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Joint | May 20, 2013 | Committee Room | Voucher Press Conference

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this success been isolated to just one county, we can palate a similar program that may have statewide impact on our state's most neediest children. This is hwy we stand before you today in great appreciation of these courageous elected officials, on behalf of our neediest children. I stand here, along with thousands of others that cannot be here, and salute and thank our representatives who are standing on behalf of low income or working class families in our state. And I want to be very clear, and not just in general, our primary House sponsors of opportunity scholarships back, but specifically, we want to thank the lead sponsor, Rep. Rob Bryan from Mecklinburg county. We want to thank Rep. Marcus Brandon from Guilford county. We want to thank Rep. Brian Brown from Pitt county, and we want to thank Rep. Hanes from Forsyth county. And not only have leaders stood up from North Carolina House standing here today, but we're also thankful to have Senators Malcolm Graham from Mecklinburg county, as well as Sen. Ben Clark from Cumberland joining us and we thank them for their support of this imitative as well. You will be hearing from these leaders soon, but without further ado, I would like to introduce a champion in his own right, just his second term here, but he is coming, guns a blazin' and we are happy now to turn it over to Rep. Marcus. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I want to thank everybody for coming. I am Rep. Marcus Brandon from Guilford county. I want to thank Daryl Alison, and his incredible staff at Parents for Educational Freedom for the help leading this the way through forward on this bill. People want to know how I got here on this particular issue, and I want to let them know that it was my constituents who led me here. And when I first ran for office and I knocked on doors and tried to find out why my community was the way it was, and why I had 41% of African-American males who weren't graduating from schools, and why I had 60% of kids who were not reading on grade level. And then I turned around and looked at the community and why I had the highest HIV/AIDS rate, and why I had the highest infant mortality rate, and why I had the more people who didn't have ??, and you can see how this all intertwines into one complete cycle. And what I realized is that we needed space, and we needed an opportunity to deal with all of these issues. And one of the things that kept coming up to me was all the parents coming up to me and asking what are we going to do about this school that's been in our neighborhood for 25 years and it's been failing for 25 years. And I worked very hard to make sure that school comes from a failing school to a performing school. But the core issue of this is that how do we look a parent in the face, and say "Ma'am, I understand that you child has been suspended twice. I understand that they might have 3 "f"s on their report card. I understand all of that. But because therefore you live in that zip code, you must attend that school. And if any- and how do I have that conversation? But I would like to let my friends on my side of the aisle and others, that to let everybody know that that is not even close to being a progressive conversation. It has nothing to do with our progressive ideas, and has nothing to do with the ideas of the Democratic party. We don't stand for things like that. If you do things over and over and over again to the detriment of poor and minority communities, that is not close to being progressive. And it's time for us to understand that conversation, it's time for us to understand what that really looks like, and it's time for us to start representing our constituencies, and not necessarily entities and 50 year old rhetoric and mindsets. And that's why I stand in this fight, I fight very hard for the constituents that I have to represent. I'm not really interested in what other people's agendas are or anything like that. I know what mine is, and it is for me to make sure that I have every single child in my community has the same access and opportunity as anybody else does. And that's why I'm here, and I appreciate the opportunity to you, and I hope that we can all support the opportunity scholarship bill. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Good afternoon. My name is Michael Pratt, principal of Victory Christian Center School in Charlotte, North Carlolina. When people hear the words "private school", many assume that these schools serve the upper class and the well-to-do. But for nearly 25 years, Victory Christian Center School has been a change agent for working class as well as some poor families in Charlotte. Currently we're making a difference in the lives of over 330 students. Unfortunately in Mecklinburg county, when it comes to children from low income and working class families, we know that only 53% of low income

Children passed [?] state test last year compared to 87% of wealthier students. Also only 70% of low income working class students graduate on time compared to 76% of all students. But over the past two years I’m excited to say that 99.9% of BCCS students have graduated. And 90-95% of our graduates have enrolled in college. That’s more than 450 students. Our students are attending some of the best colleges in the nation. Chapel Hill, Duke, Brown University, Vanderbilt University as well as others. And while these are great statistics, it is important to understand that BCC was not established to hit the [?] problem. We knew, we’re concerned with trying to provide a quality solution for parents in the Charlotte area. That and we’re proud that just about every one of our students have graduated and are going onto college. Now we’re very familiar with the concept of the opportunity scholarship because many of our students have gone through the children’s scholarship fund as Darryl mentioned earlier. We are excited that we can come to partner with the parents, work hard with them and put them in an environment that we trust will insure that they have an opportunity to enroll and to succeed. We made this scholarship program. It’s worked well in Charlotte. And I’m here today to say opportunity scholarships can work in our state. I would like to thank the primary house bosses of the opportunity scholarship. And I would especially like to thank Senator Michael Brown for his leadership and supporting access to quality education for every child. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Good afternoon. It has often been said that it is not you’re environment, it is you. The quality of your mind, the integrity of your soul and the determination of your wills that will decide our future and shape our lives regarding education. It is known that the majority of students in North Carolina will attend public schools. And I support public schools. I support our principals. I support our teachers. I support our assistant principals and the case workers and the nurses. And making sure that North Carolina has the best public schools in America. But I also know that, and I was telling Bishop Davis from Charlotte who is here today, that from my home in Charlotte there is two ways to get to Winston, Salem. I can go 77 North. I can go 85. But any route that I take, I will get to my destination which is Winston. My point is this, my destination is to making sure that every child in North Carolina receives a quality education by any means necessary. By any path necessary. Good public schools. Good charter schools and giving them the opportunity to succeed. Your education should not be based on your zip code. It should not be based on who your mother is or your father is. It should not be based on your income level. It should be based on the ability for that child to learn and achieve. What I’m here today standing for is access to quality education, quality schools, and giving the children of North Carolina an opportunity. Poor children in North Carolina. You just heard from Victory Christian, New Birth Charlotte, Friendship Baptist Church, The Park Missionaries. All schools in Charlotte educating poor black children. I want to give them a hand. I want to give them an opportunity to help someone reach their destination. I want to get a kid to Duke. I want to get a kid to Johnson C. Smith University. I want to get a kid to Harvard or Howard. I don’t care how they get there. They can go to Mallard Creek High school, a public school like my kids did. They can go to Victory Christian. They can go to Chip Academy. But I want to make sure that parents have the opportunity to make good quality decisions for their children. For their kids. How we deliver public education in America has to change. Has to change. And I want to be a part of that change. I want to welcome this bill to the Senate. I want to

I want to create an opportunity where a child and a parent can sit down and make a decision as a family about what's in the best interest of that child. That's why we're standing here, that's why I am a leader. And I clearly know that doing what is popular is not right, and sometimes doing what is right is not popular. But I'm here to be a leader. And I want to lead on things that are important for our community. That's why I stand with these guys today. To work together across the aisle to create an environment where kids can succeed. Now we may agree and we'll disagree. We may have to massage some things to get it right, but there is no question that it is right to do what is in the best interest of poor kids. I work professionally at Johnson C Smith University as assistant to the President. And I see kids from all walks of life come on our campus, looking for an opportunity. And we give opportunities. All they want is an opportunity to be successful. Whether they come from Ballantine, where the houses range four to five-hundred thousand dollars, or they come from the old Piedmont Courts, where mama and daddy's on food stamps and looking for public assistance to make ends meet. They want to get to their destination, which is a quality education. I'd like to bring forward a friend of mine from Charlotte, North Carolina, Bishop Davis. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Good Afternoon. I'm Phillip David, and I have the privilege of pastoring the Nations Ford Community Church in Charlotte. Frederick Douglass once said that "It is easier to build strong children, than to repair broken men". Our church founded the Male Leadership Academy of Charlotte as a single-gender school for boys developing young men to become men of character who will one day lead us into the future. The goal of the Male Leadership Academy of Charlotte is very simple; it's to provide boys with a structured, disciplined place to learn and explore and to develop the greatness that is within them. Our curriculum is based on the Common Core, with a concentration on STEM subject matters - Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math. Personally, I come from that low-income, working class family. I was described at one point as being high-potential, but low-opportunity. Many boys in our targeted group are in the same position. They have great minds, they have great talents and they have great potential, however, most of the have low opportunity. The leadership of our church a few years began to work to address this issue relating to our city's high-potential and low opportunity males. Fortunately, the statistics show that there is a lot more to be done. Fifty-three percent of students suspended in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools are black males. Forty-nine percent of black male students that took the end of grade test. And we know that black students make up half of all of the students dropping out of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools last year. So the urgent crises, as it relates to African-American males particularly, is one that is obvious. But it's one thing to know about a problem and to preach about a problem, it's something else to do something about it. And so we decided to do something about it, and we started the Male Leadership Academy and we didn't do it to make money, we didn't do it to make a name for ourselves. But we did it because there's a real need, not only in Charlotte, but across the state and across the nation, and while we believe that we're doing a good job reaching many of the males in those challenging situations, there are many more who we would love to be a part of our Leadership Academy. But their families, quite frankly, can't afford to send them to us, and to me, that's not acceptable. Nevertheless, we're committed for the long haul. And quite frankly, with or without state funding, we gone do it because it's the right thing to do. However, partnership is critical and partnership is needed. And the parents of these boys need a hand. Now listen, they don't need a hand out.

