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House | April 16, 2013 | Committee Room | House Health and Human Services

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Going to call this meeting to order. I can recoginize the pages serving the community this morning. Josh Johnson Alexis Jones Lindsey Kittle Thank you for your service to the community. Sargent Arms This morning. Fred Hines John Brandon Mike Clampet and Gage Powell. Thank you gentlemen. The first two bills on the agenda have been pulled from the community this morning. Will move to ?? 240. Develop rules for lesapath materials. A PCS's before the community without objection. The Sergils speech to present the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Opening house comity. This bill is a result of a study comity that representative Murray and I did after several meetings we came up with this bill. It is a consensus item from all the members its one of those things thats nice when you have a study comity. And at the end everybody seems happy with what you've done its pretty simply it basically does exactly what it sets out there. It sets up the department of health and human services to work with the North Carolina medical board to develop rules dealing with the release of pathological materials. For instance, if you ended up having cancer surgery and and they pulled out a part of your esophagus and they saved it at a lab and it was later needed. It deals with how thats transferred at times that will ?? suits result from things or theres potential discoveries that happen later. How do labs then share this and make sure the material is not destroyed thats what this deals with. We don't currently handle that very well and this sets up a protocol for making that happen and I would just appreciate your support of the bill. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Any questions from members of the comity? ?? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Im ready to move for a favourable report. [SPEAKER CHANGES] ?? ?? moves for a favourable report on favour to the original. All those in favour say aye. Those opposed. You guys have it the motion passes and the bill will be reported to the floor. Thank you Mr. Chair. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thanks ?? [SPEAKER CHANGES] Next we'll hear senate bill 336 collaboration among state diabetes programs senator ?? to present the bill. Welcome to community house senator. [SPEAKER CHANGES] Thank you mr Chairman, its almost like a home coming. Thank you very much for being here today. And I want to introduce senate bill 336 to you collaboration among state diabetes programs. Representative Murray and myself, he must stay a busy man 'cuz he was just mentioned with senator Goosby's bill. Representative Murray and myself were, were chairing a diabetes task force in the last session and we heard a lot of reports from people all across the state, people who know that diabetes is not only a state wide issue but a national issue. It imposes so many bad things on people and their families, and their income, that we need to do something about it. And he and I were firmly convinced that we should and this is probably one small step that could be taken and he filed a bill which is identical to this, to the original bill here, before you, and mine has landed over here so I am going to just briefly add a little bit more to it. There are three......[end of recording]

There are agencies in our state that have quite a bit of plans already developed for the populations they serve as far as diabetes is concerned. The division of medical assistance,the diabetes and control branch of public health and the state health plan under the division of the state treasury,these three deal with diabetes all the time and so this bill merely says that they should continue to emphasize diabetes and up the ante on diabetes so that the patients who suffer from diabetes will have all the options and all the information that is possible to attain and from that we hope we will have a much more robust plan of attack on diabetes among our citizenry. So I would appreciate the support of this bill. Any questions from members of the committee? Representative Insko? Thank you Mr Chairman. This is very similar to a bill we had last week that had more collaboration among these three agencies on all of the chronic illnesses. I asked the question then about the involvement of Community Care of North Carolina. The division of medical assistance now contracts with Community Care of North Carolina to manage our medicaid population and diabetes was one of the first diseases that they tackled so I think this is a good bill. I'm curious about whether or not the division of medical assistance is mentioned here because its the agency that contracts with CCNC and that you don't anticipate that there could be any changes in what CCNC is directed to do. I see that CCNC has developed these proposals and implemented them pretty much independently of any direction from CCNC so I'm curious if there will be any change in direction from the division or whether you know anything about that or not. I don't really know anything about that however, I would think that there sould be no obstacles thrown up in the way of getting information out there to our diabetes sufferers. Those that even don't know they have the disease. Well I think it makes a lot of sense. This is a pretty big endeavor and all of the divisions of our health care system are under a lot of pressure right now. It makes a lot of sense to take one chronic illness and get that right first so if this bill passes it would be used as a model before we move to the entire scope of the other bill. Rep Thank you Mr Chairman. Thank you Mr Pike for bringing this bill forward. It was perfect timing. Sir? One more time.To approve senate bill three thirty six. ??? Representative Grism moves for a favorable with referral to appropriations.. All those in favor say aye. Those opposed? Ayes have it. Motion passes and the bill will be sent to appropriations. Thank you Senator. Thank you members. That completes the agenda for today. Watch your emails. We'll probably be in the other building next time around for a two hour meeting. Were starting to get a lot of bills in the committee and we want to make sure we make the crossover deadline. This meeting is adjourned. Thank you.