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Senate | June 4, 2013 | Committee Room | Agriculture

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Good morning everybody we're going to start ??. Take your seat. Like to welcome our pages this morning, we have Eva Barlow from Wilmington, thank you Eva. We have Allison Clark from Raleigh, we have Madison Bell from Lewisburg, we have Grayson Russell, is that correct? We have Amelia Maggan is that correct? Close? OK. We have Mary Catherine Starnge from Hickory. We have Grace, you're going to have to help me with this one Grace, pardon me? Rockpogul, close enough ok? Thank you Grace. She's from Raleigh, glad to have you with us. Lily Canny from Reidsville, and we have Haley Web from Summerville. Thank you all for being with us, hope you enjoy your week. Our Senator of Arms Charles Hopper. Head Counselor, and Justin Owens. Thank you all. Our first bill this morning is House Bill 821-Triad Farmer's Market renamed Senator Bob Shawl. Who do we have to run that one from the house. Oh, Representative Blust, glad to have you with us, good morning. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Chairman and thank you members of the Senate. This is a, is a noncontroversial bill in that I believe it passed the House unanimously. It simply renames the Piedmont Triad Farmer's Market that's near the Forsythe-Milford line right on the highway, many of you might have passed that in travels. Renames it for former senator, Robert Shaw, Bob Shaw to many people. Many in this senate knew him, he was a senator for 18 years, served in the Army Air Corps, was a county commissioner chairman for a while. And with this we are not trying to get credit for Bob Shaw for the farmer's market, it's just to name it for him to honor a distinguished career in public service. I do have permission from Senator Tillman to say he's a strong supporter of it. He was good personal friends with Senator Shaw and Senator Bingham favors the bill too. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I have Senator Wade. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I would like for us to strongly support this. This is from my area. I knew Bob for a long time. I was at his fish houses, as I guess a young candidate out and Bob and Linda I've known them for years and I think this would be a great honor for Bob and I would appreciate it if we could support this bill and I move for a favorable response. [SPEAKER CHANGES] OK, I'll hold that for one moment. Any questions from the committee? If not, we have a motion for a favorable response to House Bill 821. No discussion all in favor let it known by saying "aye". [SPEAKER CHANGES] Aye. [SPEAKER CHANGES] All opposed like so. Bill is passed. Thank you sir. House Bill 369, increase penalty seed law violations. Who we got, Representative Waddell. Come in, welcome. Welcome to the better side of the chambers. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Chairman and members of the Committee. House Bill 369 simply changes increases the maximum penalty that you can have on the seed law violation from $500 to $10,000. It hasn't been changed since the 1930s is my understanding. So, I would ask you, I would stand here and be able to answer any questions. [SPEAKER CHANGES] But we have a move for a favorable report from Senator Raven, I hold that one second, any comments or questions from the Committee if not all those in favor of House Bill 369, let it be known by saying aye. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Aye. [SPEAKER CHANGES] All opposed like so. Bill is passed. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Chairman. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you sir. OK House Bill 505 extend division of solar and water conservation. For animal waste inspections. Representative Waddell come back to see us again. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Much like being here Mr. Chairman. Appreciate that. House Bill 505 is an attempt to codify a program that's already in place. It's basically the program was started in 1997 as a pilot program. It just -