They need a hand up and these boys can make a difference and sit in these very chambers and make laws for us in the future. When we heard about the strong bi-partisan leadership and the vision of the four primary sponsors of the Opportunity Scholarship Act, we were excited. We were excited because when this measure passes, I said when this measure passes, through this program we'll be able to open more doors of opportunity for our boys, not only today but in the future. That's why I came here today. Not just to make the drive in the rain, but to thank, personally, Representative Bryan and my long-time friend, Senator Malcolm Graham, who's been a leader of education in the Charlotte area for many years. I stand here very appreciative of their leadership and I urge the members of the House and the members of the Senate to pass this measure and make it law so that we can continue to build strong children, rather than to repair broken men. Thank you for the privilege of sharing those thoughts and let me have come to us now, Pastor McLauchlin. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Good afternoon. I'm Pastor Allen McLauchlin, New Life Bible Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina and I'm also the Senior Administrator of New Life Christian Academy and Preparatory School in Fayetteville. Our academy was founded back in 1997 to serve different types of the learners. High achievers, at risk kids, and others in Cumberland and Hoke Counties. Our desire was simply not to lose one child to the world. Our goal was, and still is, to have an impact in the life of some students who often seem destined to fail because of behavioral or academic shortfalls. Since our conception in 1997, we have provided well structured and nurturing academic setting for several thousand students in grades K3 through the 12th, predominately low income whites and black students. In Cumberland County, as in other counties, as well, many working class and lower income families are concerned about several issues in our public education system. Low graduation rate among minorities, suspension disparity among minorities, especially African-American males. Lack of black male instructors in our schools and the rise of negative peer pressure. My academy, New Life Christian Academy, strives to address these concerns by focusing on individual needs of the child, bridging the gap of family, school, church, community by providing a solid foundation that produces well rounded, globally competitive students with christian values. We believe that every child can learn, they just learn at a different rate. As a pastor and educator, I have seen and I know that this can work. I know first hand the urgency of passing this Opportunity Scholarship Act, OCA, for this county and for the State. I understand that without financial assistance, many families in my community may not have the high quality education alternative that fits the needs of their children. What happens when they don't have that opportunity? There is a lack of college opportunity. Employment opportunities dwindle. Military service may not happen. A lower standard of living and, of course, illegal behavior. We've got to stop this. I want to applaud Senator Clark, my senator from Cumberland County, for his leadership on this Opportunity Scholarship Act, Bill 944, and I urge the members of the House and Senate to stand and support this bill. We owe it to our children. Thank you. I introduce my senator, Senator Clark. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Clark, I represent Hoke and Cumberland County and in addition to being a senator, I'm also a veteran of the United States Airforce and also former educator. When I was campaigning, this is my first term, I campaigned under the motto for the cause of right. I'm under no illusion that being here is not necessarily the most political...

