back of the Chamber, nurse Rita Brown from Greensboro, North Carolina, nurse Brown thank you for your service today. Reports of standing committees. Senator Davies for what purpose you rise? Send forth a committee report. Send forth your report. Thank you Mr. President. The clerk will read. [BLANk] Sir Davis, the state local government committee, Senate bill five, favorable. Union County local act senate bill 139, favorable. [xx] parking odd news. Senate Bill 142, unfavoured but favorable as to committed substitute bill [xx] county, civic center commission calender one set of bill 139 calender set of bill 142 calender, any other committee report Senator Newton for what purpose you raise? Send forth a committee report. Send forward your report. The clerk will read. Senator Newton the Judiciary I Committee same as the passage, Senate Bill 114 the story of parents party club with South Sport. Senator Bill want 14 callender, Senator Danielle to [xx] send forth a committee report. Send forth your report [xx] Senator Daniel, would just to

committee, submit passage, there would a 123, nonfrivolous to bill but frivolous committee [xx] bill Senate Bill 124, favorable, Modernize Assumed Business Name Statutes. Senate Bill 123 calender, Senate Bill 124 has a sequential referral to appropriations-based budget. Further committee reports. Members we do not have any bills for voting on the calender today, so we'll go to notices and announcements. Senator John for what purpose you rise? Make an announcement.   You have the floor. The commerce committee will meet tomorrow at 11 0 clock in our normal meeting place. Senator Jackson, what purpose do you raise? Announcements and moment of personal privilege. State your announcement and then the moment of privilege. OK, thank you Mr. President. Members of the Hagan Rule caucus will meet tomorrow morning at 7:30 in 414, and my personal opinion or whatever or privilege, is that don't forget tomorrow is AG Day here at the North Carolina General Assembly. From what I understand we're expecting 1500 to 2000 people to be here, and between here and the capitol. So let's make them feel welcome, and let's I don't know how much we actually appreciate agriculture in this state. Thank you Mr. President. They're going to miss a good planting day, aren't they? Mr. President, point of order please Senator Apodaca state your point of order Mr. President, in everyday ag-day[sp]. Point well taken Mr. President. Moment of personal privilege. You have the floor. Thank Mr. President. Members this morning Counselor Tripp, myself, the clerk and her competent staff had the occassion to bring into the chamber a group of 4th graders from EC Brooks Elementary school here in Rally, some great kids with a lot of fun, we even had a chance to sit down and vote. I'm happy to tell all you school calendar folks that we took care of the problem today, they voted no more than 107 days in school, so I think that ought to work. They did want recess to be three hours, we passed that with no problem, but we did have an embarrassing moment, and we were scattered around the first two rows and whoever was sitting at Senator Bingham's dad said, My gosh! who sits here? And I said without even looking around and figuring it out and said, That has to be Senator Bingham's desk and it was, they said well our teacher won't allow us to keep our desks that messy, but Mr. President don't feel too cocky because they said the same thing about your desk, but it is heartwarming to spend time with the leaders of tomorrow and I think we're going to be Okay. They were a good group of kids, a good mix of kids and represented North Carolina well although it was embarrassing with the couple of senators but  will get past it. Thank you. Sounds like if they only want to work 170 days and have 3 hours recesses, they might make good senators in the future. I was thinking how Members. Senator Robinson, what purpose do you rise? To send forth a senatorial statement. Send forth your statement you have the floor. Thank you Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen, I sadly announce that Dr. Havard Allan, show too was my Pastor and Pastor of Providence for 49 years died on last Thursday, and so today I submit this statement honoring his life and his legacy whereas Reverend Dr. Haward Alan Sharp should be recognized for his life and legacy in the Greensville community. For 49 years, he served as Senior Pastor, Providence Baptist Church. The first and oldest African-American church in Greenville North Carolina, where it's now Force Baratos[sp?] vows in dynamic spiritual sermons he begun ministering at the age of 10 in Chattanooga, Tennessee after hearing the lost voice tell him to preach. By the time Dr. was 12 years old, he had preached in 23 states. And whereas Dr. Charles 79, passed up one of the city's most prominent and evolved churches,

was a presence and common voice in the midst of crisis such as the North Carolina ENT four city ends and the Nazi-Klan massacre. and what's best know as the [xx] friend and confidant for those who met him. Dr. Charles expanded the church's ministry to address communoty needs ranging from race to education and economics, believing that the community's progress benefited everyone. And whereas Dr. Charles, a graduate of the Junior Union University Union Theological Seminary and Drew University, was recognized as a leader in race, initial faith missions, serving on the NCCJ board and leading nine inter-faith troops to Israel. He'd devote a substantial time mentoring young ministers in the community, many of whom pasture across the country and serve in prominent roles in the general and national baptists and Dr. [xx] served on the Greensburg Chamber of Commerce, Redevelopment Commission, Colosseum Commission, Brand Park Commission and Children's Home Society and chaired the Board of Trustees of North Carolina ANT State University among many others. Under his guidance providence has provided opportunities for young people to become their best through SAT preparation scholarships in girls scouts. Now they are four, Dr. Havard Ellen shows police says legacies of loving service to the 149 year old Providence Baptist Church, the city of Greens were in the state of North Carolina. And witness where of the undersigned certifies that the foregoing statement was read in the senate and placed upon journal on this day of 24/2015, Senator Robinson, and I'd like to end by saying that whereas some of you do not know him, I will say that in North Carolina and in Greensborough. He is prominent in his role in terms of diversity, in terms of issues, of community, airness, education, opportunities and support for all and then working with across the city, with people like [xx] and Charlie Spear in a lot led to the progress we've seen in Green Spa. So I thank you for the opportunity today and ask for you to pray for our church as they go through a transition. All the Notices and Announcements. Mr. President. Senator Apodaca for what purpose you rise? Motion please. You have the floor. I move the words spoken by Senator Robinson be spread upon the journal. That's objected, so ordered. Mr. President. Senator Randleman, for what purpose do you rise? For announcement. You have floor. The Joint Women's Caucus will meet tomorrow at noon in room 1425. Are there further notices or announcements? A moment for personal privilege? Senator Lowe, you have the floor. Dr. Howard Chubbs was a dear friend of mine and he was also a pastor in the area that was responsible for giving me [xx] he was a mentor and a great, great man that I knew before coming to North Carolina being a graduate for Junior Union where he attended and also a graduate of Junior University. So I think that to honor him this way is certainly meaningful and I thank you for this opportunity. Are there further notices or announcements or further business to come forth the center? If not, the chair recognizes Senator Plate for a motion. Thank you Mr.  President. Now, I move to the Senate do now adjourn to the memory of Reverend Doctor Howard Allen Chubbs, subject to the standard stipulation set forth and senate rule 24.1, the receipt and referral of committed reports, receipt of conference reports, the ratification of bills, the appointment of conferees messages from the house, to reconvene on Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 at 9:15 A. M., to recess until a time to be determined. Motion is that the senate do now adjourns subject to the stipulations stated by Senator Payne to reconvene on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at 9.15 A. M., seconded by Senator Low, all in favor'll say, I. All opposed, no. The I's have it. The senate stands adjourned.