…say the feasibility of having the Division of Soil and Water Conservation do the annual inspections of all concentrated animal feeding operations in the area. It was originally assigned to two counties, Pender and Columbus. It was expanded to include Jones and Brunswick County. The Department of Soil and Water Conservation, has always provided the technical expertise as to best management practices, which include conservation measures and nutrient management along with lagoon design. They’re also responsible for the design of the Nutrient Management Plans or Animal Waste Plans. The thinking was and still should be that the Division of Soil and Water Conservation did the Operations Review and in preparation for the annual inspection… [SPEAKER CHANGES] OK. We have a…Senator Walters. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Chair, I move for a favorable report of the program. [SPEAKER CHANGES] We have a favorable report, but I’ve been told we have an amendment that needs to be run. I’ll let Senator…Jeff Hudson, I just promoted you. I did a demotion. I’m sorry. I did a demotion. Go ahead. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Co-Chair. This is just a technical amendment. I’ve got copies to pass out but I think I can explain it so that you all can tell what it does. In the second section of the bill you’ll see on line 28 there’s a reference to, “As amended by Section Two of this act,” that should actually be, “Section One.” Section One of the bill is amending the statute that’s being referenced there. So all the technical amendment does is change Section Two to Section One. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Chairman, I’m OK with the amendment. [SPEAKER CHANGES] All right. I have motion to approve the amendment. Any discussion on the amendment? If not, all those in favor let it be known by saying, “Aye.” [SPEAKER CHANGES] Aye. [SPEAKER CHANGES] All opposed lights on. The amendment is passed. Now, Senator Walters has made a motion for a favorable report. Any discussion? All those in favor of the House Bill 505 with the amendment attached let it be known by saying, “Aye.” [SPEAKER CHANGES] Aye. [SPEAKER CHANGES] All opposed, lights on. The bill is passed as amended. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Chairman. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, sir. OK. House Bill 480, “Environmental Permitting Review.” Representative Millis, welcome. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Chair. [SPEAKER CHANGES] You’re welcome. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, Mr. Chair, members of the committee. Before you here is House Bill 480. To be very brief with this, in regard to regulation in this state, there are pretty much three pillars, you have statutes, you have rules, and you have policy. This bill aims to take out the evolving nature of regulatory policy when it comes to state stormwater. Not local stormwater, other aspects, but state stormwater by establishing a minimum design criteria. This has already been done in the early ‘90s administratively by DNR for sanitary sewer. We’re just encouraging them with this legislation to do it for stormwater as well. With that NDC will be able to actually do what’s called a fast-track process which will allow design professionals to design and certify these aspects without going through extensive technical review. [SPEAKER CHANGES] OK. Senator Cook? [SPEAKER CHANGES] I move for a favorable report. [SPEAKER CHANGES] OK, we have a motion for a favorable report. Any discussion? Senator Kinnaird. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I’m not sure if… [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Kinnaird, if you will pull your mic to you. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Sorry. Thank you, Mr. Chair. I’m not sure what this does. Some years ago we established a fast-track permitting process for people who would be willing to pay more. Is that the same thing we’re talking about or is this something entirely different? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Yes, Chris. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator, in regard to the language of the bill, the fast-track in terms of the name of it, it mimics what has been done for sanitary sewer in the past. What it actually does from the aspects of the language of the bill is that it’s not about the aspect of paying more in as much as it is about the ability to say and to certify that your design has been done per the minimum design criteria and forego a technical review whenever you have a professional who has taken liability as well as a certified has been done for the NDC. So the terms may coalesce with what’s been done in the past, but it’s just not about price, it’s actually about the process. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Any other questions? If not, all those in favor of the motion, let it be known by saying, “Aye.” [SPEAKER CHANGES] Aye. [SPEAKER CHANGES] All opposed, lights on. The motion passed. House Bill 480 is passed. Thank you, Senator Cook. Thank you, sir. OK. House Bill 707, “Ensure Safe…”

Time to time to the bench the biggest share of the debris again, this bill he reacted us this summer the Federal, state time to be a good impression of capital its goal of developing in the years have to peel back to their financial response I need the antelope that you a little worried about the hearty dinner parties, Shelly Yapp and that's what this bill would fit to the support of our state of the drive to the prurient with the dollars that we are used in both state and local money from: Michelle got the idea that details the diamond that the missile about making the state and local tax dollars go forward and take your word we're doing anything that's the way that included with the technology policy questions from time to recover from ?? (SPEAKER CHANGES) one, two of them will be half as big a short man who currently time to debate has withdrawn their financial responsibility these medication time of the Carter May have been offered a few winters are more money into Morley county edition departure time to get shorter than if you have any of the fishing vessel to have you had with jail by the fillets, partiality that can be needed to provide timely because Clark: please extend our major impacts safety laws as well as economically than that one that would allow the delegation time, the bid for the second and third, to actually going through the village with state time dollars that the news is that the only trend in the nation that can carry and Philadelphia manufactured goods to the pickup standing right here, the end of the time in regard to a waste of money activity and better than a decade that that is a waste of money, this process your wall of a local governments, too, to try a way to being given that sexual, item number $3.00 bills start 30 which is to get these ballots to be permitted this is the regulatory oversight until you got for the garden time that a lot of people that depended on the project is beyond that coordinates to be looked at times you should only contain the word again puppets and the way from the late march: no, the two banks to expand the list of personal account is a lot more efficiency time to respond to the scholars agree that the official answer would I have to do the that the judge and vision that a connection that the dredge committee?? (SPEAKER CHANGES) back, big time between management authority that flee of united we can go here: the item number: 34 that this is something that is so revolutionary, the development of time his defense of the allow the placement of material that the two which you currently got to give Saint Bernard from the building and finances roll into the lead for taking the family and length of time to find the knife can actively investigated by the millennium, who would like to become the day of the two-time that they can make him a call of the Phalen (SPEAKER CHANGES) the common good, too, then, can coax question the time of the body of the educate himself, and the importance of war, going to tell me a call to drive home the bacon phone call to the lobbying against the good, too, to a light pole from them that they are open to the bubbling to Keitel, but then the time of year of the weekend to them, can you defend the backfill , they had the gullible in the day they lived in the day, and that I made a lot of money and a lot more in the food that bill is one of the volume of 945 and under NT, too, that aren't they good time to deliver the gifts to 1:00 PM departure from the committee to lead time and location of the home for the defendants them to approve the time ??..........

