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Senate | May 8, 2013 | Committee Room | Education

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That stuff memoirs and would go too I got the man on the go to work on Marc Platt you go to work in the morning man alleged to have better trying the more the garden dollars your own, one of the cell oxygen rate thank you all from a year guests members and today of latest are a Travis watch some ground summit sender Robinson desolate console and from my of a way that's kept playing our game nine son to Redmond, what the values his temple and then the sender I then Oliveira a car's they go on goals by a server five and now they almost all of them suffered center right then we got right, but by the sender MMI the(SPEAKER CHNAGES) I’m and then we got one joker from -7% from 5 to 9 today you'll always keeps all guarded a great job as a lesson that goes to property under the pressure they will send that captured thank you, I just saw their arms are laid out for this hardest to limit today as when I hear of libya's said bill for 441 verse will you said bill 792 5 seconds and then the whole of five last 19 mike year before, make it less and less a respect for human player, whether Bledsoe question discussion where can I get better get them to the delight of the fabled villager to accommodate said about that but that is chairman of the senate bill 4445 F lee Franken audio from students from Cherokee that if you middle school that were a part of emotion process in motion a process of learning their native language and while this will the nation will put value two beyond that value to the language itself that when the student from scratch way from high school that by going two won the UC System schools they could get from make the code for language requirement is a fabulous original language application would lease we can do a university system currently the Klamath five classes are?? (SPEAKER CHANGES) Cherokee of the UNC chapel hill and Western Carolina and beyond the senate's campaign language credit in this area to same way the city goes 4:50 for placement as for Latin or Spanish are some other five class but MB of other schools in the UC System such as UNC eight, would kick the language is not offered this do it goes too sacred they could for keys in this in turn off the key with a system to someone on campus foreign language but from Federal officer level motions over a report that weigh the value North Carolina school poses we'll take you to send comments and makes a motion for flat or four follow their lead-in those 55; chairman of the publicity about five bell motion offense as to whether that no PCs is no force there so check that the agency chairman, but this bill has come about two and one conversations I had over the last two months of talk to students in organizations and campuses around C.s and that was the impetus for this meant on how to talk to them a call to everything from the university's two wall we have 24 governors try to find out a wizard problem with the issue here are some discrepancy between a university system saying that if you like your calls us to organizations acceptable go talk to students organizations and felt that their freedoms of belief and mission home for not being treated fairly treated so by the dispel the other as part of a continuing discussion and money to struggle them what to build a system that has been two things the first and the first and second part are identical ones for university system Washington colleges would encompass is our students are at the college and a ??...........

I might scold others and thus However what i says is student who can make the sessions according to that ?? machine and that can controls internal affairs of the organisation according to that od system. I think its a very common sense something that seems like ?? to the one stoody groups having with that that is favoubly with the truth i conclude that and so that is the impression it goes trying to clarify that i to see is the that i see discrepancy in understand between the looks and then continue to have the compensations with the students and with the the leadership in the universities to work towards the resolution this narrow and everyone wants the students to be protected to organise according to the beliefs as i support. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Questions of help nell and questions from senate 2 iam taking and taken [SPEAKER CHANGES] So the bill passed us to which iam showing the line which he says at these organisations are just say the law stay within the united states [SPEAKER CHANGES] Absolutely exempted aloud . iam sorry. Mr. Gem goahead. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Iam today extends aloud by saying in federal law and then goes century thats the beginning of that had been in both sections. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Questions centre are in dias [SPEAKER CHANGES] Its trying to understand understanding?? on this bill and cycle. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Iam don’t sorry any example who set in you in comet in discussions and to provide an outstation adam of the speech and with this bill how with that the speak be resolved for this house be calmly resolved. