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House | February 12, 2015 | Chamber | House Session

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The House will come to order. Members please take your seats. Visitors are asked to retire from the chamber. Sergeant in arms will close the doors. Members and visitors, please silence all electronic devices. Today's prayer is gonna be offered by Representative Grier Martin. We ask all members and all of our guests visiting with us in the gallery to please stand and to please remain standing for the pledge of allegiance after the prayer. Representative Martin. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Members, in one week, we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the American landings on the island of Iwo Jima. At the end of that five week long battle, 6,000 American sailors and marines lay dead and 19,000 wounded. At the dedication of the fifth marine dedication cemetary on Iwo Jima, Navy Lieutenant Chaplain Rolan B. Gittelsohn delivered a sermon. I hope you'll permit me to quote one small portion from that sermon. Chaplain Gittelsohn said, we dedicate ourselves first to live together in peace the way they fought and are buried in war. Here lie men who loved America because their ancestors generations ago helped in her founding, and other men who loved her with equal passion because they themselves or their fathers escaped from oppression to her blessed shores. Here lie officers and privates, blacks and whites, rich and poor together. Here are Protestants, Catholics, and Jews together. Here no man prefers another because of his faith, or despises him because of his color. Here there are no quotas for how many of each group are admitted or allowed. Among these men there is no discrimination, no prejudice, no hatred. Theirs is the highest and purest democracy. Please join me in prayer. Dear God, we are your imperfect servants who have been entrusted by your people to affect democracy here on Earth. Lead us to serve others with humility, with love, and with devotion. Free us from hate, from jealousy, and from anger. Be with us and guide us as we aspire to create as high and pure a democracy as we can in a violent and chaotic world. I offer this prayer, myself, in Jesus name in a great nation where Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and all faiths worship freely. For this and our many freedoms, I give thanks to you, God. Amen. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic, for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman from Harnett, Representative Lewis is recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mister Speaker, the journal for February 11th has been examined and found to be correct. I move that it stand approved as written. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Lewis moves that the journal for February 11th be approved as written. All those in favor will say aye. Those opposed will say no. The ayes have it and the journal is approved as written. Members, the chair does want to extend courtesies of the gallery. First of all, we have, we would like to welcome on behalf of the members of Gaston County, Representatives Torbett, Bumgardner, and Hastings, Tony Sigmon with the YMCA in Gaston County. Mr. Sigmon, if you would please stand? Thanks, glad to have you here. Matter of fact, I think we have a number of representatives of the YMCA. I believe my local folks Donnie Thurman and Cam Corder from Cleveland County are also here. If you're here with the YMCA, if you would please stand so that we can welcome you today with us also. Also on behalf of all of the members, the chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to FFA students from Crest High School, which is in Cleveland County. Those students are Bobby Peterson, Maggie Thomas, and Caitlin Augron. If you all would please stand so that we may welcome you. Thanks for being here. Also would like to welcome our, our nurse for the day. Ivana Plymouth from Raleigh. Ms. Plymouth, good to have you with us today also. Introduction of bills and

Resolutions, the clerk will read. [SPEAKER CHANGES] House Bill 68, Representatives J Bell, Dixon, G Graham, and L Bell, School calendar flexibility, certain school systems. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The bill is referred to the committee on commerce and job development. If favorable, education K12. The clerk will suspend just a moment. The chair also wants to acknowledge another special guest. On behalf of Representatives Cleveland and Shepard of Onslow County, the Chair is happy to extend the courtesies of the gallery to Millionnaire Williams who is a county commissioner from Onslow County. Miss Williams will you please stand so we can welcome you as well. [APPLAUSE] [SPEAKER CHANGES] House Bill 69, Representatives Pierce, Holloway, C Graham and Dobson, sales tax exemption, agricultural fairs. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The bill is referred to the committee on finance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] House Bill 70, Representatives Bishop, and Bradford, ?? firefighters and retirement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The bill is referred to the committee on pensions and retirements. If favorable, appropriations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] House Bill 71, Representatives Hurley and McNeill, clarify county commissioners ?? [SPEAKER CHANGES] The bill is referred to the committee on local government. [SPEAKER CHANGES] House Bill 72, Representatives Hurley, R Turner, Carney and Lucas, school of government parlor projects standards. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The bill is referred to the committee on education, universities. [SPEAKER CHANGES] House Bill 73, Representative Dollar, Carey Annexation. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Local government, if favorable, finance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] House Bill 74, Representative Floyd, study of metropolitan planning organizations, rural transportation, organizations oversight. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Transportation. [SPEAKER CHANGES] House Bill 75, Representatives Baumgartner [SPEAKER CHANGES] Modify that. Transportation, if favorable, rules. [SPEAKER CHANGES] House Bill 75, Representatives Baumgartner, Blust, G Martin, NC highway beautification. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Transportation, if favorable, appropriations. [SPEAKER CHANGES] House Bill 76, Representatives Reeves, Salmon, Fischer, Harrison, Disapprove mining and energy commission oil and gas rules. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Commerce and job development. If favorable, regulatory reform. If favorable, environment. If favorable, rules calendar and operations of the House. [SPEAKER CHANGES] House Bill 77, Representative Especiale, school calendar flexibility, certain school systems. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Commerce and job development. If favorable, education K12. We ask our pages to come forward please. We certainly hope you all had a good week. As I told you on our, on the first day of session, there weren't a lot of votes. We only had a few. We're just getting ramped up. Next week, the pages that are here won't be quite as fortunate. They're going to be probably having to stand around here on the floor a lot more. But I do hope you had a great time while you were here and got to see, got to see a few things. It's a great, it's a great experience. I would ask for members to please join me in thanking the pages for their service this week. [APPLAUSE] You all may return to your posts. Notices and announcements. For what purpose does the gentleman from Onslow, Representative Cleveland, rise? Just seeing if you were paying attention. For what purpose does the gentleman from Wade, Representative Martin rise? [SPEAKER CHANGES] A moment of personal privilege. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman has the floor to speak for a moment of personal privilege. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you very much Mr. Speaker. Members in my ?? mentioned that the 70th anniversary of the landings at Iwo Jima are coming out, one week from today. I asked my ?? I learned that the father of one of our members here, landed on that day at Iwo Jima as a Marine with the fifth Marine Division. That was Representative Joe Sam Queen's father, so one week from today I'll be thinking of Representative Queen's father and the relatives and kin of all of us who served in that battle. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] members for your planning purposes, as announced previously, Monday's session will be a no vote

Session. It's gonna be at 3 PM for those who want to be here. For your planning purposes, we do expect to receive some legislation from the Senate that we'll be looking at next week through the committee, possibly to end on the floor. The economic development bill is still being worked on by those, by the work group and the finance chairs will be making an announcement probably next week on when they want to move that bill. But just for your planning purposes on that. But no votes on Monday, at least. Further notices and announcements? [SPEAKER CHANGES] If not, the gentleman from Harnett, Representative Lewis is recognized for a motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mister Speaker, I move that the House adjourn to reconvene Monday, February 16 at 3 o'clock PM. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Lewis moves, seconded by Representative Setzer that the House adjourn to reconvene February 16 at 3 o'clock PM. Those in favor will say aye. Opposed no. The ayes have it. The House stands adjourned.