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House | May 28, 2013 | Committee Room | Agriculture

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Representative Bell Representative Mobley. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Chair. Just want to ask adding consideration being given to all veterans. Not just the active. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Cleveland you are recognized to respond to the question. [SPEAKER CHANGES] All veterans are not in this bill presently all military personnel within the state are treated this way and we brought this forward to treat those visit here and who would like to come here and partake our wonderful wonderful wildlife. At this point I don't think it would be appropriate to add all veterans. This bill is something we should consider moving forward. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Sir. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Horn. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Chairman I am just curious about the physical impact on I guess these are controlled by department of agriculture. Any problems you are hearing from them any push back. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Cleveland you are recognized to respond. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Chairman I have not heard any one address to physical area however it has referral of finance and I am sure it is a problem that will appear there. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Lucas you are recognized for motion and there is a referral to finance Sir. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Chair I would like to offer a motion from a favorable report and referral to finance. [SPEAKER CHANGES] You have heard the motion. All in favor say yes. All oppose no. Motion carries. Thank you representative Cleveland. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Chairman thank you committee. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Our next bill for consideration is Senate bill 505. Senator Jackson you are recognized to explain the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Chairman. Good afternoon members this bill basically does two things one we done the bonafide form back in 2011 when we inertly left out grain elevators and grain dealers from being a bonafide form. This bill do that means as a being exemption and as far as county own in development ordnances they do apply a bonafide form. This bill pass the Senate 48 to nothing and I will be happy to ask any question as it would appreciate this form. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Any questions or discussions. Representative Bell you are recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I would like to make a motion in the appropriate time. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Question to discussion this is the appropriate time representative Bell. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I would like to move Senate bill 505 to see favor report and reefer to government. [SPEAKER CHANGES] You have heard the motion. All in favor say yay. All oppose no. The ayes have it the motion passes. Thank you senator Jackson. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Chairman. Thank you members. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Daughtry. I will make sure. Senator Jackson you are preoccupied is that an attempt to ignore us or was it just inadvertent. Representative Daughtry would like for you to rely a message to Senate by special messenger that we are hearing you guys bills. Thank you representative Daughtry for those appropriate instructions. Our next bill for consideration for Senate bill 387. Senator Barefoot you are recognized to explain the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I need a motion for PCS representative Horn motions it we have the PCS before us all in favor say aye. All oppose. We now properly have the PCS before senator Barefoot you are recognized. Thank you Mr. Chairman. This bill does two things it makes technical and conforming changes to reflect the renaming of the division of force resources to the North Carolina force service and modify the statue governing the stand by duty for fire fighters and it gives the commissioner of agriculture the right of entry upon the premises of any place where the entry is necessary to enforce the provision of the bedding walls under the current statue and provide if consent front entry is not obtained administrative search and inspection warrant may be obtained for the purposes of entering both these bills passed the Senate anonymously are best supported by the agricultural commissioner and I will answer any questions in the appropriate time. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Members of their questions and discussions

