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House | June 4, 2013 | Committee Room | Transportation

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Okay we're now calling the meeting to order. Transportation committee for June the third, excuse me, June the fourth, 2013 is now in session. We have our pages are Nicole Defreitas, she'll stand and wave, Nicole. That's Surry County, Representative Stevens. Parker King, Wake County, Representative I, whose name I cannot read. James Etheridge, Wake County, Representative Starnes. Elizabeth Fields, Randolph County, Representative Hurley. And we have our, some of our favorite sergeants in arms, Carlton Adams, Jesse Hayes, Martha Parrish and Carl Morello. Thank you for your service. Thanks for being here today. The first bill we have on our agenda today and we hope we don't spend the entire period on this bill, but we might have some discussion, is Senate bill 81, and we have a PCS for Senate bill 81. Do I have a motion? Okay. Representative Brian Brown moves to have the PCS before us. All in favor say aye. Opposed, light the sign. Carries the PCS before us. I believe Representative Brawley is going to be presenting Senate bill 81 today. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you mister Chairman, and I'm joined by the primary sponsor in the Senate, Bob Rucho. And Ruth Samuelson who a the primary sponsor of the House version of the bill, House 104, which we heard approximately a month ago for discussion purposes only on the background of why an airport authority and where we are today. Just as an update for the process so far, the city of Charlotte did complete the study by their consultant. The consultant came back with a lot of recommendations on how, on authority should be structured but was of the opinion that for the long term health of the airport, original authority was the best answer. We have had some conversations with city of Charlotte which I'll detail in greater detail later, but right now we're at the point where there's an impasse. Negotiation has very well stopped and I'd like to have the staff explain the bill as it is currently drafted in the PCS. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Okay. Who's going to explain the bill? Okay, you're recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Yes. As explained in the bill summary that Mr. Perry prepared, the basic thrust of the Senate bill was to create a regional airport authority to manage Charlotte-Douglass International Airport. And it set up with the commission how it was established, et cetera. The house committee substitute makes a number of changes. A lot of them are just organizational, moving definitions into the same section, making some conforming changes. One of the major changes, it changed the authority board from thirteen members as proposed by the Senate bill to eleven members, and changes their composition somewhat and you can see that on pages, the bottom of two and top of page three of the bill, what the composition is. And it provides a number of transitional provisions. The initial budgeting authority will be one that the city of Charlotte City Council establishes this year. It also makes it clear there was some contention in the Senate bill. There was subdivision eight that appeared to give the new airport authority the power to take over or establish airports in all the surrounding counties. This makes it very clear this committee substitute that A, adds to existing airports. That can only happen if the governing board of that airport consents to it. In other words, if there was some idea to have regional management of some of the other airports, that could be done with the consent of the joint authority and that other board, and if that airport authority wanted to build a new airport authority in another county, it would have to have the approval of the county commissioners of that county. It also provides that the authority director and employees, authority director at the time this become effective will be interim, will be the director of the airport authority. It provides that until seven of the eleven members have been established, the existing airport authority, airport advisory committee of the city will be the airport authority until at least seven of the eleven new members have been established. And it has provisions on transfer of the airport property and consideration and compensation for the city. There's a bunch of other minor things, and I'll be glad to answer any questions. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Any questions to Mr. Cohen?