All those in favor let me know by saying aye. [Speaker Change] Aye (group) [Speaker Change] All opposed like ??. Motion is passed. Thank you Representative Millis. [Speaker Change] Mr. Chairman. [Speaker Change] Yes sir Mr. ?? [Speaker Change] I'll be happy to run that on the floor if you're asking for that ??. [Speaker Change] OK very good, thank you. That's a good point, something I forgot to do on these other bills. [Speaker Change] Mr. Chairman. I'll be happy to run Representative Riddell's wage bill on the floor too if you have nothing to ??. [Speaker Change] Alright, you got that Mr. OK. Bear with us just one moment. OK. OK. We've got house bill 369. Senator Barefoot would you be willing to run that one. Kay house bill's 369 will be Senator Barefoot. Senator Wade I assume you'll be glad to do house bill 821. Well you ought to do ??. OK house bill 789 underground storage tanks eligible for brown fields. Representative Gatlin's gonna present this one. Welcome to the Senate act committee. [Speaker Change] Thank you. [Speaker Change] Thank you Mr. Chairman. Committee members North Carolina has a very good brown field agreement program that allows for the redevelopment of property vacant or derelict that has remnant contamination. It's an intensive process that ensures the public health and safety, but the biggest benefit is it allows utilization of existing infrastructure like roads, and water, and sewer, and schools, and police, and fire protection. Presently that includes these brown field agreement options include petroleum contamination, but it illuminates petroleum contamination that comes from underground storage tanks. What this bill will do would be to make the UST or underground storage tank sites also eligible for the North Carolina brown field program. The responsible party will still be liable for any additional remediation. The prospective developer will still be subject to land use restrictions as determined through the brown field agreement process and lending organizations will be at their contamination. Liability will be removed which makes it possible to redevelop these properties. It's very good for economic growth using existing infrastructure and it has the full support of ??. So I would appreciate your support. [Speaker Change] OK. Any questions from Senator cook? [Speaker Change] We move for a favorable report. [Speaker Change] OK I’ll hold that just a moment. Any comments or questions from the committee? Any from the audience? We have a motion by Senator Cook for a favorable report of house bill 789. All those in favor let me know by saying aye. [Speaker Change] Aye (group) [Speaker Change] All opposed light sign. The bill has passed. Who will be running this one on the floor? [Speaker Change] Mr. Chairman I have talked to Senator McLaurin. I ?? can follow-up with. [Speaker Change] OK well we'll tentatively put him down. Thank you Representative Gatlin. OK house bill 581 trophy wildlife sale permit. Representative Elmore. [Speaker Change] Good morning and welcome. What this bill does it allows for rules to be created for the resale of taxidermy. Currently we do not have any rules in place for this and this issue was brought to me by one of my constituents and oddly enough Representative West had the same issue brought to him from his district. In my opinion this bill will help auction houses, pawn shops, antique builders, etc., especially third parties. Any third party sales of pieces of taxidermy. [Speaker Change] OK. [Speaker Change] I appreciate your support. [Speaker Change] Senator Kinnaird. [Speaker Change] Thank you Mr. Chair. Many years ago, like 30 years ago my son was out in his truck and some big bird flew into the hood and it died. So I put it in my ?? It was a very pretty bird and we didn't know what to do with it. So we put it in my freezer. Years later I went to a taxidermists and said could I get this stuffed and give it to my son for his birthday. They told me I couldn't do that because you cannot do that with any bird that's declared, I don't know what, any endangered or whatever. So after the last hurricane my son was staying in my house and he threw it out unfortunately. But I wanna know under this bill could I have had that bird stuffed and given it to my son for his birthday. [Speaker Change] OK. [Speaker Change] Go right ahead on this one. [Speaker Change] Specifically I'm not sure but I will tell you the

How this ties in with the rule making. We wanted to do a simple bill just to allow this, but with all of the federal regulations dealing with certain animals, the Wildlife Commission felt like they needed to address that in the rule making, so someone's not selling endangered species that sort of thing, and using this law to do it. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Okay. Anyone got a better story than that last one? Well I have two waving their fingers I assume Senator Rabin has the motion for a favorable report? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Absolutely. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Okay, we have a motion for a favorable report. Any other comments from the committee? Any from the audience? All those in favor of House bill 581 let it be known by saying aye. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Aye. [SPEAKER CHANGES] All opposed light the sign. The bill has passed. Thank you sir, glad to have you with us. And who's gonna run this on. Pardon me. Oh, Senator Randleman, okay, Senator Randleman. Yeah we, the K chairs have confirmed that we actually think Senator Kinnaird over to run this and tell that story. Senator Elmore. If you would do me a favor and send message back to the House. We're here in House. Bill's in the Senate. Thank you sir. Okay, no further business for this committee, we stand adjourned. Thank ya'll.