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House | June 5, 2013 | Committee Room | Elections

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Speaker: May be on the elections are come to order is always we appreciate our ?? pages we have been today we have one bill before the committee today house bill 105 the believe there is a without objection the PCS be forced Representative ?? he desire for the comment on your bill sir, Speaker Changes: sing on as your mention, Speaker Changes: gentlemen from ?? is recognized, Speaker Changes: the chairman ?? on house bill 105 , Speaker Changes:gentlemen moves to the favorable report as the PCS unfavorable to the original further discussion or debate ?? many as favorable to motion please sit, Speaker Changes: the lady from ?? please state your purpose, Speaker Changes: to ask the bill sponsor a question please, Speaker Changes: you are messing with my time today, Speaker Changes: i just had there was one in every crowd, Speaker Changes: Representative ?? how did this bill come about, Speaker Changes: by two years ago the proposed reducing the school board from 9 members to seven making them all at large by making concern about having representation across the county this creates a district's there are currently go from seven residency districts into a large there will be four districts there will be elected into the districts 3 at large and is basically something that i have talk to a lot of persons in the community about we can bring that door board down and put that in the county commission together and basically we have the same districts so for Speaker Changes every representation across the county, Speaker Changes: and follow up Mr.Chairman, Speaker Changes: you may, Speaker Changes: how is your delegation on this agreement from ?? i mean all your folks, Speaker Changes: the only ?? there will be we are all on board, Speaker Changes: senate ??, Speaker Changes: Adams spoke with the senator ?? so i talked him better when he get to the senate, Speaker Changes: alright thank you Mr.Chairman, Speaker Changes: he does argue ??, Speaker Changes: i bet he does thank you, Speaker Changes: further discussion further debate on the general ?? for motion, Speaker Changes: and not to as many as the motion to give a favorable report PCs ?? unfavorable to the position please signify by saying aye, Speaker Changes: aye, Speaker Changes: all oppose no the aye is have it the bill is given a favorable report they been here for the business we stand adjourned,