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House | June 4, 2013 | Committee Room | Health

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[SPEAKER] Ladies and Gentlemen, if you would be seated. At this time we’ll call this meeting of the House, Health and Human Services Committee to order. I’d like to begin by recognizing our pages that are with us today. Paiges ,if you would stand and be recognized when I call your name. We have Jordan Hall from Vance County, sponsored by Speaker Tillis. Sandy Golsby from Hartford County, sponsored by Speaker Tillis. Lindsey Jackson from White County, sponsored by Representative Jackson, and Parker King from White County, sponsored by Representative Starnes. Welcome to our committee and we hope you’re having a great week at the General Assembly. I’d like to recognize our House Sergeants-at-Arms today. We have Bob Rossie, Marvin Lee, Antwone Marshall and Doug Harris. Thank you all for what you do for us today. Members as you look at your agenda, we’re going to pull House Bill 742 from today’s calendar. So we have three bills before us. We’re going to begin with Senate Bill 542, Senator Cook, you’re recognized to present your bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Chairman. This bill is designed to protect folks in adult care homes and nursing homes from drug induced incompetence of their care providers. Under this bill applicants for employments in these homes must pass a drug test as a condition of employment. And employees must pass random controlled substance testing as a condition of continued employment. This bill provides protection from civil liability for the home officers and employees for failure to employ people based on testing results. The Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Administration says the bill has no physical impact. DHHS already drug test applicants who are employed at the state long-term care facilities. Most private nursing homes are currently drug screening employees. This bill is enthusiastically supported by the North Carolina Senior Tarheels Legislature. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Members of the Committee, any comments or questions? Representative Stevens? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Chair. I understand it’s supported by the Senior Tarheels and I think it is a good idea but what are the nursing homes saying about it? Because apparently a first test is required of every employee and then submitting for random testing afterwards. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Cook. [SPEAKER CHANGES] As I understand it, most of the homes now are drug testing. This just simply puts, sort of clarifies what they’ve already been doing. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Further questions or comments from the Committee? Seeing none, the Chair would entertain a motion. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Avila. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I make a motion that we give favorable report to Senate Bill 542 with the ?? referral. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Avila removes for favorable report to Senate Bill 542. All members in favor signify by saying aye. [aye] All opposed no. The bill passes. Congratulations Senator Cooke and welcome back to the House of Representatives. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you. Thank you. It’s good to be back here. You folks aren’t near as rowdy as I remember. [laugh] [SPEAKER CHANGES] You should have been in our last committee meeting this morning. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Our next item is Senate Bill 137. Senator Tillman, welcome to the House. You are recognized to present your bill [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Chairman, thank you for hearing my bill. Thank you, Committee. It’s always good to be over here with the House. We did have to knock a few of the House edges off of Senator Cook. And it’s more than a one year project, Mr. Chairman. We are working that yet. It may take more than years I have left to do it but we will get it done. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The gentleman is out of order. [laugh] You may proceed. SPEAKER CHANGES] I've been that way most of my life. [laugh] Senate Bill, 137, I have asked to have an amendment drawn by the House that

