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Joint | February 4, 2015 | Chamber | 20150204_joint_pressconferencesots

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[Speaker changes] : We say Black Cockers were here to this year response to , what we hear tonight , i want to say quickly that, we, I was really disappointed that the Government was not firm on medicated expansion. He dares to round, he talked about it and he talked about North Carolina plain but I could show you , the North Carolina plain is not working. The air is that I come from the districts that I represent along with my colleagues, I was sure about he talked but education is to bose?? in waps and carried is that I could take home and night he do his homework so I am trying to figure out about the North Carolina comeback. Our National economy is improving; the government report calls the threat to leave North Carolina middle class behind. Too many of our families are still struggling from pay check to pay check, what about how they have raised their children, find good jobs and make them more engaged. we need to focus on building economy that works with everyone, not just with the wealthy ,the wealthy few and the greedy , who are just contain to take more and more from working class people . that means a change of priority ," actions speaks louder than words" , and the fact that government calling republicans in charge here in the legislator, parties, the gafe tax breaks millionaires , raise the tax of middle class , working families, small , big, veterans and others. we need to focus on creating new jobs , not tourists, middle class families and that begins with education. the fact is government calling the republican led legislator, feared to ask students and teachers, we heard about the proposed night to bring 35000 dollars for beginning textbooks what about our teachers who make out their long time working and had no layers to raise their fame. so we got to be serious about education. we talked about work with government to do. we make sure to every school has the resources that it needed, all the North Carolina students who remain comparitive, we are working globally, when we talk about education we ask those we compete. Now all our urban North Carolina students were students across the world .finally we must provide a high education for students who really want to have an opportunity. Education is the backbone of our economy and North Carolina we need to remain comparative, where it employs a lot working to bring jobs to us, we got to invest , we got to invest in public education. North Carolina need leaders who will fight for new rights , who will fight for new jobs, equal education that will allow students to compete with the rest of the world. We are fighting for, I am concerned about those in poverty, nothing about poverty night too many of our citizen of Carolina still living in poverty as we celebrate here tonight. So I am really concerned about that. Few of my colleagues would talk tonight on the importance, all of us in legislator black cobs were concerned about we do want we want to be a part of North Carolina comeback . let me say, we are here to work with the government, we are not here to fight against some policies , but some policies we will have our voice, we will say something about it but we are willing it let it related . Our 35 was willing to be a part with the government where we can, we can make a difference in the state of North Carolina. This time we have representative Bob ?? who have come with here with few remark. [Speaker Changes]: I am representing Burnswick ?? , from Norh Carolina representing funcan?? county and I have come here to echo , our leader has given to us , the black cockers tonight. I was somewhat on air when I heard him say medical expansion and then he backed up. I am happy that he is considering job development and economic development and increasing our transportation needs , but i think we still need to see the plan , we need to see everybody on board, and we need to see , each time we have to invoice we get too excited about anything or too disappointed about anything we have to come together as team changes and fresh out what our government has put before us. but yet we are still identifying the fact that we do have middle class and low income citizens that are do not have clear and we could increase our job , ?? was here if would increase medi-claims. So I thank you for that. [Speaker changes]: Good Afternoon, I am Senator, Angela R. Bryant representing Nash Halifax, Wilson and Vance Counties and Warren Counties, I want to emphasize at least three areas: the first is to echo the piece about medicated expansion and the fact that man?? are concerned is probably the governor was actually use his leadership and did a lot …

Our leadership effort to get the cooperation of the General Assembly on these big initiatives he’s mentioning. Can he really deliver in getting cooperation around Medicaid expansion and closing the healthcare gap? There are ways to get both the Medicaid reform that needs to be done and the expansion in such a way that will save North Carolina taxpayers money and also enhance the economy and increase jobs even as much as some of the manufacturing jobs that we’re also seeking to bring into the community. Secondly, can he use his leadership for the North Carolina Competes program? Are we going to be able to get an economic development package that will give us a competitive advantage? For example, in eastern North Carolina where I’m from in Nash and Edgecombe County where we are working to compete for manufacturing jobs there in Halifax where we’re working to compete for Halifax jobs. Can he deliver on the Historic Preservation Tax Credit, which we know is controversial in this General Assembly in the face of huge tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy? Will they consider the need of this preservation tax credit for Main Street North Carolina in ways that we need to revitalize our communities so that they are competitive? And I’m concerned about expanding Executive Branch departments in this revenue challenged environment we’re in, where we already know that we’re starting from a deficit for the bare bone essentials we need in education, in healthcare, in the general government arena, for the cultural resources, our historic assets that we already have. I wonder if this is the time to expand the governmental agencies, although those particular areas are very important. And while we focus on our children, are we going to be able to support the Pre-K assets we now have? The Pre-K programs, children’s childcare for children that is now operating on a shoestring budget and has recently found many cuts. So, I’m concerned about basically whether he can deliver in these areas. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I’m Jean Farmer-Butterfield, House District 24, Wilson and Pitt counties. I’m concerned about the government talking about jobs and the fact that he’s created jobs, when companies like Mercedes-Benz have chosen to go to Georgia instead of North Carolina because of the quality of public schools in our state, so that factor bothers me. In fact, how is he going to bring new industries and jobs to North Carolina when they’re constantly leaving? Sleep Hollow leaving our state, which is involved with production and taking film industry jobs with it. That bothers me. So, how is he going to create more jobs when there are jobs leaving the industries. Fewer jobs being created and if they are created, will they pay less and require more hours? He’s talking about the community colleges and universities being available to provide skilled workers to our communities and that is a dire need, but how are you going to do that? In the same breath, we’re talking about cutting out budgets for community colleges and universities, especially the Historical Black Colleges and Universities, truly those fields are needed as well. So, the question my community’s asking my constituency is saying how have you not given me a raise this year? Are you going to take my taxes lower or higher than last year? Are the local schools in a better shape now than they were a year ago or two years ago? The fairy tales versus truth. The governor has a fairy tale tonight. Now, how is it going to become a truth? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Good evening. I’m Senator Gladys Robinson representing District 28 of Guilford County and we thank you for being here tonight. I too heard the governor’s address and were somewhat pleased to hear some leadership. The question is will he move forward in that leadership? He was in High Point not too long ago at a new business and he committed to them as well that he would go forth with the historic tax preservation. So, North Carolina is looking to see if that’s going to be real and if he’s going to take the leadership to do that and also to grow jobs with small businesses. We heard that tonight. Our small businesses are hurting. We heard 200,000 new jobs and the citizens in Guilford County are looking to see where those jobs.

