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Senate | June 5, 2013 | Committee Room | Education

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Thank you, Mr. Chairman, members of the Committee, now to summarize this bill, it keeps North Carolina military-friendly, and encourages soldiers who begin their community college degree in North Carolina to actually finish their studies here and get a North Carolina diploma. And if eligible soldiers do take advantage of this, there's a net financial gain to the state. Thank you and I ask for your support. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, I see, I will make a comment first as I'm looking in this room and I see that we have 3 West Point graduates all on this Committee so I have a feeling that you're gonna have some support here. But I do see a motion for a favorable report from Senator Brown, and would you have any Air Force Academy graduates? Sorry, they beat us in football too much. Thank you Mr- [SPEAKER CHANGES] ??? Is not from Navy's [SPEAKER CHANGES] But the academies are well-represented here. [SPEAKER CHANGES] We also have representatives from the real-life ??? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Alright, so we do have a, we have a motion- [SPEAKER CHANGES] Bring her post-world-war-one! [LAUGHTER] [SPEAKER CHANGES] I know you did. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Well alright, Senator Brown moves for a favorable report to the bill, all in favor say aye, opposed no, the ayes have it, and the bill passes. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank Mr. Chairman, members of the Committee. [SPEAKER CHANGES] And finally, we have House Bill- [SPEAKER CHANGES] ??? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Wonderful. And we've got House Bill 754, Leased Purchase of Real Property, and do we have Representative Johnson or Starns here? We do not appear- [SPEAKER CHANGES] All the House members late, maybe one of them can run it. [SPEAKER CHANGES] One moment please while I confer with staff. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Oh, Here's Starns. [SPEAKER CHANGES] This is 2 weeks in-a-row where he is timely beyond imagination, we are ready for you for House Bill 754, you held us up for almost 12 seconds. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you, don't take off your brakes on job, you pull that thing on over here, well thank you Mr. Chairman and I'll catch my breath. House Bill 554, Lease of Property of Real Property for the Community Colleges. Alright, whatever, thank you. Technicalities, House Bill 754 would authorize community colleges to acquire real property by lease purchase, it makes clarifying technical changes that only local funds can be used for lease purchase installments for the purchase contracts of real property. For a contract that's more than $100,000, the terms of the lease will not be more than 3 years if it's paid for with local funds. And, the contracts must be approved by the local governing body, which would be primarily the county commissioners, and I urge your support. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I see, Senator Cook. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Welcome, I'm just curious, I'm sure it's a good bill, but I'm just curious what the current situation is, are folks spending way too much money here or what? [SPEAKER CHANGES] No, as I understand it, there's a prohibition of where they can't enter, the counties can't enter into the lease purchase agreement with community colleges, and this will allow them to do so, if they're using local money. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Senator Pate. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Mr. Chairmen and Representative Starns, I understand that the community colleges are in favor of this bill, and that message has been relayed to me, and I would like to move for a favorable report to this bill. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Any discussion on the motion? Seeing none, all in favor of the motion say aye, opposed no, the ayes have it, and the bill passes. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you Mr. Senators and chairmen. [SPEAKER CHANGES] And, handling is on the floor, I'll go ahead and handle on the floor. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Wonderful, and that concludes our business for today, we thank you for your time and the meeting is adjourned. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Oh.