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House | June 5, 2013 | Committee Room | Utilities

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Explanation. [SPEAKER CHANGE] That's perfect. Any further discussion on Representative Lewis's amendment? Without further discussion, all in favor say aye. All opposed. Well you guys are a lively group today, aren't you. We're back on the bill. Any questions, discussions on the bill itself, Senate Bill 9, on PCS Senate Bill 9 as amended? Representative Hall? [SPEAKER CHANGE] I have an amendment to move forward. [SPEAKER CHANGE] All right. Present your amendment, Mr. Hall. [SPEAKER CHANGE] I'd like to increase the REPS to 12 1/2% to 30%. [SPEAKER CHANGE] Mr. Hall, I'll have to call you out of order on that one, but I appreciate it. I'll get you on that one there. I appreciate it representative Hall. Any further discussions? Did you put him up to that Representative Harrison? Further discussion . . . [SPEAKER CHANGE] Are you really ruling that out of order? [SPEAKER CHANGE] I am. [SPEAKER CHANGE] Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGE] There might be a little more discussion on that. What do you think Representative Luebke? Further discussion, further questions? ??. Nothing, okay. Representative Ray, I recognize you for a budget. [SPEAKER CHANGE] I recommend approval for House Committee Substitute favorable and it goes to what, to the floor? [SPEAKER CHANGE] Yes, Sir. On the PCS as amended. [SPEAKER CHANGE] PCS is amended. Thank you. In favor to the original. [SPEAKER CHANGE] Thank you, Representative Ray. All in favor say aye. All opposed. Like the sign, this meeting is adjourned. Nice to see you, Representative Hamilton.