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr.jane [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr.jack [SPEAKER CHANGES] I was speaking with the vice chancellor of ?? university and i asked you the student he was and i getting example of here i was ?? recognised to organisations ?? we believe in it had bunchof things but the one I want to point important is entire trust within us and body of the i hope. And i would ask this vicechancellor of student affair is the student organisation has a leader that doesn’t subscribe that statement what doesn’t believe in that in general or specific issue can the leader the organisation has coming up the step down single rounder subscribe to the belief of the organisation and i said no. And that ?? I was thinking seems like the student organisation to be makes that hte student bounces with the law. [SPEAKER CHANGES] According to the dictates around jake ceases ?? who is the constitution and there was like that i was thinking [SPEAKER CHANGES] That what one compensation but also passing discrepancy of the student organisation please they can do where the pass is been informative some who this pass is clarify that. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Dr.robinson [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thankyou mr.sear. shall i share with us the author the question i have is that the concerning come from the student organisations when talking to because iam ?? iam talking off to peace of student pays can do. thay can made the students have the rights too. excercise your is ?? concern to see organisations??. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The excellent ?? [SPEAKER CHANGES] To understand i request mr.thomas[SPEAKER CHANGES] What is current law of what exactly this in a citizen what is having to the law? [SPEAKER CHANGES] So we have client spait on this issue. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Forward. Thankyou Let is it be US general of administrative power see interms of hour to the students groups[SPEAKER CHANGES] As i came us by the campus at this point. [SPEAKER CHANGES] What fun of mr. Are the any hour that came us is in the organisation themselves essentially. [SPEAKER CHANGES] We don’t know the cause of sixteen and you may see their ?? and as i question [SPEAKER CHANGES] ?? i don’t say ?? we have some one who drew .

Audio Starts 1st Speaker: University ???? administration can you repeat the question please. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The question is how is this statue differ from current practices for UNCE system universities. [SPEAKER CHANGES] ??? groups to lead their on affairs that really the ??? upon us [SPEAKER CHANGES] Dr, Brain [SPEAKER CHANGES] I have 2 questions is this consistent with and this maybe to Mr. Merit or the sponsor is this consistent with current anti- discrimination policies that the campuses have already. Is there some inconsistency which maybe ??? be good to what is it. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Anyone want to tackle that staff for Drew. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I can follow up my assumption is this would come up where as campus would say you can's discriminate against x groups whether its gays, lesbians, or some immigrants, far students i don't know what it might be and there might be some group whose mission would be not have those people in their group is that where conflict comes up and if so how do we currently address that and if not than somebody can correct me on that. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Staff you want to tackle that [SPEAKER CHANGES] Again its a campus by campus policy, so we have to go trough each campuses policy on how they adress student groups and the membership and leadership of those groups. [SPEAKER CHANGES] One more follow up Mr. Chair. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Follow Up. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Staff is there any case law federal or case law on this kind of issue where people have brought lawsuits about who can be in the group and what is the status of that. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Staff you happen to know that? [SPEAKER CHANGES] There was a Supreme Court case couple years ago in 2010 that involved the University of California Hastings Law School, they had what its called an all comers policy which said that groups in order to get official recognition could not discriminate or require any member of their group to sign a belief statement. They were challenged by group on campus who wanted to have members of their group sign a belief statement and the Supreme Court said that it was permissible for the university to have an all comers policy but that was whether or not they could have one, it doesn't address this specific issue whether the university could say in fact it's okay we we grant official recognition if you choose to it the other way . So this didn't precisely address this issue but it's the only Supreme Court case we know that's close to this issue. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you. i am going to move to another member Senator Bryant, but we may come back to you. Senator Rabin [SPEAKER CHANGES] I just would like to put a comment on the bill in favor of it. I can's think of a better way to develop our young people in schools than they have this demonstrated ability for self determination in front of them so they can go ahead and learn the processes that we are supposed to participating in this body. [SPEAKER CHANGES] i will take one more question. ???? Senator Davis. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thanks Mr. Chair. I am trying to understand it in terms of how various campuses have handled this and MAYBE ITS ME BUT IT SEEMS LITTLE VAGUE AND MAYBE COULD STAFF JUST SHARE some ranges or examples of how different campuses have handled this considering that this determined campus. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Chairman i might comment on that quickly. [SPEAKER CHANGES] SENATOR Soucek it's your bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] One of the purposes of this is to create some guidance and little uniformity because it can be done in lots of different places, there are some campuses that have no issues and others that have had some and i thought this was very reasonable of what ??? appears to be and i wanted to clarify that so there is less confusion as to the rights of the students do gather. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Follow up [SPEAKER CHANGES] Follow up [SPEAKER CHANGES] To begin, i am trying to understand, some campuses take it may have no policy how have those who may have had issues arise how have they dealt with. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Let me make a comment there. one of the problems that brings this bill to the forefront is that they all have very interpretations of what they want the policy to say but what we are trying t do is make some..... End of Audio

clarity about students who wish to organize in a civil manner and do things according to the outline of their charter and so forth they would be able to do that unless their stepping over bounds and were trying to give some clarity to that issue which has no clarity right now. There's no state law at all and if you want some specifics I'll ask staff to see if they can put some more light on that. That's why were doing the bill Senator. I see somebody in the back. Tammy your hands been up. I thought you needed to go to the bathroom do you want to speak? I think she may have an answer. Name and your organization please [SPEAKER CHANGES]. Tammy Fitzgerald with the North Carolina Values Coalition. We support this bill. The purpose of the bill is to guarantee that students dont lose their first amendment rights to association to free speech and to freedom of religion just because they step on to a university or community college campus. Universities and Community Colleges are routinely promoting bigotry against Christian groups duly recognized on their campuses by threatening to kick them off campus unless they abandon their core beliefs this has happened. The first known violation of this happened at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in 2003 when UNC Chapel Hill threatened to ban inter varsity fellowship from using campus facilities and strip them of university funding because they chose to follow the basis of their religious beliefs. This threat would have effectively banned the group from using campus facilities and kick them off campus. Inter Varsity opened its membership to all faiths and individuals but they reserved the right to select leadership on the basis of an agreement with their religious mission and this bill would accommodate that situation. There have been numerous other examples but that's what started this. [SPEAKER CHANGES]. Thank You Tammy very much. I'll take Senator Newton then Senator Allran then were going to do what the motion says were going to take a motion [SPEAKER CHANGES]. Thank You Mr Chairman. Thank you senator Soucek for bringing this bill forward I think it's going to be a really good addition to our state law to clarify the situation on our campuses as is already been eluded to the first amendment clearly gives us the right for assembly and it may be an extreme example but I do believe that if you have a socialist political student organization on campus they ought to have the right to restrict their membership to keep out the right wing tea party folks and I think it cuts both ways and I think this is an excellent bill it applies to politics, it applies to general leadership it applies to religion we can envision numerous circumstances where an overly politically correct campus policy would infringe upon the first amendment rights of students and I applaud your effort and I've made a motion for favorable report and I thank you and I look forward to this being passed into law [SPEAKER CHANGES]. Thank you I got a motion from Senator Jenkins, Senator Newton and Senator Allran for a favorable vote did you have a comment Senator? [SPEAKER CHANGES]. I do I have a question. Senator Soucek from the stand point of why you put the bill in I definetely understand the need for it and support the bill my question though is on line 12 when it talks about new constituent institution that grants recognition. Doesn't that mean though that they woudln't have to grant recognition and then my other question is what is granting recognition? [SPEAKER CHANGES]. Mr Chairman. Mr Chairman may I respond? [SPEAKER CHANGES]. Senator Soucek [SPEAKER CHANGES]. It's university policy on how who they grant organizations recognition to. What recognition is it allows them to be on campus to receive student funds for all the student organizations can get funds from that they can use priority for facilities on campus they can use the campus logo when promoting them. That's what campus recognition is and were really looking at that. Were not disputing their decision making in that. It's once its granted for the organization to actually be able to exercise their beliefs. [SPEAKER CHANGES]. so in other words [SPEAKER CHANGES]. follow up [SPEAKER CHANGES]. even if you didn't get that type of recognition you could still have the group you just wouldn't get priority and place to be and funding and all that [SPEAKER CHANGES]. correct [SPEAKER CHANGES]. thank you very much Senators thank you very much guests and we will now have a motion for vote