During the building Representative Jordan -Chairman, stratus nine vilified in on something to this technical changes when questioned about the right entry , if the commission has the right of intrigue and one is the need for the second quarter of the amendment and the second were you referring to the defense is not obtained in a strip search for you on because consumers not obtained, he would still need of a way to be able to force the company walls (SPEAKER CHANGES )which are involved and that of Mr. Chairman of windows on when the Bengals were position underneath the department of health and human Services Health and human services had this ability: was transferred to agriculture and consumer services value was inadvertently left out Richard looking M as something clever and background as a communist and what is betting to the barefoot two recognized respond to legitimate concern quarry, I can answer that another office people here on the agriculture department of agriculture not satisfied: bytes the materials to go into the ones that are sense followed a representative of the Lockyer from Stanford, would appreciate if it decided, (SPEAKER CHANGES) what the top of the share of big cloud formed by recall to be of any calls them around for many years and was on Riesling transfer stops from includes slides like practices bills to see the sights of DC all of sofa cushions of mattresses tells abstraction weren't paying all in all 50 states and which uniformity of all further discussion to question should the two men were ready for a motion urging the gel to recognize from ocean there is a referral there is so different pages chairman made for favor 4% below 387 you've heard the motion calling five or so years old Lotus notes due 2572 of the bill that the PCs four special 52 other senators therefore making the champagne committee would you please deliver the sewing machine to win shortage and conjunction with members of the committee of business in the 400% info line and could not be here are really wish to be a good day here is specially for less, business and we have to break the wood eventually this Sunday with the firm to what about a great privilege and longer to heal and two other people from which we have an individual present your market maker today who served as legal counsel to the commission of agriculture said she began working in the department by the coach and consumer services in 1977 for those of you and mark Whicker is that it gets 36 years that he's been involved in certain assets of the house agriculture committee and ceded to buy him of bringing representative would cue from his suburban understanding to the correct understanding of betting that he's been able to do that omitted numerous occasions that is saw his career here and the altar just like cents of things that could be of chaos during committee meetings during his tenure the department(SPEAKER CHANGES) David McLeod has assisted with the creation refinement for elimination of hundreds of staff to subdue with agriculture and four new services secretary of the North Carolina Board of agriculture and served on the boards of agriculture financial authority to play conversation conservation board the present use value advocate five's record the structural pest control committee and numerous other hammock boards conditioned cars fours my understanding is that his wife and two children are here Kevin and Jennifer they also have three grandchildren with the fourth phone the way to understand them understanding five visit one of the grandchildren feet from this year to buy their money of a share to nine two of the of the room here that understand what a valuable has ??...........

The state of North Carolina and to the Department of, of Agriculture. For these reasons and many others, Mr. McLeod has been awarded the Order of the Longleaf Pine by the governor, and we'd like to ask Mr. McLeod and the Commissioner of Agriculture, Mr. Steve Troxler, to come up, please. Commissioner Troxler, welcome to the House Committee on Agriculture. Feel free to take a few moments as you see fit preliminary to you presenting the award to Mr. McLeod. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Sherman and members, I thank you for this opportunity today. David, it looks like there's a lot of people here that are interested in these three bills that we had running today. And, I had hoped, Mr. Chairman, that I would come to this committee today to hear the debate over the bill that said David McLeod could not retire. I have threatened, threatened this with him. In fact, I asked my former counsel, Ray Starling, to run the bill. He said that he thought it was both unconstitutional and violated the state personnel ??; but, why let that stand in the way of something that needs to be done? But I can't tell you how much this man has meant to agriculture, to the department over the years, and all the things that he's done. I think I, I need to tell a little, short David McLeod story to show you how he operates: Anybody that knows David knows that he's quiet and thoughtful and cagey. In fact, most of the time, he's thinking, and that scares me unless he's thinking for me. There came a time when there was a man that would not pay his assessment on the, a cotton assessment; and, David messed with him and messed with him and messed with him to try to, to pay this boll weevil assessment, and he just wouldn't do it. And David didn't want to harm the farmer and his farming operation; but, he had to take a lean out on something. So, what he did is he took a lean out on the farmer's wife's Mercedes, and she paid immediate, he paid up immediately; so, that's kinda the way he operates, and that's what we're gonna miss. But, David, I want to present you the Order of the Longleaf Pine from the governor and what ?? says: The Order of the Longleaf Pine with the rank of Ambassador Extraordinarily Privileged to enjoy fully all rights granted to members of this exalted order, among which is the special privilege to purpose the following North Carolina toast and select company anywhere in the free world: "Here's to the land of the longleaf pine, the summer land where the sun doth shine, where the wheat grows strong and the strong grow great. Here's to down home, the old north state," and it's with great pleasure that I present you with this, and just thank you so much for what you've meant to the department and to me. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. McLeod, we would be delighted to hear a few words from you this afternoon. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Chairman. This is bound to be out of order, and I smelled a rat when I saw some people when I came in here didn't belong here, and I know Ray Starling must've had something to do with this. But, anyway, I do appreciate it. The agriculture committees have always been my favorite committees; it's always the best group of people to work with, and I've enjoyed it. Thank you so much for everything.[SPEAKER CHANGES] Members of the Committee, thank you so much for allowing us to take this portion of our committee time to present this important award. Committee's adjourned.