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Senate | June 12, 2013 | Committee Room | Education

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I call this meeting to order. first i like to the sergent arms, billy fritcher, steve wilson, ashley knickens, ed kelsler., and hale walch and if any body from the poblic would like to speak on any of the bills today now would be the appropriate time to let the sergent of arms know. steve yep, thank you steve. one from bedside, if there is anyone. like to recognize the pages from today, mcinsey morgan senator tart, amanda pruthy, senator kinair, kathy gerima, senator hunt, ally clary, senator nadon, griffen evans, senator goldsby, amanda davis, senator bryant, tristen gordan, senator tucker, and david kosenberger, senator barefoot. thank you for being with us this week. alright......moving into the first agenda item. we'll be hearing the child nutrition program sovency and support. do i have a motion for adoption of the PCS. alright...... [speaker changes] Thank you ms. chairman, and members of the committee. the committee substitute just made some conforming new changes, with the original house version and the senate version that companion in the senate is serial 193. and the original purpose of both bills are essentually are identical and they differences were not material. this pervision came from the pro evaluation division and they studied how local education athorities assists direct and indirect cost to their individual nutrition program. and after the study was complete there were some findings and on adverage schools lost money on each school meal, and were generating money to cover those cost by selling less nutritious items. but with all of that said fifty two of the hundred and fifteen programs state wide operated at a lost, but sixty seven of the hundred and fifteen programs did not have the one month's operating balance that the department of public instructions is required by policy. thirty of the sixty seven programs did not have the one month's balance that charge indirect cost by there local education atthurities inspite of the DPI policy. so this provision simply requires that each local LEA must have atleast one month's operating revenue in that fund and i would ask for your support ms chairman and members of the committee. [speaker changes] yes we have a motion for favorable report to the PCS unfavorable to the original by senator tillman. all those in favor say aye. [house] aye [speaker changes] all those oppose like sign [speaker changes] Thank you chairman and members of the committee. [speaker changes] representative howard who would you like to handle that on the senate floor. [speaker changes] I just wanted you to know mr. chairman i just want representative howard to know that we are hearing certain house bills we're not barricading and balking all of them but i have a very important bill over at the house and im sure it will come out. [speaker changes] thank you mr. chairman i would like to right now senator willard can not be here with us today however the new chansler for North carolina central university chansler debra, sanders wife, he's here with us, if you like to stand up we would lie to recognize you. thank you for joining us today in the committee. moving right along the next bill before us is house bill 868 residential school changes, and i believe representative former butterfield, and martin are here to present [speaker changes] Good mourning, do we have a motion for adoption of the PCS. senator..... [speaker changes] Ladies and gentlemen on this committee i want to share with you that the general assembly transferred administration of the north carolina school for the death, the east and north carilina school for the death

Moor-head school for the blind From the department of health and human resources To the department of public Instructions Effective June 1, 2011 So now we're China makes them from forming changes And repeal some unnecessary statures,Due to this change and want your support for this bill this bill establishes That the state board of education is a primary governing the agency for the three residential schools involved. The board of education would be required to adopt rules as well To comply with this change and implement the stature here. There'll be a certain admission criteria-ls that they would have to use And finally there will be a study by DTI To develop recommendations on education options for children in residential Schools And the finances and recommendations will be Acquired in the reported back to the Joint legislative education Oversight committee And prior to the rules being finalized They have to provide a draft rules To the same committee This wall occur before January 1 of 2014 And it's been a bipartisan effort And we've enjoyed it working together We put the children first and foremost speaker: Thank you Senator Bryan is recognized for question. I've been contacted by DTI That there was some provision that they were interested in Did you all agree to that or is that something Or is that in here about the APA change Yea the administrator procedure is that in here That's still in here that's not exempt My understanding is that the senate would not hear the bill If the bill was not exempt. Thank you just wanted to know the status. Speaker: Any other questions? Senator Pete: Thank you Mr. Chair There's certainly some know that we can Consider but I do have a question If it reaches outside the parameter of this bill but There've been some well the house The proposal on that pitch property I believe also involves the Moor-head school's Fashion Does This have to do with anything about this bill Or would that bill influence What your bill has to do with Moor-head school. Thank you for the questions Senator Pete that's a very good question That will not affect this Bill at all Any other questions from a committee That chair recognizes senator cook for motion senator cook: I would like to move for a favorable report on this The motion is the Moved for favor-all report on the PCS as unfavorable to the original all of those in favor say i all of those opposed say no the motion carries and we are adjourned