Cool enough in my district , said those, five to close that many of those standing on behalf of those that come with confessed to the news that some of the commission that was the same access to public schools which are great, seventh at the schools, checking the public schools is meant as many of the full senate is to try the school's Milosevic’s the five schools where the combination of the free buffet-than-class families that the disconnection as often as you said that happens when they moved from the option of those are not necessarily for Fuhrman is unfair and their families without them a chance to ask after the Mac officials to set them up and access to attend a meeting to suffer the MMC behind to six decision that we had an answer that feminism school newsletter that the schools was handed over with, and that that prevent the systems, (SPEAKER CHANGES) as well to become one of those struggles to some of those stains to wind up in jail as to seven with a family business could embed again come to the demands of outlook that the school and this a graduate of the end of the family to give them that have this means that the fed them from family and the confess that would mean that the this place of Batman S of this public should think that's about this opportunity for list of life for those-class families will stem from families to move the good that essential, slash special effects and the defense successfully educate a gift for someone from the differential today from about nine visit the GK a good five innings lists are we missing most estimates ocean Astros scored not that much, so this man says services for the social home to the someone to do some of them stranded, as a freshman Tim Duncan noted that sent via a local account and said, has the tougher than the man says(SPEAKER CHANGES) Mr. Ellison said Wednesday that Pacific avenue and freshman M5 cent an essentially they can talk about the opportunity scholarship back for the flat file on the four 97 single my colleagues and I sensation Greensboro and the cessation of 73000 parents have access to say the seventh in the sense that the Grinch that came to test positive force for comment on this piece of legislation is to come to this for the identified that shows and other two same evidence of possible four in the ninth of 10 Federal and portions lesson that high school's mission was struggling schools love status of the community outreach and should that help with a man who said that after these kits that the percentage is the only inspections chairman of that is similar to set up just about academics six runs about the environment and that they can make them excited again that the intruder can happen to suggest about 75 that raises money to stand together and pass this legislation to whichever will use in the state this isn't about the 97754 this is about looking for the future of this gem of intent of the opportunity to an opportune said many of us, we had less than 7¢ MS invincible question the same issue and if you had the educational opportunities are better future than the parents had the most famous names and this is a list of issues as though your children live educational opportunities and a better solution which you have them that way the system down the center for the lease them and provide better future for the chants from the channel and the senate and the weapon, and those that said that from the other post offices to open the afternoon of my name is representative came from a representative of the 72nd district office Italian Winston Salem I am a product of the public schools must assume the site, called schools , mike ??....

Tough for the Pierce and the public schools must say I'm a father with the district principle of 35 years my mother was a speech pathologist in the cold feet from Winston Salem her entire career ?? my aunts and uncles or teachers in the public schools closing down the schools of this great nation by am a public school teacher and background of how the North Carolina to compel scholar at the University of North Carolina at chapel hill ,(SPEAKER CHANGES) I can't do with a counselor at the North Carolina school of science and mathematics, and committed 100% to the public schools I was less so lucky to have liked to the public schools of lists a little too several different kinds of schools, some of which were schools and I'm not very popular choices when they first came to exist as one of them was in the LF, is a major school won the first mandates which also has dollars because the alternative elementary school in addition to the brown said we should educate students from all different academic backgrounds in the same classroom and we can nationally to do than 75 sessions them dollars to expand it turned out to be one of the most successful elementary schools in message to the alternative school was not that I stay here before you today, shining example of how wise man once a little while enough for them and that's a fact that going to stand too weak and that's put two and into the most often have a good game is the same me to dedicate to five loss of lives that the children and where we can begin to break them into classrooms where the Afghanistan, not matter . (SPEAKER CANGES) People who do not like that she would have to work , shining example of the question of why the middle school them that would not all the highly was 100% white a massive land, high school in which the sale , high school be the same house the traditions of high school across the states such as valley high school English all high school fable 71st the five- high schools that don't necessarily oppose the highest average is that a standstill and communities supporting the –, sliced with looking back, Kotter, Schiff, and give us some support that we need some method of adding fire school , high school in that regard the stand some of our most economically disadvantaged white students into a metal-working class black neighborhood school and people said it could help the semi corporation came and take water resources. Neither the first such programs in the state by average sat score went from number nine in the city of high schools to number five in the city in two years of high school was not manned by state has signed a simple record high schools might the first two men said,(SPEAKER CHANGES) this general assembly this year, by giving them a chance that the bomb was a deadly there with regard to Chile SA we comes down to the latest of the five-a mime background alive become convinced of that budget issue lawsuits and educational questions the matter what is it called its a-number one civil rights issue alive, educating economically disadvantaged students and in particular that the browns students is something that we can no longer term, and two they have a constitutional right to have this tool is planning to lift a good case that is the question I ask myself ?? that a good case that has spanned and talk about some of the things that happen the public schools across the state that intentionally released after the law schools so that we stack of the own copy ??.........