Were four that close their land. Those built a system for two years the scandal, if not valid and I believe that this Saturday Ellis Senator Bingaman that he'll do well by one, up from 1737 respect refuted prior A.L. Four jurors which are one more frequent Blackwell and PCs virtual motion for adoption of PCs sending a letter from a room and locate PCs is the fourth and that a Christian ethic that led the offense or defense budget for the amendment was just goes right into affect your eyes open and the Sacramento for the second of amendment 5:00 AM (SPEAKER CHANGES) and palm desert mall Mitchell would have to have to start the second day of competition chairman and members of the men met some feel turn to page three of a bill PCs of any span of subsections saved from 15 context of this is a school employee supervising agent reflect cities including pages may be present lawsuit are descendants exercise their voluntary right leg of her body and U.S. wanted to see if present the current language is seldom strayed from perspective the minor change for making his shell not be disrespectful of the student exercises such rights than made up for a special prayer ?? (SPEAKER CHANGES) posture so it's really turn to serve reversing this language and¢ shelter Mr. Carter spec shall not be disrespectful home so that is the first part in a second tournament is only good as the next section below which is 11564733 officially sanctioned school prayer prohibited unless currently, but saying this spring for president, don't believe the city of mist and the statue this event is just being a woman from the CIA estimates that six of them and legislature legally approved PCs would be that already sell other members now before you started, the numbers should care that , under some pressure the word did this prior to joining firm all - is call this bill does is rare to do a current law soul to the monopoly view card bills that are awaiting that section center of the birds of a lists to eliminate confusion across the state in regard to students religious rights and can also affect before this rifle and we'll find out something as part of something that missing original draft of hoping to be included in this western follow the law is in the confusion that needs to be clear five of the state business travel coalition is this announcement of the free exercise thereof this with him and says the U.S. constitution question for you, today a combo plays demented requesting an honest and¢ quite honest disagreements from .(SPEAKER CHANGES) The motion and question the gains that have until a motion for flat well lead from another that two people the blame on News day columnist bill, 20, medicine and honestly a marked man march for a French but you have to imagine a show about a budget that we have a whole have a question only a couple of them that this check to the question is from the economic development in itself object to the motion for the gold in them, the option of Iraq, the nose but the senate bill would document, and PCs can now play two on Sunday was that can affect the march vista search for the new company would be as an amendment of their margin that the shared third Friday of ??...........

Speaker: Thank you Mr chairman ladies and gentlemen wanna just say couple of things wants up this is not advocating prior in schools and students must initiate and lead this prior and so the bill came before me because medical schools bards education and somewhere else to claim to met some policy about prior and that what this bll is about and that what i became so intered in the ?? and senator Daniels ??? is unusual true and clever he is and be issue d i couldn't answer him and i certainly appreciate senator strengthen and his point of view ?? this is just basically an opportunity for a group of students who wished prior get that opportunity and with that being said Mr chairman be hapy to try to answer any question and ?? continue o debate senator ??, Speaker Changes: i think we have gone further amendment senator ??, Speaker Changes: thank you sir i think this is a really heated legislation very good piece of legislation i certainly supported online fourteen on page 1 it says slightly to mediate i think we gotta probably meditate publicly say meditate not mediate i think, Speaker Changes: i thin medicate is not ?? Speaker Changes: it says mediate so you might want to change Speaker Changes: ?? if we could ask staff i think there was a type of i think there are indicating ?? Speaker Changes: without correction it will be made if it is approved on without objection will do that thank you ,thank you member ?? Speaker Changes: A question for staff just to correct my understanding that in many ways this legislation is ? of current new that ?? creating new right does it elsewhere Speaker Changes: the vast majority of the law is restating current law the only think that would not be current law or without effect current case law would e with regard to student I'm sorry school employees adopting respects for postures that's something ?? current case law right now the majority of rest of it would be fairly reflective either have guidance ?? has put out or other supreme court