Mr. Chairman, Ron Carly, who is the new city manager for the City of Charlotte. I would like for him to be recognized for approximately three minutes to address the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Representative. Mr. Carly you are recognized, I think if you push the button it will stay on. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you sir. I'm sitting in the right place to testify in the North Carolina General Assembly. Thank you for recognizing [SPEAKER CHANGES] ?? Committee [SPEAKER CHANGES] ?? thank you very much sir. I'm here representing the City of Charlotte, I've had conversations with each member of the city council over the last few days. I want the committee to know that the city of Charlotte is interested of continuing to have discussions to resolve the future of the airport in the most amicable and the most business like way that will ensure the continuation of the airport's success in the future. We're not prepared to declare an impasse on discussions. I'm not prepared to discuss the specific bill before you this morning because we in fact have not seen it, I do not know what provisions are in the current bill, but we're willing to take it and look at it seriously. ?? the consultant that we hired without any pre requirements as to what the outcome will be. the consultant did say that an authority was likely, i emphasize the word 'likely' to be the best ?? structure in the future, but the consultant also said that the Charlotte airport was the most unlikely city operated airport for consideration to an authority. remembering that as a city department, this airport has the lowest cost and the largest hub in the nation. and in fact seven of ten lowest cost and seven of the ten largest hubs are in fact city departments. What the city is prepared to do is to take all the issues that were identified in the consultant's report and go through them analytically, and from an objective business perspective determine what is the baseline performance of the airport today and how can if be improved and what is the best governance structure to do that including consideration of an authority. the city is prepared to take this to the next level but only requests that the end game not be presumed but let the business case in each of the areas ?? identified the consultant, around purchasing, around procurement, around personnel. let the business case drive the right governance structure and if the end that's an authority, i can assure that me discussion with the city council, the Charlotte city council is prepared to accept the governance structure that will enable us with assurance to be the best performing lowest cost airport going into the future. Thank you sir, i appreciate the opportunity to address the committee. [SPEAKER CHANGES] thank you. ?? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. chairman and thank you Mr. Carly we've had ?? latest discussions this morning. the offer that was last put on the table to modify the bill and this was done in a conference call involving the speaker, representative Samuelson and myself. was the following, what we offered was to create a joint legislative study committee with members of the house and senate to which the Charlotte city council would appoint members of their body as voting members that this group would, over the interim study what structure of an authority should be implemented how the members would be selected and chosen what would be all of the tasks for transition that would need to be accomplished what parts of the operation would remain attached to the city of Charlotte which ones would be outsourced to new individuals with a report back to the general assembly in a short session in May of 2014 for any additional legislation and at that point it would be implemented to take effect July 1 2014. the counter offer that we have heard as you have heard again today was the appointment of a blue ribbon commission in Mecklenburg County made up of business leaders to study the bill or to study the concept of the airport and to report back at a future date as to what they changes in structure if any should be implemented and we did not believe that this was a sufficient move in out direction to be able to modify the bill to that extreme what we were going forward with is essentially the recommendation from the consultant's report and i will ?? that i was...

very skeptical of it when it began but his position was that the Charlotte Airport to retain its status as one of the most successful airports in the U.S. should consider any proposed, excuse me, reconsider any proposed airport authority structure to better meet the criteria outlined in the report, obtain input from experts, FAA regulations, airport authority law, and carefully plan the task required to make a smooth transition to permit sufficient time. That is what we would like to do. Unfortunately, I think what we have to do is go ahead and implement the authority and let those negotiations take out between the authority and the City of Charlotte so that is our PCS today. Having said that, we are still open for discussions and this will take a dip in Finance before it goes to the floor. There will be an opportunity if other changes could be negotiated. At this point, Mr. Chairman, I would like to take questions from the Committee. [SPEAKER CHANGE] Okay, the first name I saw was that representative right there. ?? [SPEAKER CHANGE] That girl? [SPEAKER CHANGE] Mr. Chair, for