If the fans from that, if the classrooms that we all have come from two lead in some regards to accept it has steadily there for them to stand for the panthers tried to send them a chance to finish its had the opportunity for their student in the public schools or in the private schools became one of the issues are turning to really start thinking much more seriously about the situation was apparent that one of a struggling schools and financial Salem, who told me of their choice programs and neighborhood schools: with his family to help of school and often scored three cautions that cared enough to me and said that I want to give mike Shaw told a better opportunity within the public schools a ways to save the five schools, schools perform, 33% E, which she acts 33% third grade reading proficiency after the third grade schools have, like 95% 90%85% as he turned every 52 o'clock that sake of this, schools in the public schools and necessary she got the lead back and said the schools that'll the second school will still the third school official console access: the last two state I had to stand behind today's concept and really have to live up to the conclusion that she did not like that are the two schools to look as she will stay in public schools for them and as we consider the fact that they had not got an awful from thinking that they need to have any doubt the post-modernism, survived a master of —sure the devils trouble school and they may remain peaceful and by that point of options was unmoved across the state can act as I considered one of them to do a story, Nicholas numbers from our education, this year was about a third leave last weekend rates another two machines as I walked and network and the unlocked that mascara ??........ (SPEAKER CHANGES) Look and mark Hampton, from: chapel hill when pastor of the suit with economic expansions as I go back to my home hand count in a single man made the score to lead to such county trouble to: numbers and I was truly shocked and embarrassed and that did not have an option must stand back and looked only three schools where economic disadvantage to this problem we're reading proficiency in the third grade and numbers like 25% 38% 30% and 90% of those standards like the idea that that's not what you should not and that we have to leave from the front and back when I campaigned 40 and 19 addition and not seeing my colleagues your knowledge about them a sense they can console, the silos and that's what's been 100% to supplant the work of schools last and bustle 100% in support of choice for parents to describe unlike should introduce one of the sparks missed from the very tough issue concerning her story if that there'd have claimed the area and family farms here in a western and education for much of my list of seven you sell a lifetime to me at MDA to seven days whole SMS about his job as a prosecutor and on a year later detailing the first rank established with reading comprehension I honestly about 75 and NT is this agenda some scope of the publishers last year as the lakefront home to wear collection of materials trustee continues to struggle two-give up easily be a hostile ??...........

The words, "I can't," and, "I won't," don't exist. This means that I won't give up on giving her an education, on giving her the education she needs and deserves. But as a single mom whose child qualifies for free and reduced lunches, "I can't," are the words that I, that run through mind and through my head when I think about trying to find another school that would work for her. This is why I stand before you today, as a parent, to support Opportunity Scholarship Act. Because I want to turn, "I can't," into, "I can," for my daughter. I'm not here because I'm a parent who's against public schools, but because I'm a parent who only wants the best for her child. I believe Amaya [spelling?] would strive in a private school with smaller classes and teachers who can give her a little bit more of one-on-one. My worse fear is that Amaya will continue to struggle in school, where she will fall further behind in her classwork, lose interest in school, or just eventually give up. This is, this is every parents' greatest fear, and I will do whatever it takes, that this does not become a reality in my home. I want Amaya to succeed in school. And while I may not make enough, the Opportunity Act, the Opportunity Scholarship Act would put me much, in a much better position to give her the opportunity that she needs to succeed. Thank you Representative Bob Bry-, Bob Ry-, Bryan, Marcus Brandon, Brian Brown, Ed Hanes, and Senator leaders for taking the brave stand for my child, Amaya. To give our, to give to our other legislators, and to those within the sound of my voice, please support the Opportunity Scholarship Act because many of our low-income children and working class families need the opportunity to receive quality education. Thank you very much. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you for that testimony. I'm going to introduce, we've heard a lot of people supporting the bill, and, and, but I have had the tremendous honor of working with the primary sponsor, Bob Bryan, who is in his first term but you would never be able to tell it. He has, uh, he has been a stalwart, he has worked across the aisle, he has wanted to make sure that we all have input and he woul-, he's a great, great listener and I think that he's one of the, one of, one of the uh, one of my favorite people to have been able to work with and so, without further ado, I will introduce Rob Bryan to explain this bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Well I really appreciate Daryl [spelling?] and my fellow bill sponsors, it really has been a privilege to work with, with each of, each of you, and hopefully you'll note the relative age in terms of us. We are a young crowd and I think, um, that says something about [laughter]. [laughter] I am gonna go through the bill. I what you real briefly give you a little of my background. I am a humble dirt lawyer, and you may ask, "Why on earth am I interested in education?" I actually grew up here in Wake County, a product of Wake County public schools. My mom was a public school teacher. I got a great education here in the public schools. After college I had the privilege of going to Las Angeles, to an inner-city, low-income community, and taught in a bilingual classroom for two years. For a program called Teach for America that many of you are probably familiar with. It was a fantastic experience and it really shaped some of the trajectory for me as I looked at, as I thought about education and how to make sure kids in low-income and working families were getting the right opportunities. And I think, again, when we look at education, it's like a table with different, different legs to hold it up. And this is just one of those legs to help support the table that is education for our kids. And this is one that provides them, I think, some opportunities that, that they're presently not able to act on. And just when, I saw the Children's Scholarship board up here, when we moved to Charlotte after, after law school, my wife was, I think, the first administrator of the program, so I have, also have a, just heart, heart for that program and it was, it was fun for me to get to see the fact of the impact it's had in my own district. Which I realize now, I am, in district 88 in Charlotte, so it would be remiss not to, not to mention that.