case law Speaker Changes: follow up question to the bill sponsor so I'm looking at 82 such an 82 on page 1 line 16 318 we have an assembly were student are running for ?? office and everybody gives a two minute speech I'm i right that you were intend because this the word say that somebody else is allowed t go up there and pray for ?? two minutes because somebody else is spoken for two minutes on the non legislative topic Speaker Changes: which line ?? Speaker Changes: it's line 82 line 16 on page 81 says you are gonna express legislative view points to the same extent under same circumstances as the student is permitted to extend for view points on non legislative topics so two minute speech ?? so two minute speech all my thing thta could be a ?? and then their staff would have opinion on that, Speaker Changes: that would be correct and that would be consistent i thin ?? as long as that is a neutral criteria that the students and the school have not over like this before that students can speak whatever in these legislative forms, Speaker Changes:follow up question, Speaker Changes:follow up, Speaker Changes: student sections ?? to speak somebody on non religious matters ?? on talking in matters so they are talking in class just matters about how it saw a quadratic formula somebody else can stand up and give two minute prior of that answer up to two minutes because they are audibly pay to the same extend under same circumstances students permitted to

C5 nonreligious matters for the distance and from school which would be talk about homework, right foot and Daniel Newton says some affection question I think if you look for defending the bill, the Sooners of subsection. But with just a question that you have a concern that you have the students prevented from engaging in these actions have been friends, write to the school to maintain order and discipline from a string of disruption of the educational process are undermining educational curriculum assignments to think that was so if we inserted to try to protect from the situation, and tried to show the land price 9 to 5 AM ?? (SPEAKER CHANGES) senators signed with his talking about a week ago that the issue but it's not what I'll accept that this is a restatement, Walter call someone in authority on its assistance with stasis and sponsors say all except that when think that that we opted instead to teachers and schools don't really understand the role that's the problem is so that the billions accounts in the second and talk about god everything else that religious of so that we're doing areas would you say what the law is so that the teachers and the taxable since over the next level, Wallace and not violate 55 551 more set by mike, slowing the follicles subsection VIUS Senator Daniel refers to a steady just to see if this were in a accurately and assisted living to be a drafters are understaffed and classes assume that may be prohibited from AG in the things they were just discussing when you can express charities believes that Phyllis would infringe on the rights of the school's two I get too entrenched on the rights of the schools to prevent the sale of a doubly where they can use a blackout at what some ISPs and what it means that the study on the same value one, so it's tough to Karen morrow that that I think S.F. actions at the CSF dispatcher tobacco and calculus lecturer and then CD, applying for any calculus responses CHS to CNN's brain classics and a L a D considered an entrenched MIT determine the education curriculum assignments and prevent destruction of the educational process L De CV CARB appropriate time for them to be that good thing about happiness response instead, send them into the NFL notice that she was named Michelle gift to the learning process are there crying or standing then 9:00 PM (SPEAKER CHANGES) and signal airline had been removed from the classroom and they may even be suspended from school so you cannot ever get away from that folks whether Dylan was not disrupt the lighting process all, he's got to be done so only if the momentum and scary, said about Islam will follow the way to make shoelaces about a four R good staff and faculty in the schools actions two from prevent disruption than determined that, to attack until Scandinavia's examples supported and come back a solid C S's Weil flat to slightly sure we are going to be a history that money at teachers and principals and risk you would think that this would step us left there that ms represented by an Italian specific image and he suspended emerging speech cases that regards to schools sound and probably are the phrase in such a caring for the schoolhouse door by the schools to have the ability to maintain order and discipline and cannot fully exercised their exit from the school Saint Anthony A chair and purpose of public schools that thank you think you I think we will move now to the public sector and 92, speakers and sign that the Mayor Marc fisher's first and 9:00 PM and 577-9297 no sudden on lecture no matter, to remind down the floor 90 THS chairman, Rev. mark reach executive director of the Christian action league North Carolina Goldberg of the myriad of problems facing our schools today matters ranging from comes to drugs but the real problem six students face had little to do with what's in the students had little to do with what's in the students are and nothing is as effective in dealing with matters about five more than the practice of things more specifically the practice of prayer ??.....