a question of the bill sponsors. I would like to know if you can tell me the financial breakdown if in such a way as how much does the City of Charlotte give toward the airport, the County of Mecklenburg, in other words, I am trying to get details where the financial support for the airport comes from and the representation and how it is broken down. [SPEAKER CHANGE] I thank the gentleman for his question. Actually the City of Charlotte doesn't fund the airport. The airport is funded from user fees, parking fees and the fees that are attached to the people that fly through the airport. In fact some of these monies flow to the City of Charlotte as a Charlotte department to pay its share of the overhead. They also pay for personnel services, financial services from other city departments and also for police services. One interesting thing and I think it was a part of the discussions that was the genesis of this, there had been some theoretical discussions last fall for putting a tax on parking and using that for other sources. That was eventually squashed as federal regulations do not allow airport passenger fees to be used for things off the airport. Now interestingly enough, a ?? study committee for the City of Charlotte has recently reported a future for the proposed street car and I would like to read you something that comes out of the report for the West ?? and I will quote "Sources of ?? specific revenue may include a contribution from Charlotte Douglas International Airport passenger facility charges for the segment operating on airport property, savings from locating maintenance and storage facilities "inside the fence" on the airport property, airport subsidies to offset operating expenses for service to airport passengers, premium fares for airport passengers and discounts for airport employees and then some other acceleration of project delivery to reduce capital costs, escalation impacts improve the pricing for complete street car network. I think that last after acceleration probably does not relate to airport revenues but the others does. Part of the reason for the move to the Airport Authority is the airport should not be seen as a source of revenue for the City of Charlotte but rather should be as a economic engine and one benefits from the airport by capturing revenues through taxes on the businesses that exist because of the airport and the continued life of the hub. As you may recall from the earlier discussion, average passenger profits per flight, U.S. Airline industry are .21 cents. I understand that U.S. Air is actually doing better than that, they are around .37 cents per passenger but it does mean that margins are very slim and increases in charges for non-essential services of the airport could endanger the health of the hub. [SPEAKER CHANGE] I apologize to Representative Shepard for not knowing his name. My eyes are not as good as they used to be and I have been taking lessons in chairmanship from Representative Setzer this morning in Finance. I apologize, I was bringing a little levity to the committee. I believe Representative Brian Brown was the next hand I saw. [SPEAKER CHANGE] Thank you, Mr. Chairman. A question for the bill sponsors. I would just like to know where the carriers come down on this proposal, most importantly, where U.S. Airways comes down on this proposal and if any of them would be here today and would like to speak on the proposal. [SPEAKER CHANGE] I believe Chuck Allen from U.S. Air is here. U.S. Airway's position has been and continues to remain, they are agnostic

They have not taken a position and choose not to Mr. Allen if I've correctly stated your position. [Speaker Change] OK. [Speaker Change] Yeah, alright. [Speaker Change] Would you give us about 30 seconds? [Speaker Change] Mr. Allen if you'll state your name and who you represent, if you will. [Speaker Change] Chuck Allen US airways in Charlotte. [Speaker Change] You're recognized. [Speaker Change] Mr. Allen what's your goal for the airport? [Speaker Change] We have purposely state publicly that we have taken no side in this debate. Our issue is the continued management philosophy of the airport. It is the lowest cost airport because of the management philosophy and that's what we want to see continued. [Speaker Change] Thank you Mr. Allen. Representative Brown did that answer your question sir? [Speaker Change] It did. Thank you. Representative Bumgardner. [Speaker Change] Thank you Mr. Chairman I have a question for the sponsors. Why are we doing this now instead of sometime in the past? And I'm just curious what brought this up at this time? [Speaker Change] Representative it has been discussed privately among business leaders for some time, there were some discussions that began with the city of Charlotte in January. And the bill was filed and discussions continued for a little while and then broke down. And the reason I guess that we didn't try and pass it in March was we did give them the opportunity to complete the study. The study's in and it reinforced to go forward with the opening fairly soon of the intermodal facility which is funded by outside sources. That creation of the intermodal facility was part of a transit report. It was run by Walter Dalton who was the Democratic Lieutenant-Governor at the time appointed by Bev Perdue the Democratic Governor of the time. And their study then said that these airports and intermodal facilities should be operated by regional authorities