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House | February 12, 2013 | Committee Room | Agriculture

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While Albany door and are pages that are you Richard by demonstrator is a little and then you run all if I mispronouncing I guess what we do sometimes they are sergeant on his balls Barbarossa bill bass the cars Nice today this is the old relation regularly Acoma we don't have a the video yet but we get more is FFI today and we would go a resolution on the floor and we got some everybody members and we had Simone SOUTHERN I will wanted you to have the opportunity year because this Wolters things is reportedly so those of you do not know me I wasn't education 33 years as a teacher and attestation I had some FFA and I can those things are really important to me personally and not affected my life tremendously and young people are an amazing hundred thing will give them opportunities to develop themselves and not I think the is one of those aged really did that well all other background most of certain transportation Dir. Johnson County schools and then I was the County Commissioner Wright years will came out here and not six years Gerald R son-in-law experience with one person instead of I was lucky enough to real blastula and although jointly was thinking about what is the market I have all these stories about most you just did not think will best stories and important stories about young people in the house and found giving them opportunity to develop themselves as it do that young man in a not great but aesthetically he cried to Goldline said three years later as a senior he was president of the senior class and run the site office are your reflective. Have a playoffs so he broke that barrier notice on my required in the started them, right leadership was developed him and him and him buried Fosdick what represented Dixon sanely okay all represented will him will let you introduce I guess the was not make your presentation if you come up here and will act registered him him him learn in the will to fight represented vixen that represented Ligon for their a lot when making to bring up on FFI member which am so proud of to this committee to present a public speech just heard representative line and talk about how important FFI in our culture is to North Carolina being the number one industry and North Carolina October 30 almost 31 years and obviously that institutes who were allowed to gripe and SSI so you in this body I'm sure probably have been touched by an agriculture teacher if you are in agriculture class is my pleasure as I am not applicable awful lot of your time because I do appreciate the fact that person a blind and also allow makes it out of piggyback on this house resolution lady filed that she will be presented in Florida by that rep that the recognize as always folks that have given so much to agriculture and state and that have passed on to the rewards but like I said it is an honor for me to have fights from my home county of Columbus here today and especially one young lady Olivia Lawson who won the state FFI public speaking contest and then moved to the national slaying and actually

This too far and all national level and public speaking as adding more familiar with the best they can know how hard as some guys to get up in front of a group and tell as Mayor I can buy all much writing agriculture essay five to be unable to stand up to five with grape and trust the owls from a small town but we always have a large group tavern had 2000 people are not believe have problem or an everyday said that should art and wine and other Commissioner Jim. But sometimes does have a large group there's sometimes that's not the bill does speak and promptly but without father do I do all that S. Olivia her parents are here i think of flight five john them all at once and then I will spend more to this book mallet is on a second generation 99 our goal to take your calls or bad all fled with my goal to take your English Canada law by four points can a wallet with a folder do not like you become a police and give your speech and then once she gets to this page I will make a presentation tour if you allow him , and I thank you for you to all ?? (SPEAKER CHANGES) welcome to the house agriculture committee and you might make a presentation in attacks on the (SPEAKER CHANGES) protecting glowing green line ROTC on money and United States economy , culture industry supports not only the American population but my splicing on that level population is way down a cliff with listening out there and that the amount ms in his country our state respond to a lack of response there are no need to calm after Clinton supports winning more and more enough and john but is backing a political price sense of security concerns the street the bindings and C. Penney, I got you green line standing between prosperity disaster of green line is, where we denied reports an update on a standby around this country since all call in to forming environment bombing and are ways to spend money for state and I cannot recall a chair at believe outlining falling and we'll be taking down the creek country attacking that can renew my existing Joe Torre not still well below their National Security as a threat ICS that are in contact with clients do not assume you to the tanks a population of nearly triple what life and the FBI and DC Great our party race has been bowling and other clients and into trees and defines our expense of when a 3 hundred million American heart is possible only 21,000,000 Americans stop them are intrigued and item or has any 28th when a farmer PF routes to support a possible deal like to think in 1990 and the American bar buyers often means findings of the doubt that undercuts its not by government IC regulations and later grits and went to bat for buying anything and frank economic recession or is not only supply economy that are now since each year IDC CIBC on foreign imports are critical gains taxes than 10 of the Rangers are responsible are producing five about AC area class cannot continue to operate constrained by the staff of four downward aboard an election means it's actually nine virus SPC 3 State , contests and ID employees that are its farming-duster and major part……..