[Speaker changes.] ...student-initiated prayer can completely reverse a negative turn of events in a public school. Moreover, it can inspire students who are struggling to new heights and better performance. It can provide comfort and hope in a time of grief when students have lost a fellow classmate or a beloved member of the faculty to death. Unfortunately, however, some educators, many times out of ignorance, sometimes out of base motives and certain outside groups intimidate students into silence or inaction on matters of faith and practice. They've either directly told them or given them the impression that schools are supposed to be completely religion-free or God-free zones but nothing could be further from the truth. The first amendment to the Constitution, as you know, protects a student's religious freedom. Students don't shed their constitutional rights when entering the school house gate, and tho' teachers in a way are an extension of the state, they don't lose their constitutional freedom of religion rights simply because they are employees of the state. The legislation before you today meets constitutional muster and it's within the parameter of US Supreme Court rulings regarding students' religious expression. Furthermore, there's nothing in the proposed initiative that should be presumed as a teacher or faculty member endorsing a religious belief or proselytizing, only demonstrating respect and free to acknowledge that respect by posture when it's student led and initiated. It is most unfortunate that hostility to religious expression in the public square has reached an all-time high in this country. And this legislation, providing clarification, can help eliminate some of that aggression while also emboldening both students and teachers not to be unnecessarily alarmed or bullied into suppressing their expressions of faith [Speaker changes.] Thank you...thank you, Mark. [Speaker changes.] Support the legislation. [Speaker changes.] And I believe Tammy Fitzgerald, you have two minutes. Tammy, time keeper will let you know when you're time is up. [Speaker changes.] Thank you, Mister Chairman. I'll be very brief. I'm Tammy Fitzgerald with the North Carolina Values Coalition. Thank you for enduring me twice in one committee. But we do support the bill with the changes made by the PCS and the amendment and I know that this is a problem that is occurring in our public schools. Senator Allran is right. Teachers, principals, and administrators are confused about what the rules are and this will just clarify the situation and allow them to exercise their first amendment rights so we do urge you to support the bill and I thank you, Senator Bingham, for bringing it forward. Thank you very much. [Speaker changes.] Thank you, Tammy. We'll come back to the members. Senator Davis? [Speaker changes.] Thanks, Mister Chair. I do not believe this is an endorsement but I do believe it's a much needed clarification and therefore, I move for ???? [Speaker changes.] We already have a motion from Senator Cook. We'll have another one from you, Senator Davis and I would ask the Senator Stein. [Speaker changes.] Thank you, Mister Chair. I was wondering if a representative from the school board association could speak to the bill to see how that would effect their.... [Speaker changes.] Leeann's??????? back there... [Speaker changes.] Mister Chairman, if I might, for a minute...go ahead ????? [Speaker changes.] I have worked with Leeann and have agreed with some of her comments and not agreed with others but... [Speaker changes.] Let's let her make her comments, Senator...and then you can rebut whatever you'd like. [Speaker changes.] Leeann Winter?????? [Speaker changes.] Good morning, I'm Leeann Winter????? with the North Carolina School Boards Association. We have worked with Senator Daniel on the bill. We are fairly comfortable with most of the bill. There is one section we are still taking a look at. And then, there is another section dealing with the grievance section that I think Senator Daniel and I are still talking about. Boards already have a process for grievance procedures and we like to keep everything kind of consistent and we have shared with him what that procedure looks like for most of our school districts and I believe he is currently reviewing that. So we hope that in...as this bill moves along that we can get that section of the bill a little bit closer to what we are already doing but we are continuing to look at some of...one other piece of the bill. So...thank you. [Speaker changes.] Just a quick follow up. [Speaker changes.] Thank you. Follow up. [Speaker changes.] What is the other piece...other than the grievance piece? Do you know or are you just forgetting? [Speaker changes.] The other piece of the bill that we are continuing to look at is at the bottom of page two and top of page three, that subsection B, where it talks about school personnel not being prohibited. We just wanna go back and look at.... [Speaker changes.]

The case law again to make sure that that language is as, as clean and as by the line for school personnel as we can possibly get. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you and we have to vacate this room for another meeting at eleven o'clock. Senator Daniel, do you want to make a closing comment or Senator Bingham? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Just, just one quick closing comment, just really for the benefit of the committee is that we did take a hard look at this and studied it. With the help of staff, we looked at statutes from five different states, Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina, Utah, and Texas. And so I think a lot of work has gone into this and I appreciate staff's help in drafting it. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you for all who participated. I have a motion for a favorable report. As to the PCS as amended, unfavorable to the original, all in favor say aye. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Aye. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Any opposed? Bill passes. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Chairman and members of the committee. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I believe, Senator Soucek, I believe that concludes our business for today. Thank you.