rather than by the local cities. And with all of it coming together it just seemed like the time to address the issue rather than let it continue to fester and ignore. [Speaker Change] Yes ma'am [Speaker Change] I'll add an additional point. In addition to the intermodal facility at the time this was came up we were looking at having a new city manager, a new airport manager, and essentially a new airline. And so it seemed to make sense while all of that was happening to go ahead and look at it now. [Speaker Change] Follow up? [Speaker Change] And I'll follow up one more thing. I see here on the first page that this act should be known and may be cited as the Charlotte Regional Airport Authority Act and one thing that was brought up to me at my county was the fact that there were some people concerned about their airport being caught up in this. And so tell me about that. [Speaker Change] Representative Ross. [Speaker Change] There was some stock language that was used it has been removed. If the authority does anything in guest and county it will only be done with permission of the guest and board of county commissioners. The section that referred to possibly owning property has been modified to state only that there will be an annual report by the authority to the Gaston board of county commissioners. There is no authority to acquire property, take over an airport, or operate an airport, or do anything in Gaston County without the permission of the local leaders. [Speaker Change] Follow up questions? [Speaker Change] Can I make one more thing? That was what they told me the airport in Gastonia is owned by the city, not the county, and they don't want to, they spent all their money, and developed it and they want to make sure that they get to maintain control of their airport. [Speaker Change] We're not gonna take their airport [Speaker Change] Representative Jeter. [Speaker Change] Thank you Mr. Chair. I'm in a unique position as I am the only member of the House of Representatives here that actually has the airport in their district. Earlier Representative Catlin asked me when I was gonna step in and let me go ahead and start. I do have some concerns, I will say this. I think Representative Brawley, Senator Rucho, Representative Sanderson and others have made some excellent points.

The city of Charlotte did hire an outside, independent consultant. With their own free will, that consultant clearly maintained that an independent authority is the way to go. Now, there were some things in there that were different then the original bill. I understand one of those has been addressed which as far as the transfer of the property which were gonna appoint the authority and then move in to transferring the property once we resolve some insularly issues. The only concern I have, and this is more of a rhetorical question if it’s okay with the bill sponsors, as I read it, the 11 person committee, and there’s a typo going to Kelly Hastings’ point, but whether or not the 11 member committee appoints the 11th member. It should be the 10 member committee appoints the 11th member, but that’s a typo in the bill. Currently you could have six members of this committee from outside of Mecklenburg County, and only five from within Mecklenburg County. The actual statutory allowance is under the contract. That concerns me. I’m hoping that the bill sponsors will allow us to, and I think we will, to work forward to address that problem before it gets to the floor. The second concern I have is: we’ve made concessions to the five surrounding counties, but we have not made concessions, and I think we have an obligation, to is the six other municipalities within Mecklenburg County who I do think have a direct impact in this airport authority- Huntersville/g, Corneous/g, Davidson in the north, Matthewsmen/g, Hill, and Pine View in the south. I would like to see some inclusion of them and I would just ask that the bill sponsors at least take the time to let me come talk to them before we get to fiancé and moving forward. [SPEAKER CHANGES] OK, well let me advise the committee there will be a referral to fiancé for this bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Represent...excuse me. [SPEAKER CHANGES] We’ll have that conversation. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Carney, you are recognized. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve had a lot of heart burn over this bill since it was first rumored to be coming forward. For all purposes of disclosure, I’ve said it in here before but I’ll say it again, I’ve been almost married to that airport for twenty-some years by being married to Gene Carney who has just retired a year ago as the Assistant Aviation Director of the airport, so I know a little bit about the airport not a whole lot, but have heard a lot. When this first surfaced, I will be honest, that the report that he’s referred to from the governor, previous governor, and the discussions at my dinner table have been around an authority. When should the conversation take place that the city move towards an authority? Whereas, I’ve been in those conversations in the privacy of my own home. This bill has hit, as we will, using metaphors or whatever, “It hit the runway hard with a bang.” The breaks were put on the minute it hit. My concern has been: there have been snippets of conversation that I’ve been told about. I have never been in the big room where all the bill sponsors, and the city counsel members, and others were having conversations. What I do know is that no proposal from the conversation that the bill sponsor, Representative Brawley, just said took place, there was nothing in writing presented to those counsel members that they could, two of them on the phone call, could take back to their full city counsel. Is that correct Representative Brawley? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Brawley. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Yes Ma’am, it is. I will also say the previously when we’d given them confidential information it’s ended up in the hands of the media within three hours. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Well but my point is, and not getting into that, that is a body of elected officials, nine, no, 11 city counsel members, nine county commissioners, but 11 members and none of those 11 members have all been given an opportunity to vote as a counsel to weigh in on, “Do we want to accept the offer of this study group?” They did not know anything about it. These other two counsel members on their own might have gone back to the counsel and said, “This is the proposition.” But, local government doesn’t always worked that way, and we know it. It’s big

…different than up here. I just feel like if I could vote today to say, “Let’s move forward with your proposal of a study,” and let’s not use the word study, “an analysis of this bill as we have it today,” and by the way I asked for this PCS earlier and it was not ready, I haven’t read through it and I do have a few questions, but I guess I’m editorializing along with I’m frustrated. I want to be able to support a strong, sound business move with an Authority in Charlotte if that is the way that our leaders combined, state and city leaders want to go. We do have a new city manager who has stepped up in the fray and I think has done a yeoman’s job in dealing with this particular issue, very open to further discussion. In the report, and I have a copy of it, yes it said an Authority would be recommended. Likely, and I want to read one line, it said, “This form of governance, the Authority, may not improve the airport’s level of performance in the short term but is likely to best position the airport for the future.” So I go back to this study or analysis if you will, taking a few months, I think your timeline that I was told by someone else and told by you, December 31st of this year this would go into effect. But why not take the time to look at what’s in the report that came from the recommendation that you’re quoting that said to move to an Authority, it did not say overnight. Because there is a huge section on transition issues. There are some huge impacting issues that just to sever and say this becomes law when enacted today, what are the unintended consequences as we roll forward? I will say to the bill sponsors, and Mr. Chairman, and members of the committee, and the public listening, there are a lot of city employees that are tuned into this meeting today. The city employees. They have numerous questions about how are they impacted. I know that Mr. Cohen went over very rapidly the bill summary. But before I finish my remarks, Mr. Chairman, if I could ask him to please go over in detail for all of those employees that are listening and for this member to understand how are their benefits impacted? How is their retirement impacted? It’s 200-plus members. How is their insurance impacted? The City of Charlotte allows you to carry over all these vacation days and you can take them in your retirement account. How is that all addressed? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Cohen, do you have a response to that? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Yes, thank you. I know many of the people listening might not have a copy of the bill but on page eight of the bill there’s two subdivisions, one of which says as to the…Subdivision five talks about the aviation director, but that’s similar to the provision as to the other employees. As to the remainder of the employees it says that, “The Authority is deemed as a matter of law to have employed as initial employees of the Authority the employees of the City of Charlotte assigned to the City’s Aviation Department and under the supervision of the Aviation Director as of the date of enactment of this act, and the initial compensation and benefits to the initial employees of the Authority shall be the compensation and benefits they were receiving from the City of Charlotte as of the date thereof and the initial employees shall be entitled as a matter of law to the continuation of the rights and benefits extended to them under the existing retirement system of the City of Charlotte.” I would read that as whatever benefits they have would carry over. Now, I think that the new Authority will need to make application to become a member of the local government employees retirement system and at that point all employees would be entitled to transfer their retirement credit. Obviously the City of Charlotte’s contract with the health insurer is with the City of Charlotte, not with the Authority, so there will have to be, I think, further discussions about exactly how that’s going to be administered. But this basically says that they’re going to continue with all their benefits including retirement. There will obviously be more paperwork than that involved in actually doing that. The Authority won’t have all the records right away.