Are as well as across North Carolina. We know most of our rural areas really are suffering, and so we need to see that come to fruition. Unemployment, and we do know that we had a huge deficit a few years ago and he said we closed that gap, yet we have not seen the people who were affected by lowering the unemployment tax get jobs. A lot of them are still lining up at unemployment offices and don't have the jobs. So jobs is very critical as education. We didn't hear very much about education tonight. We just heard a few snippets in terms of $35,000 base pay for every teacher. There are little about the teachers at, who are seniors. Nothing about teacher assistants and we know that's crucial, and tomorrow we will also see what has happened with this performance, new performance plan. We know that our kids especially in the low wealth counties need more support. We know that we need teacher assistants but we heard very little about an aggressive attack for that, and then as we move to higher education and community colleges, where training is offered, and to our university system at a bare crucial time. It's not news to us that our universities have produced products, that our research engines at our universities are what have driven the economy, and I hope it's not news to him, but he sounded like it was news to him. We know they're very crucial, but yet they have been cut. We've recently heard about the retirement of Tom Ross, who has had a lot to do with that and is in a very crucial period. So we need to see what's gonna happen with the Board of Governors and what our intent is for our universities in this state. And I would say, stay tuned. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you. Any questions? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative ??, you said we want to work with the governor. We're not here to play him. Have you, you talked about education and sort of in that same breath, for ?? brothers, are there periods you have underlined where you wanna go to him and. [SPEAKER CHANGES] We start talking about veterans and lot of fancy talk about tonight. I'm gonna go with a lot of issues that he talked about, but we wanna be sure that the issues that are very important to the community that we serve would be talked about, and he really works hard for those as some of our members talked about tonight. There are some errors. We're saying that the governor's had a great speech tonight, but we wanna make sure there's some other things that he really emphasizes importance to the communities that we serve, that he will be able to follow though. And he have our support? I don't think there's any member here tonight that would not support the governor on issues that affect our communities, and all of North Carolina. Let me get that right. All of North Carolina, we want North Carolina that's solid for everybody tonight. We're not here just advocating for any one group. If, when North Carolina, the whole North, North Carolina does well, it does well for everybody and we're here tonight to make that statement. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Do you think he's gonna hold true with what he promised about Medicaid and they said not stopping at the one yard line? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Everybody. Okay. Okay. It's just an amazing statement, because I wrote the notes, the notes down just to see where he was going with the statement and it sound real good football jargon, but we wanna make sure that our Pete, our Pete will not pass, but run the ball on the end, because I think he has an opportunity to do that. Now the party, both the chambers have already said no, but now we've got to work with, other people work with us and others to, to convince them it's the right thing to do for North Carolina. Too many people, one thing you made a point about, emergency rooms. In my district, people use the emergency room as their primary provider. You talked about getting people into emergency rooms, but if they have no insurance, it's difficult to get them there, and I think Medicaid expansion, we all know we've been talking about it, is something that we need in North Carolina. Jobs, jobs, jobs. And our health in North Carolina if we get Medicaid expansion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I think that it's interesting that the government went to Washington recently and met with President Obama along with other members of the National Association ?? for governors. At that particular meeting with the president, he talked about getting a waiver as it relates to Medicaid, which would basically say that jobs would be an eligibility requirement or training opportunities. So if indeed that's gonna be an eligibility requirement, these people don't have jobs. Where are the jobs for them? And we're talking about the skills and whether or not they have the skills, so I think it's important that that issue come to the table and see how that plays out over here, because I think that's thinking is gonna be the compromise on Medicaid expansion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Yes, sir? [SPEAKER CHANGES] On the subject of creating these two

New departments, I know Senator Bryant you had mentioned concern about ultimately what that might mean in terms of dollars. What was the reaction among your caucus? Did you expect to hear that from the Governor, and what's the general reaction about it? [SPEAKER CHANGES] We haven't formally discussed it, but I think I had read about the IT proposal maybe in some other speeches or remarks he made, now this was the first time I heard about the military and veteran affairs department, and I wasn't clear if he meant that would be a cabinet level agency as well, he was specific about that on the IT piece. So we have to wait and find that out. But as he listed all of those proposals, the buildings, the transportation bond, I'm concerned about the revenue challenges we face and how all that fits, and it connects with the Medicaid piece because ultimately he'll have to deliver as an executive branch agency to efficiently run these programs. Medicaid, as designed, is the most efficient healthcare program in the United States, as it's presently designed. There's not a cheaper program you can run, but it has to be run correctly and efficiently and he has to deliver in that regard. The executive branch has had some challenges in deliverance. So he's going to have to deliver on the current program, and also get the consensus of enough votes from his colleagues in the legislature to deliver on the rest. So I'm concerned about the cost of these new departments in view of these other challenges that we face. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you gentlemen for coming in this late hour tonight to be with us, thank you.