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House | May 23, 2013 | Committee Room | Environment

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Pat’s not here today so we’ll go ahead and start the committee. These people gotta leave here today. We’d like to recognize our Sergeant at Arms today, we have Bill Bass, Martha Parish. Where you at Martha? Barry More and Charlie Goodman, Charles Goodman. We don’t have any pages today? OK, I’m sorry. We got pages today. Alex Jones from Henderson County Representative McGrady. Elizabeth, how do you say that Elizabeth? Mazenco from Wake County, Representative Stam. Andrew Scott from Wake county, Speaker Tillis. Got another tough one here from Guilford. From Guilford County, Representative Faircloth. Lawrence Strickland from Forsythe County, Representative Lambert. Thank you all for being here today. The bill we’ve got today is Senator Buck Newton’s bill, Senate Bill 234, we just passed the House version of that and this is the identical bill. And if you’d like, I’d let staff go over the bill since the Senator is not here today. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Chairman. So the bill basically allows the Wildlife Resources Commission to issue a hunting heritage apprentice permit which authorizes a person who doesn’t meet the hunter education course requirements to purchase a hunting license and hunt if accompanied by a licensed adult of at least 18 years of age. The applicant can also be accompanied by an adult land holder or spouse who’s exempted by the hunting license requirement by statute if they’re on the landholder’s land. And the permit is valid only for the term of the hunting license purchased under the authority of the permit. There’s some technical changes and the bill provides that a person may not obtain a hunting license without producing a hunter education certificate of competency, a hunting heritage apprentice permit, or a hunting license issued prior to July 1st, 2013. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Insko. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I can’t, I’m not sure what this does. Could anybody get one of these licenses as long as they have an adult who’s 18 or over with a license? IS there anyone who’s excluded or is it open to everybody? I see the disabled language, but I don’t see it limited to that. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I’ll just point out, as, for what it’s worth, as Representative West said, we already passed the identical House companion. Representative John Bell’s House 296 back in April, so this is the same, exact same language as the bill that you’ve already passed. We have folks from Wildlife here who might be able to answer that. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Anyone from Wildlife that would like to speak to that? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Madam Chair. My name is Chris Dell, and I’m the legislative liason for Wildlife Resource Commission. This bill is allowed for all adults. It’s identical to what we allow for children now. If you’re under 16, you’re able to go hunt without a license or without hunter ed with adult supervision. This will allow people over 16 to go out with adults. If you want to do a dove hunt, you have to be within eyesight. So we’re trying to increase our recruitment and retention in a hunting licenses. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Stone. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Madam Chair. So basically what this bill does is lessen the burden that we currently have. Is that correct? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, yes sir, it does. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Ok, Madam Chair at the appropriate time. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Ok, any further – Representative Starnes. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, I’m not opposed to this bill. Can you tell me what the status of Representative Bell’s bill is? If we passed it, is it in the Senate? [SPEAKER CHANGES] It’s in the Senate. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Well, we’re not sure what they’re going to do with this one after it passes out of here either. Aww I didn’t mean that. Representative, I mean Senator Newton I’m sorry. Any further questions from the committee? OK, Representative Stone, we have that motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Madam Chair. Make a favorable report for Senate Bill 234. I don’t know if it’s going anywhere else or not, but. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Referral to Rules? No. No. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Wait a minute. [SPEAKER CHANGES]

Okay. You heard that motion. All in favor say aye. Oppose no. Okay. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Madam chair. Can I just have one moment? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Sure. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I just wanna thank this committee for passing the bill and lessees the burden on people I think we are moving in the right direction after a long weak of ahead. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Sounds good to me too. Alright thank you much I just have a couple of announcements we forgot to we have one page to come in later. Its Kleve Seize from Rowan. Thank you. And I would also to announce that Marraya has have, she had a baby on Tuesday and she and baby Elisa are doing very well so we send our blessing and our congratulation so thank you. Ya send pictures. Any further questions from committee. No. For Mark chair who graciously started this because I didn't know I was chairing today and my apologies. Thank you very much committee adjourned.