?? Slightly modify your remarks slightly. The City of Charlotte employees are currently covered, are protected by the local government employees’ retirement plan, which is a state plan supervised out of Raleigh. The authority as a local government instrument would be eligible to join it on application, which would need the approval of the board of directors of the retirement plan and the Attorney General. Now as a rule, that permission is given fairly straightforward but we don’t, are not really in a position to bind their hands on this. But the application would take place. That would mean they would just transfer the same way as if they transfer from one city department to another, or from one city to another and retain all of their balances. As far as the exact insurance carrier that the City of Charlotte has now, we can’t put in the bill that that insurance carrier would insure the employees of the airport. However our sense is they probably would. The highest risk group with the City of Charlotte are the sanitation workers, followed by firefighters, followed by police. Most of the airport employees are lower risk individuals with lower health care costs. So I believe United Healthcare is the city’s carrier right now. We think they would tend to want to keep those lower cost employees, rather than, because they’re more or less adding, increasing their higher risk if they let them go to another carrier. But that would have to be negotiated separately. We can’t address that in the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Chairman, may I continue? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Follow up. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you. This section that you were just referring to, or we heard about the employees. At the top of that section 7 it says in order to effectuate a seamless transfer of the airport from the ownership and operation of the City to an authority. And then we go down in the section that Mr. Cohen just read from and it said the initial employees. How am I to interpret that? How are the employees listening to interpret that? Does that mean that there will be some that will eventually be let go? Or is this, I’m telling you my emails and my phone calls have been coming from the people on the ground doing all the work, to make this a prosperous running airport. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Okay, is there a possible answer? I have four names. I tend to move to a vote very soon. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Chairman, do I not get a response? [SPEAKER CHANGES] I’m sorry I didn’t understand there was an answer. Does somebody have an answer? [SPEAKER CHANGES] I thought the question was rhetorical. Initial employees are the ones they start with, assuming there would be other employees hired later on. [SPEAKER CHANGES] So this would, follow up question. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Follow up. [SPEAKER CHANGES] So the 200 plus employees there would stay in place, with job security, through the transfer of this airport to an authority. [SPEAKER CHANGES] If they’re needed to run the airport, absolutely. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Okay. May I ask another question, Mr. Chairman? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Follow up. [SPEAKER CHANGES] And I apologize for wanting to go on and on, but again, the changes in this have just come forward as we walked in the room and sat down and got them. And I know it’s going to Finance, but you know this is a policy decision in here, and it’s major. Just for the members, as you’re voting on this and making your decision, in this report that the City had done by this consultant, the data in there showed seven of ten largest airports that are hubs as Charlotte is, has the lowest cost, is city-run. So I think that in the report that moved on to the transition issues, if we are just willing to take, the bill sponsors would be willing to take a little more time and have this appointment made, and we could go with if the City says they, the City Manager says a Blue Ribbon Commission, the bill sponsor told me he had offered on the phone call a study that would have state staff, city staff, airport staff, and elected officials at the table between now and December 31, hammering out to make sure this is a shining star movement for the state of North Carolina and the nation and indeed in the world.

Or if we were open to the study and go with what the city has offered. A blue ribbon comprised of business laders, we could say in the bill we let the governor make an appt, the president pro tem and speaker and city council and we coud identify that these people are top businesspeople with expertise in the field and we could let this go until the end of december. I am so uncomfortable just saying sever do it now and let it be worked out by this authority. Why woudl we not want to be good stweards of reps of people of state to take time and take step further and look at if the land needs to stay with the city and it may it may need to transfer. There is data to go with parts of this report so dont bank your vote today on a consultant that said go with an authority. it is a huge document and they do say there are transition issues. I am worried that if we sever the artery will there be a ton of bleeding or a tourniquet? REp Carney when you and I were country commisioners together we wer often in neogtiations with the city. SO when we did dthe phone call I expected to get listening and willingness to work with us and I got 0. My perception and I was surprised we wanted to do a study of these types of issues you brought up and if there was nay assumption we were moving towards an airport authority Not only were they unwillin got study it they answered our questions with rhetorical questions and I was left and some of you say IM too willing to compromise and its unusual for me to walk in and realize the other side was totally unwilling ot work with us. If