Speaker: House member Representative merry may want to do offer that amendment or i believe he has it, Speaker Changes:Representative merry you are recognized to send forth the amendment, Speaker Changes: thank you Mr.Chairman i think i remember how the cop senate bill 137 intimate plus ?? to pharmacy providers so in order too make this as clear we are adding the word permitted in the front of the word provider every the word appears just to make sure that how it would adopt the language of the amendment regard answer any questions, Speaker Changes: ?? committee any questions for sponsor seeing none Representative merry has moved passage of the amendment this is A T K 71 V1 all in favor of the amendment signify by saying aye all oppose no the amendment passes we are back on the bill ??, Speaker Changes: thank you Mr.Chairman back to the bill simply say that if you are a permit provider in pharmacies you can give way and way medicate payment or other special plan payments medicate being the primary one on the medications whats happening briefly is lot of folks are waving that 400's and 100's and hundred of folks and getting a big customer base built up and off course ?? they are after everything else probably those medicate drugs too is ?? it's unfair business practices it clean that up corrects that and levels playing bill and all it does bee glad you have questions ?? Speaker Changes: members of the committee many comment for the question seeing none the chair is recognized to intervene the motion I'm sorry Representative ?? Speaker Changes: thank you are there exemptions ?? Speaker Changes: any exceptions to this prohibition like hardships are anything like that would i can see circumstance where pharmacies had the goodness as just as hard ?? you mean prohibited under this bill, Speaker Changes: actually the bill does allow for the for certified hardships i couldn't yet manure the day but yes you are permitted to do that under certain circumstances which would be judgment on the pharmacies and we are talking about the whole sale of just going out there so that you can get big customers ??, Speaker Changes: further questions from the committee Representative ford, Speaker Changes: you are recognized for the motion at appropriate time, Speaker Changes: i believe this is the appropriate time, Speaker Changes: move for 137 senate bill as amended , Speaker Changes: Representative ford our Representative ford moves that the senate bill 137 as amendment will be rolled into a new PCS and given a favorable report all members in briefly signify by saying aye all oppose no the aye is have it congratulations senator Speaker Changes: I'm sure you have good hands senator Speaker Changes: ?? members next on the agenda senate bill 486 senator ?? you are recognized to present your bill welcome to the house Speaker Changes: are we keen there we go alright before 86 pertains to ?? which stands for diphtheria ?? diphtheria and ?? are bacterial disease that is spread by human contact typically touching sneezing that sort of thing Speaker Changes: senator ?? I'm sorry this is a proposed committee substitute Representative ?? moves up with the proposed committee substitute before us without objection it is without apology you may continue sir Speaker Changes: thank you a problem Mr.Chair and we are asking a request that came towards the chair A A P American academy for pediatrics medical society ?? and is really asking the hospitals bit one of them delivers a new baby to make the mothers aware of the vaccine is available it particularly pretends protest which is more ?? address to what we called

Breakout with the contagious nature of the disease and the fact is, what it does, it causes in hard of close the airways and esophagus and trachea, and it's hard very hard to eat and get exactly developed pneumonia from this that actually gets easier from it. If not treated and actually it does in most extreme cases, causes infant death and it's completely preventable with this vaccine sought after your favorable support for this Change speaker:comments or questions for members of the committee that will Change speaker:thank his chair just a clarification here we talking about educating the need for the child's immunization here. Change speaker:Your economics that is correct. Change speaker:You will follow plenty because there is a breakout because a lot of people are carrying this. Think of three indication or any effort made to educate the wider public that they need to be make sure that they are protected from the whooping cough. Soon after birth and Change speaker: at what absolutely there is notice the CDC are what's notices out, but the back thing to be effective has to be given four eight seven eight. O bit in that age group between seven and sixty four. There's a booster shot. If you have the original vaccine and then also for elders, they can get ID capital different strain of vaccine winter over sixty four. The trike takes care of it. So that's a good point, Change speaker:Virginia Stevens recognized. Change speaker:But here I was on the communal groups and analysts position that I watch a lot of TV watching lots of commercials lately about this, about how keeping your child close can make them susceptible to pertussis in the utility because there are public ads running on• Change speaker:one other comment I would just as educational piece is recognized when you take your children to the doctor 's office. Your back in the hospital for the procedures something this lonely references nosocomial infections with his affections gained by being in the kind of facility goes other kids are sick and parents are carrying it as well. That's also why it's important that your kids vaccinated when they're in public school, and so forth is Change speaker:well further comments from the committee questions from Sears repair ginseng mice and birds in a modern Change speaker:favor lower courts as NFL for eighties led to a committee set to percent before it is Change speaker:presented in Martin Luther favorable report of the House committee substitute for Senate Bill four eighty six on favor signify by saying I all that is not the eyes have it right licensing department and lazy gym in this meeting is adjourned