?? to economic recovery and acknowledging the critical role farmers play and maintain our national security. This issue should be a high priority. In the words of Supreme Allied Commander of NATO Wesley Clark, “If we cannot feed, fuel, and clothes ourselves, then we cannot defend ourselves.” The American urban sprawl is destroying our nation’s farmland at a rate that puts the future of our food security at risk. A shocking 78% of vegetables and 67% of our dairy products are produced in areas threatened by development. What happens when we pave over our last farm? What happens when food goes the way of oil, and Americans on reliant of another set of foreign imports? What happens when the thin, green line becomes thinner? There are no alternatives to food. We either have it or we don’t. America has been blessed with rich, fertile land that can produce enough food for our population and millions of our foreign neighbors. Many countries have problems with drought, flooding, and lack of fertile soil. We’re very fortunate to have favorable weather conditions, fertile soil, and technology that help prevent the crops from drowning. We should not take our resources for granted. In this country, we have more goods and resources than we need. If we’re out of bread in the pantry, we can go to the grocery store. With the help of modern technology, our farmers produce enough food for the global population of 7 billion. Modern agriculture is so efficient that just one American farmer feeds 155 people. Because of rapid population growth, this same farmer will need to feed 250 people by the year 2050. Even though the population keeps increasing, it also shifts. In the Industrial Revolution, we saw more people moving from farms into big cities. But now we see people moving into suburbs and developments built on top of prime farmland that creates a disconnection between the crops farmers grow and the food we eat. In other words, most Americans do not see beyond the grocery store shelves. They do not realize the work and the time that it takes someone to grow the crops in order for the food to be in the grocery store. We need to be appreciative of our farmers and support what they do to keep this country running. In the last three years, the production of agriculture has been one of the economy’s few bright spots while the rest of the economy has been struggling. In the past 30 years, Congress has been taking steps to ensure that America’s farmers are never in the position of seeing farms disappear while population grows. Recently, however, farmers and ranchers have lost $15 billion in farming in the name of deficit reduction. We cannot let our farms disappear due to political pressure and budget cuts. Our farmers support our country and we need to support them. As stated in the FFA Creed by EM Tiffany, “I believe that American agriculture can and will hold true to the best traditions of our national life.” We must stand up and protect the thin, green line of the American farmers who will meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s citizens. Farming was and still is the backbone of our country. Thank you. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Representative Waddell will make the presentation, please. [SPEAKER CHANGES] I think she did an outstanding job. And we all talk about uniforms in high school? This is the kind of uniform I like to see. I was going to ask Representative Horn if he had anything that he’d like to say [AUDIO FADES OUT] [SPEAKER CHANGES] ?? allow me a point of personal privilege to give this certificate, I did not have a chance to give it at the FFA gathering that they had over at the Sheraton. But I did want to do this, and what it says is, a certificate of acknowledgement and ??

I'm going to read it, so it will be read into the record. Where as Olivia Ann Watson has been a member of the South Columbus Future Farmers of America Organization for three years, and where as Olivia Ann Watson has served as a three rivers federation parliament carrion and prop vice president, and where as Olivia Ann Watson has won first place in the North Carolina FFA public prepared public speaking contest and now therefore this 12th day of February, in the year two thousand and thirteen, I give and extend in sincere congratulations to Olivia Watson on the occasion for her being awarded a bronze emblem in the National FFA prepared public speaking career development event and signed by the speaker and myself. And once again I thank you for your attention. [Speaker Changes] I thank you for allowing the young lady to speak to us and we of course do not have any business today, so we thank you for your attendance and we adjourn.