Let me run through what the bill does as quickly as I can. For some of you that have seen the bill. There is some pretty substantial changes to it that I'm gonna run through for you. Obviously, fundamentally this is a bill that provides scholarship grants to eligible students, in none public school like. Like me, the schools you heard from, appear the maximum reward amount is 42 hundred-dollars. The program is going to be administered by state education assistance authority, and there is a two year phase. The first year we have an allocated 10 million dollars toward the program. Eligibility is awarded two types of students. They have to be enrolled in a public school during the 2013 spring semester, and they qualify for free or reduce lunch. This is the upcoming school year and again the maximum scholarship amount would be 42 hundred-dollars. In year two we have an appropriation 40 million dollars. Some of the requirements change in year two. And let me run trough those. You have to reside in a house with an income, not in excess of 133% of the amount required to qualify for a free or reduce lunch. And then you have to have not received a high school diploma jet and meet one of the following criteria. You have to have been a full time student in NC public school the prior semester. Receive a scholarship grant the prior year. So if you receive the grant, free to continue to receive grants. To be entering kinder garden or first grade. You can be in foster care of if you been adopted in the past year. ?? acknowledge certain of those special situations. There is also a prioritisation that the state education assistance authority will give to the awards. Will have a date certain by which you have to apply. The fist priority will be to students who received the award the prior year. We wan to keep the students in the program. After that the funds have to be use in the following order. At least 50% of the new scholarship go to students who qualify for free or reduce lunch. So again that sort of first year level. then no more that 35% can be warded to students entering kinder garden or first grade. And then any remaining funds are to any body else who is eligible. Just to add, the amount I told you was 42 hundred. If you are a free or reduce lunch or below on your income level. You can get the full amount 42 hundred. If you were above that amount up to the 133% amount you can get up to 90% of the 42 hundred. So there is something in that range where the parent would also be paying. Then finally I wanna talk about a little bit abut. Well let me give you a few background. On the state education assistance authority is gonna be the administrator of the program. They are going to have some requirements. They are going to have to verify eligibility of a certain percentage of the applications. They are going to get annual reporting to DPI. They are going to report annually to the joint legislative education oversight comity on demographic, and other information on scholar ship grants. And they are also going to report on learning gains made. So that also of the ?? requirements on that. There is also certain reporting requirements for the non public school that are participating. They got to provide information on there tuition and fees. There certain criminal background checks required. They have to provide parents annually with written explanations regularly of student progress including. Standardizes text scores. If there more than 25 students enrolled trough scholarship at a particular school. They have to provide aggregate school test performance data. As long as that information doesn't contain personal identifiable information. They also have to provide graduation rates for students who receive scholarships. And there is also a financial review required for schools receiving more than 300 thousand dollars in scholarships annually. That is 70 students or so. And they cant require additional fees for scholarship students. I think I have hit on all the fundamental of the bill, and I think that were are open for questions to any of this. My folks can join me. [SPEAKER CHANGES]. Who much does it cost the scholarship student ?? [SPEAKER CHANGES]. There is its actually an existing authority. We have allocated 1% which is roughly 400 thousand dollars

dear Mister the program. I will probably be okay since this is assistance for Marty's. this is another existing mechanism at her and will [SPEAKER CHANGES] now yes, there is an is at the language of logic will be viewed for free will and testament will be inserted into English as a I I is him to