they had been willing to do the study with us and decide to do the study with us we are willing to do this but as of now they were not willing to do that. Mr Speaker may I speak How many city council members of the 11 were on that call? There were 2 but they were not helpful and were unwilling to take our questions Thats my point, this is a state bill ,and if we want it to happen we will make it happenm, but if you want the cities response than the fair way is to submit to the council as a whole and the mayor to make the decision not two members on a phone call. I would not have negotiated unless everyone was there. Okay uh.. we advise to committee we have four names and we are gonna move to a vote at 10 til. Rep ??? Thnk you mr chair I just have some heartburn about some appts bill and im looking at this and you have appts from the county of gaston and lincoln and other outliers. They have worked a deal out that their regiional facilities will not be affected by this bill so I was wondering why they have any authority on this bill

That on your deck in your backyard in Lincoln county, those planes that are flying over at 90 second intervals are not form the Lincoln county airport. If you are talking about a facility that would qualify in the statewide tier of 817 you're not talking about Lincoln county airport. You're talking about the major regional airport located within the city of Charlotte. This will give it a broader base of support, a broader base of involvement in the general assembly. More people that will be up here looking out for the interests of that airport, not just the 12 of us from Mecklenburg. And it also will reduce the political influence of any one group. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Follow-up. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Follow-up Mr. Chair. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Follow-up. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Very quickly. You said it would minimize the political influence of any particular group but representative Brawley and others as we know the city of Charlotte has nursed that airport for 70 years and now I'm seeing more skin in the game from other regional partners. Which I understand is going to be a regional airport but everybody, every county, every board who has a point of power should have some skin in the game. Whether the airport flies but their house or whatever their case may be, this bill cuts the guts out of the city of Charlotte. And just to be honest I respect everyone that's supported this bill and nursed it. I respect all of you but this is no more than a take over or a grab from the city of Charlotte to the region who has historically had not any skin in the game as far as nurturing this airport. So that's my statement there, it's not to be argumentative but that's how I feel about it so I wanted to put that on record to you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative [??] [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Chairman. I'm looking at section 6A page four, lines 41 and 42 talking about consent and agreement of the board of county commissioners of Cabarrus. The best information I have from down home I got one county commissioner who's gung ho for this bill, I've got two whoa re dead set against it. I have two who can live with it only if concord airport is absolutely not touched by this at all. And the city council unanimously don't want anything to do with it unless the concord airport is totally out of it. And that which brings a second point that since it's a city airport it seems like the city of Concord ought to be consulted more so than count commissions of Cabarrus on this sort of thing. So I'm kind of in a quandary here and I don't know if you can help me with that or not. On the whole I think Cabbarus county just rather be left out of it, but I don't know what to do with all that. [SPEAKER CHANGES] The airport's left out of it, the city airport's left out of it. County commission did a resolution of approval. City council supports it as long as the airport's left out of it. The airport's left out of it. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Cohen do you have anything to add? [SPEAKER CHANGES] No, just that on page four, lines 40 and 41 as to existing airports it's the governing board, so if it's the concord airport, the concord city council would have to sign off if they have the complete power to veto anything about the concord city airport as to [??] by the concord city council, not by the Cabarrus commissioners. [SPEAKER CHANGES] We have one more question, representative Wilkins. [??] [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Chair, this will be for Mr. Cohen. Representative Carney on page eight stopped just a little bit short of the word that's not giving me heartburn I guess it's giving me hiccups, line five, page eight. The authority Mr. Cohen, the authority shall initially. That could be three days, 90 days, three years. So that be better defined sir? [SPEAKER CHANGES] This governs as of day one. Once the airport authority gets into business the initial seven members, the initial 11, they'll have the same authority to run the airport that the Charlotte city council did previously. So they moving forward, they will start on day one with whatever the city had done, whatever its employees were, whatever its contracts were, etc. And then from day two on they manage the airport and have the same power to make decisions that the city council did. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Quick follow-up. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Very quickly. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Cohen do I understand what you just said is after day one all bets could be off? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Well they have to honor contracts...

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Senate bill 603 You're the motion all in favor say I Opposes no the eyes have it.